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Friday, January 31, 2003

I Shit You Not
by Lee

This is from an actual Yahoo news article.


The caption reads:  “Democratic presidential hopeful Rev. Al Sharpton responds to President Bush’s State of the Union address during a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2003. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)”

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Up In Smoke
by Lee

Ed Rosenthal, the subject of yesterday’s post about the California medical marijuana case, has been found guilty of federal drug charges.

The federal jury concluded that Ed Rosenthal, the self-described “Guru of Ganja,” was growing more than 100 plants, conspiring to cultivate marijuana and maintaining a warehouse for a growing operation. Rosenthal, 58, faces a maximum of 85 years in prison when sentenced June 4.

Under strict orders from U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer, Rosenthal was never able to tell the jury that he was growing marijuana as “an officer” for the city of Oakland’s medical marijuana program.

Oakland’s program and others throughout California were authorized under Proposition 215. Eight other states also allow the sick and dying to smoke or grow marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation.

The government essentially portrayed Rosenthal as a major drug supplier. Because federal laws trump state laws, Breyer ruled that Rosenthal could not defend himself under the color of California’s Proposition 215. Marijuana, under federal rules, has no recognized medical benefit.

Rosenthal said he’s anything but a drug dealer, noting that the plants agents seized didn’t have buds, the part of the plant normally smoked for a high. He planned to give out cuttings to seriously ill people.

Now, in yesterday’s post I wrote, “Say what you want about the drug war, but this is nothing but blatantly unconstitutional federal bullying, and a direct assault on state sovereignity.” While I still stand by that statement I think that the guilty conviction was the correct verdict.

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Morte Terrorista
by Lee

And some people wondered why Italy and other nations could get behind the US over Iraq:

Naples police arrest 28 terror suspects

In Naples, Italian police have arrested 28 Pakistanis suspected of terrorist activities. According to the authorities, explosives, detonators and maps marking potential targets were discovered in an appartment. Hundreds of forged identity papers were also found. Italian media sources have named the United States consulate in Naples and a NATO base as possible targets for terrorist attack.

Terrorism is not an isolated US problem, no matter how much the left likes to portray it as retribution for US hegemony.

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Not In My Navy!
by Lee

Instapundit links to a report on Defense Tech about how the Navy is imposing limits on tattoos and other body art.

When I was in the Navy over a decade ago you weren’t even allowed to wear an earring off base on your own time.  To the best of my knowledge, however, you could pretty much do whatever you liked tattoo-wise.  If you had exposed tattoos on your forearms you couldn’t become an officer, but it was no biggie for enlisted guys.  One of the Chiefs on my ship was fully sleeved (a tattoo going the entire length of the arm, from shoulder to wrist) with skulls and fire.  On the inside of his other forearm he had a bleeding heart with a swastika in it.  I asked him about it one day and he remarked something to the effect of, “Well, it seemed like a great idea when I was 17.”

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Gone to Pot
by Lee

I am a libertarian conservative.  I believe strongly in the concept of state’s rights.  Most conservatives claim to.  If you are one of them, see how you feel about this.

It was all in a day’s work for jurors in the ongoing, and often surreal, federal drug trial of former High Times advice columnist ‘’Ask Ed’’ Rosenthal, who is facing 20 years in prison for cultivating medical cannabis.

Federal prosecutors have built their case against Rosenthal by barring pre-trial testimony of Oakland city officials who said Rosenthal grew the plants for the city’s medical marijuana program. But the government has subpoenaed testimony from an array of people who simply saw the plants, including a fellow grower, the proprietor of a medical cannabis club, Rosenthal’s landlord, an electrician and even a fireman. These legal tactics offer a blueprint of the government’s strategy to halt the distribution of medical marijuana in California and perhaps in the other seven states that have voted for it.

‘’This is the federal government at war with its own citizens and I like to think that years from now we will look back on this as a dark chapter in our nation’s history,’’ said California State Assemblymember Mark Leno. ‘’The thought of a man like Ed Rosenthal being threatened with twenty years of imprisonment is an outrage. The man is not a criminal.’’

Say what you want about the drug war, but this is nothing but blatantly unconstitutional federal bullying, and a direct assault on state sovereignity. 

If you’re a conservative who suppports the drug war, how can you justify this prosecution?  And if you’re a liberal who thinks the prosecution is unconstitutional, how do you reconcile that belief with Roev. Wade, arguably the linchpin of the movement against state’s rights? I anxiously await your commentary.

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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Saugen Sie auf diesem, Deutschland
by Lee

It seems that the Master Race is feeling the effects of pissing off American consumers.

German exports to America are being affected by consumer anger over Chancellor Gerhard Schrder’s vehement opposition to US policy on Iraq , business leaders admitted last week.

In America people have been calling the German consulate in New York, threatening to start their own economic boycott.

“We have had some calls from individual Americans threatening to sell their BMWs or tear out their German-made fitted kitchens. We had one wine importer who called us to say that he would no longer stock German Riesling wine,” Werner Schmidt, a spokesman for the consulate said.

Fucking priceless.  There are a multitude of consequences to pissing off America.  This is just one of them. 

There are a number of people who remember just a few decades ago going to war against Germany to free France.  There are plenty more who remember the military buildup, the massive debt of the 1980’s, all to protect Germany, France, and the rest of Europe from the USSR.  And now, what do we get in return?

Fuck you Germany, and fuck you France, you cowardly, ungrateful pieces of shit.

(Link via Jon Jay Ray.)

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by Lee

The subject of my being pro-choice came up earlier today in the comments to a previous post.  A couple of seconds ago I came across a link on The Inner Office to this WND article on abortion.

Read it.  I’d never heard the story before, but it’s truly amazing.  And be sure and look at the picture. I’m pro-choice, but late-term abortions make me sick. Look at the picture, at least have the intellectual honesty to confront the truth of the procedure.

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Stormin’ Norman
by Lee

The lefties out there in bloggoville have been making much of Stormin’ Normal Schwarzkopf’s comments about the impending war in Iraq.  Broken77 left this link in the comments section of Warming Up the Camera.  Even fucktard got in on the action.  Now, even though Schwarzkopf said he had his reservatons, here’s what I think the salient paragraph is:

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Media Bias, Anyone?
by Lee

Look at the way the Washington Post covers the Estrada confirmation hearings. Here’s the headline and first paragraph:

Bush Nominee Pushed Through Committee
Judiciary Panel Approves Estrada Along Party-Line Vote

The Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines today to approve the nomination of Miguel Estrada to the Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, spurning Democrats’ arguments that he was a “stealth” nominee chosen to help “pack” the court with conservatives.

Democrats stall on Bush’s judicial nominees for almost two years.  Republicans come out of the gate running to get them confirmed.  Then the Post uses charged words like"pushed," “party-line,” “spurning,” “stealth,” and “pack.” The DNC couldn’t have written a more favorable article.

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Nelson Mandingo
by Lee

Nelson Mandela chimed in on the war in Iraq today.

Former South African president Nelson Mandela has slammed the U.S. stance on Iraq, saying that “one power with a president who has no foresight, who cannot think properly, is now wanting to plunge the world into a holocaust.”

Speaking at the International Women’s Forum, Mandela said “if there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America.”

Mandela said U.S. President George W. Bush covets the oil in Iraq “because Iraq produces 64 percent of the oil in the world.  What Bush wants is to get hold of that oil.” In fact Iraq contributes to only 5 percent of world oil exports

But what really shows that Mandela is a senile racist was this little gem:

“They do not care. Is it because the secretary-general of the United Nations is now a black man?” said Mandela, referring to Kofi Annan, who is from Ghana.

That’s right, gentle reader. The US president who has appointed more blacks to more high-ranking, critical positions than any other in history is a racist, and won’t work with the UN because Kofi Annan is black. 

Charming, isn’t it?

Update: The tenacious Arthur Silber found more of Mendela’s commentary, which was conspicuously omitted from the CNN and NY Times articles:

Mandela added he was pleased that people worldwide, including Americans, were rallying in opposition to the US government.

“He (Bush) is making the greatest mistake of his life by trying to cause carnage. Why does the United States behave so arrogantly? Their friend Israel has got weapons of mass destruction, but because it’s their ally they won’t ask the UN to get rid of it. They just want the (Iraqi) oil...We must expose this as much as possible.” [Emphasis added]

That Mandela, he’s a real class act.  How far the mighty fall.

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by Lee

In this day and age, it is truly astounding that anyone could think that this wasn’t going to cause a shit-storm.

The University of Louisville banned credit card solicitors after students were offered racially offensive and sexually explicit T-shirts during an on-campus promotion.

The shirts were given away to students who applied for a credit card backed by Bank One during a campus visit last week. A caricature of a voluptuous black woman, a Bank One logo and “10 Reasons Why Beer is Better than a Black Man” appeared on the shirts.

Most of the reasons were sexually explicit and included “A beer can’t get you pregnant,” and “A beer doesn’t yell at your kids.”

“Bank One is outraged that such a thing could happen,” said Nancy Norris, a spokeswoman for the Chicago-based bank. “That offensive T-shirt was not approved by Bank One.”


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Far-Left Idiots
by Lee

Check out this ignoramus. I’m a"far right-wing site”?  I’m a supporter of gay rights, drug legalization, evolution, human cloning, and abortion. Yet, simply because I support the war in Iraq, I’m “far right-wing.”

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Warming Up the Camera
by Lee

And thus it begins again.

Anti-war protesters on Wednesday predicted “literally millions” of people in New York, San Francisco and more than 30 international cities would march the weekend of Feb. 15 against war in Iraq.

A day after President Bush said in his State of the Union address that he was ready to disarm Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, organizers brought politicians, church leaders and Oscar-winning filmmakers Jonathan Demme and Mercedes Ruehl out to announce the protest.

“We can, when we stand up together, actually stop this war from happening,” said Leslie Cagan, a co-chairwoman of New York’s United for Peace and Justice chapter.

I know where I’m going to be on the 15th.  Anyone from this area want to get together that day, have a few beers, and go watch the commotion?  It might be cool to get a little group from the conservative blogosphere together to witness the lunacy.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Europe Stands Up
by Lee

Well, not all of Europe, but eight countries.  They’ve published an op-ed in The Times calling for European cohesion with the United States. Trust me, you’re going to want to read this.  Here’s a taste:

We in Europe have a relationship with the United States which has stood the test of time. Thanks in large part to American bravery, generosity and far-sightedness, Europe was set free from the two forms of tyranny that devastated our continent in the 20th century: Nazism and Communism. Thanks, too, to the continued cooperation between Europe and the United States we have managed to guarantee peace and freedom on our continent. The transatlantic relationship must not become a casualty of the current Iraqi regimes persistent attempts to threaten world security.

And who are these brave souls who dare to buck the continental trend of hand-wringing appeasement and sheer cowardice?

Jos Mara Aznar, Spain
Jos Manuel Duro Barroso, Portugal
Silvio Berlusconi, Italy
Tony Blair, United Kingdom
Vclav Havel, Czech Republic
Peter Medgyessy, Hungary
Leszek Miller, Poland
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Denmark

Note that Hungary, the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia), and Poland are all former Soviet Bloc states.  They know all too well just what totalitarianism is like, and they know what nation they have to thank for their liberation.

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Queens of the Stone Age
by Lee

Here’s one more sign of our American imperialism and blood-soaked oil thirst:


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