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Sunday, January 05, 2003

Ordinary Palestinians at Work
by Lee

It looks like a couple more “ordinary Palestinians” decided to blow themselves up today.  As of this writing the death toll stands at 23.

Twin homicide bombings in downtown Tel Aviv killed at least 23 bystanders on Sunday, the first such attack since November.

More than 100 people were injured in the blasts, several of them critically, police and rescue workers said.

While the world’s leftists will see this as the legitimate exercise of an oppressed people, they willl do noubt view the following as a war crime:

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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Made It
by Lee

Well, I’ve made it back home, and I’m sitting on my comfy couch drinking a cold beer.  I’m quite weary from the travel, so I’m gonna hit the sack.

Regular posting schedule resumes tomorrow!  Woo hoo!

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Friday, January 03, 2003

Going Back to Cali…
by Lee

Please excuse the lack of posting today.  I spent the morning doing my part to contribute to America’s culture of gun violence by going trap and skeet shooting.  Unfortunately the proposed trip to go duck hunting in Louisiana did not materialize this year due to insufficient planning, but maybe next time.

Anyhoo, today is my last night in Texas.  Tomorrow morning I will unfortunately be returning to my self-imposed exile in the main hub of the Axis of Ignorance, better known as the San Francisco Bay Area.  Monday I return to work in the salt mines eaking out my meager existence.  If anything pressing strikes me I’ll pop up a post, but otherwise look for regular posting to return sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Ordinary Palestinians
by Lee

Roy and the gang love to go on about how “ordinary Palestinians” desire nothing but peace.  Perhaps they should consider the following, quoted by Jay Nordlinger in his NRO Impromptus column, from “the indispensable journalist Fiamma Nirenstein, who has worked so hard to make the West more aware of what is happening in the Arab world”

Seek death and you will be given life, is the slogan that appears on television broadcasts from the Palestinian Authority, after a short clip showing scenes of blood and dead children, followed by one of children playing.

The slogan also appears on the cover of a disturbing brochure from Palestinian Media Watch, which has its headquarters in Jerusalem.

The material the group collected on a disk is even more shocking. In it, a reporter interviews two 11-year-old girls on television. Theyre modern, easygoing, sweet girls, but when the reporter asks little Walla if she thinks that shahada, martyrdom, is nice, she answers: Its beautiful! Everyone wants it. What can be better than going to heaven?

What do you think is better, the journalist continues, peace and full rights for the Palestinians, or martyrdom? Martyrdom, Walla answers. Ill get all my rights after I become a martyr.

Yeah, those ordinary Palestinians are some peace-loving motherfuckers, aren’t they?

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The Wrong Side of History
by Lee

This article is must-read stuff for Roy and the rest of the hand-wringing Europeans who have been visiting and commenting lately.  Victor Davis Hanson lays the Iraq situation out in a brilliant piece for National Review Online.  Here’s a taste:

Indeed, for all the grand idealism of Kyoto, Durban, and the ICC, Americans accept that in the past western Europeans would have cold-heartedly sold out Taiwan, Israel, or South Korea in any major confrontation in which democracy and sacrifice on the one side were pitted against autocracy, profit, and appeasement on the other. So Iraq is not merely a referendum on European-American relations, but rather a litmus test of the moral status of Europe itself, and of what side of history it wishes to be on. Let us hope it awakens from its ethical coma to take its rightful place at the vanguard of the war against barbarity.

And he sums up the current anti-war left beautifully:

Exaggerating the collateral damage from the most precise weapons in military history, inflating by magnitudes of ten and more civilian casualties, spreading ad hoc conspiracy theories about pipelines, oil, and Texas corporations, raising doomsday scenarios of global anti-Americanism and nuclear hysteria in the Middle East all that is about the extent and quality of the current anti-war exegesis, itself mostly discredited by its previous and completely wrong predictions concerning Afghanistan.

VDH is always must-read, but this column is especially on target.

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Second Post of 2003
by Lee

Well, the hangover is nowhere near as bad as anticipated.  A couple of Advil and a little orange juice and I’m good as new.  Now I have to go and download all the pictures from the party last night off my digital camera.

I hope everyone had a great time last night whatever you were doing, and wish you all a happy and prosperous 2003.

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First Post of 2003
by Lee

I’m VERY drunk, and I’m going to go pass out.

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