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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Taking Us On
by Lee

(Trust me, read this post, you’ll love the ending.) A few days ago I wrote a fisking of a writer named Jackson Thoreau, who penned an overemotional, factually-devoid screed against “hateful” conservatives who are trying to Revoke Michael Moore’s Oscar.  I dissected Thoreau’s letter, and send him an email informing him of my post, and requesting a comment.  A couple of days later he left two comments under the post. 

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A One Word Difference
by Lee

Earlier today I blogged about the use of the word “kin” to describe the family of a boy from North Carolina.  It was published in the San Francisco Chronicle, but it turned out to be a reprint of an article from the New York Times.  Well, here’s another beautiful example of what I am talking about, also from the Times.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld rode through the streets of the conquered Iraqi capital today, six weeks after the United States began the war to topple Saddam Hussein, and he saw for the first time the results of the military campaign he had waged from the Pentagon. [Emphasis added]

Conquered?  How about liberated?  I don’t see us raping and plundering and enjoying the spoils of war.  In fact, I see us bending over backwards trying to improve the lives of the people of Baghdad and the rest of Iraq.  But then again, this is the Times we’re talking about.  I shouldn’t expect any better.

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Martin On Moore
by Lee

Steve Martin made an appearance recently at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

The panelists asked Martin some questions too. Like, what really happened backstage at the Oscars when Michael Moore gave his famous antiwar tirade. Martin said he’d had a few tough moments, trying to quickly gauge what he should say when he returned to the stage. He thought of a great line, which he didn’t use. “I was gonna say, ‘Be sure to buy Michael Moore’s book, “Stupid White Men,” which is evidently an autobiography.’ ”

That’s better than the line he used that night:  “The Teamsters are helping Michael Moore into the trunk of his limo.”

(Thanks to J.R. Absher for the link.)

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Wrong Side of History
by Lee

Deb from Insomnomaniac fame has started a new blog called the Wrong Side of History.  They’re looking for contributors (of which I will be one), so you should check it out and think about signing up.

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by Lee

Jim just posted a pro-NRA, anti-Michael Moore article on Indymedia.  Let’s see how long it is until the free speech champions who run that site delete it.

Update: There’s a very interesting comment left under the post, from a guy named Pierce McAvity.  I wonder who could have left that?

Update 2: Indymedia allows you to save stories from their site as a PDF.  Just in case they end up deleting this one, I’ve got the proof.

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Happy Birthday to Me
by Lee

On Friday, May 2, I turn 33.

Update: I’ve already had two emails asking if there is anything people can do for my birthday.  Not much, I guess, but if you want to drop a few bucks in the tip jar to help me pay the bills, well, I won’t complain. :)

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RTO is Everywhere
by Lee

Check this out.  Some internet provider called Rogers High Speed Internet has profiled the Bowling for Columbine Oscar controversy on the front of its homepage.


Not the world’s most important link, to be sure, but it’s cool that the message is getting out there, and people are taking it seriously.  (Click on the image to see it full-size.)

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by Lee

Years ago I went to see the feature film version of the comic book Casper.  While I was watching the movie I had a revelation about Casper, and during a discussion at work today I ended up being reminded of this revelation.  I thought you guys might enjoy hearing it.

In the film there is Casper the friendly ghost.  Shall body, stubby little arms, with a huge, round head.  The other ghosts all look relatively normal—heads in a normal ratio to the size of their bodies, etc.—much more like actual people than Casper.  (See the film’s one sheet here, with all four main characters.)

So, what does Casper look like?  Well folks, take a look at these pictures.  That’s right my friends, Casper was a fetus.  And, since he is a ghost, he’s dead.  My conclusion, reached in a darkened movie theater, is that Casper the Friendly Ghost was an abortion.


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British Bombers
by Lee

There was yet another suicide bombing in Israel yesterday, but this one had a twist.

The suicide bomber who blew himself up early yesterday morning at a Tel Aviv beachfront pub, killing three Israelis and wounding about 60, was a British citizen.

A second terrorist, who managed to flee when his explosive device failed to detonate, is also British. . . .

Both Hanif and Sharif came to Israel from Britain, then went to the Gaza Strip. They entered Israel from the Gaza Strip a few hours before the attack, the first to be launched from there in the 31 months of the intifada.

Now, this shoots a huge hold in the “poverty breeds terrorism” argument, doesn’t it?  What breeds terrorism is Islamic fundamentalism and jealousy of the achievements of infidel races, not poverty.

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Mayday!  Mayday!  Mayday!
by Lee

Instapundit is linking to a story in the Times of London which uses the May 1st “Mayday” holiday as an excuse to extoll the virtues of capitalism.  Mayday is celebrated the world over as a day to acknowledge workers and labor.  I believe that the United States is the only country that doesn’t celebrate the holiday.

Mayday celebrates the anniversary of a specific event.  As an interesting bit of useless trivia, do you know what country the Mayday event took place in?

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Greenspan’s the Man
by Lee

I’ve been critical numerous times in the past of Bush’s proclivity towards spending increases while pushing tax cuts.  Well, Alan Greenspan is right on the money with his thoughts today.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan offered support for the concept of tax cuts but appeared to question a key Bush administration selling point: fiscal policy is an effective tool for boosting the economy in the short run.

“It’s very difficult to fine-tune fiscal policy for short term stimulus purposes and I’ve tended to be very supportive of the employment of fiscal policy for long term structural growth issues and leave monetary policy to be applied in the short run,” Greenspan said during the question-and-answer portion of his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

Greenspan also expressed concern about the loss of congressional spending growth in the past. Tax cuts are favorable, provided spending—and, as a result, deficits—are held in check, he said.

To quote Milton Friedman, “I never met a tax cut I didn’t like.” But I also think that our government is way too big and does too much.  Bush has the tax cur part right, but we also need to cut federal spending—dramatically—along with those tax cuts.  Bush is wrong, Greenspan is right, and it’s this lack of fiscal responsibility that has the greatest likelihood to sink his chances at a second term.

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Lefties and Molesters
by Lee

President Bush signed into law today a bill creating a national Amber Alert system, plus a few extras.

The new law allows lifetime supervision of released sex offenders, extends the statute of limitations for child abductions and sex crimes, denies pretrial release for child rapists or child abductors and makes a life sentence mandatory for a two-time child sex offender.

Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch called it one of the most sweeping child protection laws in history. “It’s a get-tough bill,” he told reporters.

Sounds good to me so far.  Then there was this interesting paragraph.

Some Democrats said they voted for it despite civil liberties concerns over tough crime measures such as pretrial detention and objections to a provision that would modify aspects of federal sentencing guidelines.

Two things to note here.  First, that our left-wing politicians have concerns about the pretrial detention of men who prey on children, and adjusted mandatory sentencing laws.  And secondly, that these politicians are so weak that they voted for the bill anyway.

In other words, these Democrats will vote for a bill they don’t believe in because they don’t want voters to—rightly—think that they are soft on child molesters, even though that’s exactly what they are.

And the left wonders why the country is getting more and more conservative.

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Looking for a Date?
by Lee

The world’s oldest profession is back on the streets of one of the world’s oldest cities, and I’m not talking about being a shepherd.

[S]ince U.S.-led forces toppled Saddam three weeks ago, Baghdad’s sex workers have slowly crept back to the capital’s bombed-out streets.

Prostitutes face new dangers in a city ravaged by looting and lawlessness, but most are keen to take advantage of the power vacuum until a new government is established and religious leaders clamp down on their trade.

In a country where many women dress all in black and most wear headdresses, high-buttoned loose blouses and long skirts, heavily made-up streetwalkers stand out on the kerbside.

They open their shawls to reveal tight trousers and bright-coloured tops for drivers passing slowly by.

“They are all over the place now—I see them everywhere,” said Ahmed Sabri, a taxi driver. “I could always spot them before, but now it’s so obvious. They are not afraid and do it far more openly.”

The joys of freedom and capitalism.  Interestingly, the fact that the population there appears to be tolerating prostitution shows that the Iraqi people are, for the most part, not the theocratic fundamentalists that many people assume them to be.

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How to Grow a Democrat
by Lee

Some kid figured it out.

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RTO Nippon
by Lee

RTO has made what looks to be a Japanese news website.  Running it through Babelfish produces gibberish, as usual.  Can someone translate this for me?  I really want to know what the second paragraph says.  They’re got a quote in there which, if the crap from Babelfish is anything to go by, is from one of the other nominees in the Best documentary category.

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