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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Fisking Sharpton
by Lee

If there is a benevolent God in the universe He will make this man the Democrat candidate for president.

Al Sharpton said Wednesday he’s tired of the notion that there are two tiers of candidates in the Democratic presidential race.

Those two tiers would be “Possibly able to win the nomination” and “Al Sharpton.”

Sharpton questioned why Sens. John Edwards of North Carolina and Bob Graham of Florida are considered top-tier candidates and he is not, even though they are polling at about the same level.

Well gee whiz, Al.  Does this ring a bell?  How about this?  How about the fact that you’re a lying, racist, anti-Jewish race-baiting scumbag?  You’re not fit to shine the shoes of the average American, Al, let along be taken seriously as a candidate for this nation’s highest office.

Sharpton said they may have more money than he does, but he thinks it’s dangerous for America if elections are determined by money.

That’s right.  Elections are better determined by the Al Gore method—trying to use the Florida Supreme Court to steal them.

Edwards has raised $11.9 million, Graham $3.1 million and Sharpton $137,415, according to the latest campaign finance reports.

Sharpton has made enough money to buy a Grand Slam breakfast every morning for a whole year!

“If we are going by polls and money, why even have an election?” he told the audience, mostly interns working on Capitol Hill this summer. “Let’s just declare Bush the winner.

I agree, Al.  There’s not a chance in hell of one of you dumbasses beating Bush, so why not just declare him the winner?

“I’d rather take my pennies to bring Bush down than be intimidated.”

Take your pennies and donate them to Howard Dean.

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by Lee

Contemplating taking your own life this weekend, but still a little indecisive?  Why not let this push you over the edge!

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The Other Shoe Drops
by Lee

The Democrats are heading into the 2004 elections basing their entire campaign on two factors:  the economy and the justification for the Iraq war.  Well, the economy is getting better, and now we have good news on the WMD front.

Some Iraq scientists are cooperating in the hunt for Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, including leading searchers to sensitive sites, according to David Kay, the CIA’s adviser on the search for weapons. 

After appearing this morning for three hours before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Kay told reporters, “We are gaining the cooperation, the active cooperation of Iraqis who were involved in that program. We are, as we speak, involved in sensitive exploitation of sites that we are being led to by Iraqis.”

While Kay said “solid evidence” is being produced, it would not be made public “until we have full confidence it is solid proof of what we’re to talk about.”

Kay took issue with a story in today’s Washington Post that quoted administration sources as saying the Iraqi Survey Team, which Kay is helping direct, is studying documents but not visiting sites. 

Kay said sites being visited are new and “almost every one of them is one that we did not know about until we were led to it by Iraqis or the documentation we have seized.”

New sites, new info.  We all know that he had the weapons, and I think it’s virtually impossible that we will fail to find irrefutable evidence of their existence.  It’s going to be a looooooong campaign season for a party with absolutely nothing to say.

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Sticking to your Guns
by Lee

Score one more for the inept bumbling hick from Texas.

Russia says a North Korean diplomat has proposed a new format for talks to resolve the impasse on the North’s nuclear program, including all six nations with the most at stake in the crisis.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says North Korea’s ambassador to Moscow has said Pyongyang now favoured six-sided talks, including Russia, to resolve the nuclear row.

The ministry says North Korean envoy Pak Ui-chun made the new offer in a meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Yuri Fedotov on Thursday.

It did not list the countries but they appeared to be North and South Korea, China, Japan, the United States and Russia.

“On behalf of his leadership, the ambassador said that the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea favours holding six-sided talks with Russia’s participation on settling the current difficult situation on the Korean peninsula and is undertaking active efforts for them to take place,” the statement said.

It’s amazing how not capitulating to terrorists and thugs can bring about positive change in the world.  Clinton would have bent over backwards to give Kim anything he wanted.  Saudi Arabia is playing nice, as is Syria, and now Kim is falling into line.

Neville Chamberlain is spinning in his grave.

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Fatal Attraction
by Lee

Medical science can tell us all sorts of neato things.

Big, assertive guys don’t always get the girls.

As a big, assertive guy who couldn’t get laid in a morgue, I can verify this as scientific fact.

n some species, such as coho salmon and quail, weedier, less aggressive males are the top choice of females, New Scientist magazine said on Wednesday.

“People just expect the dominant guy to win. But females learn through personal experience that these males can be hurtful,” according to Alex Ophir, of Canada’s McMaster University in Ontario.

Ophir proved the point by observing Japanese quail. After female quail watched a fight between two males they were put in the same cage with the combatants. Virgin females preferred the winner but the females with some sexual experience tended to choose the loser.

Female coho salmon are also more likely to mate with males known as jacks who stop growing earlier and are smaller than their competitors, said evolutionary biologist Steve Shuster of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff.

So, not only does this explain why I’m a walking chick repeller, it elaborates why the bleeding heart, limp-wristed, anti-American little twits who populate this area seem to get more ass than a rental car.

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What’s In A Name?
by Lee

Yes, my friends, animal rights activists are this stupid.

She knew her new name might finally stick when she got a phone message recently: “Hi, GoVeg.com. This is your mother. Please call me.”

It might sound more than a little odd—but it’s true. A young animal rights activist from Indiana once known as Karin Robertson has legally changed her name to that of a Web site run by her employer, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

It’s not a first name or a last name—just one name. And don’t call her “Veg” or “Dot,” as some have tried to do.

“I like the whole name together,” says the 23-year-old recent college graduate, who is now a youth educator for PETA and living in Norfolk, Virginia, where the organization is based.

An activist by any other name would be as stupid.  She should have changed her name to “Retarded Bunny-Hugging Asshat.”

In a related story, online porn retailer Melvin Snodgrass of North Hollywood, CA, has legally changed his name to “BigBlackCocksInHotWhitePussies.com”.  “I like what the name represents,” he said.  “There’s nothing that makes me happier than thinking about some big Mandingo motherfucker sliding his dark meat pole into some squealing little white bitch.” His eyes then became vacant, adding, “Yeah, bitch, that’s right, you take ALL that shit!  How do you like it, whore!” Mr. Snodgrass’s wife, Evelyn, could not be reached for comment.

Note: for those of you linking in here from Instapundit, I’m not usually this vulgar.  :-)

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Life in Blighty
by Lee

Here’s an update to a story I’ve blogged on before.  (Because of the server switch I’m having problems locating the original link.) Tony Martin was a guy for whom British laws utterly failed.  After being repeatedly robbed he ended up shooting and killing a teenage burglar, and was sent to prison for it.  In Britain, not only do you not have the right to own firearms, you don’t have the right to defend yourself, period.  But are the British safer?  Not on your life.

Any MP will tell you that it is not the affluent who are the real and chronic victims of crime: it is the poor and the vulnerable whose lives are degraded; the poor, the vulnerable, and, yes, the weird. Tony Martin is called a “weirdo”, as if that justified what has happened to him.

Well, the world is full of weirdos. It would be a sad thing if Britain, of all countries, did not see that the weird have a right to protection. It was his very oddness that made Tony Martin a target, and as the criminal bullying intensified he became odder still. In the minds of his supporters, he became weird under the tormenting pressure of knowing that the burglars would come again, and knowing that nothing would be done to protect him.

I spoke to the annual meeting of an Oxfordshire village the other day, and was amazed by the focus on crime, the anger that nothing was being done. The dentist’s windows had been smashed so often that he was thinking of quitting the village. The sports hall had sustained 20,000 of damage from vandals. A woman told how she had been bricked in the face, and the librarian described how she had been barricaded in her office.

There were 20 of them, they said, of all ages, some of them barely pubescent. They were egged on by the girls, and they had set up a rival pole of authority in the village; that is, their thuggishness was so consistent that people were beginning to defer to them, to seek their consent before some undertaking or other.

Now bear in mind that this is leafy Oxfordshire; this is not some sink estate in the Midlands, of the kind described by The Spectator’s Dr Theodore Dalrymple. They wanted to know what I was going to do about it, of course, and we went through the options.

There are the Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, but the trouble is that the magistrates won’t issue them in sufficient numbers. There are “Acceptable Behaviour Contracts”, but these need staff to enforce them, and there is not enough money. You could try talking to the parents, I suggested, and there was hollow laughter around the room.

Basically the police are there to protect all British citizens, which obviously they cannot do all the time.  So when citizens use force to defend themselves and their property they are held criminally liable, and told that they should have let the government handle it.  Do the British people not see the asininity in this point of view?

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Highway to Hell
by Lee

A New Mexico landmark is no more.

“Goodbye and good riddance,” New Mexico’s transportation chief told a crowd of Navajo onlookers in a ceremony Wednesday marking the end of the most infamous highway in America.

“The devil is out of here.”

So, U.S. Highway 666 bit the dust and an arcane piece of Americana officially came to a close. The number that stands for “the beast” in biblical revelations - a synonym, many believe, for the Devil or the Antichrist - has been retired from the federal transportation system.

This is no small matter for the Navajo, whose 25,000-square-mile reservation includes a section in New Mexico sliced by the north-south highway. Some 89 miles of the 194-mile road, which begins in Gallup, N.M., and terminates in Monticello, Utah, meander through the reservation.

For decades, the highway’s number has been a thorn in the side of the Navajo. Some of these Native Americans believe there’s a curse on the highway, which in fact has recorded an unusually large number of serious accidents and fatalities in its New Mexico stretch, transportation officials confirm. Many Navajo are Christians and take the Bible to heart.

I’ve driven down 666 before.  It was pretty innocuous, just a road in the desert.  Now, if someone wanted to name the freeway leading into San Francisco after the Antichrist, that would be much more appropriate.

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Bill Maheron
by Lee

Bill “I’m a libertarian who loves everything about government” Maher has his own blog.  It’s about as funny and insightful as his TV show.  At last he’s found a medium from which he can’t be fired.

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Welcome to the New Server
by Lee

Please excuse any problems while everything gets finished and finalized.  You can temporarily access this site—for the next day or two—by logging in directly via the IP.


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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Men At Work
by Lee

Sometime tomorrow Right-Thinking will be moving lock, stock, and barrel to a new hosting server.  It might take a day or two for the new address to propagate throughout the internet.  Keep using the regular URL as long as possible.  When you find yourself having trouble logging in you can temporarily use the IP.

Also, since we’re moving the entire database over I probably won’t be posting until tomorrow evening.  As usual, your assignment is to visit three sites from the blogroll that you have never visited before.  See ya tomorrow evening!

Webmaster Jim’s note: I’m turning off comments until after the move, because we need to freeze the database at some point, and it might as well be now. :)

Webmaster Jim’s updated note: All moved, comments back on, it all looks good.

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Marriage Brilliance
by Lee

Bush is pulling a fast one.  Just another example of how this bumbling, illiterate hick is pulling a shrewd political move.

President Bush said Wednesday that he had government lawyers working on a law that would define marriage as a union between a woman and a man, casting aside calls to legalize gay marriages.

I BELIEVE MARRIAGE is between a man and a woman, and I believe we ought to codify that one way or the other, and we have lawyers looking at the best way to do that, the president said in a wide-ranging news conference at the White House Rose Garden.

Bush also urged, however, that America remain a welcoming country not polarized on the issue of homosexuality.

I am mindful that were all sinners, and I caution those who may try to take a speck out of the neighbors eye when theyve got a log in their own, the president said. I think it is important for our society to respect each individual, to welcome those with good hearts.

On the other hand, that does not mean that someone like me needs to compromise on the issue of marriage, he added.

I don’t think enough people have picked up on the sheer brilliance of this statement.

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Crying over Spilled Blood
by Lee

I never fail to be sickened by some of the whining left-wing maggots that inhabit this country, like these asshats.

State-hired paving contractors say they were being patriotic when they posted the words “Odai and Qusai dead - way to go 101st” on two electronic message boards. 

But some found the roadside messages about the deaths of Saddam Hussein’s sons offensive rather than inspiring. 

“Our soldiers are not members of a sports team to be rooted for,” Roberta Halgrim of Adams told The Leaf-Chronicle newspaper. “They are not gladiators. They are our protectors, and they are willing to pay the ultimate price for peace, not bragging rights.”

This dunce is actually stupid enough to believe that the GIs over in Iraq right now haven’t earned bragging rights over the deaths of Uhaul and Queasy.  Believe me, honey, there were high-fives all around when that news got out.

David Baron said he understands the desire to show support for the military community at Fort Campbell, but said the sign was in poor taste. 

“Granted, these men were responsible for atrocities against the Iraqi people and for attacking U.S. troops, but to place such a sign in front of an elementary school is very upsetting to me,” Baron said. “I simply do not see the need to celebrate the loss of any human life. After all, in doing so, we are no better than those we are fighting against.”

These are vermin who threw people into woodchippers, who fed romantic rivals to lions, beheaded their enemies, gassed and killed entire families, raped women and children, and committed countless other violations of fundamental human decency.  But this bleeding heart doesn’t think that their removal from the face of the earth is something to be celebrated.  How people get their values so far out of whack is simply beyond me.

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Palestinian Organs
by Lee

This is at once good and bad.

The family of a Palestinian boy killed in an accident has helped save the lives of four Israeli children by donating his organs, a rare act after 34 months of conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Eleven-year-old Qaher Aoude died when he fell off the roof of his home near Nablus in the West Bank.

His family authorised the donation of his organs yesterday over the objections of many of their neighbours angered by Israeli crackdowns on a Palestinian uprising for independence.

“We want Israelis and Americans to know that while the Israeli army kills Palestinians we give life to Israeli children,” Murad Aoude, one of Qaher’s 17 siblings, said today.

This family is to be commended for their gift, but to somehow use this as a bludgeon with which to claim moral superiority is ridiculous.  How many innocent Israelis children have been blown up by Palestinian suicide bombers?  How many Palestinian children have been saved in Israeli hospitals?

Also, note the use of the charged phrases “Israeli crackdowns” and the Palestinian “uprising for independence,” rather than “Israeli self defense” and the Palestinian “attempt to destroy Israel.”

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Market Logic
by Lee

Good God!  The NY Times has made the same point that I did!

THE Pentagon-sponsored futures market in terrorism indicators was announced and squashed in all of two days. Too bad. It was a good idea, killed by terrible public relations.

Must pick jaw off floor.

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