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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Death Wish
by Lee

On August 10 I asked

One other thought: with the death of Bob Hope recently, and now Gregory Hines (both multi-talented singers, actors, and comedians), who is going to be next to make the third of the group?

Looks like it was Charles Bronson.  He was 81.

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The Voting Dilemma
by Lee

The WaPo covers the California conservative quandary.

State Assemblyman Ray Haynes is one of the most conservative members of the California legislature, but when he looks at the stakes involved in next month’s recall election here, the choice is clear. He’s for a Republican who can win.

Like many conservatives in this state, Haynes admits to being torn between head and heart. His heart is with a friend from the trenches, state Sen. Tom McClintock, whose conservative credentials are unimpeachable. His head tells him McClintock probably cannot win and that actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose conservative credentials are decidedly mixed, probably can.

“I’ll be real blunt,” Haynes said in an interview. “I was involved in the recall with Tom McClintock from the beginning, but I didn’t get involved in this to hand the governorship over to [Democratic Lt. Gov.] Cruz Bustamante. That’s something I need to be cognizant of and other conservatives need to be cognizant of.”

In a perfect world I’d vote for McClintock.  Unfortunately I live in California.

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Dumb and Dumber
by Lee

This is sad.

Most voters haven’t started paying attention to the Democratic presidential race, says a poll released on Labor Day weekend the campaign’s traditional starting point.

Two-thirds of voters including two-thirds of Democrats were unable to name any of the Democratic candidates for president, said the CBS News poll out Sunday.

This is even sadder.

Al Sharpton had 5 percent; Bob Graham, a senator from Florida was at 4 percent; John Edwards, a senator from North Carolina, had 2 percent; Carol Moseley Braun was at 2 percent; and Dennis Kucinich, an Ohio congressman, had 0 percent. 

Al Sharpton, racist loudmouth with no possible chance of winning, has more support than an essentially viable candidate, Bob Graham.  And another racist lunatic, who was disgraced out of the US Senate, Carole Moseley Braun, has 2%, more than a current US Rep. Dennis Kucinich? That’s absolutely pathetic.

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Rationalizing Dead Frenchmen
by Lee

A reader named Paul writes in with a critique of this post on the French health care system.

I am totally against Michael Moore because he is a liar. I came to your site hoping to contribute in some way to revoking his Oscar. I’m interested in the truth. But you’re as much of a liar as Moore. How did we come to the point where neither side feels that the truth is persuasive enough?

You claim that the relatively few deaths in the American “heat wave” prove that the American health care system is much better than the American one. But read the article you link to:

“Iowa’s temperatures are only slightly above normal for this time of year, said state climatologist Harry Hillaker.”


Now compare it to this:

“Records were set in a number of French cities on Tuesday, notably in central Tours and the northwestern city of Rennes, where it was 102 degrees. Paris temperatures hit 100, setting a new record for August, according to France’s national weather service.”


Well Paul, allow me to retort.  I think you’re seriously missing the point of the post.  There is no way to definitively quantify the differences between the French and American health care systems, yet the world’s lefties do just that very thing when the decry the US system and hail the French as the ideal way.  What I was attempting to do with the numeric comparison was simply to show that this was a massive failure on the part of the French system.

What I am astonished by is the way the fact that 11,000 people died is being dismissed by the left.  Can you imagine if 11,000 people died in America, what the critics of our health care system would be saying?  “If only these people had free access to health care they would be alive today!” Well, in France, with its nanny state cradle-to-grave welfare system, these people had access to all the health care they needed, and they died anyway.  It’s a failure of epic proportions, yet nobody is viewing it as such.

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Old Guys Who Rock
by Lee

So last night my friend Dave and I drove up to Marysville, just outside Sacramento, to see the final night of the Iron Maiden/Dio/Motorhead show.  It was so much better than I had expected.  We had floor seats, so we were about 30 feet from the stage.  I hadn’t seen Maiden or Dio since the late 80s, and it was about 1983 the last time I saw Motorhead.

It was great to see an actual rock show.  I’ve seen tons of concerts in the last ten years, but they’ve been shows like Lollapalooza or Ozzfest, with a decidedly different musical style than the heavy metal acts of the 80s.  This was a pure rock & roll show, and it was fan-fucking-tastic.  Iron Maiden are truly one of my all-time favorite bands.  Because their heyday was in the 80s they get lumped in with cheesy bands like Ratt or Motley Crue, but they are far superior in terms of songwriting and performance.  It was an absolute joy being there, I had the time of my life.

And loud?  Holy shit was that a loud show.  Thank God I had ear plugs in, I’d be totally deaf today otherwise.

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One for the Ladies
by Lee

Moxie and Katie, this is for you.

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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Outta Here
by Lee

Posting will cease for a while, I’m going to a concert.  See you later tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

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Leftists and Money
by Lee

Michael Moore’s latest idiotic spewing has been posted.  Among the usual collection of lies and gross distortions is this whopper.

And who has been giving Bush all this money in a time of prolonged economic downturn? Why, the companies that trade in money, of course! Of the top twenty contributors to the Bush campaign, twelve are finance companies. With more than a year to go until the election, his top contributor, Merrill Lynch, has already given $282,250. Doesnt it seem just a little strange that the companies which SHOULD be suffering the most in Bushs destroyed economy, would not only want to keep Junior around, but then get together and pump millions into his reelection campaign?

This leftist meme, that the Republican Party is bought and paid for by big business, is easily disputed.  In fact, I recently blogged on this very subject.  Here’s a quote from a USA Today article.

That task is proving easier for the Republicans because they have a much larger base of small donors, built up over the decades they were out of power in Washington. Democrats, on the other hand, had become more reliant on the now-banned big donations, which they reaped from labor unions and Hollywood liberals.

Both parties get money from big business.  The Democrats get most of their money from big business, while the GOP does so with small donations from individuals.  The GOP for years has challenged the Democrats to disclose the demographics of their donors, and the Democrats have refused.  I wonder why?

And, in answer to Mikey’s question, the answer disproves his contention.  Finance companies know that the best chance they have for improved profits is under Bush’s tax-cutting economic plan, rather than Howard Dean’s economy-destroying idiocy.

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Blaming Evil Corporations
by Lee

Here in California the lefties love to wail plaintively about how the state was raped by the evil energy corporations.  Well, as usual, that turns out to not be true.

Energy trader Reliant Resources has agreed to pay $836,000 to settle federal allegations that it engaged in manipulative trading practices during the 2000-2001 California energy crisis.

According to the proposed settlement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission filed Friday, the amount is equal to the total revenues the company potentially earned from double-selling power-related services held in reserve in case of emergency.

The agreement still must be reviewed by an administrative law judge, and the commission must approve it.

The commission found no evidence supporting allegations that Reliant tried to skirt California’s electricity price caps, according to the settlement. It also found no evidence that the company sold services without the resources to provide them, the Houston Chronicle reported Saturday. [Emphasis added]

California liberals love to find scapegoats for everything, because it allows them to exist without confronting their own utter ineptitude.  Unfortunately that very ineptitude is the cause of virtually all their problems.

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Dark Meat
by Lee

Speaking of totally hot black chicks, the gal who was in Freddy Vs, Jason is on Jay Leno right now.  She’s yummy.  Now, my thoughts on last night’s Video of the Year award-winner are well known.

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More Domestic Terrorism
by Lee

Animal rights lunatics have struck again.

Days after 10,000 mink were released from a farm in southern Snohomish County, hundreds of the animals not yet captured have converged on local farms in search of food. 

The animals had killed at least 25 exotic birds and attacked other livestock in the area. 

“Over half our livestock was shredded. Murdered. Eaten alive,” said Jeff Weaver, who discovered the dead birds on his farm Thursday. “These are not like regular farm animals. They’re our pets.”

Man killing minks is bad, but man enabling minks to kill other animals is perfectly acceptable.  I guess certain animals are more worthy of living than others.

Animal activists argue that while the farm animals’ deaths are unfortunate, it proves minks raised in captivity can survive in the wild. 

“The amount of suffering that has been prevented by releasing them from cramped cages and freeing them from an extremely cruel death more than justifies a temporary disruption to the ecosystem,” said veterinarian Andrew Knight, director of research at the Seattle-based Northwest Animal Rights Network. 

So there are temporary disruptions of an ecosystem that are acceptable?  Can you imagine for a second this lunatic saying that if a business or industry was proposing something that would temporarily disrupt the habitat of some species of animal? 

This just goes to show that with these types of delusional bunnyhuggers there are no rules or principles that cannot be bent in the name of their cause.  Animals dying at the hands of man, or ecosystems being disrupted, are both perfectly acceptable, provided they are done at the hands of the Animal Liberation Front or some other terrorist organization.


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Friday, August 29, 2003

Stick ‘Em Up
by Lee

Another gun control success.

Washington [D.C.] has reclaimed the distinction which it held for much of the 1980’s and early 1990’s from Detroit, recording the nation’s highest homicide rate for large cities in 2002: 45 per 100,000 residents. It is on pace to surpass last year’s total.

The law-abiding cannot defend themselves, and the criminals have free rein.  Why is this surprising to anyone?

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Murdering the Unborn
by Lee

How loony are left-wing AIDS activists?  Enough to tolerate forced abortions.

The State Department has discontinued financing for a small but well-regarded AIDS program for African and Asian refugees because it contends that one of the groups involved in the project supports forced abortions and involuntary sterilization in China, officials said this week.

The decision to end the financing has raised a furor among AIDS and refugee groups. Relief workers fear that officials are bowing to pressure from anti-abortion factions within the Bush administration and allowing politics to interfere with desperately needed AIDS programs, assertions that the State Department denies.

The group, Marie Stopes International, offers abortion counseling and services.

State Department officials acknowledge that they have no evidence to suggest that Marie Stopes is involved in forced abortions or involuntary sterilization, and the group itself says it has been trying to end forced abortions in China and to expand voluntary family planning.

But State Department officials say one problem is that Marie Stopes works as a partner in China with the United Nations Population Fund, a group that was barred from receiving aid last year after the Bush administration determined that it had violated a 1985 law barring the financing of any international group that “supports or participates in the management” of forced abortion or sterilization.

AIDS activists are in a “furor” over this?  This is the same president who has pledged $15 billion to fight AIDS in Africa.  How soon they forget.

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Giving In to Urges
by Lee

Meet a Democrat voter.

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Jesus is a Dreamy Hunk!
by Lee

Believe it or not this is a real news story, not something from The Onion.

After years of trying to sell Bibles to one of the nation’s savviest, most cynical consumer groups, Bible publishers at Thomas Nelson have developed a new way to snare adolescents’ interest: turning the sacred book into a magazine.

Revolve, the new Bible for girls between the ages of 12 and 17, offers the complete New Testament in a fashion magazine format, replete with images of stylish, smiling young women, quizzes and celebrity birthdays (sorry, no horoscopes).

What was the inspiration for this product?

Laurie Whaley at Thomas Nelson publishers said the idea for Revolve developed after market researchers discovered a shocking truth about teenagers: they don’t spend a lot of time reading the Bible.

Shocking!  Oh well, if they can make the Bible interesting and kids like it, hell, I’m all for it.

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