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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

She’s Outta There
by Lee

If you ever needed evidence of just how completely full of shit Arianna Huffington is, here you go.

With her campaign support mired in the low single digits, independent candidate Arianna Huffington announced Tuesday evening that she is pulling out of the California gubernatorial recall race and will work to defeat it.

“I’m pulling out and I’m going to concentrate every ounce of time and energy for the next week fighting to defeat the recall because I realize that that’s the only way now to defeat [Republican gubernatorial candidate] Arnold Schwarzenegger,” the 53-year-old writer and media commentator said on CNN’s “Larry King Live.”

“I was against the recall in principle. I’ve always believed this is not the way to run a democracy. But I also saw the opportunity provided to elect with a simple plurality an independent progressive governor.”

So, she was against the recall until she decided to run in it, then she was for it.  Now, that it has been shown that she had virtually no voter appeal, she’s dropped out of the race and is now against the recall.  Do you think that, had she been the front runner, she would have regained her distaste for the recall process?  I doubt it.  This woman is as much of a flip-flopping political opportunist as Bill Clinton.

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And Allah Smiled
by Lee

Here’s one more sign of Amerikkka’s racist subculture.

An Arizona jury convicted Frank Roque of murder in the death of a Sikh gas station owner following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The Arizona Republic said a Maricopa County jury Tuesday rejected Roque’s insanity contention and convicted him of first-degree murder in the Sept. 15, 2001, shooting of Balbir Singh Sodhi.

Roque admitted to shooting the 49-year-old Indian immigrant at his service station but blamed it on mental illness and voices he heard in his head.

Prosecutors called the shooting an act of ethnic hatred rather than mental disease.

The trial moves on next to the aggravation phase, which the Republic said would determine if Roque will be eligible for the death penalty.

Now, what would you like to bet that the Eastern press gave the shooting a hell of a lot more attention than they will the subsequent conviction and possible execution?  I remember when this happened, and it just made me ill that a poor, innocent Sikh died because of some dumb bastard’s ignorance of other cultures.  (A Sikh wears a turban than is wholly different from anything worn by Arabs.) Thankfully these type of incidents post 9/11 were few and far between, and those who perpetrated these attacks will be dealth with the swift, sure hand of American justice.

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Don’t Blame the Morons
by Lee

And the bloodsucking trial lawyers score another victory in the “blame everyone except yourself” department.

A man whose legs were paralyzed when fellow Ball State students toppled a goal post after a 2001 football upset of Toledo is suing the goal post maker.

Andrew Bourne, 23, of Liberty, Ind., and his parents are suing Marty Gilman Inc. of Gilman, Conn., claiming the aluminum posts were “designed and constructed in a manner which allowed them to suddenly snap and collapse.”

The suit says Bourne was in the end zone when he was struck and that he suffered a broken leg and vertebrae “resulting in paralysis.”

Can you imagine what is going to happen if this numb nuts wins?  Every goalpost manufacturer in the country is going to have to re-engineer their products to provide enough structural integrity so that a bunch of drunken louts can safely hand off it without it falling down.  Unbelievable.

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The Coup
by Lee

Following up on this post, it looks like Arianna Huffington is indeed going to drop out of the governor’s race. 

ndependent candidate Arianna Huffington scheduled a TV appearance Tuesday night amid reports that she was considering dropping out of the recall race and throwing her support to Gov. Gray Davis in order to stop Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tuesday night’s appearance on CNN’s “Larry King Live” comes a day after Huffington expressed concern about the momentum of the Schwarzenegger campaign.

“She’s been talking to all her supporters, campaign staff and donors,” Van Jones, Huffington’s chief grassroots organizer, said Tuesday. “So we’re figuring out the best way for her to position herself so she can maximize opposition to the Schwarzenegger coup.”

coup: (n) A sudden appropriation of leadership or power; a takeover.

In other words, according to the left the exercising of a constitutional recall option, then being elected through democratic constitutional processes is the same as using military force to appropriate power.  I wonder if Arianna was leading in the elections if they would still consider it a coup?  Methinks not.

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Natalie Rants
by Lee

Natalie Maines has posted an incoherent, rambling rant on the Dixie Chicks’ website.

You know, a good thing that has come out of all this is having a good support system from the music industry to call on for advice.  Most recently I called up Ozzy to ask him what I should do about all of this, and do you know what he told me?  Oh hang on just a second, you won’t believe thisP. Didddy and Eminem just instant messaged me at the exact same time.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  Let me just IM them back that I will have to talk to them later.  O.K. sorry about that.  Now where was I?  Oh right Ozzy.  Do you know what he told me to do?  Well, I don’t really know either.  I couldn’t really understand him.  But he did say something at the end that was very profound. He said “f*** it.” I like that advice.  I think I’ll do just that.  So from here on out when you call for a statement, explanation, apology, etc., we are just going to have to refer you to this letter.  Oh, and by the way, since youre here on our website you might as well go buy a T-shirt.  We are having a plane crash sale.  Everything is double.

Read it for yourself.  It’s not funny, it’s not witty, and it doesn’t make any sense.  Seriously, these girls are dumber than a paper sack full of snot.

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Huffy Bowing Out?
by Lee

Huffington is considering dropping out.

Independent commentator Arianna Huffington said Monday she is strongly considering leaving the recall race, signaling a growing fear among the political left that Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger stands a good chance of becoming California’s next governor.

Huffington, appearing at a campaign event in San Francisco, said she would decide as soon as today whether to urge her supporters to oppose the recall and possibly back Democratic Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante—reflecting the view that in a close race, votes by progressives for Huffington and Green Party candidate Peter Camejo could help elect Schwarzenegger.

Like Perot was the reason Bill Clinton got elected, and how McClintock still might possibly give the election to BustaMEChA.

“I’m talking to a lot of supporters and people who are part of the campaign. I’m going to make a decision later this week,” she told reporters.

“What is very important . . . is to make sure that the state does not go to a Republican who is going to bring to the state the same disastrous economic policies we have in Washington,” she said. “That is a very important consideration.”

That’s right, Arianna.  Because in a state where the Democrats have the governor’s office, every other statewide office, and control both houses of the legislature, their sterling performance could only be harmed by putting a Republican in the governor’s mansion.  For all her prattling about “progressives” and “change” she’s going to endorse Bustamante, who is virtually indistinguishable from the current Democrat governor.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

A Cut Above
by Lee

The Religion of Peace strikes again.

A strict Kurdish Muslim who slit his daughter’s throat after she started seeing a Christian boy has been jailed for life.

Abdalla Yones, 48, tried to commit suicide after murdering 16-year-old Heshu and pleaded with the Old Bailey to pass a death sentence on him.

Heshu was beaten for months before the “honour killing” and had planned to run away from home, begging her father to leave her alone.

The court heard Yones was “disgusted and distressed” by her relationship with an 18-year-old Lebanesestudent and launched a frenzied attack at their family home in Acton, west London.

Heshuwas stabbed 11 times and bled to death from her throat being cut.

Sentencing Yones, Judge Neil Denison said: “This is, on any view, a tragic story arising out of irreconcilable cultural differences between traditional Kurdish values and the values of western society.”

The guy should have chosen to emigrate to Texas rather than England, they would have gladly executed him.

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That’s Not Mine!
by Lee

You ever watch that show C.O.P.S.?  The officers will find some drugs in a car, and the driver will inevitably say, “That’s not mine.” The cop replies by saying, “Well, it’s your car, you were driving, therefore they’re your drugs.” Well, the cops just found a huge uranium doobie in Iran’s car ashtray, and Iran is blaming it on someone else.

Iran acknowledged yesterday that traces of highly enriched uranium have been found at a second site in the country, but insisted the source was contaminated equipment purchased from another country.

Ali Akbar Salehi, Iran’s representative to the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency, said traces of highly enriched uranium have been found at the Kalay-e Electric Co, just west of Tehran.

But Salehi ruled out that the enriched uranium found at the site, and another facility at Natanz, had been produced in Iran. A government spokesman said Iran’s right to have a peaceful nuclear programme will not be compromised.

If you were buying used nuclear equipment from someone else, wouldn’t you check it for exposed weapons-grade fissionable material first?  I know I would.

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Do Not Call
by Lee

And the Dumbass of the Week Award goes to:

The office phone number of a federal judge who ruled last week that a national do-not-call registry is unconstitutional was among the thousands already on the list. 

U.S. District Judge Edward Nottingham’s number was added in July to the registry, which was designed to block telemarketers’ calls. 

It wasn’t clear whether Nottingham himself registered the number or knew it had been registered. A call to the office Saturday was not immediately returned. 

I’m shocked, shocked, that this judge would engage in such blatantly unconstitutional behavior.  He should be disbarred.

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Arnie Goes Official
by Lee

Arnie is the CA GOP’s official candidate.

The California Republican Party on Monday officially endorsed Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor of the state in the upcoming recall election on Oct. 7.

One party leader told Fox News Schwarzenegger is the best option, although state Sen. Tom McClintock is also a great candidate.

He just may pull it off.  He’s got my vote, and McClintock, should he run for anything in the future, has my full and utter support.  He’s a good man with great ideas, and nothing would please me more than to see him as CA Governor.  But it’s just not in the cards this time.

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Words of the Skank
by Lee

The Gap-Toothed Slut has released her new children’s book.  Readers are invited to peruse my thoughts from March 3, when the books were first announced.  Be sure and read the comments.

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El Tubbo Muerte
by Lee

Just how fat are Americans?  This fat.

“It’s not exactly rocket science that people have been getting larger - that’s been well known for 30 years,” said Allen Steadham, director of the International Size-Acceptance Association, a Texas-based support group for the obese. “People are living larger and they’re dying larger, and industries have to adapt to that situation.”

Keith and Julane Davis, who run the Goliath Casket company in Lynn, Indiana, said that when they set up business in the late 1980s they would sell just one triple-width coffin a year. Nowadays every month they ship four or five of these vast caskets - 44in across, as opposed to a standard 24in, and capable of holding a body weighing up to 700lbs without “losing its integrity”.

These caskets also come with optional drink holders, crane hooks, and room for 16 pallbearers.  Perhaps Michael Moore could come out with his own signature series coffin?

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Insects Over Dollars
by Lee

Here’s an amusing tale of animal rights lunacy in action.

When bridal shop owner Nancy Owen found ants in her store, she had two choices: relocate the critters or relocate her shop. Extermination was not an option.

That’s because the landlord of the Austin shopping center where her store was located is a supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. The landlord imposed strict rules on tenants requiring that no meat or animal product be sold in their stores, and that no animals including ants be harmed.

“If you don’t have to cause animals to suffer even the animals we don’t understand so well like ants or mice or chickens why not choose to be kind rather than to be cruel? asked PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich.

I feel sorry for these business owners, who have a landlord who cares more about insects than he does enabling them to make a profit.  And when the landowner goes bacnrupt through lack of tenants, I hope that one of the current occupants buys it on the cheap and soaks it in pesticide.

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Hormel Hawaii
by Lee

That warm, balmy breeze you felt while walking the beach at Waikiki wasn’t a normal breeze.  No, gentle reader, it was the collective sign uttered by Hawaiians everywhere upon hearing this news.

A union representing more than 3,000 workers at Hormel Foods Inc.HRL.N said on Friday it had reached a tentative contract agreement with the meat products maker.

The workers make Spam luncheon meat and Dinty Moore stew at Hormel plants in Iowa, Georgia, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Never fret, Hawaiian cousins!  The free flow of your favorite meat in a can will continue unabated.  (And, for the record, I do like the taste of thin cut Spam pan fried in a little grease until it turns crispy.  Scramble a couple of eggs and you got yourself a breakfast!")

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Talking Back
by Lee

The scumbag has responded.

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