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Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Truth About Cuts and Dogs
by Lee

The Democrats have to be crying into their beers over this news.

The economy grew at a blistering 7.2 percent annual rate in the third quarter in the strongest pace in nearly two decades. Consumers spent with abandon and businesses ramped up investment, compelling new evidence of an economic resurgence.

The increase in gross domestic product, the broadest measure of the economy’s performance, in the July-September quarter was more than double the 3.3 percent rate registered in the second quarter, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.

The 7.2 percent pace marked the best showing since the first quarter of 1984. It exceeded analysts’ forecasts for a 6 percent growth rate for third-quarter GDP, which measures the value of all goods and services produced within the United States. [Emphasis added]

Note the last time the economy was going this good, 19 years ago.  What happened to cause that economic boom?  A massive tax cut.  Now, almost two decades later, we have another economic boom.  And what caused it?  A massive tax cut.

Massive tax cuts create economic booms.  You Democrat presidential candidates might want to conveniently ignore that when you go spouting off about repealing those cuts.  It might play well with your core constituency, but if you think the public at large (especially the swing voters) are going to support it you’re nuts.  That leaves you Iraq.  Say after me, “It’s a quagmire!” It’s all you have left.

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Laser Protection
by Lee

Hey Islamofascists!  Building missiles to attack the US or Israel?  Think twice.

Israel and the U.S. are to spend at least $57 million for development of a laser cannon that can shoot down short-range missiles, an Israeli legislator and security officials said Tuesday.

A recent Israeli delegation successfully lobbied Congress to approve the new funding package for the joint U.S.-Israeli Nautilus laser weapon project, said Israeli lawmaker Yuval Steinitz, who was part of the delegation.

Israel wants the Nautilus to help protect its northern border towns from Katyusha rockets, fired by the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah during Israel’s 18-year occupation of southern Lebanon that ended in 2000. Israel claims that Hezbollah now has 11,000 rockets aimed at Israel.

Congress approved $57 million to fund the project, and Israel will also contribute funding, Steinitz said, but could not say how much.

There is, however, no public record of congressional approval for Nautilus funding. It may fall under the classified portion of the 2004 Defense Authorization bill, passed by Congress and signed by U.S. President George W. Bush on September 30.

See?  When you allow your countries to lag 30-50 years behind the rest of the world technologically, don’t be surprised when your pea-shooter weapons are made utterly redundant and useless.  Enjoy it while it lasts, boys.

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Email Idiot of the Day
by Lee

This one comes from Brad Vargyas.

The fire in San Diego county has been started by some idiot hunter who decided to shoot a flare into the air because he was lost in the wilderness.  The fire in San Bernardino was started by a group of dumb ass teenagers who decided that throwing lit matches out of the side of their van was an interesting way to spend the afternoon.

Brad, I specifically stated in both my emails that this was not the work of terroristsIn the first I stated, “Now, do I think that this is definitely terrorism? No. It will probably turn out to be set by the type of disaffected loser pyromaniac who usually ends up being responsible for these types of things.” Then, in the second, I wrote, “Now, as before, I am not stating that this is evidence of Islamic terrorism.  Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is usually correct, and in this case the simplest explanation is that the fires were started by some paranoid, delusional pyromaniac.”

You are obviously too stupid to be able to grasp the point of these sentences, which is why you are a Michael Moore fan.

Stop panicking people...al Queda isn’t responsible for these wildfires, dumb white pyromaniacs with large amounts of time on their hands are.

Brad, I’m going to make a serious request here.  If you have children, please, I beg of you, for their sake… give them up for adoption.  These poor, innocent beings stand no chance for their future being raised in a household with someone as utterly, monumentally ignorant as you.  You, Brad, are one of the dumbest people I have ever run across, and it horrifies me that little ones may be looking to you as the ideal to which they need to aspire.

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The Drooling McCoy
by Lee

Here’s Roy’s latest lunacy.

I enjoy stirring up the moronic-thinking scum of the earth from time to time.

Usually when your hit count drops to zero and you want a reason to justify your own pathetic existence.

On the one hand via comments,I’m a fascist and on the other hand I’m a commie, make up your minds guys.

You’re a fascist and xenophobe for your comments regarding the immigration of filthy criminals from the continent, and you’re a communist because you believe that government is the solution to every problem life throws at you.

Straight ‘out of the cuckoo’s nest’, Lee and his band of zombies are incapable of responding to arguments in any way that can be described as having a modicum of intelligence.

You’re the guy who called me a “fat tub of lard.” You’re in the greenhouse, Roy, better be careful tossing stones around.

That turgid lump of excrement, Lee, is against Indian workers coming to the USA but thinks it’s fascist and xenophobic to try to prevent criminal gangs entering the UK.

I’m not against Indian workers coming to the USA.  I’m very much in favor of it, in fact, and specifically stated so in my post.  What I am against, however, is the raising of the H-1B visa ceiling, enabling foreign workers to come in and take jobs away from qualified residents here who have the skills to meet those jobs.  You’re a xenophobic fascist because you’ve identified an entire group of people as being violent criminals and want to throw them out of your country.  That’s quite fascist Roy, no matter how you try and spin it.

Oh well, he’s irrelevant in the scheme of things and maybe he’ll get his baggy ass scorchedby the Californianfires - with luck.

My ass hasn’t been baggy for quite some time, but it’s quite telling that you’ve been imagining what my ass looks like.  Telling indeed.

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A Flaming Coincidence?
by Lee

Yesterday I wrote a post raising the possibility that the California fires might be an act of terrorism.  There had been reports that this was one method that al Qaeda was considering starting simultaneous fires in a number of western states.  In addition to the post here on Right-Thinking I also posted it on MOOREWATCH, where the leftie commenters, as expected, thought I was insane.  Well, consider this:  an enormous wildfire has broken out in Colorado.

A fast-moving wildfire has forced the evacuation of thousands of homes south of Denver.
The 100-acre fire, fanned by fierce winds, has burned through hills of scattered pine and sent smoke pouring over Denver’s far southern suburbs.

Evacuation orders affect three-thousand homes and businesses. Also, 21 busloads of students were evacuated from an elementary school north of Castle Rock.

The fire is one of two major blazes that erupted north and south of Denver.

Now, as before, I am not stating that this is evidence of Islamic terrorism.  Occam’s Razor tells us that the simplest explanation is usually correct, and in this case the simplest explanation is that the fires were started by some paranoid, delusional pyromaniac.  However, no matter what the cause, this just shows how easily this type of mass damage could be caused by Islamic terrorists, should they decide to pursue that course of action. 

I firmly believe that when we are attacked again—and we will be attacked again—it is going to be through this type of attack, and not a bomb or a plane hijacking.  Believe me, the terrorists are taking notice, so should we.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Even More Poetic
by Lee

A couple of weeks ago I blogged on a story about a young guy who was arrested for a crime and, coincidentally, put in a cell with the man who had molested him as a child.  This story is even weirder.

A Piqua man was arrested Friday after a burglar broke into his home and stumbled upon a metal box full of illicit photos of young girls, including the thief’s 4-year-old sister.

Richard Yearsley, a 51-year-old registered sex offender, was arrested from from his apartment at 329 Harrison St. after the 20-year-old burglar called the Piqua Police Department at 4:40 p.m.

Yearsley was subsequently charged with rape of a child under the age of 13 and illegal use of a minor in nudity-oriented material, according to new reports. The rape charges are for a March incident where Yearsley allegedly touched a 3-year-old child sexually.

If someone had written this as a scene in a movie you’d write it off as being ridiculous.

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Bling Bling, Old Chap!
by Lee

Earlier today I wrote about Nelly getting his bling bling stoled.  In the comments, reader JC wrote, “What the hell is bling bling? It’s no wonder people can’t write or spell anymore with all the made up words and slang being thrown around.” I wanted to respond with a linked definition from somewhere, maybe a “Ghetto Dictionary” website or something, so I went to Google and ran a search.  When I clicked on this link my jaw just about hit the floor.

The next time you and your pals coin a slang term to describe your latest bejeweled accessories, don’t bet on keeping it exclusive. The linguistics “gangstas” over at the Oxford English Dictionary aren’t “new jacks” to the latest “def” lingo.

The venerable definitions resource has already added other hip-hop-turned-mainstream terms like “jiggy,” “breakbeat,” “dope” and “phat” to the online updates of the 20-volume dictionary, and now it has started drafting an entry for the latest OED-approved term, “bling bling.”

The term, which is used to describe diamonds, jewelry and all forms of showy style, was coined by New Orleans rap family Cash Money Millionaires back in the late ‘90s and started gaining national awareness with a song titled “Bling Bling” by Cash Money artist BG.

Yes, folks.  “Bling Bling” is now part of the OED, the official lexicon of the English language.  It’s not a passing fad like most other goofy phrases, it is now immortalized forerver, so that future generations can legitimately refer to their jewelry in that manner.

So, JC, now you have your answer.  It’s not a made up word, it’s an official part of the English language.  Forever.  God help us all.

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Letting the Elderly Die
by Lee

Another socialized health care success, and this one’ll kill ya!

Elderly women are still being denied potentially life-saving surgery for breast cancer because of their age.

The claims will be made by senior doctors and other leading experts at a conference in London on Wednesday.

They come two years after ministers published a national service framework for older people and pledged to stamp out age discrimination in the NHS.

However, experts say the problem still exists and in many cases is resulting in women dying needlessly.

The conference is being organised by the charities Cancer Research UK and Help the Aged to highlight the problem of age discrimination in breast cancer care.

It will hear that women over the age of 70 are most likely to miss out on surgery, largely because doctors believe they are too old to have an operation.

“There is a myth that women over 70 will not live long because they are too frail,” said Ian Fentiman, professor of oncology at Guy’s and St Thomas’s Medical School in London.

“There is a deeply entrenched age bias. We still make decisions on age alone. The first thing a doctor asks a patient is how old they are.”

When you have “free” health care the only way to control costs is to ration treatment.  In this case, women over the age of 70 are routinely denied treatment, a decision made on the basis of “age along.” In other words, if you are over 70 you are left to die without treatment.  Such is the compassion you can expect to receive when the government makes your health care decisions for you.

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The Cart and the Horse
by Lee

Iran’s feelings have been hurt, so they’re taking a page directly out of the UN Manual for International Diplomacy.

If the United States wants better relations with Tehran, it could start by ending accusations that Iran supports terrorism, a government spokesman said Wednesday.

“They have to avoid making irrelevant accusations against us,” government spokesman Abdollah Ramezanzadeh said, referring to the terrorism charges.

He also urged U.S. officials to “release our assets blocked there and lift sanctions.” Iran says billions of its dollars of its assets were blocked by the United States after the 1979 Islamic revolution.

This ranks right up there with, “Put down your gun and I’ll free the hostage.” Look, Iran, it’s quite simple.  The United States is more than happy to comply with your wishes, but you must first

  • Stop financing terrorism;
  • Cease and desist immediately your uranium enrichment programs;
  • Stop jihadists from entering Iraq;
  • Crack down on terrorist organizations operating within your borders;
  • and end your arms deals with other rogue states.

If you successfully do all these things the United States will welcome you back to the table with open arms.  Until this happens you can remain the backwards, Islamofascist jerkwater that you have demonstrated yourselves to be.

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Smoking Gun Found In Iraq!
by Lee

Here it is, the proof the left has been waiting for!  This shows conclusively that it was all about the oooooiiiiiillllllll!!!

US oil industry services giant Halliburton said Thursday its Kellogg Brown and Root unit’s profits rose four-fold and sales leapt 80 percent, boosted by work in Iraq.

Profits from the unit’s operations soared to 49 million dollars in the three months to September from 12 million dollars a year earlier, helped by “government services activity in the Middle East,” Halliburton said.

KBR, the engineering and construction division that netted a no-bid government contract to help rebuild Iraq’s shattered oil industry, also posted an 80-percent jump in sales to 2.3 billion dollars.

Iraq-related work by KBR produced revenue of 900 million dollars in the three-month period and delivered an operating profit of 34 million dollars, it said.

KBR’s results boosted the entire Halliburton group, of which Vice President Dick Cheney was chief executive from 1995 to 2000.

Halliburton sales rose 39 percent to 4.1 billion dollars in the third quarter.

Of course, since there were numerous corporations who made money building bombs and tanks and planes during WWII that must therefore mean that WWII was fought solely to enrich the defense industry.  And how much money did corporations make off the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe?  I would imagine it was more than a few dollars.

Watch the leftie blogosphere go apoplectic over this one.  Oliver WIllis’ head is going to explode.

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Gankin’ tha Gangsta
by Lee

Yo!  Some muthafucka done stoled my bling-bling!

Rapper Nelly had $1m (588,000) worth of jewellery stolen from a Las Vegas hotel room while he was at an awards ceremony, police have said.

Officers said the US star reported a theft from his room at the Aladdin Hotel on Monday.

Singer Michelle Branch, who was staying at the same hotel, reported computer equipment missing from her room.

Note to self: Next time you go to Vegas, don’t stay at the Aladdin.

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Suing Mikey
by Lee

It appears that Columbine victims and their mothers are not the only people who feel tricked and disgusted by Michael Moore.  The latest person is James Nichols, brother of Oklahoma City terrorist Terry Nichols, whom Moore used in Bowling for Columbine as an example of a typical gun owner.

James Nichols, the brother of Oklahoma City bombing conspiratorTerry Nichols, says he was tricked into appearing in the documentary “Bowling for Columbine,” according to a federal lawsuit filed against filmmakerMichael Moore.

Nichols also alleges in the lawsuit, filed Monday in Detroit, that Moore libeled him by linking him to the terrorist act.

Nichols accuses Moore of libel, defamation of character, invasion of privacy and intentional infliction of emotional distress. His lawyer is asking for a jury trial and damages ranging from $10 million to $20 million on each of nine counts, the Detroit Free Press reported.

A message seeking comment was left Tuesday with Moore’s publicist.

Now, my first inclination is to laugh this off.  Nichols does indeed seem like a total lunatic, and it wouldn’t surprise me if his portrayal in the film is more or less accurate.  But the fact remains, that given the multitude of lies, distortions, and half-truths that permeate BFC, I wouldn’t be shocked if the Nichols case ended up having some merit.

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Behind Your Back They Go
by Lee

A year ago I blogged on a story about how a PeTA lunatic came to a Scotland school dressed as a cow to protest the fact that the school distributed milk to the students.  A 16 year-old student stated, “This is a stupid idea. We should be encouraged to drink milk and I certainly wont stop drinking milk just because a man has dressed up as a cow outside my school.”

Well my friends, PeTA has once again decided that pushing their radical leftist agenda is more important than your child’s right to learn.

“These are to let you know that chickens are our friends they’re not our food. We don’t eat our friends do we?” This was the message waiting for kids after class outside Basset Middle School today.

“It’s just as morally wrong to be abusing a dog or a cat, as it is a chicken and we don’t want to do that, do we?...When we eat?” A message handed out by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

They were encouraging kids to eat a vegetarian diet, and not eat chickens. As children flocked to hear the message, Peta without first contacting school officials or parents, talked to kids about this very political issue.

“Children have a natural empathy for animals and they deserve to know that chickens are being drugged and bred to grow so fast that their legs are crumpling beneath them,” said Ravi Chand, with PETA.

One parent summed it up best.  “That’s not the way to do it. It’s not the way to reach kids. Us as parents can even take this is as an offense because they’re jumping over the authority of the kid, which is the parent.” But PeTA realizes this, which is why they pull these stunts at schools.  They’re specifically trying to reach children outside of the protection of their parents because, as they admit, “Children have a natural empathy for animals.” They want to get to your kids and indoctrinate them in their wacko beliefs at the one place you can’t be there to stop them—school.

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Zell for George
by Lee

George Democrat Zell Miller has endorsed President Bush for 2004.

SENATOR ZELL MILLER OF GEORGIA, the nation’s most prominent conservative Democrat, said today he will endorse President Bush for re-election in 2004 and campaign for him if Bush wishes him to. Miller said Bush is “the right man at the right time” to govern the country.

The next five years “will determine the kind of world my children and grandchildren will live in,” Miller said in an interview. And he wouldn’t “trust” any of the nine Democratic presidential candidates with governing during “that crucial period,” he said. “This Democrat will vote for President Bush in 2004.”

I think it’s fair to say that Miller wouldn’t be making this endorsement if he wasn’t retiring from the Senate, but the fact that the people of Georgia elected a conservative Democrat bodes well for the GOP electing a Republican to take his place.

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So Long CBS
by Lee

Want to do let CBS know your displeasure about their upcoming Reagan smear job TV movie?  Sign the petition.

In November, CBS plans to air The Reagans, a two-part mini-series presenting the lives of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. The New York Times has reported that the existing script of The Reagans presents the couple in an unfavorable and historically inaccurate manner.

This petition is designed to warn CBS President Les Moonves not to smear President Reagans legacy. In the days leading up to the airing of The Reagans, it will be sent to CBS to demonstrate that a substantial audience will not appreciate a movie that invents material to discredit Reagan, while ignoring his great accomplishments in reviving the American economy and rescuing the country from its late-70s malaise.

I’m signing.

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