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Sunday, November 30, 2003

Nigger: It’s Six Frigging Letters
by Lee

The other day I blogged on a couple of examples of woe-is-me perpetual victims with thin black skin.  Here’s another example.

“Huckleberry Finn,” first published in 1885, chronicles the journey of a rough-hewn, 13-year-old white boy and a runaway slave down the Mississippi River on a raft through the antebellum South. What’s wrong with the book, Clark, Phair and numerous other critics have said, is its use of the notorious “n” word—not once, not a few times, but more than 200 times.

“It’s not just a word,” said Clark, the guardian for her granddaughter. Both are African American.

“It carries with it the blood of our ancestors. They were called this word while they were lynched; they were called this word while they were hung from the big magnolia tree.

“That word, in the history of America, has always been a degrading word toward African Americans. When they were brought to America, they were never thought of as human beings in the first place, and this word was something to call a thing that wasn’t human.

“So that’s what they bring into the classroom to talk about. I just think it’s utterly unconscionable that a school would think it’s acceptable.”

Clark, who was president of the Parent-Teacher-Student Association at Renton High last year, took up the battle against “Huckleberry Finn” after Phair reported in April that her 11th-grade language arts teacher had assigned the book.

“I was humiliated and horrified that this book was being taught, when it has the word ‘nigger’ 215 times,” Phair said.

This is the result of raising generations of minorities in a PC world.  What they fail to realize is that insulting words only have power if the recipient gives it to them.  Take this blog, for example.  I honestly couldn’t care less if some left-wing asshat calls me a fascist or a warmonger or what have you.  I couldn’t care a whit if some black guy called me a cracker.  Those words have absolutely no power, no sway over me.  But thanks to Je$$e Jack$on, Johnny Cochran, and the rest of the racist misery merchants, we have a bunch of dumbasses who are so thin skinned that they need to ban a classic work of American literature, which is recognized by anyone with a brain to be a masterwork of anti-slavery, anti-racist writing.

Okay, that’s enough on this subject.  I’m off to organize a boycott of this company for their blatantly anti-white, anti-military name and logo.

Update: One more thought: it’s hard to take this kind of thing seriously when virtually every black pop cultural icon of the last ten years walks around using the word “nigger” every five seconds.  Banning the use of racial epithets in the classroom is one thing, nobody has a problem with that.  But to somehow impugn one of the world’s all-time great literary works because it happened to be written at a time when the word “nigger” was in common usage is simply asinine.  What better a situation to bring about a discussion of race issues than in the context of a discussion about this book?

Update 2: As a follow-up, take a look at this post.

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Will Power
by Lee

Must… not… eat… another… turkey… sandwich…

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Body Count
by Lee

After making much of the fact that 79 soldiers died in Iraq in the past month, the media seems to be suddenly interested in publishing the Iraqi body count.

Fierce fighting between U.S. soldiers and Iraqi militants in Samarra Sunday left 46 rebels dead and at least 18 wounded.

Five U.S. soldiers and a civilian were injuring in the fighting sparked by rebel attacks on convoys in the city, the BBC reported.

Lt. Col. William MacDonald told reporters eight rebels were captured.

The rebels were wearing the uniforms of the pro-Saddam Hussein Fedayeen, MacDonald said.

The U.S. troops opened fire after a third convoy came under attack over a short period of time, he said. The attacks appeared to have been coordinated.

“We’re sending a clear message that anyone who attempts to attack our convoys will pay the price,” MacDonald said.

None of the American soldiers appeared to be seriously hurt, officials said.

This has been one of the biggest complaints about the war coverage so far.  The media are all too eager to say that one US solder was killed in an ambush, but they conveniently neglect to mention the 26 Iraqi militants who were killed immediately following the attack, thus giving the impression that the Iraqis are taking American lives with nothing being taken in return.  We killed 46 of those bastards in one attack, and it’s about time the American public started knowing that.  American lives are not being lost without significant payback, I assure you that.

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Boo Hoo for Bums
by Lee

I think I’ve made my opinion of San Francisco’s homeless population well known in the past.  (See here and here for a refresher.) If you want to see an example of the type of bleeding heart boo-hoo attitude that enables these subhumans to exist here, take a look at this.

It’s called Homeless Island by the shopkeepers who work near it and the street sweepers who clean it; to the homeless, it is just the Island.

The inhabitants live hand-to-mouth, sleep on the cement and abuse booze and drugs, mostly heroin. There are at least 3,000 others like them in San Francisco, social workers say. They are known as the “hard core,” the people most visible on the streets, the most difficult to help.

And like Tommy Rettig, they are the ones most likely to die—as 169 did last year.

Homeless Island is at the nexus of 12th and Mission streets and South Van Ness Avenue, in an area where the homeless turfs of crack and heroin junkies meet. About a dozen people form the nucleus of the colony, coming and going, and others drift in and out as well, sometimes staying away for weeks at a time.

Pedestrians, bicyclists and thousands in their cars stream by every day, passing within a few feet and barely glancing at them.

When the traffic light turns red on South Van Ness’ six busy lanes, the Islanders thread through the cars, panhandling with hand-penned cardboard signs. “Signing,” they call it.

Some commuters on their way to or from Highway 101 roll down their windows and give cash. Most don’t. On a good day, a busy “signer” can pull down $40.--—--

Until his death in September, Tommy Rettig was the leader of Homeless Island.

Tommy was the one who’d spent about seven years teaching them how to word their panhandling signs, how to work the traffic without getting crushed, where to sleep. Plenty of days, he gave away his last sandwich, or his last shot of heroin.

It’s not like anyone planned some sort of community, Tommy noted with a dry little laugh last summer. It just happened.

If these people put half the effort into improving their lives as they do trying to figure out a way to perfect their homelessness maybe there wouldn’t be such a problem here.  The fact remains that San Francisco still gives bums $400 a month just for being bums, and there is a huge business here being a legal advocate to enable these filthy vermin to live as filthy vermin.  The bleeding heart attitude shown to these people encourages them and enables them to remain drug addicted human refuse who die in the gutter of disease or neglect.

I ask you, how is enabling this lifestyle in any way shape or form compassionate?  The liberals seem to think it is.  It is indisputable, however, that none of these bums want to help themselves, they just want to remain bums, and if it wasn’t for the bleeding heart attitudes of the people in this city they wouldn’t be able to do so.  You’re never going to be able to “end” homelessness, but you damn sure don’t need to support and encourage it.

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Like A Drunken Sailor
by Lee

Say what you want about John McCain, but he speaks his mind.

Leading Republican Sen. John McCain Sunday berated fellow lawmakers for “spending money like a drunken sailor” and said President Bush was also to blame for pushing the nation toward higher interest rates and inflation.

On the “Fox News Sunday” program, McCain lamented the closing actions of the Senate and House before recessing for the year, most notably passage of a massive overhaul of the Medicare insurance program for the elderly.

He also decried a $31 billion national energy bill, still pending until at least next year, much of which would fund industry tax breaks.

“The numbers are astonishing,” said McCain, an Arizona Republican. “Congress is now spending money like a drunken sailor. And I’ve never known a sailor drunk or sober with the imagination that this Congress has.”

At first I was going to write, “I disagree with McCain’s assertion that Congress is spending money like a drunken sailor.  As a former drunken sailor I can personally attest to the fact that drunken sailors, by definition, don’t have any money.” But then it occurred to me that Congress doesn’t have any money either, making McCain’s point all the more perfect.

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Students for War
by Lee

A group called Students for War is pushing for military action against Lil’ Kim and North Korea.  This is not something I’m entirely adverse to.  But take a look at their banner graphic.  It shows a nuclear bomb detonating near the Golden Gate Bridge.  This is the north side of the bridge, in Marin County, where I live.  This means that San Francisco, which is on the south side of the bridge, would not be directly hit.  This is simply a travesty, and a total waste of a perfectly good nuke.  If a nuclear bomb has to be detonated in this area somewhere, better it take out San Francisco, or at least Berkeley. 

Actually, preferably Berkeley.

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A Delusional Disorder
by Lee

There’s an interesting article in today’s San Francisco Crapicle discussing the “zero files,” the FBI’s real-life equivalent of the X-Files.  Cases of alien abductions, mind-control experiments, paranoid delusions, and the like.  It’s an enlightening little read, especially if you were, like me, an X-Files fan.  However, I was startled to come across this paragraph.

Experts who reviewed excerpts of the files said that despite the grand variety of language, content and topic, many of the authors shared certain characteristics common to delusional disorders. Leading those, they say, is the view that the world is a hostile place, filled with persecutors and conspirators, a world where the writer holds a special place as victim, savior, or both.

This, my friends, is a textbook definition of the modern-day liberal.  They view the world as a hostile place, where fascist corporations are destroying the world in the name of greed and profits, starting wars to line their own pockets with filthy lucre, and that only the sustained objection of the left-wing can possibly restore the world to sanity.  Liberalism is, therefore, a delusional disorder.

To bolster my assertion I was going to quote from Thomas Sowell’s The Vision of the Anointed, where he discusses the four steps that are necessary for every mass social movement.  Unfortunately I cannot find the book anywhere.  I believe I loaned it to someone quite some time ago and it never got returned to me.  So, if one of you out there who has this book handy could kindly quote these steps in the comments below I would be greatly appreciative.

Update: From one of Sowell’s columns:

Among Hoffer’s insights about mass movements was that they are an outlet for people whose individual significance is meager in the eyes of the world and more important in their own eyes. He pointed out that the leaders of the Nazi movement were men whose artistic and intellectual aspirations were wholly frustrated.

Hoffer said: “The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.”

People who are fulfilled in their own lives and careers are not the ones attracted to mass movements: “A man is likely to mind his own business when it is worth minding,” Hoffer said. “When it is not, he takes his mind off his own meaningless affairs by minding other people’s business.”

What Hoffer was describing was the political busybody, the zealot for a cause the “true believer,” who filled the ranks of ideological movements that created the totalitarian tyrannies of the 20th century.

Read the whole thing.

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Bad Santa
by Lee

Saw it last night.  It’s one of the funniest movies I’ve seen in years.  I thought I was going to pee my pants I was laughing so hard.  It’s crude, direct, blunt adult humor.  I loved it. 

Also, a few years ago there was an AT&T commercial with this really hot chick in it, who just seriously does it for me.  Then a year or two later she turned up in some dopey TV show which I never watched.  So I was thrilled last night to see that she’s turned up in Bad Santa, where she’s looking sexier than ever.  (The IMDb link to the left doesn’t have a great picture.  Click on her picture to get to the image gallery, where there’s much better shots.)

Midget thieves, an alcoholic Santa, the world’s nerdiest ten year old, and hot chicks.  All in all a hell of a fine evening’s entertainment.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Update: We got to the theater a half hour early, and too kill the time we went in to see the first 20 minutes of The Cat in the Hat, which was just starting.  I could barely sit through it.  Escaping out of that theater was like getting your first lung full of fresh air after being stuck in a mens room where the air has been befouled by multiple guys taking a dump.  It was beyond awful.  I’m glad I didn’t actually pay money to see it.  What an absolute waste of the talents of someone like Mike Myers.

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Getting Tough
by Lee

Strong words from Japan.

Japan’s prime minister has vowed not to give in to terrorism, after two Japanese diplomats were killed in an attack in Iraq. It is the first time Japan has suffered casualties in Iraq since the start of the U.S. led war there.

Reacting to the deaths, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Sunday that Japan will not change its Iraq policy and will not give in to terror.

Pretty harsh, considering Japan’s Iraq policy consists of 1,200 used soccer balls.

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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Why Rent Control Sucks
by Lee

In his book Basic Economics: A Citizen’s Guide to the Economy, Thomas Sowell goes into great detail explaining how rent control, while on the surface appearing to be a good thing for consumers, actually creates housing shortages and increases the changes that buildings will be neglected or abandoned.  It is then with great amusement that I read this article in the New York Times.

While rents have continued to rise in many big cities on the coasts, including New York and Los Angeles, they are falling in more than 80 percent of metropolitan areas across the country. Low interest rates in recent years have persuaded many families to move out of rented apartments and buy their first homes at the same time that developers have been putting up thousands of new rental buildings, leaving many landlords desperate to fill apartments.

Now, what would you like to bet that the 80% of areas where housing costs are going down are also areas where there is no rent control, and the free market is left to determine the price?  Here in San Francisco we have massive rent control, and prices have either stayed the same or gone up since the tech boom ended.  The area just north of SF where I live does not have rent control, and my rent went down by $100 a few months ago.  It’s still insanely high, but it’s cheaper than it was.

The portion of apartments sitting vacant this summer rose to 9.9 percent, the highest level since the Census Bureau began keeping statistics in 1956.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and this is the worst rental climate I’ve ever seen,” said Leonard Richman, president of the Sunshine Corporation, which manages almost 4,000 apartments in Memphis. “Rents have gone down to where they were about three or four years ago.”

The rent decreases and the enticements, which have proliferated in the last year, are helping many younger adults, who are more likely to rent than other groups and who have suffered in the hiring slump of the last three years. Between late 2001 and this summer, the average rent per square foot fell 4.8 percent across the country, according to the National Real Estate Index, which is published by Global Real Analytics, a research company.

You mean that the free market can help consumers, especially young and poor ones, without intervention from the nanny state?  Bestill my heart!  I guess that pesky old law of supply and demand still works, huh!

The biggest rent declines have occurred mostly in cities, like Memphis, where land is abundant but building regulations are not and where housing costs were already among the least expensive of the country’s urban areas. [Emphasis added]

How this must kill liberals, to see firsthand the devastating effect that their ridiculous rent control policies are having on the poor.  There is a critical housing shortage here in the Bay Area, and it’s in the areas where the rent control is the highest.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

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Visdom from Vajpayee
by Lee

Generally speaking, I agree with the Indian prime minister.

India’s prime minister today said Western workers’ opposition to the outsourcing of jobs to India will hurt their companies and their countries’ economies.

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee attributed the recent surge in outsourcing to visa restrictions blocking the movement of skilled workers to rich countries.

Companies in the United States and Europe are cutting costs by tapping cheap labor in India and other developing countries, particularly in software development and in so-called “back office’’ work such as the handling of customer calls and payroll processing.

Tens of thousands of technology jobs in Europe, mostly Britain, are moving overseas. In the United States the numbers are even bigger.

But Vajpayee said outsourcing means savings and profits for Western economies.

“The resultant boost to the balance sheets and dividend pay-outs are very much in these countries,’’ Vajpayee said. “The increased profits are also plowed back into these economies.’’

Vajpayee’s comments, his first on the issue, came at a summit of business and political leaders from India and the European Union.

Vajpayee said the debate over outsourcing was mainly emotional and lacked perspective.

I disagree that the debate is “mainly emotional.” These are real, actual people losing their jobs, not some vague, nebulous statistic.  But he is correct in that this is the type of cost-cutting operation that contributes to a strong, healthy economy.  I don’t think that we should be working to save American jobs simply for the sake of saving an American job.  The advent of the automobile brought about the demise of the horse buggy industry.  The introduction of the business computer virtually negated the typewriter business.  (Olvetti, anyone?  How about Smith/Corona?  Ever hear of them anymore?) Change, while hard on the individual, is good for the economy and the country overall.

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One Fish Two Fish Die Infidel Dogs
by Lee

The Religion of Peace and the Great Egyptian Sticker War.

First came the fish bumper stickers, imported from the United States and pasted on cars by members of Egypt’s Coptic minority as a symbol of their Christianity. Before long, some Muslims responded with their own bumper stickers: fish-hungry sharks.

It’s not exactly war at sea, but the competing symbols that have cropped up on Cairo streets are a tiny reminder of the tensions between Egypt’s Copts and majority Muslims. Some Christians are annoyed at the Muslim response.

“All I wanted to say is that I am a Christian, kind of expressing my Coptic identity,’’ said 25-year-old Miriam Greiss, who has a fish sticker on her car. “I think choosing a shark doesn’t make sense, as if someone is saying, `I am a violent, bloody creature, look at me.’’’

Emad, a Muslim, laughed when asked about the competing symbols but was unapologetic about the two shark stickers on his car.

“The Christians had the fish so we responded with the shark. If they want to portray themselves as weak fishes, OK. We are the strongest,’’ said Emad, who would give only his first name.

How dare you portray yourselves as strong!  Allah must be the strongest!  You are weak and we are strong!

The Arab mindset in action, folks.  Why do they hate us?  Because to them it’s a huge pissing contest, and they’ve been losing for the past 1,000 years.  That’s quite a bitter pill for Allah’s Children to swallow.

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Rejecting Jesse
by Lee

Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ… and Je$$e Jack$on.

With roughly 100,000 Chicagoans between 16 and 24 out of work or not in school, Rainbow Push was hoping to call to action disenfranchised young people, but a group of people disenchanted with Jesse Jackson led a spirited protest that sometimes drowned out the message of more jobs.

“We are tired of coming here to voice our opinion when we got African-American people sitting at the table and saying they represent our interests and playing this puppet game,” said one protester.

Afterwards ABC7’s Rob Johnson asked Reverend Jackson why he felt like so much verbal venom was aimed in his direction.

“They lashed out at Dr. King, they lashed out at Nelson Mandela, they lashed out at Jesus, so all of those who fight for change become the object of frustration,” said Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow-Push Coalition.

“What has he sacrificed for his beliefs? Us. We’ve been sacrificed. On the altar of his political ambition our people have been destroyed,” said John Johnson, VOTE.

It’s about time that blacks began to realize that Jack$on exists for no reason other than to shake down corporations to line his own pockets.  (See, when the mafia does that it’s called “extortion” and it’s a crime.  Je$$e gets a free pass.) Jack$on has absolutely no incentive to actually help blacks, because he makes millions of dollars off of their misery.  He is a self-aggrandizing egomaniac scumbag, who truly feels that he has earned a place in the pantheon of great men, and has no discernible humility that prevents him from saying so.

No wonder he was so tight with Bill Clinton.

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Clintonian Reading
by Lee

Bill Clinton has released a list of his 21 favorite books, which does more to show what an utter poseur the man is than anything else.  However, the list contains this illustrative little gem:

“Moral Man and Immoral Society: A Study in Ethics and Politics,” Reinhold Niebuhr.

Now, is this an odd choice for Clinton, or what?  He’s quite possibly the most immoral president we’ve ever had, and the damn sure doesn’t have any ethics.  I believe this is on the list precisely as a tasty little nugget for his sycophants and admirers, nothing more.

Oh, his wife’s book is on there, too.  How special.

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What Balls
by Lee

The Japanese, rebuilding Iraq one ball at a time.

The Japanese government won’t send troops to help coalition forces in Iraq after all, but it will send 1,214 soccer balls.

In a ceremony last week, Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Yukio Takeuchi accepted thousands of balls, spikes and uniforms donated from across Japan and undertook the task of shipping the equipment to Iraqi soccer authorities.

“It is important that the people of Iraq hold hope and can heighten their expectations for the future, and the donation from football fans all around Japan with their hearts provide a prop for them in this regard,” Mr. Takeuchi said at the ceremony.

The government originally had planned to send up to 1,200 members of Japan’s Self Defense Forces to help with noncombat tasks such as road building. But after a deadly attack on Italian forces in southern Iraq, the Japanese government decided to rescind its offer. The government said the attack shows that “circumstances” don’t permit such a dispatch.

I wonder what the reaction would have been if Truman had sent over 1,200 baseball gloves after we nuked their asses in 1945.  “Ah, so.  Your generous gift of used sporting equipment is most excellent, and does me great honor.” How crazy we must have been, rebuilding Japan and all, when we could have just sent them some of our used junk and been done with it.

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