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Monday, November 03, 2003

by Lee

Some perverted bastard from Brazil just hit this site by searching for “(1_8y) fucking child”.  They ended up at this post, which I am sure was not what they were looking for.

Sick bastards.

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Blocking Guns
by Lee

Slashdot is reporting that Symantec’s Internet Security 2004 is blocking pro-gun websites like the NRA while keeping access to anti-gun websites open.  If you use this product you might want to uninstall it.  God only knows what else they’ve deemed you shouldn’t be reading.

(Link via Instapundit.)

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America’s Army
by Lee

So my new iMac will be here tomorrow, and since it’s got a crapload more graphics processing power than my TiBook I’m currently downloading America’s Army.  Some friends at work have been raving about this game, and it looks pretty kick ass, and for $5 I figured what the hell.

Any of you guys play this game?  What’s the deal?

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Current Reading
by Lee

I’ve updated the Current Reading list over on the right with a couple of new books.  I highly recommend all of them.  If you’re looking for one book to explain what happened leading up to 9/11 you can’t do better than Why America Slept.  And Reagan’s War not only explains the truth about the Cold War, but it offers a contemporary lesson in what can be gained when you have the fortitude to buck international criticism and do what you think is right.

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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Government Incompetence
by Lee

Here’s another perfect example of government inefficiency and waste in action, which demonstrates precisely why the airport security workers should never have been made federal employees.

Ken Duffus hasn’t worked for the city of Anchorage since 1996. But Duffus, a builder and condo developer, is still drawing his city engineer’s salary of $66,456 a year.

He was fired from his city job three times, according to filings in a lawsuit he brought against the city. Each time, he protested through his union and, on paper at least, won his job back.

It’s hard to imagine a more tortured employee-employer relationship. In one arbitration case alone, hearings stretched across three years.

“It’s the most outlandish thing,” said Jim Fero, a former Public Works director. Duffus was one of Fero’s employees for a short time.

Why is the city paying an engineer who doesn’t have to come to work?

City officials said they couldn’t talk about it.

Details of Duffus’ arrangement are contained in the settlement of an employment dispute which the city agreed to keep confidential, said city attorney Fred Boness. As of Friday, it was still sealed.

It is virtually impossible to fire a government employee.  And now, when box cutters are being found on planes every ten minutes, we won’t be able to fire those employees either.  Wonderful.

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Love the Chaps!
by Lee

Q: What’s the difference between a gay rodeo and a straight rodeo?

A: At the straight rodeo they yell, “Ride that sucker!”

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Attacks in Iraq
by Lee

Tragic news from Iraq.

A U.S. Chinook helicopter believed to be carrying troops to their R&R leaves was shot down as it headed for Baghdad airport on Sunday, killing 15 soldiers and wounding 21, the U.S. command said.

It was the deadliest single attack on American forces since the start of the war in Iraq in March.

“It does appear that a U.S. helicopter was probably shot down from the ground and it crashed, and a large number of Americans have died,” Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said in Washington.

The aircraft was hit at about 9 a.m. by a shoulder-fired missile. It crashed in cornfields near the village of Hasi — about 40 miles southwest of Baghdad and just south of Fallujah, a center of Sunni Muslim resistance to the U.S. occupation.

The missile strike was a significant new blow in an Iraq insurgency that has escalated in recent days.

In Somalia, al Qaeda terrorists specifically developed techniques, which they subsequently taught to others, to shoot down a helicopter using an RPG, a weapon designed to be fired horizontally.  It was one of these RPGs that brought down the Black Hawk helicopter later immortalized in Black Hawk Down.  I would not be surprised at all if this Chinook was brought down by similar terrorists using a similar technique.

I think the frustration and emasculation of the occupation is starting to get to the Iraqis.  I still think that the vast majority of the attacks are coming fro Ba’ath loyalists and imported terrorists, but I have the feeling that support for the attacks on Americans is growing in the population.

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Saturday, November 01, 2003

The Flat Tax
by Lee

There is great news coming out of Iraq.  The US authority there has implemented a 15% flat tax system.  (Note the verbiage used in the headline: “Flat Tax System Imposed On Iraq.” Imposed on rather than “implemented in.” Oh, that liberal media.)

The flat tax, long a dream of economic conservatives, is finally getting its day—not in the United States, but in Iraq.

It took L. Paul Bremer, the U.S. administrator in Baghdad, no more than a stroke of the pen Sept. 15 to accomplish what eluded the likes of publisher Steve Forbes, former representative Jack Kemp (R-N.Y.), former senator Phil Gramm (R-Tex.) and former representative Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.) over the course of a decade and two presidential campaigns.

“The highest individual and corporate income tax rates for 2004 and subsequent years shall not exceed 15 percent,” Bremer wrote in Coalition Provisional Authority Order Number 37, “Tax Strategy for 2003,” issued last month.

Voila, Iraq has a flat tax, and the 15 percent rate is even lower than Forbes (17 percent) and Gramm (16 percent) favored for the United States. And, unless a future Iraqi government rescinds it, the flat tax will remain long after the Americans have left.

Now, let us not forget that formerly communist Russia implemented the flat tax.

Against the IMF’s advice, taxes were cut, leading to increased revenue as evasion became less profitable. Two years ago, Russia initiated a major tax reform that instituted a 13% flat-rate tax system. It became fully effective last year, with the result that tax revenue jumped more than 50%, rising to 16.1% of GDP in 2001.”

So, Iraq has the flat tax, and we can most likely expect similar results.  The article also includes more great news.

The 15 percent rate does not take effect until January. In the meantime, Bremer has abolished all taxes except for real estate, car sales, gasoline and the pleasantly named “excellent and first class hotel and restaurant tax.

Tax cuts can rejuvenate a devastated economy?  Where else have we seen that happen?

I have been a huge supporter of the flat tax for years.  If the lefties in this country truly wanted to make the rich “pay their fair share” they would support it, too.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I find it obscene that I have to pay my taxes every year and companies like Enron pay nothing.  As I said in a previous post,

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it a million more. No matter what laws get passed, no matter how complex the taxcode becomes, corporations will always be able to beat the system. The only way to ensure that everyone pays their fair share is implement the flat tax.

If it works in Iraq and it works in Russia, repairing their destroyed and nonexistent economies, then imagine the wonders it could do here.

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by Lee

Since 9/11 we’ve been hearing so much prattling from the left about largely non-existent questioning of their patriotism coming from the Bush administration.  Janeane Garofalo declared that “the right has been able to redefine patriotism.” Tim Robbins wrote, “To suggest that my criticism of the President put the troops in danger is absurd . . . You invoke patriotism and use words like freedom in an attempt to intimidate and bully.” Dixie Chick Natalie Maines said, “ will not let somebody tell me I’m unpatriotic.” And Michael Moore, in his usual manner of unsubstantiated hysteria, writes, “When Bush labels his actions as the model of patriotism, he then classifies all dissent as un-American. While this may be comforting to him, it is actually an insult to patriotism.”

Now, I defy anyone to find any instance of Bush declaring people who disagree with him un-American.  I’ve asked this question numerous times before, and thus far I haven’t been given a single example.  Sure, there have been numerous instances from the conservative punditry, but that’s what punditry is all about.  The important distinction is that there has been no government campaign to brand dissenters as being unpatriotic or un-American.  What these people fail to realize is that the totality of their positions is what causes many to think of them in this manner, not simply because they oppose Bush.  It’s their blame-America-first attitude, their knee-jerk reaction to find fault with America at every possible opportunity, that gives them this mantle.  But, and I stress this again, this has not been part of a government campaign to discredit these people, which is what they claim.

Why do I bring this up?  National Review editor Rich Lowry’s new book on Bill Clinton, Legacy, contains this tantalizing quote.  Bill Clinton, speaking at Michigan State University shortly after the Oklahoma City bombing, said:

There is nothing patriotic about hating your country, or pretending that you can love your country but despise your government.

Bill Clinton, hero to the American left, actually said this, obviously as a dig at conservatives.  Now, this is the president of the United States directly stating that a segment of the American people is unpatriotic because of their views.  Ironically, this is likely how many on the left would define themselves: “I’m a patriot because I love America, I just hate what the government has become under George W. Bush.” So, if you hold this position, Bill Clinton doesn’t think you can be patriotic.  I defy Michael Moore, Janeane Garofalo, or any other member of the left in this country to find a comparable quote coming from George W. Bush.

Prove to me that the “chill wind” is blowing.

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Women and Porno
by Lee

There’s an interesting article which makes the case that downloading porn from websites is extremely popular… among women.

Julie Neff, 29, of Mukwonago, Wis., sees nothing but benefits. Internet pornography “is pretty much an adjunct to my regular sex life,” she said. She estimates she views it less than an hour a week, and is open about it with her boyfriend.

“We e-mail each other saying, ‘Ha- ha, look at this,’ or, ‘Hee-hee, look at that,’ or, ‘Ooh, that’s good.’ It’s healthy. If you want to know the mechanics or the logistics of certain things, you can get education and inspiration to do stuff. Plus, I just find it prurient. I like it.”

Others think it can lead to problems. There is some evidence that Internet pornography is luring even women whose values oppose it.

Some speculate a forbidden- fruit factor can make it tantalizing for religious women in particular.

The editors of Today’s Christian Woman, an evangelical magazine, had heard anecdotes of churchgoing women getting hooked on pornography, so they conducted a survey asking readers of their online newsletter if they had intentionally visited porn sites. Thirty-four percent said they had.

When I was a senior in high school I worked at my local video store.  We had a small adult section in a back corner of the store.  You’ve seen the type, a room little bigger than a large closet hidden from view by a set of swinging doors.  After school ended and I began working days I noticed an odd phenomenon.  Housewives were renting porn like there was no tomorrow. 

They would come in around 9 am, right after they got the kids off to day care, and sent hubby off to work with a kiss, a slice of toast, and a cup of coffee.  They’d make a beeline to the porno room, come out with six or eight tapes, rent nothing else, and take off.  Then we’d see them back around 2 or 3 pm, dropping the tapes off.  Presumably they’d drop the tapes off, go pick up the kids from school, get the kids fed, and do all the types of normal things that families do at that time.  One can only speculate on the day of intense self-gratification that these lonely housewives were participating in on their own during the day.  And this wasn’t an occasional thing, either.  Every weekday there would be five or six women who did this.  The women rented more porn more frequently than any man did.  So I suppose that there might be something to the quoted story above.  Porno, from the plain to the “crime against nature” variety is freely available online from any number of places.  Now these women don’t have to go to the store during the day, they can just log in from home and get their jollies from whatever site happens to be catering to their personal preference.

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The Lesser of Ten Evils
by Lee

Okay, group question time.  If Bush was to lose in 2004, which of the current Democratic candidates would you prefer to beat him, and why?

Personally, I’d go for Dean.  I like his stand on the Second Amendment, and he seems to be somewhat fiscally conservative.  The rest of his policies are pretty loony, but he seems like a decent man in general, and I think he’s the most preferable of the lot.

Your thoughts, please.  Discuss.

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Friday, October 31, 2003

France Facing Facts
by Lee

The Stalinists over at International ANSWER are calling for an immediate pull-out from Iraq of all US troops, which any thinking person can tell you would lead to a disaster of biblical proportions.  Believe it or not, even the detestable French are finally starting to get it.

A U.S. pullout from Iraq would be “catastrophic,” French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin said Thursday, urging countries to take a strong united stance to stabilize Iraq.

De Villepin, whose impassioned speeches at the UN Security Council against U.S. plans to attack Iraq won him international praise, spoke at the close of two days of informal talks among foreign ministers from Europe and North Africa.

When asked whether he could envision the United States pulling out of Iraq, de Villepin responded: “Obviously, a pullout from Iraq today would be catastrophic and would absolutely not correspond to the demands of the situation.”

When a gutless, pantywaist coward like De Villepin can appreciate the situation in Iraq, it shows just how detached from reality the radical left in this country really is.

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