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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Reinventing Frankenstein
by Lee

I have finally gotten around to writing the mother of all fiskings over at MOOREWATCH.  Thanks to everyone who gave me links and info, you guys rule!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

From the Horse’s Mouth
by Lee

Well, well, well.  It looks like the Democrats were (gasp!) wrong about Libya.

Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, in an exclusive interview with CNN, acknowledged Monday that the war in Iraq may have played a role in his decision to dismantle his country’s weapons of mass destruction programs. ...

Hans Blix, former chief U.N. weapons inspector, said he imagined “Gadhafi could have been scared by what he saw happen in Iraq.” ...

Asked about his decision, Gadhafi acknowledged that the Iraq war may have influenced him, but he insisted he wanted to focus on the “positive.”

He said the world is a changed place in which his country can feel safe without weapons of mass destruction.

So, Gadhafi has stated, for the record, that the US action in Iraq influenced his decision to disarm.  This, despite what the anti-war left, Michael Moore, the Democratic presidential candidates, and the diplomatic community have all been saying.  How about that—common sense triumphing over doublespeak and leftist hand-wringing.  Amazing, huh?

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Fisking Mikey
by Lee

I’ve written a detailed fisking of Michael Moore’s latest disgusting bullshit and posted it at MOOREWATCH.  Go take a look.

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Would You Like to Touch My Monkey?
by Lee

Hef is pissing off the PeTA lunatics.

Playboy boss Hugh Hefner is feeling the heat of the animal rights’ group after appearing on MTV’s “Cribs.” During taping, Hugh’s new pet monkey Pinky was seen sleeping in a crib and wearing a diaper. A disgusted PETA spokesman said pet monkeys can “grow up neurotic and lonely.”

Growing up neurotic and lonely.  I suspect that is what turns normal people into animal rights activists.

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by Lee

Well, this explains San Francisco.

Alphaville is the biggest city in The Sims Online, a spin-off of the highly successful Sims computer game. As its name implies, players can control virtual people in an online world.

The Sims Online can be likened to a chatroom with moving pictures in which people are represented by an avatar rather than text.

But to the chatting it adds a rich virtual world in which every player has a home. There are places to socialise, to work and visit, shops and services, even virtual pets.

Alphaville and its sister cities in The Sims Online were supposed to be benign utopias that allowed people to discover who they could be when freed from the economic and social restraints that shackle them in real life.

But it has not turned out like that at all.

The dark side of Alphaville has been documented by one of its former “residents”, Peter Ludlow, who in real life is a philosophy professor at the University of Michigan.

Urizenus, one of the avatars controlled by Prof Ludlow, was chief reporter on a newspaper called The Alphaville Herald which featured interviews with Alphaville’s child prostitutes, sadomasochists, Sims Mafioso, thieves and members of its shadow government.

“The Alphaville Herald was not supposed to document dodgy things,” he says. “It was done to document the emergence of economic, social and political structures in the game.”

What?  You mean that a society devoid of morals, accepted societal norms, or laws, will devolve into a morass of immorality and crime?  I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked!

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Bad Santa
by Lee

America, taking the Christ out of Christmas one firehouse at a time.

Firefighters in Glenview have been told to take down their indoor Christmas decorations after some residents complained that they were offended.

The decorations—which included lights, a Christmas tree and a Santa Claus—were inside Glenview’s Station No. 7, at 3507 Glenview Rd., in the firefighters’ main living area. Although the decorations were all inside, they were visible from the street if someone driving down Glenview Road peered into the windows.

“We need to serve all our residents and customers, and we had been receiving calls from citizens who were not happy seeing what they perceived to be Christmas or Christian decorations on a particular firehouse,” said Janet Spector Bishop, a spokeswoman for the village.

“We felt the fairest thing to do was to make sure that our public buildings remain neutral.”

Astounding, isn’t it, that the mere presence of religious iconography at Christmas is somehow deemed offensive.  I’m not Jewish, but I’m not “offended” when I see a minorah.  I eat Indian and Thai food all the time, in restaurants filled with Buddhist and Hindu imagery, and somehow I am not horrified or scarred for life.

This has much less to do with being offended, my friends, and is more about an all-out assault by the PC left against anything to do with Christianity.  I’m not an overly religious man, but I do recognize that Christmas, despite all the attempts to secularize it, is a Christian holiday, and should be treated as such.  Americans have a constitutional right to the free exercise of religion, and it’s about damn time we as a society started acting like it.

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Shake Your Booty
by Lee

Man, right after I leave all the fun starts happening.

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Makes Me Wanna Ralph
by Lee

Yesterday I posted a link to Ralph Nader’s exploratory website.  Here’s the comments I left after filling out the survey.

Ralph, you represent the last electable hope for we progressives!  You MUST run to give us a clear alternative vote!  Damn what the Democrats say or do, they’re no better than the Republicans.  Run, and we will vote for you.  Bush must be stopped, but not by electing someone like Howard Dean, who is almost as bad as Bush is.  You’re our last best hope for a more compassionate, progressive, free America.

A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, always keep that in mind.

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Embracing Bums
by Lee

I wonder how many of these bums ended up getting $400 a month here in San Francisco?

While Denver’s new Commission on Homelessness struggles to find shelter for what it calls a record number of people living on cold city streets, another state is trying to solve its problem, in part, by busing its homeless here.

Over the past four years, two counties in Minnesota have given free, one-way bus tickets to some 4,500 homeless people. At least 63 of those people have taken a Greyhound to Colorado.

I love it!  The best way to solve the problem is simply to ship the smelly human vermin out of there.  Here’s what Roxanne White, the Chairwoman of the Denver Commission on Homelessness, had to say.

“Denver never has and never would use such a program,” White said. “Homeless people are part of our community. We should be embracing them and finding them a home and providing for the stranger in our midst, not sending them away.”

I know she was speaking metaphorically, but the last thing I’m going to embrace is a vile, disgusting, smelly piece of human filth that has been sleeping in a pool of his own vomit for the past two or three days.  I wonder, Mary, just how many of these bums you have sleeping in your guest bedroom every night?  My guess would be zero, but that’s just me.

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Rethinking Physics
by Lee

Anyoner who has ever taken a high school or college physics class has heard of the laws of thermodynamics.

  1. Energy is neither created nor destroyed, but simply changes forms.
  2. Heat always passes from a hotter body to a colder body, and entropy (disorder) always increases with time.
  3. Absolute zero will be achieved when molecules have no thermal movement.

Now, these are the absolute truths of science—laws.  Well, it seems that some Scientists in Australia have proved the second law wrong.

One of the most important principles of physics, that disorder, or entropy, always increases, has been shown to be untrue.

Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) have carried out an experiment involving lasers and microscopic beads that disobeys the so-called Second Law of Thermodynamics, something many scientists had considered impossible. . . .

This Second Law of Thermodynamics says that the disorder of the Universe can only increase in time, but the equations of classical and quantum mechanics, the laws that govern the behaviour of the very small, are time reversible.

A few years ago, a tentative theoretical solution to this paradox was proposed - the so-called Fluctuation Theorem - stating that the chances of the Second Law being violated increases as the system in question gets smaller.

This means that at human scales, the Second Law dominates and machines only ever run in one direction. However, when working at molecular scales and over extremely short periods of time, things can take place in either direction.

Now, scientists have demonstrated that principle experimentally.

The reason I find this so interesting is because of evolution.  I have heard numerous arguments from fundamentalist Christians over the years, who say that macroevolution (all life came out of the sea, man evolved from apes, etc.) could never have occurred because the second law of thermodynamics proves that order does not randomly develop from disorder—entropy always increases.  Because the early world was in such a state of disorder, and we now find ourselved in an orderly world (comparatively speaking), the only other explanation is that the order was the doing of God or a Creator. 

It seems now, however, that the second law of thermodynamics isn’t as set in stone as science has previously believed, and thus the fundamentalist arguments against evolution are weaker as well.  Interesting stuff.

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Whither Halliburton, Again
by Lee

In July I blogged on a NR column by Byron York where he explained how Halliburton was not doing anything nefarious, despite the ridiculous claims coming from the left.  Well, since there are now new charges against Halliburton, he’s done it again.

But why did the Corps specify that fuel be delivered from Kuwait? The answer appears to lie with the nature of fuel shortages that swept Iraq in the late spring. After the war, the country’s oil refineries were operating far below capacity. Both gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas, which millions of Iraqis use for cooking, were in very short supply.

American officials feared that the shortages might spark civil unrest. Of particular concern was Basra, the city in southern Iraq that had seen increasingly violent expressions of popular anger against coalition forces. According to a source in the Corps of Engineers, in May, Lt. General Ricardo Sanchez, leader of American forces in Iraq, demanded that fuel be supplied to Basra fast.

“The initial import of fuel was in response to a request from General Sanchez to do this because there was an uprising in Basra over the lack of gas and cooking fuel,” says the Corps source. “Basra is near the Kuwaiti border. The fastest way to get it there is Kuwait. So we directed them [Halliburton] to do that.”

“Basra was a flash point; we were close to civil unrest,” the source continues. “Probably at the time we didn’t care what it cost, because we were trying to stop a riot. Cost was probably not an issue.”

But the rest of Iraq was suffering from fuel shortages as well. On May 8, in an article headlined, “Angry Iraqis Blame U.S. for Fuel Shortage,” the Washington Post reported on a “ubiquitous scene” in Iraq: “lines that stretch toward dusty horizons as people wait for gasoline, a problem that confronts U.S. authorities with both a complex engineering challenge and a continuing threat to their prestige.”

Soon the U.S. military was ordering fuel shipments to the rest of Iraq as well. While the Kuwaiti source is relatively close to Basra, it is a great distance from northern Iraq, which made for very long shipping lines. And the violent insurgency then beginning inside Iraq made the work not only expensive but also dangerous for the crews hired by Halliburton to deliver the fuel.

“Not many people want to drive eight to fifteen days through a war zone with a truck full of flammable materials,” the company says. “Three drivers have been killed and many others injured while performing this mission, and 60 vehicles have been damaged.”

Be sure and read the whole thing, then bookmark it so that the next time one of your asshat liberal coworkers brings it up you can email it to them.

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Presidential Weenies
by Lee

Want to see my impression of Clark and Dean?

“Yes you did.”
“No I didn’t.”
“Yes you did, butt munch.”
“No way, ass breath.”

In actuality, it went like this.

Speaking in a taped interview on ABC’s “This Week,” Clark said Dean had asked him to be his running mate should Dean win the Democratic nomination in a conversation before Clark entered the race.

After the interview was broadcast, Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi said on the same program that such a conversation never happened.

And after that, Clark’s communications director disputed Trippi’s response.

“Joe Trippi may want to check in with his candidate before talking,” Matt Bennett said in a statement from Clark headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“Howard Dean did in fact offer Wes Clark a place on the ticket in a one-on-one meeting that Trippi did not attend.”

Clark, who was NATO supreme commander during the 1999 air campaign in Kosovo, was asked if he had been softer on Dean’s foreign policy statements than other candidates because he was hoping to be the former Vermont governor’s running mate.

“Absolutely not. ... He did offer me the vice presidency. And what I told him was, that’s not the issue,” the retired Army four-star general said.

“The issue is whether I’m going to be the commander in chief and run to be the commander in chief or not. I don’t believe I can do the duty that I need to do for the American people as the vice president.”

What a couple of dumbasses.  This behavior is supposed to be presidential?  They sound like two high school girls arguing over a boy.

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by Lee

I finally got around to seeing the movie Elf.  I think the name is rather misleading.  Instead of “Elf” it should have been called “Spectacularly Unfunny Crapfest That Made Me Want To Take My Own Life It Was So Bad.”

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Sunday, December 21, 2003

Run Ralph, Run!
by Lee

Ralph Nader is looking for advice.  Stop on by and give him some.

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Proof of Death?
by Lee

Okay, so it’s not proof, necessarily, but this still leads me to believe that bin Laden is an ex-terrorist.

The pan-Arab satellite channel Al-Arabiya broadcast a tape Saturday with a voice claiming to be that of Al Qaeda leaderUsama bin Laden.

However, rival channel Al-Jazeera claimed it aired the same tape two months ago. A U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, also said the video previously aired in October onAl-Jazeera.

“It’s not new,” the official said Saturday.

Of course it isn’t.  We got Saddam, and we killed bin Laden.  We’re two for two.

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