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Friday, January 02, 2004

Defending Yourselves
by Lee

There’s a couple of posts over at MOOREWATCH on the growing British desire to be able to legally defend themselves against criminals.  See here and here.

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I Am An Idiot
by Lee

Please ignore this original post.  It made absolutely no sense.  That’s what I get for blogging after a night of drinking.  I don’t even remember writing it.

Ugh.  How embarrasing.

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Costing People Jobs
by Lee

Raising the minimum wage is a bad idea.  Right Wing News explains why.

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Like A Hole in the Head
by Lee

I’m honestly surprised he misses it.

Mr Hurndall, who was a volunteer for the International Solidarity Movement, is in a vegetative state in a London hospital with a large part of his brain shot away.

The International Solidary Movement is the same group of terrorist supporters that Rachel Corrie belonged to.  It doesn’t take a lot of brains to figure out that when you go to give aid and comfort to terrorists bad things might end up happening to you.  Note that the Hurndall family is bent out of shape over the Israeli army, but not the innocent Israelis who get blown to pieces by the Palestinian terrorist vermin that their son supported.

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Thursday, January 01, 2004

Working In Secret
by Lee

Here’s one more sign that Middle Eastern dictatorial thugs are no threat to the West.

U.S. and British intelligence services discovered in late September that a freighter bound for Libya was hauling thousands of parts for centrifuges, a key component for producing nuclear weapons, senior U.S. officials said yesterday. Officials said the interception of the cargo, worth tens of millions of dollars, was a factor in pressuring Libya to give up its deadliest weapons programs.

The shipment was headed from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, an interim transshipment point, aboard a German ship. With help from the German government and the German shipping company, the United States was able to get the freighter, BBC China, diverted to a port in southern Italy shortly after it passed through the Suez Canal.

Officials boarded the ship in Italy in early October and seized the cargo, which was not listed on the ship’s manifest, U.S. officials said. The craft was less than two days from docking in Libya.  ...

The secret shipment also offered insight into Libya’s arms programs. Although U.S. intelligence was aware of Libya’s chemical weapons program, Washington was surprised by Tripoli’s ongoing interest in developing nuclear arms.

The administration is reluctant to provide details of the operation or the source of the parts. U.S. officials said the shipment did not come from Pakistan, which has been linked to sales of nuclear technology to other countries. “The technology we’re talking about was stolen years ago from Urenco, a European consortium. It was used in Pakistan to enrich uranium, but it was also used elsewhere. There’s a black market in this material,” the senior U.S. official said. ...

Centrifuges of the kind found on the German ship can be used to develop weapons-grade uranium for use in nuclear weapons. On Sunday, U.N. investigators in Libya were shown dozens of centrifuges and other equipment, although no evidence was found that the country had enriched uranium. Mohamed ElBaradei, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, said Monday the equipment indicated that Libya was at an “early stage” of its weapons program.

So, if you had asked Michael Moore or Howard Dean a month ago if Gaddafi was a threat to the world, do you think either of them would have said yes?  Methinks they would have replied in the negative, then tried to blame everything on Bush.  At any rate, here’s the best line in the whole article.

U.S. officials aren’t sure why Gaddafi was reaching out to the international community and pledging privately to disarm as his government was acquiring a large shipment of weapons-development equipment.

A dictatorial thug pledging to disarm, all the while working on secret weapons programs?  I’m shocked, I tell you… shocked!

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The Controversial Willie
by Lee

Willie Nelson obviously doesn’t feel the chill wind blowing.

Country music icon Willie Nelson has written a Christmas song with an edge—a protest against the war in Iraq that he hopes will stir passions in those who hear it.

Nelson, 70, said Wednesday he wrote “Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth” after watching the news on Christmas Day and will play it in Austin, Texas on Saturday at a concert to benefit Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich.

His rare foray into protest music—he said it was only the second such song he had written, after the Vietnam-era “Jimmy’s Road”—follows recent political controversies stirred by the Dixie Chicks and Steve Earle.  ...

Nelson said his new song criticized the Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq and those who thought it unpatriotic to speak out against the war. ...

“I hope that there is some controversy,” said the country singer, who has five nominations in the upcoming Grammy Awards. “If you write something like this and nobody says anything, then you probably haven’t struck a nerve.

“I got it out of my system. I was able to say what I was thinking,” Nelson said.

Look, I have no doubt that Willie actually believes what he writes— he’s been a avowed Kucinich supporter for months now—but let’s be real here.  Willie Nelson is flat broke, and owes the IRS millions of dollars.  He hasn’t had a hit record in years, and this is the best way he can get some publicity and maybe some airplay.  I don’t begrudge him that, but I can just picture him sitting around his house, getting stoned, praying that someone makes a stink about his song.

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Baffling Scientists and Lefties
by Lee

You know, I bet a year or so ago, when the economy was totally in the crapper, and Bush’s approval ratings were under 50%, some leftie somewhere said, “Bush get reelected?  Yeah, right after the Earth spins off its orbit!”

Experts agree that the rate at which the Earth travels through space has slowed ever so slightly for millennia. To make the world’s official time agree with where the Earth actually is in space, scientists in 1972 started adding an extra “leap second” on the last day of the year.

For 28 years, scientists repeated the procedure. But in 1999, they discovered the Earth was no longer lagging behind.

At the National Institute for Science and Technology in Boulder, spokesman Fred McGehan said most scientists agree the Earth’s orbit around the sun has been gradually slowing for millennia. But he said they don’t have a good explanation for why it’s suddenly on schedule.

Possible explanations include the tides, weather and changes in the Earth’s core, he said.

Or maybe God has a sense of humor.

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Brazil Nuts
by Lee

See if you can guess what this is referring to.

“I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis.”

Saddam Hussein’s actions in Iraq?  Kim Jong Il in North Korea?  No, gentle reader.  The above hysterical hyperbole is in reference to this.

A Brazilian judge has announced that US citizens will be fingerprinted and photographed on entering the country.

Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva was reacting to US plans to do the same to Brazilians entering the United States.

He made the order after a Brazilian government office filed a complaint in a federal court over the new US immigration measures.

From 5 January, travellers from all countries which need a visa to enter the US will undergo the same checks.

“I consider the act absolutely brutal, threatening human rights, violating human dignity, xenophobic and worthy of the worst horrors committed by the Nazis,” Federal Judge Julier Sebastiao da Silva said in the court order.

The new security measures will come into effect on 1 January unless Mr Da Silva’s ruling is challenged by the justice system

Now, I have been to Brazil, pre 9/11.  I had to go to Brazil and Argentina on business.  Getting a visa for Argentina was a snap, because we have a treaty with them. All I had to do was land in Buenos Aires, go to customs, and get a stamp.

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