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Friday, February 27, 2004

Everything’s Rosie
by Lee

There’s been another lesbian marriage in San Francisco.

O’Donnell married her longtime girlfriend Thursday, taking what she called a proud stand for gay civil rights in the city where more than 3,300 other same-sex couples have tied the knot since Feb. 12.

“I want to thank the city of San Francisco for this amazing stance the mayor has taken for all the people here, not just us but all the thousands and thousands of loving, law-abiding couples,” the former talk show host, holding a large bouquet, said after she and Kelli Carpenter emerged from their brief ceremony inside Mayor Gavin Newsom’s office.

I don’t know which one I find more unbelievable, that lesbian couples are getting legally married, or that someone actually found Rosie O’Donnell attractive enough to marry.

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More Gay Marriage Stuff
by Lee

My post on gay marriage has certainly stirred up quite a bit of discussion, and some critiques.  I’d like to address one of those critiques, and add some more thoughts on the subject.  The critique in question comes from the fine folks over at The Hobbesian Conservative.

Lee at Right Thinking has a lengthy post about gay marriage in which he says very little about his own position, because he hasn’t come to one yet.

Actually I don’t think that’s really a fair statement.  I think I was quite clear about what my position was.

I am very much in favor of some kind of marriage/union rights for gays. Whether it is called a civil union or a marriage is a semantic argument for which I have not yet formed an opinion, and honestly don’t know if I ever will. I hear excellent arguments on both sides of the issue.

My only real area of equivocation is whether or not the institution should be called a marriage or a civil union.  That, to me, is more of a philosophical, semantic issue.  At the core I’m very much in favor of gay unions, whatever they are called.

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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Choosing Wisely
by Lee

If Iraq was the demonstration of what happens with the stick, this is the carrot.

The United States lifted a long-standing ban on travel to Libya on Thursday and invited American companies to begin planning their return, after Moammar Gadhafi’s government affirmed that it was responsible for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in 1988.

The administration also encouraged Libya to establish an official presence in Washington by opening an “interests section,” a diplomatic office a level beneath an embassy. The United States also will expand its diplomatic presence in Tripoli.

The White House announcement rescinded travel restrictions that have been in place for 23 years against Libya, a country which the United States had long branded a sponsor of state terrorism.

Allowing U.S. travel to Libya would give American corporations an opportunity to do lucrative business legally in Libya’s rich oil fields. It also would help Gadhafi emerge from semi-isolation.

And what does the “Libyan street” think about it?

“The Americans are welcome here anytime,” said Abdul Tahar, a 20-year-old student selling carpets and prayer rugs in Tripoli in the old Medina, a labrynth of streets and markets behind high walls. “American tourists and American dollars. Anything that will improve the situation here is welcome.”

Haj Mustapha Balagha, 60, sitting outside his luggage store in the bazaar, said, “There’s never been any problems between the American people and the Libyan people. We’ve gotten along for a long time. But the politicians, that’s another thing. The politicians, we don’t care about them.”

Message to Arabic thug nations:  you cannot beat us militarily.  You cannot support terrorism and get away with it.  However, you can comply with our wishes and get on our good side, and be the better because of it.

You choose.

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Those Wacky Japanese
by Lee

I just got this email from a Japanese email address.  I get so much email that it’s often too much to read it all, but this one had an interesting title, and I thought it might be blog related.  Alas, it was just a cleverly-named porno email.  Ah so.

Mother and son icnest. Is that what excites you?
Feeleng aroused looking at your moms breast ar may be her ass?
Scientists state that first sxeual fnaatises of a young boy are very often related to his mother..

For reiderct to our site. please open atatch.

The reason I am posting this is because, for one, the Engrish is quite funny, and secondly, well, just read this article.

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We All Look the Same
by Lee

Here’s the latest glaringly racist statement by a Democrat politician which will be virtually ignored by the media.

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown verbally attacked a top Bush administration official during a Washington briefing on the Haiti crisis Wednesday, calling the president’s policy on the beleaguered nation ‘’racist’’ and his representatives ‘’a bunch of white men.’’

Her outburst was directed at Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega during a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill. Noriega, a Mexican-American, is the State Department’s top official for Latin America. ...

Brown sat directly across the table from Noriega and yelled into a microphone. Her comments sent a hush over the hourlong meeting, which was attended by about 30 people, including several members of Congress and Bush administration officials.

Noriega later told Brown: ‘’As a Mexican-American, I deeply resent being called a racist and branded a white man,’’ according to three participants.

Brown then told him ‘’you all look alike to me,’’ the participants said.

You all look alike to me?  Could you possibly say a more racist phrase than that?  Now, imagine if this was said by a white male Republican, instead of a black female Democrat.  Can you begin to comprehend the amount of press this would be getting?  But, as anyone knows, black people can’t be racist.

Just the latest example of that “conservative” media at work, right liberals?

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Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What An Asshat
by Lee

Gary Trudeau is such a jackoff.

The frequently irreverent “Doonesbury” comic strip is offering $10,000 to anyone who can show that President Bush served in the Alabama Air National Guard.

“That’s right—we’re offering $10,000 cash to anyone who can prove George W. Bush fulfilled his Guard duty in Alabama,” Wednesday’s strip said. “So if you served with Mr. Bush—even if only in the officers’ club—we want to hear from you right now!”

Readers are referred to the Web site doonesbury.com, where a Witness Registration Form asks for online testimony. The site says the prize money is being underwritten by Doonesbury creator Garry Trudeau. “Thanks to Bush’s massive tax cuts for people who don’t need them, GBT is flush.”

How about you pony up some cash to prove Bush didn’t serve, Gary?  You’re the one making the accusation, surely you could come up with better “evidence” than missing documents from 30 years ago?

Anyone remember the last time Doonesbury was funny?  Give me a clue, who was president then?

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Go, Al, Go!
by Lee

This is an absolutely fantastic idea.

Democratic presidential candidate Al Sharpton said yesterday that both Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and opposition leaders have accepted his offer to travel to Haiti to help broker a peace agreement after a U.S.-backed proposal was rejected.

“I’m going to prepare a humanitarian trip because all sides appear to be willing at least to talk,” Sharpton said yesterday after meeting Haitian diplomats.

He said he would travel to Haiti, possibly in the next few days.

Earlier, Haitian officials who joined Sharpton at a news conference at Haiti’s New York consulate said they welcomed his offer.

“We are certainly pleased with the humanitarian mission that the reverend is embarking upon today, and certainly we need that,” said Consul General Harry Fouche. “We need more involvement.”

Sharpton, a minister who has advocated Haitian-American rights in the United States, said he has met President Jean-Bertrand Aristide several times. He said he spoke to both Aristide and opposition spokesman Paul Denis by phone yesterday.

Denis told him that his group, which is threatening to attack the capital of Port-au-Prince, planned to turn down the last-minute U.S. plan, which does not require Aristide to resign.

It was unlikely the Bush administration would approve of Sharpton’s private diplomacy.

What is the downside here?  The Bush administration should send him off with their full, public blessing.  Haiti is a real shithole, a complete write-off as a country.  Sharpton would most likely fail, so he’s not going to make the place any worse.  But if he were to somehow succeed, it would greatly elevate Sharpton’s stature in the Democratic Party.  The more powerful Sharpton gets, the more the Democrats are going to have to kow-tow to his radical agenda, and that will do nothing but make the Democrats less palatable to centrist voters.  The more Sharpton grows in popularity the better the chance Bush has of getting reelected.

Put Al on the plane, George.  Today.

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Northern Exposure
by Lee

This is the inevitable result of a massive social wealfare system.

Canada’s army, navy and air force are facing a funding shortfall of up to half a billion dollars, defence sources told the National Post, and the military is recommending drastic measures to make up the difference, including closing some of the largest bases in the country.

The federal government is stalling the release of internal documents that outline the looming financial crisis, but military sources said the reports indicate that in the fiscal year beginning on April 1, the air force expects to be $150-million short of funds needed to fulfill its commitments, the navy will be $150-million shy of its needs and the army will be as much as $200-million short.

The figures were submitted to General Ray Henault, the Chief of Defence Staff, last month by the heads of the land staff, the maritime staff and the air staff in anticipation of this year’s defence budget. ...

The navy predicts it will not be able to live up to treaty obligations to NATO and other alliances and cannot carry out enough patrols of Canadian waters to comply with agreements with other government departments such as Immigration Canada or Fisheries and Oceans.

“We will not be able to meet our domestic defence obligations,” one naval officer said.

The army is said to be in the worst financial state of all three branches of the Canadian Forces. “Everyone knows that the army’s broke and has been for a couple of years,” said one military source familiar with the reports.

Colonel Howard Marsh, a former senior army staff officer now working as an analyst for the Conference of Defence Associations, said he was not surprised by the size of the shortfall.

“This is a look forward ... at what they need in order to keep the army going,” he said. “Nobody has ever seen a bankrupt military in a developed country.... This year I predict we will see that in Canada.”

You know the argument that you hear all the time from liberals about military spending, something along the lines that the cost of one stealth bomber could feed thousands of people?  Well, this is the logical end result of that line of thinking.  A cut here, a cut there, and pretty soon your military is bankrupt.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The Gay Marriage Post
by Lee

Well, the whole gay marriage thing has officially become the number one social issue in the United States today.  I’ve been slacking off on posting about it for a while now, but I figured the time was ripe.

I’ve been of two minds about gay marriage for quite some time.  As regular readers of this blog know I am much more of a social libertarian than I am a conservative.  I’ve gone on the record many times as not having any problem with the “gay lifestyle” (whatever the hell that is supposed to be) or gays in general.  I am a solid believer that since the US is a secular society gays should have extended to them a series of legal protections vis-a-vis property rights, spousal rights, etc., so-called “civil unions.” But civil unions are not the issue here, it is whether the institution of marriage should be redefined to include same-sex unions. 

This, my friends, is going to be one of the defining issues in the evolution of liberal, western secular democracy.

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Sounds of Silence
by Lee

Sorry for the lack of posting, been busy all day.  I have a couple of big posts coming up later tonight, though.  Stay tuned.

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Contemporary Realpolitik
by Lee

Say what you like about Pervez Musharraf, but he’s our man in the ‘Stan.

Pakistani troops have launched a fresh offensive against al Qaeda and Taliban militants hiding in remote tribal areas near the Afghan border, officials say.

A day earlier, U.S. military officials said the whereabouts of al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden remained a mystery and the focus of hunts in border regions where many Islamic militants and Taliban remnants are believed to be hiding.

“We have launched an operation against foreign terrorists,” Information Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told Reuters on Tuesday.

Asked whether operation was intended to hunt bin Laden, he said only: “It is against foreign terrorists.”

This is a perfect example of realpolitik in action.  Pakistan is an Islamic country.  While Musharraf isn’t exactly going to win Miss Congeniality awards, he’s willing to stand by the United States against the Islamofascists, and for that alone we owe him a degree of protection. 

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He’s Not Alone
by Lee

Following on up this post, Mike Wilson has a special thank you note to everyone who made a donation.

February 23 , 2004 - Knowing I’m not alone…

I like to believe in some unique albeit physically indescribable thing called the American Dream. I write about it all the time and talk about it endlessly, but I cant say that Ive ever actually felt it. I guess I always thought that it was some sort of destination in life owning your own business, a house with a white picket fence, 2.75 kids and a border collie. But what I found out this weekend is that the American Dream is more about a journey of spirit.

Last weekend, I was considering shutting this film down. Weve shot a ton of footage, created a loyal following, been all over the media, agitated the hell out of Michael Moore himself, and got very, very close to raising the requisite funds to make it a reality. In the beginning, people thought wed have no problem raising the measly $400,000 (Im joking about the measly part thats a crapload of money to me) we need to shoot, edit, distribute and market the flick. But then we started asking people to invest. We had lots of meetings with important people with more money than you or I will ever see. But they earned it through their hard work and wouldnt easily part with it. Even some very connected, staunch conservative types were hesitant. They love the film, and theyre glad someone else is doing it. But when it came time to write a check, they couldnt. So we just kept moving forward, borrowing money on my credit cards and draining savings accounts.

Weve interviewed everyone from Penn Jillette to David Horowitz to former Congressman JC Watts. Weve filmed some really interesting pieces that will tell an awesome story that Moore doesnt want you to know about. But we couldnt find the money. So after borrowing and spending over $14,000 to get this far, I thought the end was near. Ive a wife and kid to take care of, and I was at my limit. So I made a plea on this website to you to help us. And you responded.

Lee over at Moorewatch.com kindly posted my plea on his sites, others picked it up as well and it turns out that reports of Michael Moore Hates Americas death were greatly exaggerated. You guys stepped up to the tune of around $550. In the grand scheme of things, it wont get the job done. But it will get us to Flint and back and Flint is where were headed. Soon.

Im counting on you guys to help us keep this thing alive, if for no other reason than to let Michael Moore know that he was wrong the night he called us all a bunch of right-wing wackos and told me that it was people like us who hate America. Well keep fighting to find investors, to arrange distribution, and to get this film done before Fahrenheit 911 comes out. And I ask you to keep helping us move forward.

Take care,
Mike Wilson
Director, Michael Moore Hates America

If you believe in this project, as I do, then what do you say about a once a month pledge reminder?  On the first of every month, starting with March 1, I’ll put up a post about the film and request everyone donate $5 (or more if you can spare it).  I don’t care how broke you are, how much your kid wants the GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip… you can spare $5.  And as Mike said, they now have the money necessary to get up to Flint, MI and back.

When was the last time you made a donation to anyone or anything and got that kind of a return on your investment?  Every donation you send in is another bug up the ass of Michael Moore.  It’s money well spent.

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Diversity and Welfare
by Lee

Michael Moore loves diversity and he loves the welfare state.  Those two may be incompatible.  Check it out over at Moorewatch.

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Monday, February 23, 2004

Priests and Boys
by Lee

I took a little bit of heat yesterday for my comment at the end of this post:  “If we were electing a priest Kerry’s affair would have been with a 12 year old boy.” Some viewed it as being anti-Catholic or anti-religion.  I responded by saying that I thought the church hierarchy didn’t take the issue of priests raping little boys seriously enough, that they were more concerned with spin control than actually protecting children.  Well, here’s the proof.

The Vatican issued a report Monday by non-Catholic sex abuse experts who criticized the policy adopted by U.S. bishops of removing abusive priests from the ministry, saying it was overly harsh and would not protect the young.

The report was released days before U.S. bishops issue their own national survey on sex abuse by clergy, which is expected to find more than 4,000 American priests have been accused of molesting minors since 1950--far more than previously estimated.

Simply disgusting.  I realize that this study was done by an external, non-Catholic group, but the fact that the Vatican has released it means that they agree with it and are using it in support of their positions. 

Keeping pedophile priests away from children is overly harsh?  What kind of a church actually thinks this?  How does anyone who purports to serve the Lord actually think this?  What kind of a servant of Christ can possibly look at the issue of children being raped and honestly think that there is a punishment that is “overly harsh”?

I’d like to ask the Vatican, what would Jesus do?

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The White Jesus
by Lee

On Friday I did something I very rarely do, and that is read an actual, physical newspaper, in this case USA Today.  The paper had recently been devoting a lot of coverage to Mel Gibson’s new film The Passion of the Christ.  A number of people had written letters in to the editor regarding the paper’s coverage of the film, and one of them was so asinine I clipped it out to share with you.

While some people are concerned about the affect [sic] the violence depicted in the movie will have on young children, as a black parent, I am much more concerned about the constant portrayal of the Messiah as a white man.  Many members of the black community, like myself, believe Jesus was a man of color.

Therefore, the release of another movie with a white Jesus—especially during Black History Month— is disturbing. We feel that a white image of a man believed to be the son of God produces a sense of inferiority in black children.  In fact, the image of a white Jesus is more dangerous to black children than gangsta rap.

I never would allow my child to see a movie with a white Jesus, and I am sure there are many black parents who feel no passion for the film, The Passion of the Christ. [Emphasis added]

Rev. Paul Scott, founder
Messianic Afrikan Nation
Durham, NC

Wow, is this guy a perpetual victim or what? 

First off, I love how so many people assume that all people of a particular race are part of a “community,” as if a black person from a hard-working middle class family is going to (or should) have some sort of non-racial kinship with a drug-addicted carjacking scumbag from the other side of town.  If there is a black community is there a white community?  Where is it?  Who are its leaders?  If the black community is a tangible, singular entity, who elects its leaders?

Secondly, I think it’s pretty safe to say that Jesus wasn’t a 6’2” blue-eyed caucasian male.  The Bible describes Jesus has having skin the color of brozne and hair like wool.  But if you take a bushy-haired Irishman and stick him in the desert for a few years he’ll have skin the color of bronze too, so to try and portray Jesus as being somehow black based on this description is just ridiculous.

And as for the remarks about black sense of inferiority being due to a white Jesus, that is just too asinine for words.  You’re going to tell me that the welfare state in this country is LESS responsible for the destruction of the black family than the image of a white Jesus?  Self esteem comes through accomplishments, and black families who have worked hard and succeeded are not going to suffer from these types of self-esteem problems.

This is just one more way for some whining maggot self-appointed “community leader” to blame everything bad that happens to black society on white people.

Update: I forgot one point.  As far as the indignity of the film being released during Black History Month goes, any man who claims to be a man of the cloth should know that the film is being released on Ash Wednesday, which will be followed a few weeks later by a tiny little Christian holiday called Easter.  The fact that both these Christian holy days fall inside Black History Month is obviously evidence of yet another genocidal plot by the racist white majority to denigrate and demean the black man.

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