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Monday, February 23, 2004

A New Record
by Lee

Michael Moore has been visiting China.

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Weaponizing Space
by Lee

A couple of years ago Dennis Kucinich proposed HR3616, the Space Preservation Act of 2002, the goal of which was

To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by prohibiting the basing of weapons in space and the use of weapons to destroy or damage objects in space that are in orbit, and for other purposes.

Thank God that little piece of lunacy didn’t end up getting enacted, and that we have people in our military who understand that superiority of space is the next frontier.

The U.S. Air Force has filed a futuristic flight plan, one that spells out need for an armada of space weaponry and technology for the near-term and in years to come.

Called the Transformation Flight Plan, the 176-page document offers a sweeping look at how best to expand Americas military space tool kit.

The use of space is highlighted throughout the report, with the document stating that space superiority combines the following three capabilities: protect space assets, deny adversaries access to space, and quickly launch vehicles and operate payloads into space to quickly replace space assets that fail or are damaged/destroyed.

From space global laser engagement, air launched anti-satellite missiles, to space-based radio frequency energy weapons and hypervelocity rod bundles heaved down to Earth from space the U.S. Air Force flight plan portrays how valued space operations has become for the warfighter and in protecting the nation from chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high explosive attack.

If the world’s lefties and peace-and-love hippie types think that the Chinese are sending astronauts up for the benefit of mankind they’re in for a rude awakening.  Space superiority is absolutely essential to national security in the 21st century. 

We just have to ensure that none of these weapons systems ever pass over Berkeley, California.  Their citry council declared the area 60 kilometers above the city to be a space-based weapons free zone.  Should the federal government accidentally invade this weapons-free space the residents of Berkeley will focus their peace-and-love moonbeam ray at the weapons and turn them into space-based daycare centers.

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Back to the Island
by Lee

The Marines are going back to Haiti.

Fifty U.S. Marines were headed to Haiti on Monday to protect the American Embassy and diplomats after rebels overran Haiti’s second-largest city and began detaining supporters of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Western diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the Marines were requested after rebels threatened to attack the capital, Port-au-Prince, soon.

Two police stations outside Port-au-Prince were attacked Sunday, independent Radio Kiskeya reported, and Aristide supporters began building barricades to protect the city.

The Marines are sending a Fleet Anti-Terrorist Security Team, which usually consists of about 50 troops trained in anti-terrorism techniques, a Defense Department official said on condition of anonymity in Washington. The team is used to secure embassies and other facilities or ships.

This is good news.  One of Clinton’s first acts was to send US Marines into this God-forsaken shithole of a country to restore their first democratically-elected left-wing dictator.  As we can all see, Haiti has become a thriving hotbed of democracy since then.  This mission is simply protect our people and our embassy, and I totally support President Bush for making the call.

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Sunday, February 22, 2004

Salmon and Ketchup
by Lee

Good old John Kerry.  He believes US foreign policy should be dictated to us by the UN, that the war on terrorism should be fought primarily as a law enforcement issue, and he’s all over that pressing salmon problem.

Sen. John Kerry would appoint a salmon czar who would answer directly to him and his vice president if hes elected president.

But neither he nor his chief opponent for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. John Edwards, are willing to support studies of breaching four dams on the Snake River to aid the fish.

So, in other words, neither candidate is willing to do anything different than what Bush is currently doing.  But that doesn’t stop Kerry, who served in Vietnam, from slandering the president anyway.

Kerry criticized the Bush Administrations lack of funding for the regions salmon recovery plan. But like President George Bush, he said he is not ready to consider removing four dams on the Snake River in Washington that salmon advocates and most fisheries biologists say is necessary to restore healthy populations in Idaho.

Before we engage in a polarizing debate about dam removal, we should work to restore and improve the salmons habitat in the watersheds throughout the Columbia and Snake River Basins, he said. We should ensure the harvest of salmon and our hatcheries are properly managed.

Translation:  “I’m not going to do anything substantively different than President Bush, but I need a campaign issue, so I’ll sound like I’ll do something different, when in reality I’ll keep on with Bush’s salmon policies, because they make sense and are the right thing to do.”

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So Says Monica
by Lee

Monica Lewinsky has chimed in on the Kerry affair story.

Monica Lewinsky has described her feelings of outrage at the furore that has blown up around a woman accused of having an affair with US presidential hopeful Senator John Kerry. ...

Talking about whether the public should be interested in a presidential candidate’s private life she said: “I would really hope people are finally starting to smarten up about this and are starting to judge a candidate for his knowledge and accomplishments, rather than his personal life.

“You know, I’ve heard it before but it bears repeating: We’re electing a President, not a priest.”

Of course.  If we were electing a priest Kerry’s affair would have been with a 12 year old boy.

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Makes Me Wanna Ralph
by Lee

Good news for the GOP.

Ralph Nader, whose third-party White House bid in 2000 was blamed by some Democrats for helping elect President Bush, said on Sunday he will try again this year as an independent.

Ignoring pleas from Democrats to stay out of the race, the veteran consumer advocate said he wanted to challenge the two parties’ stranglehold on the political process and their shared addiction to corporate interests.

“Washington is corporate-occupied territory, and the two parties are ferociously competing to see who is going to go to the White House and take orders from their corporate paymasters,” Nader said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Nader said claims that his candidacy would distract from efforts to beat Bush in November were a “contemptuous” attempt to restrict democracy and maintain what he called the “two-party duopoly.”

“It is an offense to deny millions of people who might want to vote for our candidacy an opportunity to vote,” he said, adding the “corporate government” practiced by both parties had led to rollbacks in labor, environmental and economic standards.

“This country has more problems and injustices than it deserves,” Nader said. “It’s time to change the equation and bring millions of American people into the political arena.”

This means that the Watermelon Party is free to run an anti-American racist Jew-hater like Cynthia McKinney.  So, between the die-hard Naderites, and the wacko Greens, the far left will be siphoning off those oh-so-critical votes away from the Democrats.  This means that whoever gets the Democratic nomination, be it Edwards or Kerry, is going to have to swing to the left during the campaign to pick up the loony asshat vote, thus alienating the middle and southern conservative Democrats.  It will also be interesting to see if Michael Moore sticks with his pragmatic endorsement of whatever chump the Democrats manage to throw up, or if he’ll lick his wounds from the Clark endorsement and then go on to promote one of these unelectable Marxists like Nader or whoever the Greens manage to con into running.

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Stage One Over
by Lee

Went and saw dad earlier today.  He’s doing about as well as can be expected.  His signs are good, but he’s still totally drugged beyond oblivion.  His chest is still cracked open, because they found in past patients that for the first few days after the procedure they need to go back into his chest and clean up any small bleeding or clotting.  They should actually close his sternum back up for good on Monday. 

When Mom and I got in to his private ICU room, and he heard our voices, he strarted to move a little.  Not much, just his feet, hands, and head.  A wiggle here, a wiggle there, which are really good signs that he’s still with us and has motor skills in his hands and legs.  Hopefully in the next few days he’ll come out of the drug haze and be able to sit up in bed, or even stand a little

This whole experience has just been amazing, science-fiction stuff.  By all rights he should have been dead three weeks ago, but there he is beating the odds once again.  Thank God for capitalism, innovation, and the profit motive.  Without these three things my father would be dead now, instead of being kept alive with the best medical technology the world has to offer.

I love this country.

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Shades of 1972
by Lee

If you want to see the depths of leftist self-delusion you can’t do better than George McvGovern.  Before we begin, allow me to display the results of the 1972 election, courtesy of an image found over at The Angry Clam.


This monumental failure is what we’re dealing with here.  Okay, on to the article.

He was a World War II hero who flew 35 missions as a B-24 bomber pilot over Europe in the effort to defeat Nazi Germany.

But when he ran for president in 1972, George McGovern refused to use his military service to buttress his campaign against President Richard Nixon, whose stewardship included tens of thousands of dead soldiers in Vietnam.

Instead, McGovern ran against the war, and was tainted as an anti-war candidate, too weak to lead the world’s most powerful military. He was defeated in a landslide. Nixon later was driven from the White House in 1974 because of Watergate.

Now, McGovern, 81, sees some parallels between 1972 and today, with a self-described “war president” going against a war hero. But this time, the war hero, U.S. Sen. John Kerry, is touting his military service and drawing attention to questions about President Bush’s service in the National Guard.

An anti-war war hero is what Clark tried to run on, and he failed miserably.  Kerry is trying the same tactic.  By making his Vietnam era service one of the main aspects to his campaign, he is opening himself up for criticism of his service.  And by making Bush’s TANG service an issue, Kerry’s alleged heroics become fair game for his opposition.  It’s going to be quite hard to paine Kerry as a war hero when there are reams and reams of his testimony before Congress asserting the torture, war crimes, and blanket inhumanity of his fellow Vietnam soldiers and sailors.  If Kerry gets the nomination all of this is going to come out.  Is Kerry’s record going to stand up to the scrutiny?  Time will tell, I suppose.

“It grieves me to see the world’s confidence in America undermined by our perceived position today,” McGovern said. “We didn’t make any friends by intervening in Iraq. Nine of 10 around the world are opposed to that. I regard that with some alarm. Much of our influence depends on how we are perceived.

“I regret to say most people see us as an arrogant force in the world, even perceiving us as a bully,” he said. “That’s unfortunate.”

Spoken like a true pacifist.  What’s most important in his mind is cooperating with everyone, even to the detriment of national security.  “Well, even though this may be in our best interests, we better not upset France, Germany, or Russia.  Even though they’re obviously against the war solely out of their own economic interest, we should always kowtow to them so that they’ll like us more.” And this, by the way, is Kerry’s foreign policy regarding the War on Terror.

McGovern believes the Iraq war and the overall war on terror will be a principle campaign issue, along with the economy. Whether voters would turn to a U.S. veteran after watching rising casualties under a man who never served in war is a looming question, he said.

“There are exceptions, but as a general rule, a commander in chief with personal experience in war will be less eager to commit other young men to war,” McGovern said.

“A president like Dwight Eisenhower or a Wes Clark, who’ve had first-hand experience would be less inclined to send me to war unless it were the last resort. Where, a person without first-hand experience might be quicker to order American forces into war.”

What McGovern doesn’t get is that the American voters aren’t going to place much stock in Kerry’s war-hero status from 30 years ago, considering that now he’s built his reputation as an anti-military, anti-war leftist.  In exactly the same manner, the voters are not going to penalize Bush for serving in the TANG becaue since then he has shown the will and fortitude necessary to do what he thinks is right.  Past service is a good bedrock, but it is what is built upon that bedrock that makes the man.  Kerry fails miserably.

But he is convinced that administration used the war on terror “as an excuse to invade Iraq. After the 9/11 trauma, the Bush administration decided it had to do something powerful and decisive, so they unleashed American forces against Afghanistan.”

When the military couldn’t find Osama bin Laden, “they decided to go for a different target and decided Iraq was a principle threat, so we went to war,” he said.

What is truly pathetic is that this moron actually believes this crap.

“He’s failed on the economic front, health care, the deficit, on education, the environment and foreign policy,” he said. “And in national security, we’re less secure today than we were before he came to office.”

Ah, the old standby.  “We’re less secure today than before.” One of the monumental lies that we’ll be hearing ad nauseum this campaign season.

So, McGovern sees parrallels between 2004 and 1972?  So do I, buyt I bet my parrallels are different that his.

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Saturday, February 21, 2004

68 Guns, 68 Years Old
by Lee

This is absolutely brilliant.

An ageing rock group gave themselves a facelift by getting a group of teenagers to stand in for them on the video of their latest song, helping them score their first chart hit for some 15 years.

Convinced the music industry is prejudiced against wrinkly rockers, The Alarm gave themselves the pseudonym The Poppyfields and persuaded a group of fresh-faced youths to mime their part.

“They did it to show they wanted to be judged on music and not on their image and haircuts of 15 years ago,” said a spokesman for the band.

The single, 45RPM, went into the charts this week at number 28.

The Welsh band were previously best known for 1983 hit “68 guns” and said they pulled the stunt to show how much image affected sales in the music industry.

This proves what everyone who has bought a record in the last ten years knows all too well:  music today sucks.

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The Big Cheese?
by Lee

Make of this what you will.

A BRITISH Sunday newspaper is claiming Osama bin Laden has been found and is surrounded by US special forces in an area of land bordering north-west Pakistan and Afghanistan.

The Sunday Express, known for its sometimes colourful scoops, claims the al-Qaeda leader has been “sighted” for the first time since 2001 and is being monitored by satellite.

The paper claims he is in a mountainous area to the north of the Pakistani city of Quetta. The region is said to be peopled with bin Laden supporters and the terrorist leader is estimated to also have 50 of his fanatical bodyguards with him.

The claim is attributed to “a well-placed intelligence source” in Washington, who is quoted as saying: “He (bin Laden) is boxed in.”

The paper says the hostile terrain makes an all-out conventional military assault impossible. The plan to capture him would depend on a “grab-him-and-go” style operation.

“US helicopters already sited on the Afghanistan border will swoop in to extricate him,” the newspaper says. It claims bin Laden and his men “sleep in caves or out in the open. The area is swept by fierce snow storms howling down from the 10,000ft-high mountain peaks. Donkeys are the only transport.”

The special forces are “absolutely confident” there is no escape for bin Laden, and are awaiting the order to go in and get him.

“The timing of that order will ultimately depend on President Bush,” the paper says. “Capturing bin Laden will certainly be a huge help for him as he gets ready for the election.”

The last comment here about the timing makes me think that this is, as so many of these reports have been in the past, complete crap.  Only the leftist asshat brigade actually thinks that Bush is going to somehow coordinate any capture of bin Laden for maximum political exposure.  As if his capture wouldn’t be a big enough coup, he’s going to pick and choose the time, and potentially allow him to escape?  Bullshit.

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Peace and Love
by Lee

I’ve received a lot of hate mail over at MOOREWATCH, but now I’ve hit the big leagues, with my very first bona fide death threat!  Michael Moore fans. All they want is peace and love and global justice and to play with my blood after penetrating my flesh with a blunt object. 

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The Rule of Law in SF
by Lee

Arnie is dead right on this issue.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger ordered California’s attorney general Friday to take legal action to stop San Francisco from granting marriage licenses to gay couples.

In a letter to Attorney General Bill Lockyer, Schwarzenegger directed the state’s top lawyer “to take immediate steps” to get a definitive court ruling declaring what the city is doing to be illegal.

“Our civilized society and legal system is based upon a respect for and adherence to the rule of law. The City and County of San Francisco’s unfortunate choice to disregard state law and grant marriage certificates to gay couples directly undermines this fundamental guarantee,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “As Attorney General, you have the authority to take legal action to require the City and County of San Francisco to comply with the laws of the State.”

Schwarzenegger’s directive to the attorney general was prompted in part by a Superior Court judge’s decision Friday not to impose a temporary restraining order on the city that would have halted the weeklong parade of 3,175 same-sex weddings.

At the state Republican Party convention Friday evening, Schwarzenegger personally announced the directive to a cheering crowd of activists.

“We rely on our courts to enforce the rule of law. But you see, in San Francisco, the courts are dropping the ball,” Schwarzenegger said. “It’s time for the city to stop traveling down this dangerous path of ignoring the rule of law. That’s my message to San Francisco.”

The crowd gave a lengthy standing ovation.

As I have said many times in the past (see here) the rule of law must be respected.  Without it laws simply lose meaning.  “The answer to bad laws is to change them, not to simply neglect to enforce them.” If San Francisco disagrees with the law against gay marriages, then it should spearhead a movement to change the California law, not to subvert it. 

SF Mayor Gavin Newsome should be prosecuted if he continues, but I simply don’t see our illustrious AG doing anything about it.

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The Big Head Speaks
by Lee

I’m sure you’re going to be as shocked, shocked, to hear this as I am, but it seems that John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, has a proclivity for taking both sides of the important issues in this election.  Take his voting for the war in Iraq, despite desperately trying to woo the disaffected anti-war Deaniacs.

“I voted not specifically to go to war,” he told a questioner in New Hampshire last week. “I voted for a process. ... The process that we got out of the president by standing up to him was that he was going to go to the U.N. and build an international coalition, a true international coalition. Going to war was a last resort.

“If I had been president, I would have wanted that authority. It was the only way to hold (Saddam Hussein) accountable. But if you believe I would have used that authority and gone to war the way George Bush did, then you should not vote for me.”

Uh, yeah, sure John.  Whatever you say.  Literally.  And how about that leftist rallying cry, the Kyoto treaty?

In 1997, he voted against the Kyoto Protocol on global warming but now criticizes the Bush administration for not pursuing the treaty, which is designed to cut down on global toxic emissions. Kerry said he would return to the negotiating table to fix the treaty because “it didn’t have the participation of rapidly emerging countries.”

So, in other words, the Bush administration was correct in not pursuing the treaty, right John?  Because it was an economy-destroying boondoggle that would do exactly dick towards controlling global CO2 outputs?  And exactly how are you planning on using negotiation to get developing countries to support this treaty?  The only reason they supported it in the first place was because it would hamstring the western technological capitalist economies in favor of their own.

Kerry’s head is so big it has more than one face, and he’s talking out of both of them.

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A Worthy Cause
by Lee

Mike Wilson needs your help.

February 19 , 2004 - On bended knee…

I hate asking for help. Ive had to learn, over the course of this project, however, that people will not stand up and help unless you make a great case and ask them directly to get involved. So here I am, on bended knee, asking for your help.

In the last year, I spent nearly $14,000 to get this project rolling Thats everything I have. I spent and borrowed that money, not because I had it lying around, but because I believe in what were doing here. Some of you have been gracious enough to buy a t-shirt or donate some of your cash, and it has helped. Weve been able to keep this site up, and keep moving forward with the film through your kindness.

But Im not the only one involved. Chris Ohlsen is the producer, and hes donated his very valuable time and some of his own money on this. Carr Hagerman has done the same. Maura Flynn, our publicist has worked tirelessly and without pay for a year, helping us get into over 30 radio markets, tons of publications, and has helped us gain access to interviews and other folks who have offered guidance and insight. Scott Olson, our DP, has donated cameras and time on shoots. Greg Browning, our editor, has donated time and energy as we created the trailer and other pieces. Tim Slagle has offered his brilliant comedic mind and has tried to help us raise money. Im leaving others out, but you get the idea.

Since March 2003, when we put this site up, weve had over 1.5 million hits and over 350,000 unique visitors. Based on the email I receive, Id estimate that about 2/3 of you agree with what were doing, 1/6 of you dont understand what were doing and 1/6 of you hate us. So based on those numbers, I figured out that 233,310 of you like what were doing. If each of you who have visited this cite had donated only $1.75, we would have raised the $400,000 we need to complete, market and distribute this film.

It occurs to me that not all of you are convinced that your part in this matters, or that maybe a small donation doesnt make a difference. I can assure that you do matter, and that every little donation, no matter how small gets us closer to the finish line.

Im not rich, and I cant carry this thing forward alone. Im asking for your help. I cant offer you a tax deduction or a slice of the pie when the film comes out. But I can offer you the promise that I will put everything I have into this film and the knowledge that by making a tiny little contribution, you are contributing to something larger than yourself a film that tells the world about the other side of America, where liberty and opportunity abound, and inspires your fellow Americans to transform the way they look at their destinies.

Take care,
Mike Wilson
Director, Michael Moore Hates America

You can donate a few bucks to this worthy cause by going to the front page and looking in the bottom right corner.  How about $5?
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Living in America
by Lee

God bless the greedy, unequal, capitalist American medical system.

An experimental vaccine wiped out lung cancer in some patients and slowed its spread in others in a small but promising study, researchers say.

Three patients injected with the vaccine, GVAX, had no recurrence of lung cancer for more than three years afterward, according to the study of 43 people with the most common form of the disease, non-small cell lung cancer.

The findings were published in Wednesday’s Journal of the National Cancer Institute (news - web sites). The research was funded in part by Cell Genesys, a pharmaceutical company that hopes to produce the vaccine.

The vaccine, developed by researchers at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, is years away from reaching the market, if ever. The researchers hope to apply for Food and Drug Administration approval in three years.

“The results are very promising for patients with non-small (cell) lung cancer, which is frequently resistant to chemotherapy,” said Dr. John Nemunaitis, a Baylor oncologist who led the study.

Let us not forget, dear friends, that the World Health Organization ranked the United States “37th in the world in overall health system performance and 72nd on population health in its 2000 WHO report.” I’m curious just which of the 36 countries with superior systems to ours are leading the world in development of artificial hearts and cures for lung cancer.  Thirty years from now, when these treatments have migrated from the world of science fiction to routine procedures, the WHO will undoubtedly find some other criteria with which to impugn what is far and away the greatest health care system in the world.

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