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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

by Lee

Posting will be light today, I’ve got a zillion things to do.  Catch you later on this afternoon.

Update: I’m busting a gut to tell you guys what I was doing today, but I can’t.  It would reveal my secret identity.  Let’s just say that you would all be horribly jealous and immensely impressed. :)

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I Can No Longer Tolerate…
by Lee

I’ve been meaning to blog on this for a couple of days now.  (Sorry, Deb!) There’s a must-read editorial in the Washington Times by a Frenchman who “gets it.”

The morning of Jan. 29, upon hearing about the attack on a bus in Jerusalem, I did not experience the expected emotion. It seemed such a “normal” thing, and I have not enough tears to shed for people I do not know.

The next day, on Jan. 30, I read an article about one of the victims—Avraham Belhassen, 26 years old, a young father—and realized that I could tolerate no more. I can no longer tolerate terrorist folly, Islamist hatred, the passivity of Muslims, the blindness of the West.

Following the attacks in Madrid, this feeling struck me again. The reaction of the Spanish people, cringing in fear before the Islamist claim of responsibility, bothered me even more. I can no longer tolerate such cowardly Munich-like behavior that leads inevitably to dishonor and war.

The reaction of the European media and political class to the elimination of Sheikh Yassin—the master of hate and terrorism, and one who had called for the murder of Jews—pushed me over the edge. I can no longer tolerate descriptions of the monster responsible for hundreds of deaths and thousands of wounded as a “spiritual leader,” a poor “paralytic in a wheelchair.” I can no longer tolerate murderous, barbaric Islamist hatred.

To steal a line from the film Network, he’s mad as hell and he’s not going to take it any more.  If only this attitude were to catch on with the rest of Europe.  As I’ve said before, though, I think that nothing short of a nuclear detonation in a major European city will shake our continental cousins from their pacifist slumber.

It is only when we recognize the true evil that is Islamic fundamentalism, that we understand that the answer to Islamic fundamentalism is mainstream Islam, that we selectively use overwhelming force, and that the world stands united willing to fight and die, that the scourge of Islamofascism will be defeated.  Unfortunately, right now there are only a handful of countries willing to do so.

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Mogadishu, Iraq
by Lee

There’s sickening news from Iraq.

Jubilant residents dragged the charred corpses of four foreign contractors - including at least one American - through the streets Wednesday and hanged them from the bridge spanning the Euphrates River. Five American soldiers died in a roadside bombing nearby.

The four contract workers for the U.S.-led coalition were killed in a rebel ambush of their SUVs in Fallujah, a Sunni Triangle city about 35 miles west of Baghdad and scene of some of the worst violence on both sides of the conflict since the beginning of the American occupation a year ago.

This is exactly what led to the US withdrawal from Somalia, which is why they are doing it.  This is because, at their heart, they assume that the American people are as weak as Bill Clinton made it appear that we were.  The left in this country will, of course, use the gruesome imagery of a charred body being drug through the streets and hung from a bridge as justification for why we should leave immediately, which is exactly what the Islamofascists want us to do, and exactly why we should increase our resolve to stay now more than ever.  Most of the Iraqi people don’t want us to leave, but there are a minority who are willing to kill and barbecue the very civilian workers there to help improve their lives in order to achieve their Islamofascist aims.

If I was Bush I would get on TV tonight both here and Iraq, discuss these cowardly attacks against civilians, and state that as a direct response to the killings, to send a message to the terrorists, I was going to send more troops to Iraq, and that every time there was another attack I would do exactly the same thing to keep order.  Then I would give a message specifically to the Iraqi people: these types of attacks are not going to help us leave any sooner.  The best way that the general Iraqi public can get us out of their country is to assist us in preventing this sort of thing from happening. 

Bush should be pleasant, but be firm and presidential, and get the message out to the Iraqis: this shit stops now.  We are mightier than Allah, and we damn well need to show it.  Being magnanimous in victory is the proper thing to do, but we also need to reassert our strength and resolve.

When you’re in boot camp if there’s one person who continually screws up, and punishing that person isn’t making a positive difference, then every time he screws up you punish everyone else.  Eventually the rest of the recruits get sick of paying for someone else’s dumbassity and, ah, “pressure” him into getting his act together.  This is what we need to be doing in Iraq.  The public has to be told that these killing simply cannot continue, and that it is in their best interests to make sure that they do not.

At least, that’s what I would do if I were running the show.

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Law & Order: Dumb Idea
by Lee

NBC is officially changing its name to “Law & Order.”

Veteran “Law & Order” actor Jerry Orbach is likely to leave the hit NBC drama after this season, his 12th as Briscoe, according to industry sources who would not speak for attribution on Friday.

Orbach may not venture too far professionally: he’s reportedly in line for a job in the fourth installment of the crime franchise, “Law & Order: Trial By Jury.”

That series is expected to join “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: SVU” and “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” on the NBC schedule next fall.

Another Law & Order show?  I mean, I love the series, I’ve been watching it since season one.  But come on, can’t anyone think of anything original?  What’s next?

In the comments, leave the title of the stupidest Law & Order spinoff you can think of.

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The Buck Doesn’t Stop
by Lee

For the past year and a half I’ve been a staunch supporter of the president and the way he has executed the war on terror.  In fact, it’s one of the few areas where I still steadfastly support the administration, tax cuts being the other.  That being said, I am dismayed by President Bush’s refusal to stand up in front of the America people, and in an honest and frank manner admit that our intelligence services, as well as those of every other western nation, failed miserably in their predictions about Iraq’s WMD capabilities.  He’s completely dodged the issue, and I think that this is a marked lack of leadership from a man who is otherwise a true leader.  Truman stated famously that “the buck stops here,” meaning that the president is ultimately responsible for everything that happens during his administration.  Bush needs to follow that example and admit the failures of our intelligence apparatus, especially in light of this development.

The U.S. search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq will continue despite the failure so far to find them but the mission will also investigate whether Saddam Hussein intended to develop such weapons, the chief U.S. arms hunter said on Tuesday.

“Ultimately what we want is a comprehensive picture, not just simply answering questions—were there weapons, were there not weapons?” Charles Duelfer told reporters after briefing the Senate Armed Services Committee behind closed doors.

“The hunt will go on until we’re able to draw a firm and confident picture of what the programs were and where the regime was headed with respect to them. But we’re looking at it from soup to nuts—from the weapons end to the planning end and to the intentions end,” he said.

The new direction of trying to determine whether the former Iraqi president was actively pursuing the development of banned arms reflects the Bush administration’s evolving public rationale for the war on Iraq.

Since it’s obvious now that Iraq had no WMD it is natural that the search would shift to intent.  But this is a tacit admission that their primary justification for the war, the WMD threat, was totally incorrect.  The only way to defuse this is to admit the mistakes, and outline steps to rectify the situation. 

I’m waiting.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

American StankHo
by Lee

American Idol is on right now.  We haven’t live-blogged an Idol show in quite some time.  Yo dog, hit those comments, yo.

Update: Well that was a total bust.  Where’s TUA and Manda when you need them?

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Liberal Logic
by Lee

I just received an email from MoveOn.org.  (I’m subscribed to their newsletters.) See if you can spot the logical error in this glaring piece of idiocy.

The Republican National Committee is pressing the Federal Election Commission ("FEC") to issue new rules that would cripple groups that dare to communicate with the public in any way critical of President Bush or members of Congress.  Incredibly, the FEC has just issued—for public comment—proposed rules that would do just that.  Any kind of non-profit—conservative, progressive, labor, religious, secular, social service, charitable, educational, civic participation, issue-oriented, large, and small—could be affected by these rules.

Did you catch it?  Here’s an analogy.

“The Republican is pushing for racist anti-drug laws designed specifically to target minorities.  Any race of person—black, white, Hispanic, Asian—could be affected by these new rules.”

The first sentence whips up the faithful by procaliming that the laws are part of a vast conspiracy to silence lefties, then points out that the law doesn’t actually target lefties, but is applied to all non-profit groups equally.  Besides, the reason the GOP is in favor of these rules is because groups like MoveOn are the Democrats’ way of getting around campaign finance laws pushed primarily by Democrats, big surprise there and the Republican rules are being proposed to rectify that situation.

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Not Sharia
by Lee

Here’s the latest sign that racist Amerikkka offers nothing for people of Arab descent.

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Ones and Zeroes
by Lee

Following up on yesterday’s post about weirdness in advertising, I just noticed another thing that drives me nuts.  Whenever you see a commercial for satellite TV or digital cable, they always inform you that each channel features “100% digital picture and sound,” the idea being that things that are “digital” are a more perfect reproduction.  The fact is that digital can be virtually perfect, but that’s not why the broadcast corporations prefer them.  Digital signals can be compressed, making their signals take up less bandwidth.  When the signal is compressed it loses data, so the image you see on your screen is a degraded image.  Often times the digital signal you see on your TV looks demonstrably worse than the analog signal you would have gotten through regular old cable.

It’s like in pain reliever commercials, where they say, “Nothing has been proven to be stronger or last longer than Advil.” Well, all that means is that all pain relievers are the same strength.  If the consumer makes the mistake of assuming that this means that Advil is stronger, well, caveat emptor.  And the same applies if the assume that a digital television picture is better than what they’re currently getting through cable.

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Lancelot Link
by Lee

Proving that the blogosphere is truly the most diverse marketplace of opinions anywhere in the world, I can honestly state that I never expected this website to link to mine.

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Fear and Loathing in Petaluma
by Lee

I just got an email from my socialist asshat US Representative.


Independent of Vermont

The Future of Prescription Drugs and Health Care in the U.S.

MONDAY, APRIL 12, 3 PM - 4:30 PM

For more information, please call Congresswoman Woolsey’s office at 707-542-7182

How I wish I was going to be here for this.  I would love to go see firsthand what the socialist left has planned for American health care.

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An Ounce of Prevention
by Lee

It looks like the lesson from Spain was learned well by Filipino Islamic terrorists, who were planning a Madrid-style attack just prior to the nation’s May 10 elections.  It also looks like lessons were learned from the United States, because the Philippines went proactive and prevented the incident.

A terrorist bombing on the scale of the Madrid attacks has been averted with the arrests of four Abu Sayyaf members and the confiscation of 36kg of TNT, the Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said on Tuesday.

Mrs Arroyo, who faces a tough campaign for re-election on May 10, said the explosives were to have been used to bomb trains and shopping malls in Manila.

‘We have prevented a Madrid-level attack in the metropolis,’ she said, referring to the sprawling capital of more than 10 million people. . . .

he suspects were not immediately identified, but the President said the evidence against them was ‘strong and airtight’, adding that follow-up operations were under way.

‘Let no one and no nation underestimate our determination to finish off the (Jemaah Islamiah) and Al-Qaeda cells in our country. Our determination (is) to see to it that they do not threaten our people,’ she said.

When you capitulate to terror you invite more terror.  The incident in Spain just opened the door wide open for more bombings, especially when the expectation is that they might influence elections.

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Full of Gas
by Lee

Thye Bush campaign has come up with a gas calculator to estimate how much John Kerry’s proposed 50 gasoline tax would cost you on a specific trip.

Gas taxers keeping prices high?  But, it’s all corporate greed, right?

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Fighting Socialism from Within
by Lee

Speaking of Adam Smith’s invisible hand, I received an email from Alex Singleton, formerly of the Liberty Log, a blog comprised of students from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland.  He has since accomplished that one goal that eluded me four times he graduated and has started a new venture, the blog for the Adam Smith Institute.  The institute is described thus:

The Adam Smith Institute, the free-market think tank, is the UK’s leading innovator of practical market-economic policies. For over 25 years it has been a pioneer in the worldwide movement towards free markets, public-sector reform, and free trade.

The Institute focuses on promoting choice, competition, enterprise, and user-focus. It works through research, reports, conferences, advice, and media debate.

Sounds like my kind of place.  Stop on by and check it out.

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Crap On Wheels
by Lee

From the world of free-market capitalism, this is either the most brilliant or stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.  This is either going to revolutionize marketing, or Adam Smith’s invisible hand is going to crush it like a bug.

I’m just waiting to see someone tooling around in the Massengil Hummer.

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