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Monday, May 31, 2004

Man Without A Home
by Lee

It’s weird.  I’m between houses right now, living in a hotel.  All my worldly possessions are either being held in storage by Bekins or locked up in a small storage locker that I rented in Venice.  I don’t actually have a home address.  That’s just a peculiar feeling.

So now I get to find a place to live, which sucks.  All you SoCal readers, when I get settled I’m gonna want to get together and blow off a lot of steam.  The first round of shooters is on me.

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Jerry’s Kids
by Lee

I am pleased to annouce that the effort by Jim and I to raise fees to purchase a bullet-proof new server have been humming along wonderfully.  We’re almost at our goal, which will provide, as Jim puts it,

a dual Xeon box, twin 7200RPM 80GB drives, RedHat Enterprise 3.0, Plesk, a bank of IP numbers, 1.2 terabytes of data transfer per month, 100 mbit connection and 24/7 personalized support. All hosted off a company that rarely uses even 30% of it’s direct-to-backbone 10.5gigabits per second uplink.

In other words, it’ll be one pimp-ass server, yo.  And this is where you guys come in.  Following up on the example set by Andrew Sullivan, we’re doing a once-a-year pledge drive.  Think of us as Jerry’s Kids but with better political insight and more back hair.  Your completely taxable donation will make sure that Right-Thinking, MOOREWATCH, and Right-Thoughts stay up and running, no matter how many times Michael Moore’s legions of free-speech lovers try and DOS-attack us into oblivion.  You can donate at the link below.

Click here to donate.

Remember, this is a once-a-year thing, we’re not going to be begging for cash every month.  And every single cent donated to us will go towards server fees.  We won’t buy so much as a pizza on your dime.

Thanks so much!

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Sunday, May 30, 2004

On the Road Again
by Lee

I’m outta here. 


See ya down South.

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Heart of a Coward
by Lee

Perhaps it’s just due to everything that went on with my dad recently, but this story really boiled my blood.

A hospital was fined $18,000 Friday because a doctor exaggerated the severity of some patients conditions to move them up on the heart transplant waiting list.

The New York Health Department cited Albany Medical Center Hospital for nine violations and accused a physician of submitting inaccurate information to the United Network for Organ Sharing, which runs the nations transplant system under a federal contract.

Inspectors comparing medical charts and information sent to the transplant network found that in five cases, the hospital falsely reported that the patients would die within a week without a heart transplant.

The investigation came after a routine audit last year by the network found record-keeping discrepancies for the majority of 45 patients listed as most critically in need of a new heart. The state investigation concurred with the networks report.

The pride and the drive for success took over common sense, said state Health Commissioner Antonia Novello, adding that the hospital lacked oversight on the programs record-keeping.

I’m not a very litigious person, but if I was the surviving family members of someone who was on the transplant list during this time period and died waiting for a heart, I’d be calling a lawyer.  The reason the transplant list exists is so that doctors can perform triage on patients and determine which ones truly need the donor heart before the others.  These doctors, either for personal gratification or glorification, lied to get their patients further up on the list than they deserved, the end result of which is that a more deserving patient died.

Simply disgusting.  These doctors should have their medical licenses revoked.

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Tubbies Down Under
by Lee

We Americans are ignorant, obese, gluttonous pigs.  So says countries that refuse to look in the mirror.

Childhood obesity is a global crisis, says a report released on Friday by a group of researchers called the International Obesity Taskforce. It says 10 per cent (155 million) of the world’s school-age children are overweight and 2-3 per cent of those are obese. One graph shows that the prevalence of overweight and obese 10-year-olds in Australia is approaching 30 per cent, placing us fifth in the world after Malta, Italy, the US and Chile, with the problem worse in boys than girls.

The figures accord with a 2002 report by the NSW Childhood Obesity Secretariat which found that more than one in five children here is overweight and getting fatter at a rate higher than almost anywhere else in the world.

The number of obese Australian children more than tripled between 1985 and 1995. Dubbed Generation O, they’re condemned to diabetes, premature puberty, gallstones, sleep apnoea, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and ridiculously premature death. A Royal Prince Alfred Hospital study published last month found overweight children as young as nine were at risk of heart attack and stroke from diseased arteries and blood vessels. The arteries of some overweight children had thickened as much as those of heavy adult smokers.

Smug Sydneysiders like to tell stories about the grossly fat Americans they have seen on their travels who take up two seats on planes, need reinforced toilet seats and eat super size fries and two hot dogs at once. But we are just as bad.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, obesity is a byproduct of wealth, ease, and luxury.  It is natural for humans to be lazy, and when you have the finances available to you to do so you can be as lazy as you like.  Why go out on the weekends and to backbreaking yard work when you can hire a bunch of illegals to do it for you for dirt cheap?  Why go out and participate in sports when you can sit at home and watch 14 different sports all at the same time?  Why take the hard life when you can take the easy one?

Obesity is a function of opulence, and America is the world’s most opulent society.  We have more wealth than anyone else, so it makes sense that this obesity problem would strike here first.  But the rest of the world’s wealthy societiesthe UK, Europe, Australia, etc.are not far behind us, and you’re starting to see them suffer from exactly the same problems. 

But, of course, it’s much easier to simply point fingers at lard-assed Americans and laugh, isn’t it?

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Show the Movie
by Lee

Meet the newest member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy.

The sister of Nick Berg, the contractor from the Philadelphia suburbs who was beheaded earlier this month in Iraq, says she’s dumbfounded by reports that liberal icon Michael Moore had filmed an interview with her late brother for his new anti-war film.

“I’m very skeptical of this,” said Sara Berg, a Virginia attorney whose brother’s beheading sparked a global uproar.

But she said there was no way to confirm that Moore had sent a tape of the reported 20-minute interview to their parents’ home in West Chester, as the filmmaker suggested in a statement Thursday, because the couple has been away.

What?  You mean it’s possible Moore might be… lying?  I’m shocked, I tell you… shocked!

So, how would a completely unknown young wannabe contractor like Berg come to the attention of Moore, whose anti-President Bush screed “Dude, Where’s My Country?” was the best-selling book in the nation at the time?

Stranger than that: Why would Moore or his crew interview Berg for “Fahrenheit 9/11” for 20 minutes, when Berg’s family insists the slain contractor was pro-Bush and supported the American military action in Iraq?

Excellent questions, aren’t they?  Why, it’s almost like Moore is using the beheading of this young man as free publicity for his upcoming film.

One thing to remember, Moore fans.  When you see F911 remember that none of the footage on Iraq was actually shot by Mikey himself.  He used mercenaries private contractors.

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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Packing Shit
by Lee

A gay couple and a straight couple check into a hotel at the same time.  The next morning, which one of them checks out first.

The gay couple.  They had their shit packed the night before.

I, on the other hand, only got my shit packed this morning.  A couple of friendly, hard-working guys from Bekins got it all packed securely onto a couple of trucks.  I am absolutely exhausted.  I didn’t get to sleep last night until almost 3, and I was up at 7 this morning, so I’m heading off to take a nap for a couple of hours.

So, are we doing the get-together tonight?  Marin Brewing Company is a good place.  Fair prices, decent food.  Shall we say 8:30?  If you’re going, leave a comment and let me know.  Maybe we can go see a movie or something afterwards.

Update: Well, it looks like tonight is, once again, a bust.  That’s too bad.  I tell you what, if we can ever get one of these SF-area parties organized and there’s a decent amount of people, I’ll drive up one weekend from LA and we’ll party like it’s 1999.

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Friday, May 28, 2004

Northern Exposure
by Lee

I’m heading north to move out of my apartment.  More later.

A few people suggested a little blog get-together this weekend.  Any suggestions?  It’ll have to be in Marin.

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The Air Up There
by Lee

Check out this amazing new bridge in southern France.


The idea is that, eventually, you will be able to drive completely across France without having to encounter, or smell, a Frenchman.

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Funding Nemo
by Lee

I was talking with Mike Wilson the other day and he told me about this.  I’ve been busting a gut wanting to let you guys know, so I’m thrilled that the news is finally out.  This is the most amazing development, I’m just so damn happy for him.

I know Ive been derelict in my duty to update this page for the last week or so. But a lot has been going on behind the scenes that has needed my full attention. I havent been able to share it because it was all still pending. In my last post, I mentioned a big announcement, and Im able to share it with you now

In the independent film business, we directors refer to people who share our passion for a project and are able to put a lot of money into it as angels. These are typically people who have worked very hard for what they have, and understand the power of film to communicate a message or story that they agree with, or believe should be shared.

About three weeks ago, an angel named Brian Cartmell came into our lives. He understood what we are creating, saw the market, and was as passionate about the film as I am. We had a couple of phone conversations, and hit it off instantly. We share similar views, and are absolutely committed to getting this story out by the end of the summer.

Brian and I talked about what we needed to get the film completed and distributed and we discussed how we could make that happen. Today, we signed an agreement that fully finances the remainder of the work to be done on Michael Moore Hates America and ensures that it will see the light of day. Our goal is to get the film on screens by August 27, 2004. I want to welcome Brian into the MMHA family, and to thank him for jumping into this craziness with us.

But I also want to take a moment to thank you the people who came to this website and contributed to our cause. In the last few weeks, with lots of Michael Moore news going on, the support has been overwhelming, both financially and emotionally. Yeah, some jerkoffs still send me hate mail, but most of you understand the contribution were trying to make here, and have made the difference in this films survival.

Only two months ago, I was pretty depressed and ready to give up. We had no money, I was running out of time, and everything looked grim. But I appealed to you for help, and help you did. We raised money through donations and t-shirt sales to help us weather the storm. We raised this project from near death and started moving forward again. Lee at Moorewatch, Jason at Moorelies, every blogger who mentioned us, every radio person who interviewed me, every reporter who wrote about us and every person who contributed to this vision we have of taking back the American Dream made a difference youll never fully know.

We survived a dark time together and now an angel is helping us shine the light on the grim vision of this nation that a certain filmmaker is creating. The next two months will be insane, and so many major things are going on that I cant tell you about. But I will say this thank you from the deepest part of my soul. I promise that I will deliver the film youve been hoping for. I have to catch a flight to a location shoot, but Ill be back Sunday and Ill let you know how were doing. Sit back and relax. Its going to be a fun ride.

Take care,

Mike Wilson
Director, Michael Moore Hates America

I can see it now, Cannes 2005, when Mike Wilson’s film is given a 30 minute standing ovation by the French.  “Sacre bleu!” they will cry.  “We ‘ad no idea!”

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One in the Same?
by Lee

A question for Michael Moore fans:  is this censorship?

Fox television said Thursday it has canceled plans to air a two-hour special titled “Seriously, Dude, I’m Gay,” in which two straight men compete for $50,000 by trying to pass themselves off as homosexuals.

A network spokeswoman said the reality show, which had been slated to air June 7, was pulled off the schedule “for creative reasons” after Fox executives previewed the program.

Fox, after agreeing to air a controversial show, has changed its mind and opted not to.  The creators of this show are free to find another network on which to air it.  This is virtually identical to the situation with Moore and Disney, except that Moore was told a year ago that the Mouse wouldn’t distribute the film.

So, is this censorship?  If not, what is the distinction between this and Moore?  And if it is censorship, why aren’t the lefties going crazy about the latest example of an evil corporation stifling free speech?

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Video Bleg
by Lee

A friend of mine is working on a video project, and he’s loooking for some video of Bill Clinton giving a few particular speeches.  Here’s links to transcripts of the ones he wants.


Does anyone out there know where, on the web or otherwise, to get video of these speeches?

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Telethon for a Good Cause
by Lee

Here at Right-Thinking never let it be said that I am too proud to ask you to donate cash.  What’s the cause?  Jim and I have decided to hold a telethon to help out a couple of retarded kids… us.  That’s right, we want your cash.  Allow me to elaborate.

Remember the past few days when both this site and MOOREWATCH were down?  This is because some of Michael Moore’s free speech champions launched a massive denial-of-service attack against our server.  To prevent this from happening again, we want to upgrade the server.  Right now it’s an 8-year-old Mazda pickup, and we want to trade it in on a bulletproof Hummer.  This costs money, and that is where you come in. 

This is only going to be a once-a-year thing.  We’ve never asked for anything like this before, so we’re not going to make a habit of it.  But if you like the sites, and like what we do here and at MOOREWATCH, why not make kick in a few bucks for a server upgrade?  We promise that every single penny we get in donations will go towards upgrading the server.

You can donate via PayPal or Amazon.com.  Click here for links to these two services.


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by Lee

Sorry for the lack of posting, I had a really late night at work tonight.  I’m beat, hitting the sack.  See ya in the morning.

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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Berg’s Eye View Dept.
by Lee

Mikey’s got another scoop.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, whose incendiary new documentary lambastes President Bush’s handling of the war, said Thursday that he has footage unused in the film of Nicholas Berg, the American civilian later beheaded in Iraq.

The footage, of an interview with Berg, “is approximately 20 minutes long. We are not releasing it to the media,” Moore said in a statement. “It is not in the film. We are dealing privately with the family.”

Expect to find it on the DVD.  Besides, the next paragraph inadvertently lets us know what’s going on.

Neither Moore nor his representatives would describe the nature or contents of the interview with Berg, who held staunch pro-war views.

Interesting that the article doesn’t mention the fact that Berg’s father (i.e. the family with which Moore is now “dealing") holds staunchly anti-war and anti-Bush views.  Moore is most likely talking to the father, plotting with him on how best to use this footage to defame Bush.  And, like all good newspaper articles on Moore, they end by repeating his lie about Disney.

Moore’s assault on U.S. policy got him into trouble with Disney, which refused to let subsidiary Miramax release “Fahrenheit 9/11.” He is still trying to work out a deal for U.S. distribution.

If you repeat it enough times it becomes true.

Update: Let’s see what kind of unholy geek you are.  Does anyone out there know where the title to this post comes from?  And don’t look it up on Google, be honest.

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