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Sunday, May 02, 2004

Moving South
by Lee

Listen to this idiocy, and when you do, realize that this is coming from one of Britain’s top scientists.

Antarctica is likely to be the world’s only habitable continent by the end of this century if global warming remains unchecked, the Government’s chief scientist, Professor Sir David King, said last week.

He said the Earth was entering the “first hot period” for 60 million years, when there was no ice on the planet and “the rest of the globe could not sustain human life”. The warning - one of the starkest delivered by a top scientist - comes as ministers decide next week whether to weaken measures to cut the pollution that causes climate change, even though Tony Blair last week described the situation as “very, very critical indeed”. ...

Sir David said that levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere - the main “green- house gas” causing climate change - were already 50 per cent higher than at any time in the past 420,000 years. The last time they were at this level - 379 parts per million - was 60 million years ago during a rapid period of global warming, he said. Levels soared to 1,000 parts per million, causing a massive reduction of life.

“No ice was left on Earth. Antarctica was the best place for mammals to live, and the rest of the world would not sustain human life,” he said.

Sir David warned that if the world did not curb its burning of fossil fuels “we will reach that level by 2100”.

You know what’s even more horrifying than this doomsday scenario?  That there are actually educated men of science who honestly believe this crap.

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Saturday, May 01, 2004

Saudi vs. the ROP
by Lee

Interesting developments in Saudi Arabia regarding the Religion of Peace.  There’s been yet another terrorist attack in the kingdom.

Attackers sprayed gunfire inside a Saudi oil contractor’s office Saturday, killing at least six Westerners including two Americans and wounding at least 25 others. Police killed four gunmen in a shootout after a bloody car chase in which the attackers dragged the naked body of one victim behind their getaway car.

One of the attackers killed was reportedly on the Saudi kingdom’s list of most-wanted terrorists, many of them suspects in last year’s suicide attacks on foreign housing compounds in the capital, Riyadh. The two attacks were blamed on al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden’s terror network.

Three of the gunmen worked at the contractor’s office in the industrial city of Yanbu, 220 miles north of the Red Sea city of Jiddah; they used their key cards to enter the building and sneak another attacker through an emergency gate, according to an Interior Ministry source quoted by the official Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Arabia thought that it could deal with radical Islam by buying it off, paying it to attack other countries and leave the kingdom alone.  Well, they’re certainly seeing the chickens come home to roost, aren’t they?

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Looking for Love
by Lee

It seems that our good friend Rene Gonzales is looking for a little love.  The ever-brilliant Protein Wisdom has the hilarious goods.  My favorite part?

RELATIONSHIP:  Totally sycophantic, please.  Equals, but I’m superior; you provide material sustenance, I offer proletariat wisdom; together we fight oppression and change the world; into swinging.

Classic.  God that’s funny.

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by Lee

Today is Mayday.  Commies and Socialists the world over are celebrating one of the seminal events in their history.  Do you know what it was?  Here’s my Mayday post from last year.

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Sixteen Candles
by Lee

I just realized, tomorrow is my 34th birthday.  And I get to spend it in a truck driving across the desolation that is West Texas.

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Meet the Deserters
by Lee

And speaking of gutless cowards, here are the websites for the two deserters currently living in Canada.


It’s about what you’d expect from a couple of twats who left their comrades-in-arms right when they needed them.  Blah blah blah war for oil blah blah blah Bush regime blah blah blah illegal empire blah blah blah…

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The Texas Sky
by Lee

I’m supposed to be packing my truck up to begin my drive back to California tomorrow, but it is PISSING with rain right now. 

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Bill and the Canucks
by Lee

I’ve said it a million times and I’ll say it again, I think Bill O’Reilly is an idiot.  I can’t stand the guy.  I hate his show, I won’t read his books, and I wish he’d retire and quit making all conservatives look like morons.  So it was with great interest that I read the following two Canadian columns on O’Reilly, both of which discuss the same thing and come to remarkably different conclusions.

The first is by Heather Malick, from the Globe and Mail.

We were supposed to be discussing American deserters fleeing to Canada; instead, he went off on some wild thing about the mayor of Vancouver injecting people with heroin and unless Canada shapes up, “we” will boycott you and destroy your economy, just like “we” did to France.

I said France seemed to be doing fine. He implied that France now looked like Dresden in 1945. I hadn’t heard that.

I said the United States couldn’t boycott Canadian goods because it would be mutually damaging. “We’re your biggest trading partner.”

“No, you’re not.” (We are.) Naturally, I wanted to reply, “Yes, we are,” so that he could say “No, we’re not,” and then I’d say, “Everything you say bounces off me and reflects back on you, so there,” but I couldn’t regress that far. Mr. Doyle would have been shrieking.

And then he asked me if I was a socialist, and I said, “Certainly,” and it was as if I’d said I like donkey semen in my latte instead of milk. He then went into a mad rant about lefties like Mr. Doyle and how I was a typical Globe columnist. I said, no, truthfully, I think I’m regarded as “idiosyncratic” (the first six-syllable word ever spoken on the O’Reilly show), and he erupted again.

Then there was Peter Worthington, in the Toronto Sun.

I WAS ON Bill O’Reilly’s Nightly TV show this week—which the CRTC won’t allow Canadians to see because it’s on Fox News—and O’Reilly was suggesting a boycott of Canadian goods if two U.S. army deserters weren’t sent home.

This may strike some as preposterous, but the last time O’Reilly urged a boycott was against France, for seeming to side with Saddam Hussein against America and it severely damaged French wine and cheese sales in the U.S.

So his threat of urging a boycott should not be taken lightly, even though the Globe and Mail says O’Reilly and Fox News appeal only to the “lunatic fringe” in America.  ...

Personally, I’ll be surprised if these two deserters are kicked out of Canada. Our authorities are unlikely to want the leftish protests, even though Prime Minister Paul Martin is anxious to restore cordial relations with the U.S. We shall see.

Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see if Bill O’Reilly follows through and tries to mobilize a boycott of things Canadian. If so, we brought it on ourselves siding with a pair of cowards.

Personally, I couldn’t give a damn about these two deserters.  Let them live up in Canada like a couple of heroes for all I care.  They can stay up there with their shame, knowing that they can never set foot in the United States again, at least until some gutless liberal gets elected president and pardons both of them.  But I won’t participate in any boycott of Canadian goods.  I boycotted French goods because I pretty much despise the French people, but Canadians are a good lot, if a little wacky sometimes.

And Bill O’Reilly is still a moron.

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A Sigh of Relief
by Lee

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause.

A month after stalled contract renewal talks led the voices of “The Simpsons” to stop work, both the actors and Fox are getting more “D’oh!”

Terms of the deal were not announced for the actors who provide the voices for Homer and Marge Simpson and other characters on the long-running animated series.

“We couldn’t be happier to have reached a multiyear deal with the enormously talented cast of ‘The Simpsons,’” series producer 20th Century Fox Television said Friday in a statement.

I can live without most things, but not The Simpsons.  I understand Jonah Goldberg has been in therapy.

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Dying Twice
by Lee

ABC News has posted their list of Iraqi war dead.  And, showing ABC News’ high standards of quality and accuracy in reporting, they’ve listed at least one of the dead twice.  Somehow Cpl. Christopher A. Gibson, 23, of Simi Valley, California, was able to die twice in exactly the same manner, once on April 18 and once on April 22.  Since they’ll eventually change this, here’s a screen grab.


ABC News:  Where accuracy means less than propaganda.

Update: Eagle-eyed future journalist Manda points out that, according to his obituary, Cpl. Gibson died on April 17.  So, not only did ABC list his death twice on two different days, but both of those days were wrong.

Now that’s quality reporting!  It makes you wonder how many other errors are in their list, doesn’t it?

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Striking Back in Canada
by Lee

When your health care is controlled by the government and the health care unions, this is what you end up with.

Premier Gordon Campbell and his government tried to quell a growing tide toward a general public sector strike Friday by hitting television airwaves to tell health support workers their pay doesn’t have to be cut at all if they agree to some concessions.

More than 40,000 health support workers stayed off the job after the government passed legislation Thursday forcing them back to work and imposing a contract that cuts $200 million from their wages and benefits. The Labour Relations Board declared their continued walkout illegal early Friday.

The labour minister met with officials of several of B.C.’s public sector unions Friday and said he was “encouraged” by the talks, but neither he nor any of the leaders would comment on what happens next.

“Who knows?” shrugged Jim Sinclair, president of the B.C. Federation of Labour.

So, what is the disagreement over?

“If a worker in the HEU would give up one of their nine weeks vacation and decided to go to a 40-hour week, there would be no hit on their paycheque.”

Campbell said 4,000 surgeries and many more diagnostic procedures such as MRIs, CT scans and X-rays had been cancelled since the strike began last weekend.

Spokesmen for local health authorities were trying Friday to determine whether they should cancel surgeries scheduled for Monday and possibly Tuesday.

The government points out that the HEU had the richest contract in Canada with a 36-hour work week. The legislation increases the work week to 37.5 hours, the same as several other provinces. Only Quebec is lower at 36.25.

B.C. workers have the richest holiday benefits with a maximum nine weeks vacation, while every other province except Quebec has six. Quebec has a maximum of five weeks.

Hourly wages for HEU workers in British Columbia also far exceeded those elsewhere, the government has repeatedly said.

Nine weeks of vacation and a 36 hour work week?  Only a system run by unions and government bureaucracies could be so grossly inefficient.  Be sure and read the entire article, it’s astonishing.

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Friday, April 30, 2004

Nothing Succeeds Like Success
by Lee

Michael Moore, December 4, 2003:

These bastards sent us to war on a lie, the killing will not stop, the Arab world hates us with a passion, and we will pay for this out of our pockets for years to come. Nothing that happened today (or in the past 9 months) has made us ONE BIT safer in our post-9/11 world. Saddam was never a threat to our national security.

Only our desire to play Dr. Frankenstein dooms us all.

US State Department, April 30, 2004:

There were fewer international terrorist attacks last year than any other year since 1969, the State Department said Thursday, although it didn’t include most of the violence in Iraq. ...

The 181-page Patterns of Global Terrorism Report offered a country-by-country review of terrorist attacks and cooperation in fighting terrorism.

In its introduction, the State Department’s top counterterrorism official, Cofer Black, cited Saudi Arabia “as an excellent example of a nation increasingly focusing its political will to fight terrorism.” The kingdom has frequently been criticized by members of Congress for not doing enough to stop terrorism.

Black said attacks in Saudi Arabia in May and November “served to strengthen Saudi resolve.”

Black also said al-Qaida “is no longer the organization it once was. ... Most of the group’s senior leadership is dead or in custody, its membership on the run and its capabilities sharply degraded.” He said more than 3,400 al-Qaida suspects have been detained worldwide.

Of the seven nations designated as sponsors of terrorism, the report said Libya and Sudan “took significant steps to cooperate in the global war on terrorism,” but Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea didn’t do enough to sever their ties to terrorism.

Iraq remains on the list because it can’t be removed until it has a government in place. President Bush has exempted it from sanctions imposed on state sponsors of terrorism.

Black said Iraq would probably be removed from the list after an interim Iraqi government takes power June 30 and shows it is renouncing terrorism.

The United States has been improving relations with Libya, which Black said could be removed from the list if it demonstrates it has cut ties to terrorist groups.

Among the findings in the report:

  • There were 190 acts of international terrorism last year, compared with 198 in 2002. It was the lowest figure in 34 years.
  • In those attacks last year, 307 people were killed, compared with 725 in 2002; 1,593 people were wounded, compared with 2,013 in 2002.
  • Thirty-five Americans died in 15 international attacks. The deadliest was a May 12 attack by suicide bombers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that killed nine U.S. citizens and 26 people overall.
  • Anti-U.S. attacks increased slightly to 82 from 77 in 2002. But they have declined sharply since the 219 attacks in 2001.
  • Asia had the highest number of attacks, with 159 people killed in 70 attacks.

Black credited improved international cooperation with the drop in international terrorism. “The world is a far better place now in terms of how we interact with each other,” he said.

I’m sure this 35 year low in terrorist activity has nothing to do with Bush’s proactive war on terrorism.

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Bring Out Yer Ted!
by Lee

Ted Koppel read off the list of the Iraqi war dead on tonight’s show, and I think I’d be remiss if I didn’t make a few comments.  First off, I don’t for a second buy the argument that this is intended to honor those who gave their lives in Iraq.  I think it’s a cheap PR stunt designed to maximize ratings during the sweeps period, and ABC should be ashamed of themselves for doing it.  I also think that it’s the 2004 version of that Life magazine spread that showed the faces and names of one week’s Vietnam war dead.  It’s worth noting that the Life article was one of the major catalysts that turned the tide of public support for the war, and I think that ABC’s reporters are hoping to have the same kind of effect with this broadcast.

ABC claims this is simply to honor the dead.  Horeshit.  They not only waited until sweeps, but why choose Iraq?  Why have the names of other war victims not been read off?  Why didn’t they read off the names of the soldiers killed in the first Gulf War, or the victims of the USS Cole bombing, or the Khobar Towers bombing?  Why didn’t ABC devote a special to reading off the names of the victims of 9/11?  Why not the current war in Afghanistan?  Why have they chosen Iraq for this special?

Because this is their chance for ABC News’ middle-aged editors to relive their glory days of protesting the Vietnam War, and since Iraq is a war that none of them support they have focused their attention on it like a laser beam.

Now, there’s one other controversy about this broadcast, and this surrounds Sinclair Broadcasting’s decision not to run the broadcast.

Maryland-based Sinclair, whose holdings include 62 TV stations, made $65,434 in 2004 political donations - 98 percent of that to Republicans and 2 percent to Democrats - according to the Web site opensecrets.org, which tracks contributions.

Sinclair announced Thursday it would pre-empt “Nightline” on its ABC affiliates, including stations in Columbus, Ohio, and St. Louis, Mo. It said the program “appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq.”

This is bullshit.  Public outcry causing a network to change its programming, as happened with The Reagans or over the Janet Jackson incident, is one thing.  But a broadcast corporation unilaterally deciding not to broadcast a particular episode of a news program is wrong.  Sure it’s legal for the company to do so, but I just think it’s completely unethical and totaly political.  Unfortunately, ABC has managed to get its “We’re doing this to honor the troops” message out there, and Sinclair is making it look like the White House puppet masters are controlling the whole thing from the Oval Office.

“The Sinclair Broadcast group is trying to undermine the lives of our soldiers killed in Iraq. By censoring ‘Nightline’ they want to hide the toll the war on Iraq is having on thousands of soldiers and their families, like mine,” wrote Jane Bright of West Hills, Calif. (Her son, Sgt. Evan Ashcraft, was killed in July near Mosul, Iraq.)

“We should be honoring all the men and women who have served,” said Ivan Medina, 22, of Hinesville, Ga., who was with the Army in Iraq and whose twin brother, Irving, died there. “My hat goes off to ‘Nightline.’”

It’s a shame that so many military families believe Nightline’s bullshit, but the fact is that they do, and Sinclair isn’t winning any fans by deciding not to broadcast the show. 

Let Nightline have their say.  As distasteful and disrespectful as I may find it, they’re entitled to it.

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