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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Killing Mikey
by Lee

Some people no likey Mikey.

Michael Moores controversial documentary hasnt even been seen in the U.S. but that isnt stopping Moore-bashers.

The gadfly filmmaker has been getting death threats over Fahrenheit 9/11, says a source. People have been flaming his Web site, says a source. Really ugly stuff.

Moores reps didnt return calls for comment, but another Moore source, who knows nothing of the current threats, sighed, I wouldnt be surprised. He got threats after Bowling for Columbine.

So, in other words, this is simply business as usual for Michael Moore, but his fawning sycophants at MSNBC decided to report it anyway to try and make Moore look like the persecuted hero.  I’m simply astonished that they neglected to mention Disney’s attempt to censor him.

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by Lee

Here’s the latest child of California hippies to embrace the Religion of Peace and make war against the United States.

Adam Gadahn had a decidedly unconventional upbringing, with parents who farmed goats in Riverside County and shunned the conveniences of the late 20th century.

Yet at 17, he seemed to fit the profile of an average American boy. He loved watching television, listened to music his family disapproved of and drove his parents nuts by keeping his room a mess.

About that time, however, he discovered Islam. And Wednesday, federal authorities labeled him an enemy, saying he was one of seven suspected of being al Qaeda operatives who may be working to mount a terrorist attack this summer in the United States.

Gadahn, now 25, has attended al Qaeda training camps and worked as a translator for the terrorist group, the FBI said. Authorities said he may be using the names Adam Pearlman or Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki.

And what of his transformation?

In a 1995 Web posting attributed to Adam Gadahn, entitled, “Becoming Muslim,” he wrote that he had turned to Islam after listening to Christian radio programs preaching about the “Islamic threat.”

He called the Christian belief in the Trinity “ridiculous’’ and “gradually realized I could not be a Christian.’’

“Having been around Muslims in my formative years, I knew well that they were not the bloodthirsty, barbaric terrorists that the news media and the televangelists paint them to be,” the statement said. “It was really a natural progression.”

Not all of them are, but their leadership sure is.  And the moderates in the religion are too afraid to speak out against the radicals, thereby painting the whole thing with the terrorist brush.

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Pirates of the Middle East
by Lee

Do you guys remember Captain Hook?  Well he’s coming home to be strung up from the yardarm.

Controversial UK-based Muslim cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri has been charged with providing material support to terrorists and aiding a kidnapping in an 11-count U.S. indictment released in New York Thursday.

Earlier Abu Hamza was arrested in London on an extradition warrant issued by the U.S. government and was appearing in court later Thursday to answers charges relating to terrorism. ...

Abu Hamza, who has a hook for one hand, is one of Britain’s best known Islamic radicals. He has been fighting deportation by the UK government, which has accused him of advising and supporting terrorist groups, including al Qaeda. The Egyptian-born cleric also is wanted in Yemen on charges of orchestrating terrorism there from Britain.

The British government revoked his British citizenship in April 2003, calling him a threat to the country’s interests. He has appealed that decision to a special immigration tribunal and a ruling is not expected until January 10 next year.

The former head preacher at Finsbury Park mosque in north London who has one eye and a severed hand—lost, he says, fighting Soviet troops in Afghanistan in the 1980s—has been attacked repeatedly in the tabloid press in Britain.

He sparked media outrage with sermons calling the invasion of Iraq a “war against Islam,” claiming the September 11 attacks were a Jewish plot and calling the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster a “punishment from Allah” because Christian, Jewish and Hindu astronauts were aboard.

Recently, he had his Web site banned after offering a direct link to video of the execution of American hostage Nicholas Berg.

Aaaargh.  He be a delightful fellow, that one.  It’s time for the good cap’n to face a real keelhauling by the American justice system.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Pet Peeve
by Lee

You know what drives me crazy?  People who don’t take the stickers off things.  You ever see people who will buy a Tupperware bowl, and leave the sticker on it?  People also do it with stereos, computers, and VCRs.  It just irks me to no end.

I was buying dinner tonight, and the gal in line in front of me pulled out her Visa card to pay.  You know the sticker on the card that tells you what number to call to activate it?  Yep, it was still on there.

Do you leave stickers on things?  If so, can you explain to me why you do it?

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Old Guys Rock
by Lee

Here’s a link to a 30-second preview of the new Van Hagar single.  Whaddaya think?

“Sammy, how does it feel to sing ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ now that you’re 65?”
—Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to Sammy Hagar

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Metal of Honor
by Lee

In January I blogged on The Glorious Burden, the new CD by heavy metal band Iced Earth.

The great thing about this CD, however, is how blatantly pro-American it is. They have songs from major events in American history, from Valley Forge and the signing of the Declaration of Independence to special forces in Vietnam and 9/11. It’s simply a delight to be able to sing along with something that isn’t some kind of an anti-American political diatribe. . . . The songs are actually about something. So much of music today is vapid, mindless crap about pussy or drugs or fucking someone up. These are songs about actual incidents, things, events, people, emotions… it’s just refreshing to actually hear some music that doesn’t insult my intelligence. Great stuff.

Well, proving that I am on the bleeding edge of the cultural revolution, Andrew Sullivan links to a wonderful interview between John Schaffer, Iced Earth’s guitar player and songwriter, and some left-wing Canadian socialist dipshit.  Be sure and read the whole thing.  Here’s a taste.

BW&BK: “So you don’t see the Bush regime as being cultural imperialists? You don’t see them as trying to force the American way of life on to a nation that maybe doesn’t want it?”

JS: “No. If youthink that’s true,then whyare70 or 80 percent of the people are thrilled to have us there. Have you not seen that? And it’s not a regime, by the way.You keepup that kind of language I’m going to end the interview right now.”

BW&BK: “Ok. Iunderstand."

JS: “I’m serious.”

BW&BK: “I’m sorry. It’s just my Canadian bias I guess.”

JS: “Yeah, it is your Canadian bias. I’m sure it is."

BW&BK: “Do you think Americans are as free as they think they are?”

JS: “Um… yeah, I do. In most ways. If you’re saying you should be able to drink when you’re 16 years old like you can in Germany, is that the kind of freedoms you’re talking about?”

BW&BK: “Well, sometimes Americans believe they’re very free, when they’re sometimesnot. There are a lot of authors, especially a guy like Noam Chomsky, who believes a lot of consent in the US is manufactured by politicians and corporations --"

JS: “Talk about one of the fuckin’ ultra leftist spin doctors of the world, Noam Chomsky. You buy into that crap?”

BW&BK: “Well, I read a lot of his stuff.”

JS: “But do you believe it all?”

BW&BK:"Ihave a degree inpolitical science, so I believe some of it.”

JS: “Hmm. Yeah. Well. And how old are you?”

BW&BK: “I’m 22.”

JS: “22 years old? That’s a lot of wisdom there! Come on, man. You know where I live? In the real world. When I was16 years old I was living in abandoned houses and making my way into a career. Building things up from nothing without any kind of… well...socialist system to help me. That made me a very strong, independent person. I’m an independent thinker. Justbecause I get certain thingsshoved down my throat, I don’t follow. I lead. Y’know what I’m saying?I look at the facts,and I base my opinions on the facts. Not the political rantings of someone like Noam Chomsky. I’ve got some of his books in my library. I think they’re unbelievably over-the-top, like dangerously so. But that’s you’ve got out there.”

BW&BK: “I guess that’s the price of freedom.”

JS: “Hey, I’m not against it. Anyone can say or think what theywant to. I don’t have a problem with that. But so do I. I have that right as well.”

Schaffer takes no prisoners.  Trust me, read it.

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His Word Is Bond
by Lee

Here’s some more of that famous Michael Moore credibility.

A few years ago Michael Moore, who’s now promoting an anti-President Bush movie entitled Fahrenheit 9/11, announced he’d gotten the goods on me, indeed hung me out to dry on my own words. It was in his first bestselling book, Stupid White Men. Moore wrote he’d once been “forced” to listen to my comments on a TV chat show, The McLaughlin Group. I had whined “on and on about the sorry state of American education,” Moore said, and wound up by bellowing: “These kids don’t even know what The Iliad and The Odyssey are!”

Moore’s interest was piqued, so the next day he said he called me. “Fred,” he quoted himself as saying, “tell me what The Iliad and The Odyssey are.” I started “hemming and hawing,” Moore wrote. And then I said, according to Moore: “Well, they’re . . . uh . . . you know . . . uh . . . okay, fine, you got me—I don’t know what they’re about. Happy now?” He’d smoked me out as a fraud, or maybe worse.

The only problem is none of this is true. It never happened. Moore is a liar. He made it up. It’s a fabrication on two levels. One, I’ve never met Moore or even talked to him on the phone. And, two, I read both The Iliad and The Odyssey in my first year at the University of Virginia. Just for the record, I’d learned what they were about even before college. Like everyone else my age, I got my classical education from the big screen. I saw the Iliad movie called Helen of Troy and while I forget the name of the Odyssey film, I think it starred Kirk Douglas as Odysseus.

So why didn’t I scream bloody murder when the book came out in 2001? I didn’t learn about the phony anecdote until it was brought to my attention by Alan Wolfe, who was reviewing Moore’s book for the New Republic. He asked, by email, if the story were true. I said no, not a word of it, and Wolfe quoted me as saying that. That was enough, I thought. After all, who would take a shrill, lying lefty like Moore seriously?

Pretty much all of Europe, and the faculties of most American colleges.

What is it about Michael Moore that drives his pathological need to lie?  I mean, isn’t there enough true information out there to support his socialist beliefs?  Why would he need to manufacture an interview?  I’m honestly intrigued.  Spin your message however you like, Mikey, but why do you consistently have to make stuff up?

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by Lee

I won’t tell you who won American Idol, but her name is the same as a Disney movie.

Update: I just had a horrifying thought.  The gal who lost tonight, Diana DeGarmo?  I’m old enough to be her father.

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Crash and Burn
by Lee

Quick, before the site goes down again, I want to explain what happened.  The server that hosts Right-Thinking also hosts MOOREWATCH, Right Thoughts, and a couple of other sites.  A couple of days ago some Michael Moore fans, ever the proponents of free speech and dialogue, launched a massive denial-of-service attack against MOOREWATCH, thus bringing down the entire server.  Things should be getting back to normal around here over the course of the day.

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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Zinni on 60
by Lee

Anthony Zinni just finished his interview on 60 Minutes.  Powerful stuff.  I think he makes a lot of excellent points about the mission there and the obvious mistakes that have been made.  I still support the war, but it can’t be denied that while the main invasion was one of the greatest military victories in history, the post-war plan has left a lot to be desired. 

One thing he asked repeatedly, and it’s a point I have said myself a million times, is when some heads are going to roll.  As we all know, Bush was given terrible information upon which to base his decisions, and it’s time for some people to pay for that mistake.  Bush, for some reason, fires nobody, and that is one of his main weaknesses as a president.  It’s time to recognize the mistakes that have been made, and get some new blood in the Iraq operation.  Zinni believes, as do I, that the mission is salvageable, but we can’t keep going the same way we are now.  The first step in fixing mistakes is finding out who made them and holding them accountable.

Update: You can read a condensed version of the Zinni interview here.

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Hotel Surprise
by Lee

So I got back to Los Angeles, and checked back into the temporary housing I was living in before I had to go home last week.  I got here at about 10 this morning, and was informed by the desk clerk that check-in time isn’t until 3.  I said that nobody had told me that, and asked what I was supposed to do for five hours.  She said she’d stick me in another room until 3.  No problem.

So I come in, drop my bags, and went to the can.  I came out, and noticed that there was a pink plastic thing on top of the cabinet in the little kitchenette.  I reached up to see what it was—you’ll never guess.

A pack of Zig Zags and about $100 worth of weed.  Someone was having a little par-tay in the room and happened to leave their party supplies on top of the cabinet.

Anyone remember when hotels used to leave you a mint on the pillow?

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Merit Alone?
by Lee

As Penn Jillette would say, Bullshit.

Cannes jury head Quentin Tarantino has said Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11 won the Palme d’Or on merit alone.

The documentary alleges links between US President George Bush and top Saudi families, including the Bin Ladens.

But Kill Bill director Tarantino insisted Moore’s overt political themes did not influence his jury’s choice.

“I knew all this politics crap would be brought up,” he said. “We all agreed that Fahrenheit 9/11 was the best movie of the competition.”

Tarantino said when he was on stage with Moore on Saturday night to present the award, he told the director politics had nothing to do with the choice.

Tarantino denied the film’s choice was a political decision

“I just whispered in his ear and said, ‘I just want you to know it was not because of the politics that you won this award, you won it because we thought it was the best film that we saw.’”

I’ll stipulate, for the record, that F911 is probably a good film.  Moore is a very talented guy, and I thought Bowling for Columbine was highly entertaining, even if it was a giant procession of lies.  But let’s be honest here.  Whether or not you like Moore, there is absolutely no way that the political content of this film didn’t factor into the decision. 

You cannot honestly tell me that Moore’s film is the best documentary to be shown at Cannes in the past 50 years.  BFC got a ten minute standing ovation at Cannes, and F911 got one for twenty.  Do they expect us to believe that if Moore had done a documentary about, say, cropdusting or the mating habits of caribou, that the Cannes audience would have given it a twenty minute standing ovation?

Bullshit.  That idea is absurd on its face.

I’m more than willing to admit that F911 is a good film.  Is it the best documentary to screen at Cannes in almost 50 years?  I doubt it.  The political content, and the current ideological rift between America and Europe, is what put it over the top.  For Tarantino to actually claim that politics had nothing to do with the committee’s decision is just preposterous.

At least the Nobel committee was honest about their motivations, when one of its members stated that giving the Peace Prize to the house-building dictator-loving peanut farmer should be interpreted as “a kick in the leg” to George W. Bush and his policies.

For the first time in the festival’s history, Cannes’ jury members were able to talk about their choices at a press conference on Sunday.

US actress Kathleen Turner said of Fahrenheit 9/11: “We felt this was more than a documentary.”

Yeah, I’m sure this is a total coincidence.  For the first time in the history of the festival the jurors were permitted to discuss their selections, and this just so happens to be the year that one of the most politically-charged anti-American films ever made wins the top prize.

And for a film that won on its filmmaking merits and had nothing to do with its politics, I find Kathleen Turner’s “more than a documentary” to be quite enlightening as to the true motivations of the panel.

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The Wild Blue Yonder
by Lee

Flying back to Cali tomorrow.  I have to get up to go to the airport in 2 1/2 hours.  Fun fun fun.  See ya in the afternoon.

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Saturday, May 22, 2004

Palme d’Whore
by Lee

Like we didn’t see this coming.

Director Michael Moore’s controversial anti-Bush documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 has won the prestigious Palme d’Or best film award at the Cannes festival.

It was the first documentary to win the top prize since Jacques Cousteau’s The Silent World in 1956.

The film received a 15-minute standing ovation when it was screened on Monday.

Fahrenheit 9/11 explores the Iraq war and alleges connections between President George W Bush and top Saudi families, including the Bin Ladens.

“What have you done? I’m completely overwhelmed by this,” Moore said in his acceptance speech.

“The last time I was on an award stage in Hollywood, all hell broke loose,” he added with a laugh.

No article on the film would be complete, however, with propagating Moore’s well-planned lie about its distribution.

Michael Moore’s film was originally set to be released in the US through Disney subsidiary Miramax, before Disney blocked it. It is now expected to be released through a third party.

Now that it has won at Cannes it will no doubt be nominated for an Oscar.  It wouldn’t surprise me if it got nominated for Best Film, rather than simply Best Documentary.  Harvey Weinstein is known for spending millions and millions of dollars to promote Miramax films that are in Oscar contention, so don’t think for a second that he won’t do the same here.

George W. Bush is the best thing to happen to boorish left-wing imbeciles in decades.  First Bush gets Jimmy Carter the Nobel Peace Prize, and he’s gotten Moore an Oscar and the Palme d’Or.  If I was Moore I’d do everything I could to get him reelected.

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Going to the Slammer
by Lee

This is good news.

A US sergeant who left the battlefield in Iraq because of moral objections to the war received the maximum possible sentence yesterday after being found guilty of desertion.

A jury of eight soldiers - including six veterans of the war in Iraq - rejected Camilo Mejia’s claims that he left his unit as a matter of conscience after witnessing the shootings of civilians.

Sergeant Mejia, 28, the first combat veteran from Iraq to apply for the status of a conscientious objector, was sentenced to 12 months in prison with demotion to the lowest class of private and pay reduced by two-thirds to $795 (440) a month. He was led from the clapboard court in handcuffs to an undisclosed location. His lawyer, Louis Font, said he would appeal.

The severity of the sentencing came as little surprise to Sgt Mejia or his supporters who had been bracing themselves for exemplary punishment. The soldier had been instructed on the eve of his trial to get his records and belongings in order in case he was sent to prison. “I knew the consequences of my actions, but I believed strongly in what I did,” he said before sentencing.

Let this be a lesson to every other gutless twat who abandons his fellow soldiers in their time of need.  Also, the article contains one very interesting little nugget.

Sgt Mejia, the son of upper middle class parents who had been active in Nicaragua’s revolution, was an unlikely recruit to the US military. He enlisted in 1995 after moving to the US as a teenager.

So, his parents are wealthy Marxists who moved to the United States so they could benefit from the very system they despise.  How utterly typical.  Is anyone surprised that this guy would end up filing for CO status?  When he gets out look for ANSWER to make him their poster boy.

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