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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Hate Mail
by Lee

I’ve received some brilliant hate mail today.  Check it out over at MOOREWATCH.

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Turn and Run
by Lee

Hi, I’m director Michael Moore, and I’m a gutless pussy.

Following all the commotion last night, Michael Moore will not be returning to Madison Square Garden for the Republican National Convention, E&P has learned. According to editors at USA Today, which is publishing his daily column this week, Moore told them that he was choosing not to return again.

However, they said he would continue to write his daily column and they stressed that in no way did they second-guess their decision to have him write the commentary.

What a coward.  No wonder he admires the French so much.

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A Bit Nepalese
by Lee

The Religion of Peace struck a deadly blow today against the Great Satan by executing 12 Nepalese workers.

A Web site linked to an Iraqi militant group showed a video of what was purported to be the killing of 12 Nepalese workers by militants who had kidnapped them.

The Nepalese Foreign Ministry said it could not confirm the report of the hostages’ deaths. The 12 had been reported kidnapped Aug. 20.

The video showed a masked man in desert camouflage apparently slitting the throat of a blindfolded man lying on the ground. The blindfolded man moans and a shrill wheeze is heard, then the masked man displays the head to the camera before resting it on the decapitated body.

Other footage showed a man firing single shots from an assault rifle at the back of the heads of 11 others. Blood seeps from their bodies on to the sand.

A statement on the Web site signed ``Ansar al-Sunna Army’’ vowed to keep fighting the Americans in Iraq.

``America today has used all its force, as well as the help of others, to fight Islam under the so-called war on terror, which is nothing but a vicious crusade against Muslims,’’ the statement said.

At the end of the four-minute video, a man reads another statement off-camera, vowing to fight the Iraqi government.

``We will work on exterminating them until the last fighter,’’ he said.

See, it’s obvious to me now that the anti-war people have been right all along.  These people, who willingly kidnap, torture, and violently execute non-combatant civilians, obviously could have been dealt with through diplomacy and negotiation.

We’re in a war, folks.  It was declared on us, the only way to win it is to kill every last one of these motherfuckers.

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Resuming the Intifada
by Lee

The Religion of Peace strikes again.

At least 15 people were killed and 91 others were wounded Tuesday afternoon in near-simultaneous suicide attacks on two buses in the southern city of Be’er Sheva.

Hamas claimed the attacks, the first suicide bombings inside Israel in five months.

Five of the wounded were in very serious condition, 10 were seriously wounded and the rest sustained moderate wounds and light injuries.

All of the wounded were taken to the Soroka Medical Center in the city.

The United Nations, which has been so busy lately condemning Israel’s apartheid security fence, won’t even notice that this took place.  When Jews die, well, that’s not really a priority, is it?

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Wheel in the Sky
by Lee

what Liberal media?  Check out this line from Reuters.

Schwarzenegger was scheduled to fly here Monday night aboard his private jet, ready for a turn on the platform the following night.

You know, with all the articles I’ve ever read about Michael Moore, I cannot recall a single one ever pointing out that he flies everywhere in a private jet.  For some reason Reuters felt that Schwarzeneggers travel plans were germane to the thrust of the article, yet they would never think of including that same information when discussing Michael “Man of the People” Moore.  I’m surprised they didn’t mention that Arnie was lighting his cigars with $100 bills during the flight.

Oh, that liberal media.

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Electric Youth
by Lee

When I was but a young pup coming of age I seriously wanted to nail Debbie Gibson.  Checking out this gallery I still do. Yummy.

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Monday, August 30, 2004

A Dollar Short
by Lee

You know one of the main drawbacks to living in California?  By the time I get home from work, around 8pm, everything interesting has already happened.  I got in and caught about 5 minutes of Giuliani’s speech, so there’s not much I can add to the blogospheric discussion because I didn’t get the chance to see it myself.

Goddam California.

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Two More
by Lee

I have two more Gmail accounts available.  First two requests in the comments get them.  Be sure to leave your email.

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Filthy Hippies
by Lee

Meet the peace and love crowd.

New York police arrested at least four people in brief clashes late today with demonstrators who marched outside the Republican National Convention to present a mock arrest warrant accusing President George W. Bush of ``crimes against humanity.’’

At least one protester was taken into custody as a march of several thousand people organized by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign approached Madison Square Garden, Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne said. Demonstrators knocked a police officer off a motor scooter and ``kicked and pummeled’’ him, Browne said. The officer, not immediately identified, was taken to St. Vincent’s Hospital with unspecified injuries.

Beating cops for peace: meet the American left, ladies and gentlemen.

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Winning Wars
by Lee

The left-wing asshat brigade has been going full tilt after this story hit the wire this morning.

In an interview on NBC-TV’s “Today” show, Bush vowed to stay the course in the war on terror, saying perseverance in the battle would make the world safer for future generations. But he suggested an all-out victory against terrorism might not be possible.

Asked “Can we win?” Bush said, “I don’t think you can win it. But I think you can create conditions so that the—those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable in parts of the world.”

Look, this is quite simple.  What is the goal of the war on terror?  To defeat America’s enemies and keep Americans safe.  If that is the objective is met then we win.  This is what “winning” means in this sense.  It’s figurative, not literal.  There is no end, in the sense that we’re going to get Osama bin Laden signing the Articles of Surrender on the deck of the USS Missouri, after which we can wipe our brows and say, “Well, I’m glad that’s over!”

The war on terror is analogous to fighting crime.  There’s never going to be an “end” to crime, so in that sense it can never be defeated.  Is the fact that there will always be criminals reason not to fight them?  Of course not.

The war on terror is being fought on many fronts: militarily, diplomatically, economically, and so on.  Bush is absolutely right that it can never be defeated in the sense that Islamofascism is an ideology and not a country or a military force, and terrorism is its tactic.  We have to continue to fight and remain vigilant, forever, for it is only through vigilance, strength, force, will, and perseverance that we ill prevail.

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The Horror
by Lee

What liberal media?

Republicans invoked the horrors of Sept. 11 on Monday to drive home their point that President Bush is a decisive leader in a dangerous world, unafraid to make tough decisions.

Invoked the horrors?  Give me a break.  Can you imagine, for a second, picture the AP leading a story about Kerry saying, “Democrats invoked the horrors of Vietnam to drive home their point that John Kerry is a decisive leader in a dangerous world”?  Read the whole article, the monumental bias of the author is just astonishing.

Oh, that liberal media.

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Slip Sliding Away
by Lee

And the convention isn’t even over yet.

President Bush has eroded John Kerry’s lead in two big battleground states that voted Democratic four years ago, complicating the Massachusetts senator’s electoral landscape.

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup polls show Bush narrowly ahead in Wisconsin and the candidates even in Pennsylvania, a state that is crucial to Democratic hopes of winning in November.

As the Republican National Convention opens today, the president’s prospects seem to be brightening in some states that could determine the outcome Nov. 2.

“This is historically a challenger’s strongest time,” before the incumbent’s convention, says Ken Mehlman, Bush’s campaign manager. “For John Kerry to have not gained ground and perhaps even be losing ground has to be very troubling to their campaign.”

Now, obviously things can change between now and November, but given Kerry’s lack of any sort of boost after the donvention, and the fact that he’s been losing ground lately just about everywhere, this is really a good sign for the Bush team.

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by Lee

I’ve got four Gmail invites to the first four people who leave a comment asking for one.  Remember to leave your email address.

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A Traitor’s Love
by Lee

Now this guy is Michael Moore’s kind of soldier.

The defense for Spc. Ryan Anderson faces a black-and-white challenge: The tank crewman is shown on videotape willingly sharing military information with federal undercover agents he believed to be al Qaeda members.

Anderson, 27, was set to begin his court martial Monday on charges he tried to help the terrorist group. The trial at Fort Lewis, south of Seattle, was expected to last five days.

Anderson pleaded innocent August 9 to five counts of trying to provide the al Qaeda terrorist network with information about U.S. troop strength and tactics, as well as methods for killing American soldiers.

Anderson, a member of the Washington National Guard’s 81st Armor Brigade now in Iraq, faces life in prison without parole. A conviction requires agreement by two-thirds of a panel of commissioned officers. ...

Anderson was raised Lutheran but began studying Islam while attending Washington State University.

Wow, a traitor to America and a convert to the Religion of Peace!  Whod’a ever thought those two things could go together!

“While I love my country, I think the leaders have taken this horrible road,” he said on the video. “I have no belief in what the American Army has asked me to do. They have sent me to die.”

And that, my friends, is exactly the message that Michael Moore wants to hear from soldiers.  The fact that the people who hold this view are often times traitors to their country shouldin no way question their patriotism.  Right, lefties?

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The Appeasement Dividend
by Lee

It’s amazing what a little appeasement can get you.

Aljazeera has appealed for the release of all abducted journalists, and called for guaranteeing freedom of the press.

In a press release on Monday, Aljazeera denounced the killing, abduction and harassment of journalists in Iraq, and called for the immediate release of all journalists held hostage in the war-torn country.

It also called for enabling the journalists to carry out their mission, in order to get facts to the public everywhere.

Aljazeera also urged all the concerned parties “to ensure freedom of access to journalists, especially those in wars and conflicts areas.”

Aljazeera aired a video tape on Saturday showing two French journalists captured in Iraq by an armed group. In a statement sent to Aljazeera, the group demanded the French government to end a ban on Muslim headscarves for the release of the hostages.

The two captives were identified as Christian Chesnot of Radio France Internationale and George Malbrunot of Le Figaro.

Amazing, isn’t it, that al-Jazeera manages to come out against kidnappings when it’s French citizens who are the victims, isn’t it?  When it’s an American being beheaded they don’t seem to have a problem showing the videotape every five minues, but when it’s the French?  Sacre bleu!

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