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Friday, August 27, 2004

Stand Up and Be Counted
by Lee

Some Islamofascists are taking credit for the downed airliners.

A WEBSITE known for militant Muslim comment today published a claim of responsibility for the crashes of two Russian airliners, connecting the action to Russia’s fight against separatists in Chechnya.

The statement was signed “the Islambouli Brigades”. A group with a similiar name has claimed responsibility for at least one other attack, but the authenticity of today’s statement could not immediately be confirmed.

Russian officials have said that terrorism is among the possibilities being investigated in the Tuesday night crashes that killed 89 people.

A spokesman for the Federal Security Service said he could not immediately comment on the website’s statement.

In my best Mr. T impression: “Ah pity the Islamist foo’ that blowed up them planes.” Pootie-Poot is about to unleash the Sword of Stalin on someone’s ass.

Update: The Russians have found explosives in the wreckage of one of the planes, so it was definitely terrorism.

“According to preliminary information, at least one of the air crashes ... has been the result of a terrorist act,” a spokesman for the Federal Security Service, Sergei Ignatchenko, the ITAR-Tass news agency reported.

No results from the investigation of the other crash - a Tu-134 with 44 aboard that went down about 120 miles south of Moscow - have been announced.

Another security service spokesman, Nikolai Zakharov, said the explosive found in the remains of a Tu-154 that carried 46 people appeared to be hexogen - an explosive officials said was used in the 1999 apartment bombings that killed some 300 people in Russia, an attack blamed on Chechen separatists. The Tu-154 crashed en route to the Black Sea resort city of Sochi.

I can’t wait to see what kind of hand Pootie Poot is about to play here.

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Free Leftie Swag
by Lee

In order to keep track of MoveOn’s subversive and anti-Americna activities, I subscribe to all their newsletters, and not a day goes by that there isn’t some new piece of drivel in my inbox.  But today’s was quite humorous.

Dear MoveOn member,

We just wanted to let you know that your Kerry Kit has shipped via USPS standard mail, and should arrive within 10 business days.

The kit comes in a case containing a DVD, bumper sticker, materials, and articles. We hope you find it useful and informative.

If you haven’t received the Kerry Kit in the mail by Tuesday, September 7, please send an email to: orders@kerrykit.com . If you email us, please include the shipping information (name and mailing address) where the Kerry Kit was to go. Your order number is: 965563.


--The MoveOn PAC Team

When I signed up for MoveOn’s newsletters I used the name Cal Gop, and the street address of the California Republican Party.

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One Dead Dago
by Lee

An Italian journalist decided to take a holiday in Iraq to study the insurgency, and to try and explain why conflicts end up in war.  Well, guess what happened to him.

An Italian journalist held hostage in Iraq has been killed, the Italian government confirmed on Thursday.

Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi quickly condemned the execution of Enzo Baldoni while his government vowed to stay active in the war against terrorism. ...

The Arabic-language network Al-Jazeera reported that a group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq executed Baldoni because the Italian government did not meet its demands to withdraw its troops from Iraq within 48 hours.

It was not known when and where the killing occurred.

Baldoni was married and had two sons. ...

Baldoni was a contributor for the Italian news monthly Il Diario, and was planning to write stories for the magazine in Iraq, staffers said.

Il Diario’s international news editor, Alessandro MarzoMagno, told CNN on Thursday that the magazine had no independent confirmation of his death.

MarzoMagno said the magazine contacted Al-Jazeera after his disappearance and asked the network to pass along a message to his kidnappers. He did not describe its contents.

Baldoni, a successful advertisement agent based in Milan, traveled to Baghdad at his own expense, magazine staffers said.

MarzoMagno said Baldoni took vacations in conflict zones and wrote about the fighting in a personal effort to understand why conflicts evolve into war.

Well, he sure got the answers to his questions, didn’t he.  Poor bastard.  He might as wel have climbed into a nest of vipers to find out why snakes bite people.  When are these well-meaning Europeans learn that these Islamists want nothing but their destruction?  You can’t study it, or understand it, or reason with it.  All you can do is wipe it off the face of the Earth.

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by Lee

And remember… The four main things in Günther’s life are Champagne, Glamour, Love and Respect!

(Think of this website the next time some asshat European denounces American culture.)

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Getting the Runs in Greece
by Lee

Greek asshats, still upset by the drug/motorcycle scandal that their hero running star was caught up in, booed and heckled American runners.  The American runners responded by winning a few gold medals for the Greek losers to stick up their asses.

Shawn Crawford and two U.S. teammates overcame the first hint of anti-Americanism at the Olympic track, capping a big night for U.S. athletes by sweeping the 200 meters despite a booing, rowdy crowd.

In a race missing disgraced Greek hero and defending Olympic champion Kostas Kenteris, Crawford ran a personal-best 19.79 seconds. That was just good enough to edge Bernard Williams, who tied his personal best of 20.01 seconds for silver. Justin Gatlin, the 100 champion, won bronze in 20.03. ...

Olympic Stadium was packed, largely because Greeks thought they would be watching Kenteris, who withdrew from the Athens Games after missing a drug test.

The start of the 200 was delayed for four minutes because hostile spectators were whistling in derision and chanting “Kenteris” and “Hellas, Hellas”—the Greek word for Greece. They booed loudest when the Americans were introduced.

Crawford and Williams were doing a victory lap, draped together in an American flag, when Phillips climbed the victory stand to accept his gold medal. The sprinters stopped on the track as “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played. Williams put his right hand over his heart.

As Ace Ventura would say.... Lahoo Zaher!

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Hate Mail
by Lee

I just got a brilliant hate mail letter from some broad up in Canada.  Check it out over at MOOREWATCH

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527 Veterans for Truth!
by Lee

Here we see a clasic example of closing the barn door after the cow has already escaped.

The White House announced this morning that Bush campaign would take legal action to force the Federal Election Commission to crack down on so-called 527 organizations that use a loophole in campaign-finance law to spend unregulated funds.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan announced aboard Air Force One that the campaign would join Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) in a lawsuit against the FEC. McCain had tried to block the 527s with a complaint to the FEC, but because that body did not act on the complaint in 120 days, opponents of the 527s can now go to the courts.

“The president said he wanted to work together [with McCain] to pursue court action to shut down all the ads and activity by these shadowy 527 groups,” McClellan said after Bush spoke to McCain by telephone this morning.

Perhaps President Bush shouldn’t have signed this worthless bill into law in the first place.  What we have here is a case of free speech being trampled on by a law, so free speech rises in other areas, after which it will be beaten down by a court challenge.  Perhaps we should have just left things as they were, eh gentlemen?  Perish the thought.

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Fascism in NY
by Lee

Behold the power of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy!

Political activists opposed to US President George W Bush have been told they will not be allowed to stage a huge rally in New York this weekend.

The planned anti-war protest in Central Park was to coincide with the eve of the Republican Convention and would have begun a week of protest rallies.

It meant to make life uncomfortable for the president and his supporters.

Organisers say the ban is a violation of their constitutional rights of assembly and free speech.

A judge at New York’s state Supreme Court has ruled that the rally, which was expected to attract a quarter of a million demonstrators, cannot be held in Central Park because of the damage which may be caused to the grass.

The crushing of dissent continues.  New York just doesn’t want people to be able to express their opinions, Right?

The city has given permission for a march to pass the convention centre in midtown Manhattan on Sunday.

Ah, so the protesters can march right in front of the convention.  Wow, that’s some fascist regime they’ve uncovered there!

However, organisers have warned that in the absence of a place to gather legally, demonstrators may move on Central Park afterwards and that could bring the possibility of provoking clashes with the police.

Well, when you violate the law that tends to happen.  How typical that lefties will break the law, then claim victimhood status when the law comes after them for doing so.

Leslie Cagan, co-ordinator for the United for Peace and Justice group, said the ban on the demonstration was politically motivated by the Republican Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.

“A Republican mayor hosting a Republican convention has done everything designed to undermine the demonstration against policies of a Republican administration,” she said.

Bloomberg is one of the quintessential RINO Republicans.  (Republican In Name Only, for those of you unfamiliar with the term.) I find it hysterical that this dunce is trying to lump Bloomberg, a guy who until he decided to run as a Republican was a Democrat, in as part of the vast fascist kkkonspiracy.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Our Good Friends to the North
by Lee

A few months ago I was out to dinner with a group of friends, including a Canadian guy and his wife.  The discussion turned lightly to politics, and while it didn’t end up adversarial or in an argument, my friend’s wife had one statement that really got up my ass.  “Up in Canada we think you guys are crazy for voting in Bush.” Immediately the retort whiped into my mind, “Which begs the question, why should we give a fuck what you think?” But since we were having pleasant dinner conversation I let it slide, and the discussion moved on to other things.  But now, once again some self-righteous Canadian asshole affects a tone of moral and intellectual superiority when dealing with those ignorant gun-toting war-mongering fundamentalist Christian yahoos down south.

It was damned bastards last year, “idiots” this year.

Canadian Member of Parliament Carolyn Parrish had said she hated “damned Americans” and called them bastards in the run-up to the Iraq war. She found a new moniker, idiots, on Wednesday in discussing the planned U.S. missile defence system.

“We are not joining the coalition of the idiots. We are joining the coalition of the wise,” the Liberal legislator told a small group of demonstrators.

Parrish, who had to apologise for her “bastards” remarks last year, at first denied using the term idiots, and when reporters pointed out they had her remarks on tape, she said: “I don’t mean Americans are idiots.”

Of course she does.  If she didn’t she wouldn’t have said it.  This isn’t something taken out of context, this is a visceral loathing of Americans.  This is like Kerry telling the Swifties that when he was referring to all Vietnam vets being complicit in atrocities he was referring to everyone else and not the Swifties.  This is Michael Moore all over again.

“The world respects Canada. If we were to join this then it will be giving credibility to what they’re doing,” she said.

The world respects Canada, obviously.  But then again, Canada really doesn’t do much.  This is much like what the 1990s were like for America.  Clinton was in office, the US didn’t really do a whole lot, and everyone thought we were just swell.  Of course, during this same time period we saw a massive escalation in terrorist activity against us, activity which culminated in 9/11.  But hey, everyone liked us, right, that’s what’s important.  Now Canada finds itself in much the same position.  By doing virtualy nothing they don’t piss off anyone else, but they don’t really need to, do they?  They’ve got their knuckledragging continental neighbors to the South to take care of al that sort of thing, which gives Canadians the luxury of benefitting from our actions at the same time they decry it.

Parrish then begged reporters not to use the remarks: “Please guys don’t put that on tape,” she said. “I already got into trouble once.... Really, please, I’ve had enough trouble.”

In other words, I want to be able to hate America and Americans but I don’t want to be held acountable for doing so.  How… Canadian

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Fight Fire With Fire
by Lee

Back in July I blogged on a new device designed to keep drug addicts out of crack houses with a horribly pungent skunk odor.  Well, it seems that our good friends the Israelis are trying the same tactic to deal with their own vermin problem.

Israel’s army has developed a pungent new weapon for driving back Palestinian protesters—the skunk bomb.

The stink bomb, containing a synthetic version of the odor skunks release to deter predators, has been developed for breaking up protests and stone-throwing confrontations without causing casualties, security officials said on Wednesday.

The foul-smelling weapon was invented as part of efforts to replace rubber bullets, which have killed scores of Palestinians during a nearly four-year-old uprising.

The new device, which is not yet operational, releases a cloud so pungent that according to initial tests it permeates clothes for five years, the officials said.

Palestinians said such a weapon could be particularly unpleasant for devout Muslims since they cannot pray with clothes that smell and would have to throw them away.

In other words, the Israelis are going to disperse Palestinians by bombarding them with the concentrated odor of Palestinians.  That’s gold, Jerry… Gold!

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by Lee

Al Franken demonstrates to us all the brilliant comedic sense that he displayed in Stuart Saves His Family, and the political acumen that got him his job as anchor of a failing radio network.

In the spirit of Paddy Chayefsky’s classic movie monologue from “Network,” the liberal comedian Wednesday urged New Yorkers—and other Americans—to simultaneously scream the all-purpose local wisecrack at the moment that President Bush accepts the nomination.

“This is a form of protest that is very non-disruptive,” Franken said at a press conference in the Park Avenue office of Air America radio network, where he hosts a talk show.

Franken said the September 2 protest, called the “Great American Shout-Out,” will not “tax our public safety system at all.”

“This is our way of venting,” Franken added. “It will be a catharsis.”

Franken said he expected the shouts to last less than five minutes. Out of “respect for the office of the presidency,” he asked that participants quiet down once Bush begins speaking so “people can hear him give a bad speech.”

Franken said he expects 100 million people nationwide to participate, adding: “Anything less would be a horrific failure.”

Call me crazy, but I’m willing to go on the record and predict that this, by Franken’s own standard, will be a horrific failure.  Seriously, can someone out there explain why this numb nuts is such an iconic hero to the left?  I can see why they like Michael Moore, at least he’s entertaining.  Al Franken is just a dumbass.

You really can judge the veracity of a political movement by the type of protests that they encourage.  Well, here you go. 

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Sugar Babies
by Lee

Here’s the latest medical study straight from the pages of DUH! Magazine.

Women who drink non-diet soda or fruit punch every day gain weight quickly and face a sharply elevated risk of diabetes, according to a major study released yesterday.

The study of more than 50,000 U.S. nurses found that those who drank just one serving of soda or fruit punch a day tended to gain much more weight than those who drank less than one a month, and had more than an 80 percent increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of the disease. The risk pertained to drinks sweetened with either sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.

If you’re so damn stupid that you don’t know that drinking sugar water will make you fat you need to do the honorable thing and take your own life.

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Pissing Off Ivan
by Lee

This has to be terrorism.

The operator of one of the two planes that crashed almost simultaneously in Russia said Wednesday that early indications were that its aircraft had exploded in midair.

“The wide distribution of large fragments indirectly confirms the conjecture that the plane broke up in midair because of an explosion,” Sibir Airlines said in a statement of its Tu-154 jet, Reuters reported.

The statement came as Russian emergency workers continued to search through heaps of twisted metal and tall grass Wednesday for any hints as to what caused two airplanes to crash, killing all 89 people aboard.

Officials said one of the jets sent a distress signal that may have indicated a hijacking.

Russia’s main intelligence agency, however, said it had found no evidence of terrorism in initial investigations at the crash sites. The Federal Security Service, or FSB—formerly known as the KGB—said it was investigating other possibilities such as technical failures, the use of poor quality fuel, breaches of fueling regulations and pilot error.

Two planes disappear at the same time, one gives of its hijacking alarm, one explodes in midair.  How can this not be terrorism?  I almost feel sorry for the poor bastards who pulled this off.  Do you think, for a second, that the Russians are going to wring their hands over levelling a “holy shrine” like we’re going in Najaf?

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Snotty Vernacular
by Lee

I’ve accused Kerry many times of being a snotty patrician blue-blood many times.  Yesterday, in an attempt to show how hip and cool he is, he went on the John Stewart Show.  Check out this exchange.

Stewart also sought answers to another hard-hitting question: “Is it true that every time I use ketchup, your wife gets a nickel?” The candidate’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, derived her wealth from her late husband, an heir to the Heinz food fortune.

“Would that it were,” Kerry said.

Would that it were?  Who the hell, apart from maybe William F. Buckley, uses speech like that?  As I’ve said before, which candidate could you imagine hanging out with the locals in a Waffle House somewhere, Bush or Kerry? 


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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Benny Boom Tells Me How to Vote
by Lee

And the self-righteous celebrity asshat brigade is out in full force.

Benny Boom, a leading hip-hop video director, produced the first ad in the series MoveOn will release. The group has committed to airing it next week on cable channels that target urban voters.

“We’ve got to get George W. Bush out of office, and it’s very important that kids understand what a serious condition the world is in with this madman,” Boom said.

With a throbbing bass line and wailing sirens in the background, Boon’s [sic] ad shows a white police officer confronting young blacks out to vote. “Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s the problem?” the officer asks. “No problem — we’re here to vote,” a young man says, and those in the group raise their voting cards.

In a playful animated spot voiced by Bacon, Johansson and longtime actor-activist Ed Asner, a flight attendant straps parachutes to businessmen chortling over war profits and then pushes them out over Iraq. Bacon asks, “What if the same men who profited from the war were asked to fight it?”

The ad featuring Damon reunites him with Liman, who directed their 2002 hit “The Bourne Identity.” In that spot, various working people — doctors, firefighters, auto factory workers and teachers — disappear as they do their jobs. “Since George W. Bush has been in power, he has lost over 1 million jobs. That’s more than any president has lost since the Great Depression. George Bush — it’s his job, or yours,” Damon says.

Anyone notice any shortage of doctors, firefighters, or teachers lately?  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a shortage of actors?

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