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Friday, January 28, 2005

In the Heat of the Night
by Lee

A new study has shown that most bone growth occurs at night.  That’s because I’m usually dreaming of Manda.

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Fashion Sense
by Lee

Once again, no matter what any member of the Bush administration does, their critics will always find fault with something.

Vice President Dick Cheney raised eyebrows on Friday for wearing an olive-drab parka, hiking boots and knit ski cap to represent the United States at a solemn ceremony remembering the liberation of Auschwitz.

Other leaders at the event in Poland on Thursday marking the 60th anniversary of the death camp’s liberation, such as French President Jacques Chirac and Russian President Vladimir Putin, wore dark, formal overcoats and dress shoes or boots.

“The vice president, however, was dressed in the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower,” Robin Givhan, The Washington Post’s fashion writer, wrote in the newspaper’s Friday editions.

Between the somber, dark-coated leaders at the outdoor ceremony sat Cheney, resplendent in a green parka embroidered with his name and featuring a fur-trimmed hood, the laced brown boots and a knit ski cap reading “Staff 2001.”

Perhaps, 60 years from now, when there are similar memorials at some of Saddam’s mass graves and torture chambers, a future president of France will apologize not only for his country’s complicity in the long-term suffering of the Iraqi people under Saddam’s jackboot, but for France’s failure to join the United States in taking out the Iraqi dictator and crushing he Ba’athist regime.  Undoubtedly this French president look fabulous doing so, wearing the finest suits that his homeland can produce, and he will be lionized by the media.  Because, as we all know, how you look is much more important than what you do, isn’t it?

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Sitting Down for Your Beliefs
by Lee

What a scumbag.

Carlos Delgado is willing to stand up for his beliefs—or, in his case, not stand up.

At his introductory news conference Thursday with the Florida Marlins, Delgado said he’ll continue to not stand up this season during the playing of God Bless America.

An opponent of the war in Iraq, Delgado refused to stand when God Bless America was played last season at games involving his Toronto Blue Jays. Instead, he would stay on the bench or go into the dugout tunnel.

“I wouldn’t call it politics, because I hate politics,” Delgado said Thursday after finalizing his four-year, $52 million contract. “The reason why I didn’t stand for God Bless America was because I didn’t like the way they tied God Bless America and 9/11 to the war in Iraq in baseball.

“I say God bless America, God bless Miami, God bless Puerto Rico and all countries until there is peace in the world.” ...

During negotiations with the free agent, teams raised the issue of Delgado’s stance regarding the Iraq war, said his agent, David Sloane. It wasn’t an obstacle to a deal with any club because Delgado was willing to follow team policy regarding God Bless America, Sloane said.

“He didn’t like the politicization of baseball making use of the song,” Sloane said. “But he told me, ‘I will never do anything to place myself above my teammates.’ If you have a policy that everybody has to be on the top step, he’ll be on the top step.”

What a total lack of respect for the other players and fans.  You want to protest the war, find, do it on your own time.  When you’re in the uniform of your team you should honor tradition and play baseball.  Nobody gives a fuck what your personal opinions are, Delgado. 

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Vanilla Pride
by Lee

God I love hearing about stuff like this.

A University of Central Oklahoma student group is planning what it calls “Straight Pride Week” on campus.

Members of the College Republicans said despite objections from some, they have every right to celebrate.

“The general gist is that if you are a straight student on campus be proud, be loud, this is your time to shine,” said college Republican Kyle Houts.

The group has posted fliers on campus that read, “we’re here, we’re conservative, we’re out.”

Members of the Gay Alliance for Tolerance and Equality say they consider the College Republican’s celebration an attack on gay and lesbian students.

“What is there to say about it, ‘I’m proud, and I’m straight and I guess white,’ I don’t know?” said GATE member Jennifer Rodriguez. “I think they definitely are being discriminatory because there’s probably a lot of gay Republicans out there.”

Notice how the Hispanic dike had to throw the racist angle in there as well.  Look, if it wasn’t for the left making such a huge deal out of identity politics then the Republicans wouldn’t have to do stunts like this to make fun of it.  Thge flip side of this is the Darwin fish that people have on their cars, which were a direct response to mock the Jesus fish that so many others had on theirs.  When one group makes an identity statement, the other mocks it and ridicules it, and these students have every right to point out how dumb Gay Pride is by showing their Straight Pride.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

French Whine
by Lee

Sacre Bleu!  We ‘ave too much wine!

Blaming last year’s bumper crop, French winemakers say they need to boil down hundreds of millions of bottles of top quality wine into industrial-use alcohol in order to restore the balance of supply and demand.

The proposal, from the Confederation of French Wine Co-operatives, calls for permission to boil down 267 million bottles of wine for “crisis distillation.”

Vintners boiled down almost the same amount of wine in 2002, but it was lower quality table wine. This proposal involves wines that carry the country’s Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) – the highest grade for French wine.

They need approval from French and European Union officials before the distillation can go ahead.

French wine exports dropped in 2004 because of competition from California and other New World wines.

I’m sure that declining American sales due to France’s obscene position on the war on terror had absolutely nothing to do with it.

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Great White Explosion
by Lee

I don’t have to quote anything but the headline of this article.

Masturbating Canadian Wins Court Challenge

It’s official now, Canadians are jackoffs.

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by Lee

In a recent post I wondered if Black America would take note of the fact that it was the Democrats in the Senate who were attacking Condi Rice.  Well, according to this article they did.

IT’S not just Republicans who are livid at how Democrats have ripped into Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice — so are plenty of black Democrats, who say their party now risks alienating its most loyal supporters.

It doesn’t help that Howard Dean — front-runner to be the new Democratic national chairman — cheered the anti-Rice crowd. Dean, after all, had to apologize last year for vowing to court guys with Confederate flags on their pickup trucks.

Nor does it help that Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), who voted for Rice, nevertheless used the battle to send out a fund-raising e-mail for Senate Democrats featuring Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), who called Rice a liar.

The Dem attack on Rice was “very foolish” and “potentially costly” because it could backfire among blacks, said Democratic pollster Ron Lester, an expert on the African-American vote.

“A lot of African-Americans are watching this and they’re wondering why [Democrats] are going after her so hard. She has an exemplary record. She’s probably better qualified than most secretaries of state that we have had.”

Rice, who was confirmed yesterday as the first black female secretary of state, has a very favorable rating among blacks — 55 percent positive and only 15 percent negative, Lester said.

Another high-profile black Democrat was even more blunt, saying the attacks on Rice — featuring ex-Ku Klux Klan “kleagle” Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) — “made me sick to my stomach.”

Perhaps blacks in this country will one day realize that being joined at the scrotum with white liberals hasn’t done anything to make their lives better.

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by Lee

It’s official.  Stan Lee has gone senile.

Ringo becomes a reluctant Superhero with a great sense of rhythm - Ringo Starr, the fabulous drummer and singer who was earlier with the supergroup ‘The Beatles’ has agreed to work for Stan Lee, the creator of Spider Man and the Hulk comic characters.

Stan Lee who has been creating fantastic comic characters that include Superman, The Fantastic Four and The X-Men, is very much excited about the project. ...

The duo announced this Wednesday that they have launched an original entertainment franchise that will produce an animated character voiced by and based on Ringo Starr. The animated form of Ringo will be an evil battling, Earth-saving, a bit reluctant, superhero with a great sense of rhythm.

“Ringo is beloved worldwide for his commitment to people and his singular wit. Our Ringo Superhero character will combine these qualities, along with Ringo’s secret powers which people generally didn’t know about because he has kept them secret until now,” said Lee.

Basically Ringo’s super power will involve defeating evil by hooking up with three extremely powerful superheroes, then just standing around while they do all the work.

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Torture With Boobies
by Lee

If this is torture, then I’m in the wrong business.

Female interrogators tried to break Muslim detainees at the U.S. prison camp in Guantanamo Bay by sexual touching, wearing a miniskirt and thong underwear and in one case smearing a Saudi man’s face with fake menstrual blood, according to an insider’s written account. ...

One female civilian contractor used a special outfit that included a miniskirt, thong underwear and a bra during late-night interrogations with prisoners, mostly Muslim men who consider it taboo to have close contact with women who aren’t their wives.

Beginning in April 2003, “there hung a short skirt and thong underwear on the hook on the back of the door” of one interrogation team’s office, he writes. “Later I learned that this outfit was used for interrogations by one of the female civilian contractors ... on a team which conducted interrogations in the middle of the night on Saudi men who were refusing to talk.”

Some Guantanamo prisoners who have been released say they were tormented by “prostitutes.”

In another case, Saar describes a female military interrogator questioning an uncooperative 21-year-old Saudi detainee who allegedly had taken flying lessons in Arizona before the Sept. 11 terror attacks. Suspected Sept. 11 hijacker Hani Hanjour received pilot instruction for three months in 1996 and in December 1997 at a flight school in Scottsdale, Ariz.

“His female interrogator decided that she needed to turn up the heat,” Saar writes, saying she repeatedly asked the detainee who had sent him to Arizona, telling him he could “cooperate” or “have no hope whatsoever of ever leaving this place or talking to a lawyer.’”

The man closed his eyes and began to pray, Saar writes.

The female interrogator wanted to “break him,” Saar adds, describing how she removed her uniform top to expose a tight-fitting T-shirt and began taunting the detainee, touching her breasts, rubbing them against the prisoner’s back and commenting on his apparent erection.

The detainee looked up and spat in her face, the manuscript recounts.

This is he type of thing that I wish I could have done to me.  Lucky Islamofascist bastards.

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Hippie Magnet
by Lee

The San Francisco Crapicle has an astonishing expose in today’s edition.  You are going to find it hard to believe this, but most students who enroll in UC Berkeley are liberals.

Far from fading, liberalism appears to be staging a comeback at its most famous campus citadel—UC Berkeley.

The latest campus survey found the number of new students who call themselves liberal is far higher than in the early ‘90s and early ‘80s and is near the level seen during the Vietnam War.

The news caught some students by surprise.

“It seemed like when I got here, the Republican club and the religious groups were a lot more prominent,” Matt McElroy, a freshman from Seattle, said at Sproul Plaza on Wednesday, the day after the survey results were released by the campus. “I was thinking there’s not that much activism compared to the Vietnam War.” ...

The fall 2004 survey of entering Berkeley students found that 51.2 percent of them identified as liberal, compared with 12 percent conservative and 36.8 percent “middle of the road.”

That’ a jump from the earlier President George Bush administration in 1990, when liberal freshmen outnumbered conservatives 42.9 percent to 17.7 percent, and especially from 1982, the Reagan administration heyday of conservatism, when liberal freshmen were 32.9 percent to the conservatives’ 20. 8 percent.

The latest findings approach the results of 1972, when anti-war protests still flared on campus and when 56.5 percent identified as liberal and 10.5 percent said they were conservative.

Berkeley freshmen also diverge more sharply from the national average today than they did in 1990, 1982 or 1972. Nationally, liberal freshmen edged out conservatives 27 percent to 22.7 percent for the class entering in fall 2004, compared with 20.7 percent liberal and 19.4 percent conservative in 1982. In 1972, freshmen nationwide were 35.2 percent liberal and 16.6 percent conservative.

Berkeley’s current first-year students stand further left of center than the national norm on a wide range of issues. At Berkeley, 78.7 percent support legalized abortion, compared with 54.5 percent of U.S. freshmen. Marriage for same-sex couples is supported by 76.7 percent of Berkeley students, compared with 59.4 percent nationwide.

Note the comparisons by an 18 year old to Vietnam.  I have often said that liberals today look back on the Vietnam era, even though most of them were not alive to see it, as the greatest moment in American history, and as such they saw the Iraq War as their opportunity to show everyone just how self-important they are.  “Look at me!  I’m a protesting hippie!  Woo hoo!”

Liberals in Berkeley?  Is nothing sacred?

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Million Dollar Baby
by Lee

There is a brilliant article on birth rates over at Tech Central Station.

The question of why fertility has been falling so dramatically in continental Europe has been food for thought for both demographers and economists. The answer must be looked for in several important factors, which, to further complicate matters, do not simply add up in their impact. Nevertheless, it can be said with a fair amount of certainty that the existence of pay-as-you-go pension systems has had a very negative impact on birth rate. The National Report on Family published by the Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in August 2004 says:

“In terms of intergenerational solidarity, the importance of the child as an investment for material support in old age has been limited by the social security and pension insurance system, which has eliminated people’s immediate dependence on children. The importance of the child’s role in relation to its parents has transferred to the emotional sphere, which reduced the direct material indispensability of children in a family, while also allowing for them being replaced with certain substitutes bringing emotional satisfaction.”

To put it straightforwardly, and perhaps a little cynically, in the past children used to be regarded as investments that provided their parents with means of subsistence in old age. In Czech the word “vejminek” (a place in a farmhouse reserved for the farmer’s old parents) is actually derived from a verb meaning “to stipulate”: in the deed of transfer, the old farmer stipulated the conditions on which the farm was to be transferred to his son. Instead of an “intergenerational” policy, there used to be direct dependence of parents on their children. This meant that people had immediate economic motivation to have a sufficiently numerous and well-bred offspring - whereas today’s anonymous system makes all workers pay for the pensions of all retirees in an utterly depersonalized manner.

This system enables huge numbers of “free riders” to receive more than what would correspond to their overall contribution in their productive life. Those with incomes way above the average, on the contrary, are penalized, as the system gives them less money than they contributed to it. This is referred to as the “solidarity principle”. In terms of birth rate, this arrangement is discouraging for both the low-income group and the high-income one. The latter feel that they are not going to need children in the old age, while the former believe that they can’t afford to have them.

Today, children no longer represent investments; instead, they have become pets - objects of luxury consumption. However, the pet market segment is very competitive. It is characteristic that the birth rate decline in the 1980s, and especially in the 1990s, was accompanied by soaring numbers of dog-owners in cities. While in the past dog-owners were predominantly retirees, today there are many young couples that have consciously decided to have a dog instead of a baby. These are mainly young professionals who have come to a conclusion (whether right or wrong) that they lack either time or money to have a child. Thus, they invest their emotional surpluses into animals.

Absolutely fascinating.  And the Islamics know this too, which is why they are pouring in to Islamify the continient.  If you’re a European in your 20s now, Europe is going to be a mighty different place when you retire.

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A Flip Flop to Do Kerry Proud
by Lee

A few years ago the UN recognized that the main problems in the Arab world were caused by the Arab world.  After the Bush administration used their report to justify its policies of regime change and democratization in the Middle East, the latest edition of the report mysteriously blames all the region’s problems on the US and those shifty Jews.  Get all the details over at The House of Wheels.

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American Criminal
by Lee

Did you guys watch American Idol on Tuesday night?  Do you remember Leroy Wells, the guy nobody could understand?  (If you missed his performance, or just want to see it again, click here.) Well, you might be as shocked, shocked to hear this as I am, but it seems that Leroy has run afoul of the law.

An American Idol hopeful, gaining notoriety, but not just for his shot at stardom. T-V viewers found Grand Bay’s Leroy Wells on national T-V Tuesday night. However, on Wednesday, the would-be “idol” could be found in Mobile Metro Jail.

While millions of American Idol fans kept it locked into Leroy, Leroy was locked up behind bars for failing to appear in court.

The 22-year-old Grand Bay, Alabama native wowed fans with his rendition of “Got Your Money” by O-D-B. Even though he wasn’t able to watch his performance from home, sheriff’s deputies tell NBC 15 they did allow Leroy and other inmates to watch American Idol from jail.

Mobile Police spokesman Marcus Young says Leroy Wells was arrested earlier this month for reportedly shooting a hand gun into an occupied vehicle. “Apparently they were arguing over how the cars were in the roadway at which time Mr. Wells allegedly shot the victim in his hip,” Young says.

An uniltelligible moron fires a gun into a car and ends up in the slammer?  I blame John Ashkkkroft.

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Another One Bites the Dust
by Lee

Blogging is a gruelling business sometimes.  Usually it’s fun, sometimes it’s a chore, and sometimes it’s frustrating.  Way back when I was a blogging tadpole one of the first blogs I ever read was The Ville.  I even remember sending an email to Brent asking him if he’d consider adding my dopey blog to his blogroll.  So I was dismayed to get an email from Brent today telling me that he’s getting out of the blogging game.  Believe me, having been doing this for a couple of years now I know that as soon as it stops being fun any more I’ll close up shop.

Stop on by The Ville and say so long.  And check out the pictures he’s posted.  The top one made me bust out laughing.

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Live from the Front
by Lee

If you haven’t been following the comments to the post An Army of Bomb, do so before reading this post.

Longtime readers of this blog will know that one of our regulars, Rick F, is over kicking ass in Iraq right now.  I’ve been worried lately because it’s been quite some time since his last email, so I was absolutely thrilled to receive this just a few minutes ago.  It seems that Rick was browsing through the site and was so pissed off at what he was reading from JSixton that he felt compelled to write.

Hello Lee and to all at the best damn web site on the net.

First off, I’m doing fine and staying safe. Lost a lot of warriors last night in a chopper crash and knew a few of those marines and I sure as hell will miss them. Been busy getting these shit heads under control for the elections coming up, so not alot of free time to sit and write. The time I do get off, I sleep and try to talk to my son as much as I can, little guy is growing real fast. When I read your last post from me, some asked if they could send over some goodies and as much as that would be appreciated, I have a better solution. we get a lot of things from stateside so we are ok, but there are a lot of familys that have lost a hero and as you know the government doesn’t do much, so I ask this from you people. Go out of your way and make a Vet or a family of a Vet feel like this has all been worth it. Do you know what I mean? Now I just happen to be able to get on a comp. today and saw this sixton open his mouth and spew a lot of false hood out. First of all sixton, your brother signed up and “ WAS” told all about the stop loss program. 2. This is my second time here, first being on the front lines in March of 03 and my second deployment was last year, I should be coming home this April, but guess what? If they need me, I stay! I may bitch and moan but I sure as hell don’t threaten to harm myself or blame my beloved corps. You sir, need to stop hating MY COUNTRY and start trying to show how much you love her. Go visit a vet in the hospital, go help a wounded vet, but my god boy, stop bad mouthing the greatest country on earth. Sixton if you remember anything remember this. I think the best thing is if you can think of all those who made the supreme sacrifice, remember the real meaning of that. They gave away all of their tomorrows for your todays. Well anyways Lee thinks again for the chance to let me rant a little and you all take care of yourselfs and your people.

I really hope I can get a chance to sit with some of you and drink a beer or two and just talk shit. sound fun? Any taker? till next time.


Ssgt Rick L. F
U.S Marine

God, Family, Country

Rick, whenever you make it back the beers are on me, brother.  Stay safe, and keep kicking ass and makins us proud.

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