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Monday, January 03, 2005

Twofer Tuesday
by Lee

Sometimes you have to admire prison justice.

Convicted killer James Porter figured he did society a favor by fatally beating a child molester, even though he wound up on death row for the slaying. Now he believes he is doing himself a favor by declining to seek any appeals, ensuring a trip to the Texas death chamber Tuesday.

“I’m the type of individual to face up to my responsibility and my mistakes,” Porter said recently in an interview.

At his request, no appeals were pending in the courts and no clemency petition was filed with the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Porter, 33, was serving a 45-year sentence for the 1995 fatal shooting of a transient when he killed inmate Rudy Delgado in 2000.

Court records show Porter smuggled a rock into his cell, put it in a pillowcase and used it to beat Delgado, who was serving a 15-year term for sexually assaulting a child.

So, the prisoner’s justice system took care of the child molester, and now the State of Texas is taking care of the convicted murderer who killed him.  All in all a good day to be a law-abiding citizen.

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Stingy My Ass
by Lee

Here’s some photos of our stingy, greedy, eeeeevil, kkkapitalist hegemonic government sending its fascist stormtrooper military to enslave tsunami victims and make record profits for Halliburton.

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by Lee

Unlike the vast majority of celebrity morons out here in Hollywood, Sandra Bullock is alright in my book.

Actress Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts for countries affected by the deadly tsunami.

The funds will go to supplies and technical assistance in the region. The death toll around the Indian Ocean rim approached 140,000. Searchers all but gave up hope of finding more survivors from the Dec. 26 killer earthquake and tsunami, with authorities saying that thousands listed as missing were presumed dead. The world turned its full attention to getting food and water to the living.

Bullock, 40, also donated $1 million to the organization after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

I have no idea as to her politics, but it’s good to see a pampered multi-millionaire celebrity actually put their money where their mouth is.

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Socialism Versus Jobs
by Lee

As if things in Canada weren’t already expensive enough

The 400,000 people who work for minimum wage in Ontario should not be left solely at the mercy of governments to get a raise, said Labour Minister Chris Bentley.

Ontario will increase its minimum wage as scheduled Feb. 1 by 30 cents an hour to $7.45, building on a 30 cent per hour hike introduced by the Liberal government last year.

“We made sure it was going to go up automatically so it was removed from public debate up to Feb. 1, 2007,” said Bentley.

He said the previous Conservative governments totally ignored the plight of people working for minimum wage, even though Ontario’s economy was booming at the time, with both inflation and wages for most workers rising an average of 16 per cent.

“For nine years, the province of Ontario enjoyed prosperity . . . but the most vulnerable got nothing,” said Bentley in a recent interview.

I suppose the idea that the cheap labor force played a large role in the booming economy is lost on these geniuses.

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Running Late
by Lee

Totally overslept this morning, no time to blog.  Back in a little while.

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Sunday, January 02, 2005

A New Low
by Lee

What a way to start the year, with this lunacy.

The Bush administration is preparing plans for possible lifetime detention of suspected terrorists, including hundreds whom the government does not have enough evidence to charge in courts, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

Citing intelligence, defense and diplomatic officials, the newspaper said the Pentagon and the CIA had asked the White House to decide on a more permanent approach for those it would not set free or turn over to courts at home or abroad.

As part of a solution, the Defense Department, which holds 500 prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, plans to ask the U.S. Congress for $25 million to build a 200-bed prison to hold detainees who are unlikely to ever go through a military tribunal for lack of evidence, defense officials told the newspaper.

The new prison, dubbed Camp 6, would allow inmates more comfort and freedom than they have now, and would be designed for prisoners the government believes have no more intelligence to share, The Post said.

“It would be modeled on a U.S. prison and would allow socializing among inmates,” the paper said.

“Since global war on terror is a long-term effort, it makes sense for us to be looking at solutions for long-term problems,” Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesman, was quoted as saying. “This has been evolutionary, but we are at a point in time where we have to say, ‘How do you deal with them in the long term?”’

How the hell are we, as supporters of the war on terror and of the president, supposed to react to this?  For the past four years we’ve been hearing about how Bush is a fascist and a dictator, and now the Bush administration pulls this stunt.

This is absolutely, unequivocally, fucking outrageous.

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Greetings and Salutations
by Lee

Hey gang, I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve.  I ended up going on a last-minute trip to Phoenix.  We drove down there Friday night and came back Saturday morning.  We stopped at a casino in Palm Springs, where I lost $40 on the slots and won $35 playing blackjack, so I only ended up a five spot in the hole.  I got back Saturday evening, but I was tired and decided to take a blogcation for the evening.  There were about 12 episodes of Monty Python’s Flying Circus waiting for me on the TiVo, not to mention a slew of Simpsons and Seinfeld, so I had my evening’s entertainment cut out for me.

But it’s good to be home.

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