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Monday, May 30, 2005

When Holidays Go Bad
by Lee

Oh my God, this is one of the most tragic things I’ve ever read.

A 4-year-old boy was shot and killed Sunday afternoon after he slipped undetected behind a paper target that family members and friends were using for gun practice.

The group had gathered for the long holiday weekend at a trailer on Lake Vermilion in northeastern Minnesota when the accident happened shortly before 1:45 p.m., authorities said.

There’d been light rain on and off all day, but the group decided to get in a little target practice.

They didn’t see the boy standing behind one of the paper targets.

The target didn’t completely obscure the child, but he was wearing camouflage pants, making him difficult to see against the foliage, said Sgt. James McKenzie of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office.

A 40-year-old man was shooting a 45-caliber handgun. The bullet flew about 30 feet, through the paper target and into the 4-year-old, killing him, McKenzie said.

A .45 at 30 feet?  The poor kid didn’t stand a chance.  This just goes to show the importance of gun safety, especially around kids.  You can’t take your eyes off them for a second.

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

In Our Midst
by Lee

A major terrorism bust?

Prosecutors are expected to announce charges against two men with New York ties who they say wanted to help the Al Qaeda terror network, according to a report on WNBC-TV in New York.

Law enforcement officials identified one of the suspects as Dr. Rafiq Abdus Sabir.

FBI agents arrested Sabir at his home in Palm Beach County, Florida over the weekend.

Officials said his arrest is the result of an ongoing terror-related investigation in New York. Investigators said Sabir and another man in New York, Terik Shah allegedly pledged support for Al Qaeda and offered to help them in New York and overseas with Jihaddist activities.

Shah is a martial arts expert and may have offered his expertise to help train terrorists, investigators said.

Investigators would not say who the men were in contact with overseas, but officials said the two men were caught with the help of an informant.

Spokesmen for the New York Police Department and FBI declined comment, but investigators told WNBC that charges against Sabir and Shah are expected to be announced this week and will include material support for terrorism.

What this case shows, yet again, is that the liberals are right when they say that we shouldn’t pay extra scrutiny towards Arab Americans.  After all, no Arab American would ever work with a jihadist to try and attack the United States, would they?

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Comment of the Day
by Lee

In this post, by Drumwaster.

You’re not an asshole, because an asshole is a part of a real human being. Instead, you would be a hemorrhoid, the diseased part of an asshole.


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Huh?  What?  Who?
by Lee

The irony in this story is just delicious.

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) expressed disappointment with the Fox TV show, “American Idol” for providing the incorrect voting phone numbers in its captioning during the Tuesday May 10, 2005 singing competition. The NAD believes that errors in captioning such as those in American Idol can be easily avoided.

Kelby Brick, the Director of Law & Advocacy for the National Association of the Deaf, said that, “Typographical errors happen way too often. The NAD has filed a petition with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asking them to set minimum captioning quality rules. The ‘American Idol’ captioning error has demonstrated that such errors in captioning too often leaves deaf and hard of hearing Americans with misinformation.”

I wasn’t aware that too many deaf people would be watching a singing competition, let along being able to make a decision as to which performer was better.

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by Lee

Believe it or not, France has not surrendered.

French voters have rejected the European Union’s proposed constitution in Sunday’s referendum, President Jacques Chirac has said.
The vote could deal a fatal blow to the constitution, which needs to be ratified by all 25 members states.

With 85% of votes counted the “No” vote stood at almost 56%, according to interior ministry figures.

Mr Chirac accepted the voters’ “sovereign decision” - but said France would honour its European commitments.

In his short TV address, he added that the rejection created “a difficult context for the defence of our interests in Europe”.

The French leader, who had campaigned hard for a “Yes” vote, said voters had registered their frustrations in the referendum.

He announced that he would take a decision on the future of his centre-right government “in the coming days”, hinting at a possible reshuffle.

With France out the constitution is all but dead.  Yet another humiliating defeat for Saddam’s bitch.

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Is This Radical?
by Lee

I just got an email from the CA Republican Party.

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Democrats used a resolution honoring the Girl Scouts of America as a vehicle to promote their agenda that is inconsistent with California’s hardworking families.

“This doesn’t praise the Girl Scouts, it sets an agenda that the mainstream of California does not agree with,” said Assemblywoman Sharon Runner, R-Lancaster. “The Legislature should be working on a responsible, bipartisan budget, but the Assembly Democrats continue to play politics – even with a resolution honoring the Girl Scouts.”

ACR 48, by Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg, D-Los Angeles, commends the Girl Scouts of America for 93 years of inspiring girls to be successful.  But the resolution also contains unnecessary language regarding Scouts’ sexual orientation.

Assembly Republicans submitted amendments to delete references to sexual orientation, so the resolution would have honored the Girl Scouts without promoting any political agenda. Assembly Democrats killed the amendments on a party-line vote, instead adopting the politically motivated resolution on a 44-12 vote.

“As a former Girl Scout, I deeply value the contributions that this organization has made to generations of Americans,” Runner said. “It’s a shame that the Assembly’s majority party is unable to honor either the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts without engaging in partisan politics.”

Intrigued as to what this radical sexual language was in a bill honoring the Girl Scouts I looked it up.  Here’s the only part that refers to anything sexual.

WHEREAS, The Girl Scouts is an organization with a proud history of inclusion and acceptance, and has historically promoted diversity in its membership by accepting all girls and women, regardless of their religion, nationality, economic background, or sexual orientation;

That’s it?  That’s a radical partisan agenda?  A mention of the fact that the Girl Scouts allow lesbians?  (Do they?  Until now I had no idea one way or the other.) When I read that the Democrats were playing radical partisan politics I was expect something, well, radical and partisan.  This seems pretty lame compared to the way the GOP email describes it.  In fact, if I may be so bold, by sending out such an indignant, inflammatory email over such a harmless bill as this I’d say it was the GOP who was playing radical partisan politics and not the Democrats.

Is there something here I’m missing?

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Vampire Sleep
by Lee

The sun is coming up and I am still awake… ugh.  Damn you demon alcohol.

Update: I should rename this blog “Right-Thinking: One Man’s Slow Documented Descent Into Alcoholism.”

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by Lee

The Minutemen and Revolutionaries™ have executed another hostage.  Digger’s Realm has the details.

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Lighten Up, Diane
by Lee

From a (non) reader named Diane.

“there is nothing wrong with California that a massive earthquake wouldn’t fix”

You might reconsider the wisdom of such a juvenile, thoughtless remark.  I am sure I’m not the first person who who has followed a link to your site, saw that comment and decided not to read your blog.  I am doing you a favor in taking the time to tell you how simple-minded it makes you look.

Have a safe day,

My response: Diane, let me put it this way.  If you think that is juvenile and thoughtless, you wouldn’t like my blog anyway.

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Lighten Up, Francis
by Lee

Regarding this post, I just received an email from some lawyer.

To “Lee” of “Right Thinking from the Left Coast:

Before commenting on a court case, it might be a good idea to read the case on which you are commenting.  Koebke v. Bernardo Heights Country Club is not a case about the 14th Amendment at all.  Koebke is about California Civil Code Section 51, also known as the “Unruh Civil Rights Act”.  The California Supreme Court has granted review of the following questions:

1.  Does California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act prohibit discrimination based on marital status?
2.  Does the Unruh Civil Rights Act’s prohibition of sexual orientation and sex discrimination bar a business establishment from choosing to provide benefits to only those couples who are legally married, so long as California does not allow same-sex couples ot marry?

Nor had the Court of Appeals decided this case based on the 14th Amendment; that court addressed the petitioner’s claims under the Unruh Act and also under San Diego Municipal Code Section 52.9601, et seq.

I recommend that you disclose that you (apparently) wrote your commentary without actually taking the time to read that case you were talking about, read it, and start over.

My response:  Dude, lighten up.  I wrote my post based on the article I read.  I’m not a lawyer.  You, obviously, have a stick up your ass about this subject.  I don’t need to disclose anything because nobody expects me to read the case because (gasp!) I’m not a lawyer.  Whatever the legal justification, 14th Amendment or otherwise, I think my point stands.  If a lesbian is granted the right to have her girlfriend use the club, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that some guy is eventually going to file a lawsuit claiming that he is being discriminated against because he is not permitted to have his unmarried female girlfriend use the facilities.

I recommend that you remove the stick from your ass and realize that this is a blog, and not a court of law.  Lighten up, Francis.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Memorial Day
by Lee

Freedom has never been free.  The natural state of humanity is slavery, and it is only through effort and the willingness of men to fight and die that we are free today. 


Memorial Day has gone from a day of solemn remembrance to a three-day weekend of barbecues, retail sales, and a celebration of the start of summer.  There are efforts to restore to Memorial Day the solemnity and dignity that it deserves, sponsored by Daniel Inouye of Hawaii (a WWII Medal of Honor recipient) which you can read about here.

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by Lee

Maybe this is why Alexander wasn’t a better movie.

Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone was arrested for investigation of drug possession and driving while intoxicated, police said Saturday.

Stone, 58, was arrested Friday night at a police checkpoint on Sunset Boulevard after showing signs of alcohol intoxication, police Sgt. John Edmundson said.

A search of his Mercedes turned up drugs, Edmundson said. He did not specify what kind.

Stone was released Saturday morning after posting $15,000 bail.

Of course, being Oliver Stone, he’ll inevitably blame it on the eeeeeevil fascist Bush administration, who are using their top-secret CIA operatives to frame him because he’s gotten too close to the secret of their master plan to enslave the universe.

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by Lee

Where else but Massachusetts.

Spanking children is being discouraged in Brookline.

Town Meeting has passed a resolution urging parents and child care workers to consider alternative disciplinary methods that don’t cause pain to a child.

The resolution—which may be one of the first of its kind in the country—instead promotes respect and understanding between parents and children.

It has no force of law.

Rather that spank children, parents are encouraged to push them toward marrying someone of the same sex.  Then, when the marriage turns sour, to driving their same-sex spouse into a large body of water and drowning them.

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Democratic Dildos
by Lee

I’m watching Family Business on Showtime, and they just featured a guy who makes glass dildos.  He was wearing a Kerry/Edwards 2004 t-shirt.

How appropriate.

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by Lee

Let the power struggle begin.

Reliable sources in the Saudi capital Riyadh said Friday King Fahd is dead, reports the Saudi Institute.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia has been dead since late Wednesday, according to several well-placed sources in the capital Riyadh who spoke to the Saudi Institute, a pro-democracy think tank in Washington, on condition of anonymity.

So, what can we expect?

Fahd’s death will impact the succession of the would-be king, Crown Prince Abdullah, who is half brother to the Sudairi Seven.

The Sudairis share one mother and include Fahd, Defense Minister Sultan, Interior Minister Naif, Governor of Riyadh Salman and other Sudiaris who form the most powerful alliance in the ruling tribe of Al-Saud, according to the Saudi Institute.

“Abdullah will find it impossible to wrestle the throne away from the Sudairis who want to maintain power in their branch. The struggle between the Sudairis and Abdullah, if any, would be pose a greater threat to the regime than violent groups who have been engaged in at times fierce clashes with government forces,” reported the Saudi Institute.

If you think Saudi Arabia is a menace now, wait until someone other than the nominally pro-American Abdullah gets into power.

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