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Monday, May 02, 2005

Meet the Terrorists
by Lee

The other day In the comments to this post I wrote about the current climate among today’s recruiting-age youth.

There was a time when being patriotic was a pretty easily defined concept.  But you’ve gotten a whole generation of kids who have ben raised since birth to see a great deal of blurring in that line.  We have high school and college aged kids, who are the target segment when it comes to recruiting, who have been taught that burning the American flag can be an act of patriotism.  So when patriotic feelings emerge, there is more than one avenue for people to express that desire.  Now, I think that much of what the left calls patriotism is actually nothing but cowardice and hatred wrapped up in the bunting of faux patriotism, but nonetheless there is a support system for gutless pussies who wish to dodge military service.  “I’m not a coward, I’m a patriot!” It makes that choice a lot easier than it did in generations past.

Well, meet a group of patriots up in San Francisco.  The truly sick thing is that every one of these students most likely truly believes that engaging in this kind of event is, in fact, an exhibition of patriotism. 

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Staying Alive, Maaaaaaaan
by Lee

It’s official.  Eventually the world will be filled with nothing but filthy, disgusting hippies.

he Beatles were right: researchers have found that hanging out with the Maharishi may make you live longer.
A new study shows that transcendental meditation, a relaxation technique developed by the Indian guru and made famous when the fab four dabbled with it in the late 60s, can reduce death rates by nearly a quarter.

Robert Schneider, who led the research, said: “The study found that in older people with mild high blood pressure, those practising transcendental meditation had a 23% lower risk of death from all causes.”

The study was funded by the US government and the results appear in the American Journal of Cardiology. The study pooled the findings of two previous trials that followed 202 elderly people in the US over 18 years. Some practised transcendental meditation, while others tried different techniques, such as progressive muscle relaxation.

The transcendental meditation group had 30% fewer deaths from heart disease and 49% fewer from cancer.

This just goes to show that, truly, there are fates worse than death.

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Killer Commies
by Lee

I totally forgot that yesterday, May 1, was Mayday, essentially the communist equivalent of the 4th of July.  In honor of this day some pranksters in Russia had some fun with an old commie icon.  The interesting thing is that the guy under the mask is much more of a homicidal killer than the one represented by the mask itself.

And if you’re not familiar with the story of Mayday, check out this post from a couple of years ago.  I think you might be surprised just what they’re celebrating.

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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Get ‘Em While They’re Young
by Lee

I think there’s more to this story than meets the eye.

Although Kiera Spear has already received her polling card for next week’s British general election, she had no idea who to vote for, or even what policies the parties support.

But then again, she is only eight months old.

St Edmundsbury District Council in Suffolk, eastern England, said Wednesday that there appeared had been some confusion over Keira’s age, after it sent her the card entitling her to vote on May 5.

“There must have been some mix-up. I’m sure I filled in the form properly. I thought it was hilarious,” Keira’s mother, Glenda Spear, said.

Is this a simple bureaucratic mix up?  Or have the socialists finally found a voting demographic so totally in line with their own concept of the function of government?  Think about it, the get voters to go straight from their mother’s teat to the government teat.  There’s a method to this madness.

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The Tipping Point
by Lee

Tomorrow, May 2, I turn 35.  The other day I made a comment to a coworker.

“I can’t believe that on Monday I officially become middle-aged.”
“Oh, you’re turning 40?”
“No, 35.”
“Well, 35 isn’t middle aged.  Isn’t it considered middle-aged when you turn 40?”
“Not in my family.”

She was horrified.  I thought it was hilarious.

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Eight Months
by Lee

Here’s the latest socialized medicine success.

A 26-YEAR-OLD publishing executive died after spending eight months on an NHS waiting list for a scan that would have enabled doctors to treat her condition.

Sarah Clarke, an epileptic, was referred last August for the scan but suffered a fatal seizure in March despite a plea in February by her consultant to speed up the assessment.

Her mother Gaynor discovered her daughter’s body when she went into her bedroom to ask if she wanted breakfast. “Sarah’s death just wasn’t necessary,” she said. “I just think she could have had a long and fulfilling life if the NHS services she needed were there.”

Clarke’s death is likely to provoke a political row over the “hidden” waits that thousands of patients face for potentially life-saving diagnostic tests. It will also fuel the growing controversy over NHS targets which critics say are distorting doctors’ clinical priorities.

Her consultant, Professor Ley Sander, of University College London’s Institute of Neurology and Britain’s leading epilepsy expert, said that four of his young patients, including Clarke, had died this year while waiting for scans or operations. He said the government’s targets meant epilepsy was less of a priority in the NHS even though some 400,000 Britons suffered from the condition.

This weekend Michael Howard, the Tory leader, said it was an appalling tragedy: “In the fourth richest country in the world, people shouldn’t have to settle for this. Doctors should be able to exercise their own clinical judgment. They shouldn’t be second-guessed by bureaucrats and managers.”

Hey, the wait may be a killer, but at least it’s free!  Honestly, can you imagine this type of scan taking more than a day or two in the US?

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