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Monday, July 25, 2005

Angry Muslim Hosers
by Lee

Canadians have been warned by the Religion of Peace™ not to piss them off.

A controversial Toronto imam warned Public Safety Minister Anne McLellan at a closed-door meeting to stop “terrorizing” Canadian Muslims.

“If you try to cross the line I can’t guarantee what is going to happen. Our young people, we can’t control,” Aly Hindy, the head of Scarborough’s Salaheddin Islamic Centre, recalls telling the minister at the May meeting she held in Toronto with dozens of Muslim leaders.

The meeting was part of an effort by Ms. McLellan to reach out to Canadian Muslims amid complaints that the RCMP and Canadian Security Intelligence Service are engaging in racial profiling.

The minister and her officials have been meeting community leaders to explain they are not targeting Muslims generally, only individuals with possible terrorist links.

By many accounts, the meetings have been positive and are contributing to a thaw in relations between Muslims and security agents, even if the exchange in May was a little heated.

Mr. Hindy, who has long complained that CSIS is spying on him, his family and his mosque, told Ms. McLellan that a young Muslim woman complained to him she was roughed up by Canadian spies while her husband was away at prayers. This allegation could spur reprisals because “our women are the most valuable thing to us” and “for a Muslim, honour is more important than his life,” Mr. Hindy said in a recent interview.

What an utterly pathetic statement on the mindset of your average Muslim, isn’t it?  They don’t really seem to care about anyone else’s lives, either.  The only thing that matters is the way the Muslim feels.  In other words, they’re just like western liberals.  Anything can be justified because someone’s feelings were hurt.

He made the point to the minister. Several people who attended shrugged off the imam’s remarks, but some Muslims and government agents later approached Mr. Hindy asking him to explain himself.

“The police came to me and said, ‘This is a kind of threat,’ and I said yes,” he said. “But it’s for the good of this country.

“And they said, ‘Do you know some of the names of those people you expect to cause some problems?’ And I said, ‘You just open the telephone directory.’ ”

This guy should be deported tomorrow to some third world shithole.

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Harry and the Hendersons
by Lee

Could this be the physical proof that the tinfoil hat crowd has been looking for lo these many years?

he question of whether or not there is a bigfoot roaming around the Yukon hangs by a hair, as a biologist analyzes samples taken from the community of Teslin where nine people reported sasquatch sightings 10 days ago.

Phillip Merchant, a territorial biologist, says so far tests show the hair was likely not from a bear.

He made the assessment after comparing hair samples found at the scene, with samples of known local mammals.

Merchant says he can’t make an exact match, but says the hair most resembles that of a Yukon bison. He says more precise tests could be fairly expensive.

“There are new electron microscopes that could be applied and it’s all a question of getting someone who is interested in doing it and what the bill is and who will pay,” says Merchant.

“If it comes from the government of the Yukon does it give it an aura of authenticity? We have to be careful we don’t send people on a wild goose chase.”

Hopes were dashed after it was revealed that the fur was in fact from Robin Williams, who was in the area with his family camping.

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Two of Hearts
by Lee

You’ll never meet anyone who respects veterans as much as I do, but doesn’t this seem a little extreme to you?

Some military veterans and law enforcement officials are angry about a Web site promoting Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn’s comedy “Wedding Crashers.”

To win the affections of attractive bridesmaids in the movie, two fun-loving partiers pretend to be Purple Heart recipients.

New Line Cinema’s movie Web site includes a fake, paper Purple Heart to cut out, with the spoof: “Carrying a Purple Heart in your jacket guarantees you attention, admiration and plenty of free booze.”

“I challenge the producer of that movie to go to Walter Reed Hospital and walk through the ward and see if he still wants to print out a fake Purple Heart,” said Thomas Cottone, Jr., a special agent with the FBI who enforces a federal law that prohibits wearing, manufacturing, buying, selling or trading a Medal of Honor.

“Talk to some of these people who don’t have legs anymore and see how funny they think that movie is.”

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but from what I can gather these guys crash weddings, and use a plethora of different stories to get women into the sack.  In this context, I don’t see this being particularly offensive.  It’s just a movie, I don’t think they’re actually suggesting anyone do this.  Am I missing something? 

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Reality Distortion Field
by Lee

Bill Gates has done it.  He has officially destroyed Apple, and wiped their offices from the face of the Earth.

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Multiculturalism Kills
by Lee

The inimitable Mark Steyn takes on multiculturalism, in the context of the way so many people view terrorism.

Bomb us, and we agonise over the “root causes” (that is, what we did wrong). Decapitate us, and our politicians rush to the nearest mosque to declare that “Islam is a religion of peace”. Issue bloodcurdling calls at Friday prayers to kill all the Jews and infidels, and we fret that it may cause a backlash against Muslims. Behead sodomites and mutilate female genitalia, and gay groups and feminist groups can’t wait to march alongside you denouncing Bush, Blair and Howard. Murder a schoolful of children, and our scholars explain that to the “vast majority” of Muslims “jihad” is a harmless concept meaning “decaf latte with skimmed milk and cinnamon sprinkles”.

Next he discusses freed Australian hostage Douglas Wood.

And heaven forbid we’re insensitive about terrorists. True, a blindfolded Wood had to listen to his jailers murder two of his colleagues a few inches away, but how boorish would one have to be to hold that against one’s captors? A few months after 9/11, National Review’s John Derbyshire dusted off the old Cold War mantra “Better dead than red” and modified it to mock the squeamishness of politically correct warfare: “Better dead than rude”.

He’s oh-so right.  Read the whole thing.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Iddy Piddy Puffy Z Boy Homez Yo
by Lee

Sean Combs wants a new name.

P. Diddy has announced he is changing his name again - because he is bored.

The hip-hop mogul - real name Sean Combs - has revealed he is planning to add a new moniker to his list of aliases.

Diddy, who is also known as Puff Daddy and Puffy, told America’s Us Weekly magazine: “I’m about to change it again. Why? Because I can.”

I’d like to suggest a name.  How about “Fucking Douchebag.”

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The Dark Continent
by Lee

Here’s the latest example of why Africa is a shithole, and it has nothing to do with debt relief.

Severe hunger caused a Kenyan couple to kill and eat their son, according to a newspaper report.

Residents of the Bondeni village in the Tana River district alerted the assistant chief of police in the area.

When police arrived at the house last week, they found body parts in a pot.

According to the newspaper Sunday Nation, the son was severely handicapped.

The area has been hit hard by drought and according to district agricultural officer Edward Ziro Wanje, more than 150 000 people in the area are facing starvation.

The parents of the child were arrested.

Why weren’t food aid supplies in this region?  Because of Africa’s debt?  Or because Africa is a teeming shithole that is going to take centuries to be brought up to minimal standards of civilized behavior?

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Penn Bomb
by Lee

Some people are such dumbasses.

A “suspicious package” in New York’s Penn Station triggered at least a partial evacuation today while bomb squad technicians investigated, city police officials said.

The scare was at least the third such incident of the day.

Within about a half-hour, people began returning to the station, according to a television crew from WABC-TV in New York, and police and emergency officials declared the incident over.

A preliminary report indicated a person may have tossed the suspicious package at an Amtrak clerk, shouted “bomb” and fled, according to other city emergency personnel. Police could not initially confirm that report.

We know this wasn’t an actual terrorist threat, because real Islamists don’t actually warn people before they blow them up.

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Going Dark
by Lee

In a couple of weeks I’m going to a school reunion in Houston, and I want to get a little color in my skin before I go.  I was born with pasty, white Irish skin which more often than not burns to a crisp when I get out in the sun.  (Plus there’s the fact that the last thing anyone wants to see is my hairy, gelatinous form in public without a shirt on.) Let me put it this way, the last time I had a good tan was the summer of 1988.

Anyway, a girl I know who also doesn’t tan well recommended that I try Mystic Tan.  I found a place close to my house that does it and I’m going in there today at 1:00.  It supposedly works great and lasts about a week.  This way I can try it out and see how it works.  If it looks like shit it will have worn off by the time I go to the reunion, and if it looks good I can go in for a booster before I leave.

Anyone ever done this?

Update: Well, it’s been four and a half hours since I put it on, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed so far.  It’s even, and looks pretty damn realistic.  It kinda stinks, though, so I can’t wait until the six hour time limit is up and I can take a shower.  I gotta tell you, for something that’s only $23 for two sessions and takes all of 30 seconds to apply, this beats the shit out of burning to a crisp just to get a little sun on your legs.

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Supporting Our Soldiers
by Lee

Here we see how America’s vermin liberals pay their respects to a fallen soldier.

Vandals are compounding the grief of a Tri-state soldier’s family.

Not even 24-hours after Private First Class Tim Hines’s wife and family said goodbye at his funeral, American flags that had adorned their Fairfield yard were piled beneath a car and burned.

Hines’ sister-in-law woke up to hear her car alarm around 5:30 a.m. and saw her car on fire.

As firefighters brought the fire under control they discovered a pile of around 20 American flags underneath the car.

Neighbors say Hines’ wife’s family had flags line their front yard and on the porch.

Those were taken as well as flags in neighboring yards.

Hines was injured in Iraq and flown to Walter Reed Hospital in the Washington, D.C. area, but succumbed to the injuries before he could return home.

Hines’ wife Katy is eight-months pregnant with their second child. She buried her husband on Friday.

Every time I think that the left in this country might have a shred of decency left in it I read something like this.  Simply disgusting.

Update: Democrats, they’re all class.

The family of a Marine who was killed in Iraq is furious with Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll for showing up uninvited at his funeral this week, handing out her business card and then saying “our government” is against the war. … She sat down next to a Goodrich family member and, during the distribution of communion, said, “Who are you?” Then she handed the family member one of her business cards, which Goodrich said she still has.

“Knoll felt this was an appropriate time to campaign and impose her will on us,” Goodrich said. “I am amazed and disgusted Knoll finds a Marine funeral a prime place to campaign.”

Goodrich said she is positive that Knoll was not invited to the funeral, which was jammed with Marines in dress uniform and police officers, because the fallen Marine had been a policeman in McKeesport and Indiana County.

“Our family deserves an apology,” Rhonda Goodrich said. “Here you have a soldier who was killed—dying for his country—in a church full of grieving family members and she shows up uninvited. It made a mockery of Joey’s death.”

What really upset the family, Goodrich said, is that Knoll said, ‘I want you to know our government is against this war,’ “ Goodrich said.

Note the typically Michael Moore-ish assumption that anyone who loses a family member in the war is instantly going to be against it.

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The Enemy of My Enemy
by Lee

There’s a great column over at Reason Online on John Roberts.

Critics of negative campaigning say attack ads reflect poorly on the candidates they’re intended to benefit. That’s not necessarily true, but I do find that attack ads often reflect well on the candidates they’re intended to hurt.

When an announcer gravely warns me that someone running for public office opposes gun control and wants to cut spending, I think, “Hmm. He sounds pretty good.” So it is with Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, whose detractors seem intent on accentuating his positive points.

The main complaint about Roberts is that he might vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. “We continue to believe that Roe was wrongly decided and should be overruled,” said a 1990 brief that he co-authored as a deputy solicitor general in the first Bush administration. “The Court’s conclusion in Roe that there is a fundamental right to abortion and that the government has no compelling interest in protecting prenatal human life throughout pregnancy finds no support in the text, structure, or history of the Constitution.”

Assuming Roberts agrees with the argument he made as the government’s lawyer, I see no cause for alarm. Given how weak the reasoning underlying Roe is—so weak that many abortion rights supporters are embarrassed by the ruling, which they consider a legal and political mistake—it would be alarming if Roberts didn’t think the case was wrongly decided.

The law has to draw a line after which a fetus becomes a person with a right to life, whether it’s at conception, at birth, or somewhere in between. But the location of that line cannot be determined by constitutional analysis, and under our federal system it’s a decision that is properly left to state legislatures.

I think he’s exactly right, primarily because this is exactly what I feel as well.  If the ACLU, PFAW, liberal Democrats, MoveOn, and the rest of the left-wing hit squad hate him this much, the guy’s got to be doing something right.

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Heart Healthy
by Lee

Boy does this story sound familiar.

The McDonald’s restaurant in the food court at one of the nation’s top heart hospitals is now offering up veggie burgers and carrot sticks.

And both sides say the tension is easing over whether cheeseburgers and fries belong in a place where patients struggling with coronary artery disease are trying to avoid fast food.

“We are generally pleased with the progress that has been made so far and will continue to work toward improvements on menu items and cooking techniques,” Cleveland Clinic spokeswoman Eileen Sheil said.

Cardiac surgeon Toby Cosgrove, who is also the hospital’s chief executive officer, questioned last year whether the fast-food restaurant belonged at the Cleveland Clinic.

McDonald’s has about nine years left on a 20-year lease, and the disagreement over whether it should remain there resulted in several meetings involving hospital officials and executives from the Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s Corp.

When my father was in hospital getting his artificial heart last year, there was a McDonald’s in the lobby of the Texas Heart Center where he was a patient.  Every time we walked past it the joint was packed.  A couple of times my Mom and I stopped in there for a snack (you can only eat so much hospital food).  One day Mom and I were in a hurry to get somewhere, so she said that she would go get the car and I should grab dinner for us and we’d eat on the way I walked in, walked to the register, and ordered two meals.  Then I glanced next to me, and there was my father’s heart surgeon.

“Getting a heart-healthy meal, I see,” he said. 

I replied, “Well, you’re in here, too.”

“Touché,” he responded.  “Actually I’m just buying an ice cream.”

We both had a good laugh.  If there’s one person you really don’t want to run into at a fast food joint it’s the surgeon who, only days before, removed your father’s heart.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

by Lee

Bill Clinton, never one to let someone else hog the spotlight for more than five seconds, is fighting AIDS in Africa.

Former President Bill Clinton launched a program Saturday that will nearly double the number of children receiving treatment for HIV infection in Kenya by the end of the year.

Some 100,000 children are infected with HIV, but only 1,200 receive treatment. The Clinton Foundation’s Pediatric HIV/AIDS Initiative will provide treatment to an additional 1,000 children in this East African nation.

Clinton flew to Rwanda later Saturday and donated a year’s supply of anti-retroviral treatment for 2,500 children infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The initiative is part of the foundation’s goal to get 10,000 children on anti-retroviral treatment in at least 10 countries by the end of 2005.

The Clinton Foundation’s next effort is to try and tackle the transmission of HIV among adults by promoting a modified version of Uganda’s remarkably successful A-B-C program.  The Clinton plan is comprised of the following steps.

A: Abstain from sex.
B: Be monogamous.
C: If you absolutely must engage in sex, use a cigar.

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Teaching Hitler
by Lee

Glaring apologists for evil, or lunatic PC idiocy run amok?  You decide.

Human rights campaigners in India’s Gujarat state have condemned school textbooks which they say praise Hitler.
The books are issued by the Hindu nationalist state government. One includes a chapter on the “internal achievements of Nazism”.

A Jesuit priest and social activist, Cedric Prakash, says the books contain more than 300 factual errors and make little mention of the holocaust.

The Gujarat government has dismissed the charges as baseless.

A senior official from the state education department told the BBC that anomalies arose when the book was translated from Gujarati into English, and are being quoted out of context.

Now, I know nothing about this issue other than what has been quoted in this article, but here’s one of the items they find objectionable.

In the chapter entitled “Internal achievements of Nazism,” one textbook quoted by AFP states: “Hitler lent dignity and prestige to the German government within a short time, establishing a strong administrative set-up.”

Now, the way I see it, there’s absolutely nothing untrue about that sentence.  That’s exactly what Hitler did.  After WWI the victorious powers brutally punished the German people, leading to economic disaster and internal strife.  Hitler was able to use this to his advantage, first by blaming all of Germany’s problems on the Jews, and subsequently promising to restore Germany to its former greatness.  He absolutely “lent dignity and prestige” to the German government, and to the people as a whole.  Once in power, he did indeed set up a strong administrative system, resulting in the world’s most powerful army.  In the broader sense, what the textbook says is absolutely true.

Now, the context in which this information is relayed is crucial.  There’s nothing wrong with discussing the truth about what Hitler did, even to point out some of the things he did that were beneficial to the German people (the autobahn, for example), but it has to be stated in the larger context of the pure evil that he and the Nazi regime represented.  If these textbooks do not present this context in an adequate manner then, absolutely, these criticisms are completely warranted.  But the one sentence above, in and of itself, doesn’t seem to me to be out of line in any sense.

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Sorry, Old Chap
by Lee

I really pity British law enforcement for the fallout they’re going to get over this.

The man shot and killed on a subway car by London police in front of horrified commuters had nothing to do with this month’s bombings on the city’s transit system, police said Saturday in expressing their regrets.

A day earlier, the police commissioner said the man was “directly linked” to Thursday’s attacks, in which bombs on three subway trains and a bus failed to detonate properly. No one was injured.

“For somebody to lose their life in such circumstances is a tragedy and one that the Metropolitan Police Service regrets,” a police spokesman said on customary condition of anonymity.

The man, whose identity has not been released, was shot Friday at a subway station in the south London neighborhood of Stockwell. Witnesses said the man appeared to be South Asian and was wearing a heavy padded coat when police chased him into a subway car, pinned him to the ground and shot him in the head and torso.

A police spokesman said on customary condition of anonymity that the man was unconnected to Thursday’s incidents, in which bombs placed on three subway cars and a double-decker bus failed to detonate properly.

Later, a Metropolitan Police official said on condition of anonymity that the man was “not believed to be connected in any way to any of the London bombings.” The official requested anonymity because no official announcement had been made concerning a link to the July 7 attacks that killed 56 people, including four attackers.

Police in the UK are rarely ever involved in shootings, so this is going to be a huge deal.  Even here in the gun and crime infested cesspool of America, police shootings inevitably evoke cries of racism, no matter what the circumstances.  Case in point is this incident from here in LA.  Some scumbag got involved in a shootout with police and actually used his own infant daughter as a human shield.  During the gun battle the toddler was shot and killed.  Seems pretty straightforward, right?

“We’ve got some trigger-happy policemen that don’t belong on that force,” Joeanne Gibson, 47, said at a growing makeshift memorial for the young victim, Suzie Pena. “I don’t think they intended to shoot the baby, yet it could’ve been done another way.”

This was in LA, a city with areas that are subject to violent crime on damn near a daily basis.  Because this almost never happens in the UK, the wound is going to be even deeper. 

Update: Based on the first few comments to this post I don’t think I was clear enough in my point.  I’m not trying to draw some kind of equivalency between the two shootings, except to say that no matter how justified a shooting may seem, there will always be a large contingent of perpetual victims (poor blacks here, Muslims in the UK) who will raise holy hell about it.  In the LA case this scumbag actually used his own baby daughter as a human shield.  How could anyone make a logical argument that this was anything but the father’s responsibility?  Well, they have.  This has been huge news here in LA for the past couple of weeks.  And I predict that this is going to have a similar, and in all likelihood bigger, impact in the UK, because they are not used to the concept of police shootings as being justified.  So yes, the guy was running from the police while wearing a thick coat, and they shot him dead.  Seems reasonably justified to me, all things considered.  But this won’t stop every imam and whining maggot Islamic community leader from claiming that the shooting is the inevitable end result of racism or paranoia or a setthing undercurrent of Islamophobia currently gripping the UK.  The people sympathetic to the Islamists and/or hostile to the UK will spin this as much as possible.

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