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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Taking Care of Kiwis
by Lee

It’s the latest socialized medicine success!

A fourth generation Kiwi has renounced her citizenship after a year-long battle with the Immigration Service over getting residency for her husband of 32 years.

Mari McGuire says she is ashamed to be a Kiwi.

McGuire’s husband, American folk singing star Barry McGuire, has been refused permanent residency because the service says his age - 70 - and heart condition would make him a burden on the health system. McGuire, who had a US No 1 hit in 1965 with the anti-war song Eve of Destruction, has a pacemaker.

The couple’s $1 million-plus home - built on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula north of Auckland 18 months ago - goes up for auction today. They will return to California.

The issue of health screening for immigrants was highlighted last week by a Sunday Star-Times article which revealed a deaf South African girl, allegedly killed by her father, had also been classified a possible burden on the state.

The Immigration Service is introducing tougher health screening for migrants aimed at weeding out those with TB and HIV, but also anyone who could be a burden on the state, including children with developmental delays and people with dementia.

But… but… where’s the compassion?  I mean, it’s almost like the NZ government is impersonally doing a cost/benefit analysis on human life, but that couldn’t possibly be true.  The only people who do that are mean old kkkapitalist American healthcare corporations.  Everyone knows that government-run healthcare is free and unlimited and everyone gets all they need under all circumstances, right?

Update: It’s worth noting, too, that when my father went into hospital for the last time, and he was told that he needed a heart transplant to live, he had little to no health insurance.  NOT ONE SINGLE TIME was there ever a suggestion, hint, or a whiff of the idea that he would not get his treatment due to his inability to pay for it.  Sure, he might have gone bankrupt in the end, but he would have gotten the treatment nonetheless.  (For those of you who don’t know the story of my father and his heart issues, see here.)

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Black and White
by Lee

Well, at least Casey Sheehan’s mother knows who her enemies are.

She then offered up a challenge, urging activists to withhold their support for the popular senator unless she comes around. “It’s time to tell your elected officials, ‘If you’re not with us, you’re against us,’ “ Sheehan said, “and if you’re against us, we’ll vote you out of office. ”

Interesting, isn’t it.  This type of “with us or against us” thinking has been blasted by the left ever since 9/11.  Of course, that was when it was uttered by a Republican.  When a Republican says something along those lines it’s the inevitable end result of simple-minded ignorance, but when someone like Casey Sheehan’s mother says it it’s a principled stand on moral grounds.

Of course, if this logic holds true for elected officials, then why not for the larger issue of terrorism as a whole?  I mean, if the Islamic world is not with us, then they must therefore be against us, right? 

Why anyone takes this woman seriously any more is beyond me, and that’s me included.  Of course, I hope she sticks around.  Her barking moonbattery will do nothing but hurt the Democrats in 2006.  She could potentially have the same effect in next year’s elections that Michael Moore had in last year’s, so polarizing the debate that people will vote for the GOP just to avoid associating with left-wing fruitcakes like Sheehan.

Also, check out the picture in the link.  Some African nationalist and a woman with pink hair.  Welcome to the New Democratic Party.

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Giving Props, Yo
by Lee

It’s [a week away from] election day, and here in Cullyforneah we have to go and choose from the usual plethora of ballot initiatives.  Here’s how I’m voting.

73: Yes
74: Yes
75: Yes
76: Yes
77: Yes
78: Yes
79: No
80: No

You can get the Republican voter guide and the Libertarian voter guide at the links.  Apart from 73, the parental notification law, both of them are exactly the same.  At least here in California the true libertarian spirit of the Republican Party is alive and well.

Update: Okay, so I’m retarded.  I have my weeks wrong.  Man, I need to get some more sleep.  I’m just glad I didn’t show up at the polling place.  It’s at an elementary school, and I would have looked like a pedophile walking onto school grounds off the street.

Same info applies, just on the 8th.

Update 2: Man, I have seriously got to quit sniffing glue first thing in the morning.  Okay, first off, I’m voting YES on 78, so I’ve made the change above.  Secondly, the Libertarian Party is recommending a NO vote on that measure, while the GOP recommends a YES.  Never let it be said that I’ll instinctively choose the Libertarian position over the Republican.

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Tiny Little Snap
by Lee

Ah, Islam.  The societies it creates are so peaceful and respectful.  Like Iran, where they do this to eight year old boys who are caught stealing.

Oh yeah, Muslim feminists.  Good luck changing that religion.

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Burning Bras and Burqas
by Lee

Part of me finds this admirable, and part of me wants to laugh my ass off at their astonishing naïveté.

Marching under the banner of a new “gender jihad”, Islamic feminists from around the world this weekend launched what they hope will become a global movement to liberate Muslim women.

The meeting, which drew women from as far apart as Malaysia, Mali, Egypt and Iran, set itself the task of squaring Islam with feminism. That meant not just combating 14 centuries of sexism in the Muslim world, participants said, but also dealing with the animosity to Islam of many western or secular feminists. They insisted that many of the fundamental concepts of equality embraced by feminism could also be found in the Qur’an.

“Gender jihad is the struggle against male chauvinistic, homophobic or sexist readings of the Islamic sacred texts,” said Abdennur Prado, one of the meeting’s Spanish organisers.

Those readings had been provided by Muslim scholars who, over the centuries, have been almost exclusively male. “Male chauvinism is the destruction of Islam as a well-balanced way of life,” Mr Prado said.

The Islamic world has many, many problems.  This is but one of them.  Even the racist American South was never as oppressive or as violent en masse as the Islamic world is today, and we know how difficult a task the Civil Rights movement was.  Besides, Islam’s apologists go out of their way to tell us that “jihad” is a term perverted and distorted by the Western media; it doesn’t mean a holy war at all, and is roughly the equivalent of watching a kitten play with a ball of yarn.  Well here we have women declaring “gender jihad.” if jihad is nothing to worry about, isn’t this misnamed?

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Bucktooth and Horseface
by Lee

Should this really surprise anyone?

Britain’s Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall are to make a hastily arranged trip to New Orleans to meet victims of Hurricane Katrina, but the public response to their US visit appears to be one of profound indifference.

A Gallup poll found that 80 per cent of Americans had no interest in the eight-day tour that began in New York overnight. Only 19 per cent wanted to meet Charles and Camilla, according to the poll that appeared in USA Today under the headline “Visit is a royal bore for most in the USA”. By contrast, 30 per cent would like to meet Princes William and Harry.

And of those of us who aren’t bored by the thought of Bucktooth and Horseface coming for a visit, the idea that one of their reasons for doing so is to petition us on behalf of their impending Islamic overlords is, shall we say, enough to turn the stomach.

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