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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Underwear for Wiggers
by Lee

Federline, yo.

Kevin Federline, aspiring rapper and husband of Britney Spears, has unveiled his own Web site.

Federline, whose new hip-hop album, “The Truth,” is due out in 2006, appears to expect big things in the coming year.

The Web site begins with an introduction of Federline rapping, “Keep messin’ with my family and you’re through,” played over various tabloid articles about the couple. (Spears has sued Us Weekly for $20 million, charging the celebrity magazine published a false story reporting that she and Federline had made a sex tape and were worried about its release.)

Eventually, the screen dissipates to announce: “Now that I have your full attention, never judge a book by its cover.” This is followed by, “I’m coming ... 2006.”

I look like I stink… but I don’t.

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Grisly Maintenance
by Lee

Lots of things come out of the ground in Iraq, like French fighter planes, oil, and mass graves.

Tests are being carried out in Iraq on remains that police believe were part of a mass grave thought to date back to 1991, when Saddam Hussein’s regime quenched a Shiite uprising in the south.

They were uncovered by municipal workers doing maintenance work in the Shiite holy city of Karbala.

The remains have now been sent for testing in an effort to identify the bodies, Karbala police spokesman Rahman Mashawy said.

He did not say how many bodies were found and the police claim could not be independently verified.

Human rights organisations estimate that more than 300,000 people, mainly Kurds and Shiite Muslims, were killed and buried in mass graves during Saddam Hussein’s 23-year rule, which ended when US-led forces toppled his regime in 2003.

Note the verbiage of this last sentence.  The only logical inference is that had the US-led forces not toppled his regime in 2003, untold numbers of people, mainly Kurds and Shiite Muslims, would have ended up killed and buried in mass graves at some point in the future.

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Pole of Steel
by Lee

Don’t be so quick to forget Poland.

Poland’s government announced Tuesday that it had decided to keep its troops in Iraq until the end of next year — longer than earlier planned — thus reaffirming its backing for the United States despite growing domestic opposition.

The government, which stood up to European Union heavyweights Germany and France by firmly backing the U.S.-led war in Iraq, planned to pull troops out in early 2006 after gradually reducing its forces in the course of this year.

“The government decided to ask the president to extend the deployment of Polish military forces as part of the international forces in Iraq from Jan. 1, 2006 until Dec. 31, 2006,” Prime Minister Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz told a news conference.

“This is a very difficult decision, but we take into consideration the fact that the mandate of U.N. stabilization forces has been extended to the whole of 2006 and, secondly, strong requests of Iraqi authorities that we stay there,” he said.

Welcome to the new global realignment, folks.  France has been relegated to sitting at the kiddie table, whereas Poland is dining with the grown-ups.

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Monday, December 26, 2005

by Lee

Okay, so it’s 4:30 am Tejas time, and I’m drunker than a Scotsman on payday.  How the fuck are you?

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Declining Quality
by Lee

I always love when people describe this website on their own blogs.  Like these guys from the country of my birth.

Right Thinking from the Left Coast:  An American, Right Wing website that Josh and I have been avid readers of for years. It’s declined a bit lately, but still reasnoably amusing.

Declined, but still amusing.  You gotta love it.

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So Solly, Savior
by Lee

Ah, Christmas.  A time when Jews and Buddhists get together in an orgy of food and anti-Christian capitalism.

It’s not exactly chestnuts roasting on an open fire. But for many people, Moo Goo Gai Pan or maybe even the Pu Pu Platter are traditional dishes for Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and throughout the holidays, Chinese restaurants do some of their briskest business of the year.

“As the years went on, we became busier and busier during the holidays,” said Stanley Wong, whose family has owned the Kowloon restaurant in Saugus for more than a half century.

Jewish customers account for much of Wong’s business this time of year. Chinese food has long been a popular destination for Jews on Christmas, when few other restaurants are open.

“Chinese restaurants, Asian-owned restaurants, those owners tended to be the only folks who didn’t have Christmas, too,” said Rabbi David Kay of Congregation Ohev Shalom in Orlando, Florida.

He said the many vegetarian items on Chinese menus are appealing to people who keep kosher.

Deck da haw wif bows of horry.  Fa ra ra ra ra, Ra ra ra ra.

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Party Time 2005
by Lee

This New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to adjust your clocks.

SCIENTISTS are delaying the start of 2006 by the first “leap second” in seven years, a timing tweak meant to make up for changes in the Earth’s rotation.

The adjustment will be carried out by adding an extra second to atomic clocks worldwide at the stroke of midnight Co-ordinated Universal Time, the widely adopted international standard, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology revealed.

So, what does this mean?  You’ll have one extra second to do one final shot of tequila, or to jam your tongue down the throat of some chick standing next to you in the bar.

You have been given a gift.  Use it… wisely.

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Jingle Shells
by Lee

And on this joyous Christmas day, let us never forget the depths of left wing idiocy.

“Big Daddy” Willis came to Compton to turn an illegal homemade pistol into Christmas dinner.

Charlene Watt planned to turn three shotguns into a plasma TV.

The two were among dozens of gun-toting residents who converged on a shopping center parking lot Saturday to anonymously swap firearms for gift certificates as part of a program aimed at reducing violence in this crime-plagued city.

Each was rewarded with a $100 gift card for Circuit City or the Ralphs supermarket chain, the program’s co-sponsors.

In a line that snaked across a parking lot, participants from across Los Angeles County carried guns in cardboard boxes, plastic grocery bags and fancy leather cases.

“Hopefully and prayerfully this will cut down on the shootings,” said Compton resident Ruther Daniels, 44, who turned in a .22-caliber handgun.

Authorities created the program after a sharp spike in Compton’s crime rate this year. Sixty-eight homicides have been recorded so far in 2005, up from 39 in 2004, sheriff’s Capt. Eric Hamilton said.

So, a guy takes his guns, gets gift certificates, then buys a plasma screen TV with them.  A week from now, when some scumbag kid with a gun breaks into his house to steal the plasma screen TV, he’s not going to have any means to defend himself or his family or his property.  Meanwhile, the criminals will run rampant, and the crime rate will not drop one iota.  But the liberals who organized this farce will feel oh-so-good about getting a couple hundred guns off the street.

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Teutonic Christmas
by Lee

The Germans really love their Tannenbaum.

Some Germans would rather spend Christmas with a tree than with their families, a new poll shows.

The survey in Focus weekly news magazine found 75 per cent of Germans could not contemplate Christmas without their beloved “Tannenbaum”, the traditional tree many cover lavishly with candles, lights and decorations.

But only 65 per cent said spending time with relatives was also essential for a good Christmas.

Singing carols was the next most vital ingredient, with 57 per cent saying they could not do without them, while 42 per cent said Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without presents.

Not surprisingly, 98.6 percent of all those surveyed stated that, tree or no tree, the best way to celebrate the holiday would be to exterminate the filthy Juden.

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Starry-Eyed Surprise
by Lee

I just walked out in my brother’s back yard and experienced two things that you never get any of in Los Angeles.  It was dead silent, and you could see every star in the sky.  Simply amazing.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve Post
by Lee

Nobody sums up the holidays like Krusty the Klown.

So, have a merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, a kwaazy Kwanza, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified, Ramadan. And now a word from MY god, our sponsors!

No matter what holiday you happen to celebrate, have a great one. 

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Oppression is for Cool Kids
by Lee

Here we see the latest victim in the eeeeeevil fascist Bush’s war against dissent in his never-ending quest to implement a fascist state.

It rocketed across the Internet a week ago, a startling newspaper report that agents from the US Department of Homeland Security had visited a student at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth at his New Bedford home simply because he had tried to borrow Mao Tse-Tung’s ‘’Little Red Book” for a history seminar on totalitarian goverments.

The story, first reported in last Saturday’s New Bedford Standard-Times, was picked up by other news organizations, prompted diatribes on left-wing and right-wing blogs, and even turned up in an op-ed piece written by Senator Edward M. Kennedy in the Globe.

Wow, that’s pretty bad, huh?  I mean, I have a copy of the Little Red Book, and even a statue of Chairman Mao, on display on a bookshelf in my apartment.  This concerns me greatly.  Are Bush’s fascist stormtroopers going to be kicking down my front door soon?

But yesterday, the student confessed that he had made it up after being confronted by the professor who had repeated the story to a Standard-Times reporter.

The professor, Brian Glyn Williams, said he went to his former student’s house and asked about inconsistencies in his story. The 22-year-old student admitted it was a hoax, Williams said.

‘’I made it up,” the professor recalled him saying. ‘’I’m sorry. . . . I’m so relieved that it’s over.”

What?  A left-winger lying about being oppressed?  What… what… what the hell is the world coming to?

Williams said the student gave no explanation. But Williams, who praised the student as hard-working and likeable, said he was shaken by the deception.

‘’I feel as if I was lied to, and I have no idea why,” said Williams, an associate professor of Islamic history. He said the possibility the government was scrutinizing books borrowed by his students ‘’disturbed me tremendously.”

I’ll tell you exactly why he did it, because this is a point I have made repeatedly for years.  The left views the world in terms of two groups, oppressors and the oppressed.  There is no middle ground, you are one or the other.  If you’re a middle class working Joe, you’re still an oppressor, because you buy products at Wal-Mart and other stores, and they’re made in Guatemalan sweatshops, where peasant labor is used.  Thus, by being a middle class consumer, you are unwittingly an oppressor.  The only people who aren’t viewed as oppressors are the very people who make this accusation, the radical lefties. 

So, if you are not an oppressor, you are therefore oppressed.  And who does the oppressing?  The powerful, the elite, the capitalists, the fascists, the government.  If your self-image and self-esteem depend on your identity as a member of the oppressed class, especially if you’re a radical lefty fighting against these classes, then the more oppressed you are the more important you inherently appear.  In other words, the more the powerful elites try to silence you, the more righteous your cause seems, because after all, why would the powerful elite try to silence someone unless they were speaking the truth?

This is a technique Michael Moore has turned into an art form, and his followers lap it up like cream.  (Well, organically-grown soy cream.  Anyone who drinks real cream is an oppressor of our animal equals.) Note the manufactured controversy when Disney refused to distribute his film.  Mikey claimed that the corporate elites at Disney were trying to “silence” his message in an election year, when the truth of the matter was that they had told him a year prior that they weren’t going to distribute it.  But the plan worked, and the false controversy made the front page of the New York Times, thus drumming up immeasurable levels of publicity. 

So why did this student lie?  Because, by doing so, he immediately elevated his status in the eyes of his professor and his peers.  In previous generations this student might have lied about the number of girls he slept with or how fast his car went or how high his GPA was or some other generally accepted measure of status.  But today, in the halls of left wing academia, it’s all about oppression.  The more you’re oppressed the more important you are.  Remember that black college professor who spray-painted racial slurs all over her own car, then claimed victim status?  Same dynamic at work.  When you’re a victim you’re oppressed, and when you’re oppressed you’re important and righteous.

The problem is that, despite the rhetoric we hear so often from the left, America is one of the least oppressive places in the world.  Without this actual oppression the left begins to collectively wonder what’s going on.  Aren’t we important?  Isn’t our message threatening to the fascist elite?  So they manufacture it, because the truth should always be subjugated to the higher moral purpose of increasing the status of the message and its messengers.

It’s worthwhile to note that this subjugation of the truth has been the hallmark of every totalitarian dictatorship in the history of mankind.  But somehow I doubt the lefties will be intellectually honest enough to admit that.

Update: Jim Treacher emails:

“Remember that black college professor who spray-painted racial slurs all over her own car, then claimed victim status?”

If you mean Kerri Dunn, the Claremont McKenna College psychology professor who spray-painted racist and anti-Semetic epithets on her own car, she’s white. But I agree with your point.

He is indeed right.  But I think the fact that I got this incident confused with another actually proves my point.  From self-torched black churches to the Tawana Brawley incident, this type of manufactured oppression happens a lot more often than we might realize.

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A Killer Wedding
by Lee

Nobody puts Bibi in the corner, but her father puts her in a coffin.

A father, angry that his eldest daughter had married for love, slit her throat as she slept before killing three other daughters in a remote village in eastern Pakistan, police said Saturday.

Nazir Ahmad, a laborer in his 40s, feared the younger girls, aged 4 to 12, would follow in their sister’s footsteps, police officer Shahzad Gul said.

Ahmad surrendered to police after the killings in Burewala, about 115 kilometers (70 miles) east of Multan, a main city in eastern Punjab province, Gul said.

“He (Ahmad) told us today that he has killed his daughters, and we arrested him,” he said.

Gul said the man’s eldest daughter, Muqadas Bibi, 25, had married the man of her choice against her father’s wishes some weeks ago.

It’s a good thing he didn’t have a gun in the home.  You know that you’re 42 times more likely to die at the hand of a family member when there is a firearm in the house. 

I wonder what the statistics are for familial homicide when one of your relatives is a Muslim.  I guess Islam is a Religion of Peace™ but it sure isn’t a religion of love.

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Nuke(d) the Moon
by Lee

Well, it looks like the fine folks at IMAO have finally gone and done it.

NASA scientists have observed an explosion on the moon. The blast, equal in energy to about 70 kg of TNT, occurred near the edge of Mare Imbrium (the Sea of Rains) on Nov. 7, 2005, when a 12-centimeter-wide meteoroid slammed into the ground traveling 27 km/s.

“What a surprise,” says Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) researcher Rob Suggs, who recorded the impact’s flash. He and colleague Wes Swift were testing a new telescope and video camera they assembled to monitor the moon for meteor strikes.

As of this writing Frank J was unavailable for comment.

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Taking Out Dubya
by Lee

Someone was after Bush.

Before he was captured last spring, Osama Bin Laden’s top operational commander was solely focused on killing President Bush and Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharaff, the Daily News has learned.
The capture last May of Al Qaeda’s No. 3 leader, Abu Faraj Al-Libi, apparently thwarted plots to assassinate the two partners in the global war on terror, said a senior Pakistani official, whose information was corroborated by two senior U.S. counterterrorism officials.

“Al-Libi had one mission: Kill Bush and Musharraf,” the Pakistani official told The News. “He wanted to kill Bush in the White House, preferably.”

“It was clearly something they wanted to do. There’s no question about that. It’s the holy grail of jihad,” a senior U.S. counterterrorism official confirmed.

Al-Libi organized several failed assassination attempts on Musharraf before he was nabbed, officials have said. But the plot by Al Qaeda’s international operations chief to send assassins to the U.S. to kill Bush was only disclosed this week.

The officials asked for anonymity because details of the Bush plot are still highly classified. The officials added that there is little evidence the U.S. mission advanced beyond initial planning by Al-Libi in Pakistan.

This immediately provoked a response from many left-wing pundits and groups.  In a statement on his website Michael Moore decried the “fascist Bush administration’s meddling in the private affairs of citizens in another state.  These men are not assassins, they’re Revolutionaries, Minutemen, and Freedom Fighters, standing up to the evil monster that is currently engaged in an illegal occupation of the United States government.” MoveOn.org echoed similar sentiments when it said “This is nothing more than the latest example of the Bush administration stopping at nothing to save their own skins.  Hating the president and wishing he was dead is a legitimate act of dissent.  Planning the assassination of a president as evil as Bush is the living embodiment of patriotism and love of country.  And, of course, the fascist Bush junta had to quash this dissent wherever these brave men could be found.  It’s a sad, sad day for freedom and democracy when planning the assassination of the president, something all of us do on nearly a daily basis, is considered a crime.”

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