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Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Gipper Goes South
by Lee

Did any of you hear about this?  I didn’t.

A Queensland Maritime Museum spokesman says not much would be left of a US fighter jet that crashed into the sea off the coast of Queensland on Saturday.

The FA-18 was attempting to land on the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan during a training exercise early yesterday morning about 200 kilometres south-east of Brisbane.

The pilot ejected safely but the $27 million aircraft was lost. The pilot was rescued from the sea.

Museum chief executive Ian Jempson says a search for a crashed F111 off the coast of Nowra in New South Wales in the 1980s found only wreckage the size of dinner plates.

He also says the weekend’s accident would have occurred over extremely deep water.

You’d think this would have made a blip on the news.  Maybe I just missed it.  The end of the article, though, contained a priceless little nugget.

Meanwhile, the Sunshine Coast Environment Council says bags of rubbish apparently from the aircraft carrier have been found in the ocean off the Queensland coast.

Another bag of rubbish was found on the beach at Mudjimba this morning.

Scott Alderson from the Environment Council says he fears the US Navy has treated Australian waters with contempt.

“We’re pretty disappointed that the American Navy would treat Australian waters with contempt,” he said.

“If that’s the sort of attitude, it would give me great fears that we’ve got a nuclear ship with nuclear capability that has no real responsibility for their own rubbish.”

When I was in the Navy, the policy for trash when you were underway was to go to the fantail, poke holes in the bag so it would sink, and toss it overboard.  I’m assuming they still do this?  Anyone know for sure?

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Matter of Rights
by Lee

Sometimes the British attitude is better, like in this case.

A majority of women in Britain want the abortion laws to be tightened to make it harder, or impossible, for them to terminate a pregnancy.
Evidence of a widespread public demand for the government to further restrict women’s right to have an abortion is revealed in a remarkable Observer opinion poll. The findings have reignited the highly-charged debate on abortion, and increased the pressure on Tony Blair to review the current time limits.

The survey by MORI shows that 47 per cent of women believe the legal limit for an abortion should be cut from its present 24 weeks, and another 10 per cent want the practice outlawed altogether. Among the population overall, reducing the upper limit was the preferred option backed by the largest proportion of respondents, 42 per cent, made up of a 36-47 per cent split among men and women.

Only one person in three agreed that ‘the current time limit is about right’, with slightly fewer women (31 per cent) than men (35 per cent) saying that. Just 2 per cent of women and 5 per cent of men think the last possible date after which a woman can end a pregnancy should be increased from 24 weeks.

The leader of the 4.1 million Catholics in England and Wales, Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor, called on politicians last night to heed the evidence of a growing demand for a rethink on abortion policy, to include The Observer’s findings. ‘There has been a moral awakening over the last few years about abortion; the British public have been undergoing a reality check,’ said his spokesman, Dr Austen Ivereigh. ‘The Cardinal sees in this moral awakening a growing unease with, and erosion of, the idea of abortion as simply a woman’s right.’

Increased awareness of the realities of abortion, and the impact of ultrasound images of a 23-week-old foetus smiling and grimacing, have made people change their views, said Ivereigh. The latter ‘very dramatically showed that what had been depersonalised in many people’s minds as a foetus was clearly seen to be a baby, a human being in formation, and that has come as a shock to many people’, he added.

Why is the British way better?  Because it allows for some flexibility based upon society’s ever-changing values.  Here in America we tend to see things in terms of absolute rights, which is a result of our country being founded by men who believed deeply in this concept.  So when it comes to the issues that divide society, people tend to fragment into groups who believe in one type of polarized absolutist position based upon rights.  Abortion on demand is a right, claim the pro-abortion folks.  Abortion is a violation of the rights of the fetus, claim abortion opponents. 

The problem with this approach is that it sets up abortion as an all-or-nothing proposition.  In other words, abortion is available only so long as you have a Supreme Court which believes the Constitution provides a right to one.  As soon as the makeup of the court changes, which it appears is about to happen, then that “right” can disappear overnight.  Either the pro-abortion groups are completely placated or the anti-abortion groups are, there is no middle ground.

Of course, as simple logic dictates, most people in America do not accept a polarized position on anything, and always see some kind of middle ground.  The attitudes of Americans are generally similar to those of the British.  Generally speaking, the American attitude is that abortion is not a good thing, and should not be available on demand, but it should not be removed entirely.  The issue is that our legislative branch is entirely too gutless to tackle the abortion issue themselves, simply because of how polarizing it is for so many people, so they are more than happy to sit idly by and allow the judiciary to assume the legislative role.  See, the judiciary is comprised of lifetime appointments, and is therefore unaccountable to the voting public, unlike legislators.  It’s much easier for a legislator to rail against a judicial decision he doesn’t like ex post facto than it is for him to choose a position and argue in favor of it himself.

Our way sucks.  The British way is better.

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Hamas Jefferson
by Lee

By now you’ve all heard of the near civil war going on among the Palestinians.

Firing into the air, Fatah gunmen and police stormed Palestinian parliament buildings on Saturday in growing unrest after their long-dominant party’s crushing election defeat by Hamas Islamists.

Hamas leaders meanwhile rejected as “blackmail” Western demands that it renounce violence against Israel or risk losing aid vital to the survival of the Palestinian Authority. Hopes of peacemaking with Israel have been pushed further into limbo.

Turmoil since the parliamentary election landslide has fueled fears of inter-Palestinian strife as Hamas tries to form a government and possibly take over security forces packed with Fatah loyalists at odds with the Islamic militants.

Thousands of gunmen from President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah held protests across the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, many firing automatic rifles into the air.

They took over parliament in the West Bank city of Ramallah for about 20 minutes, shouting demands from the roof before descending peacefully. Fatah militants and police also seized the parliament building in the Gaza Strip.

The gunmen demanded Fatah leaders resign. They also aimed to dissuade the party from any idea of sharing power with Hamas or letting it control security forces—after Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal said it planned to form “an army”.

In a way, the election of Hamas might turn out to be the best thing to ever happen to the Middle East peace process.  Why?  On the one hand you have the Fatah party, corrupt to its very core.  Then, on the other, you have Hamas, which is a terrorist organization, but at the very least was a party offering something in the way of an alternative.  So the Palestinians voted against the corrupt status quo which has gotten them nowhere, and chose Hamas.  The problem is that Hamas will never be able to negotiate with the outside world with any degree of legitimacy.  The Palestinians will end off even worse than they were before.

For years, starting with Arafat, the Palestinian leadership has claimed that it cannot crack down on groups like Hamas.  “Of course, we do not support these terrorist groups,” they would say.  “But it is not within our power to prevent every terrorist group from operating, it is simply impossible.” And the pussies in the UN, always too willing to believe any dictatorial thug, have taken the Palestinians at their word.  “Of course we can’t take a hard line against the Palestinians, it’s not the leadership committing these terrorist acts.”

Well, now it is.  Now the terrorists are running the show.  So one of two things is going to happen.  The first is that the terrorist attacks against Israel continue.  The result of this will be total diplomatic isolation from the west.  No longer can the Palestinian government claim that they aren’t behind terrorist attacks.  The layer of plausible deniability that the UN and the handwringing pussies in Europe have always hidden behind is now gone.  The other possibility is that Hamas might actually adopt a softer tone, to reshape its policies.  If so, good for them.  If they do, however, it will be a true test for the motivations of the Palestinians themselves.  Do the people want to simply live and work and share the land with the Israelis?  Will the Palestinians be happy with a state in the pre-1967 borders?  Or will they oust the softer Hamas in favor of a more radicalized approach?

The Hamas victory is forcing both the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people to lay their cards on the table.  And the world will be a better place for it.  Let the games begin.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Chronic-What-Cles
by Lee

I’m off to see the Chronicles of Narnia.  Check you niggaz later.

Oh, one more thing.  For those of you who have still have trouble posting even after deleting your cache and cookies, try it again.  We just updated to the latest version of EE, let me know how it works.

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Killing the Act
by Lee

There’s a new ad on the Patriot Act up at the GOP website.  Once again the Republicans have the right message and present it in a hamfisted, totally inept manner.  Rather than simply showing Harry Reid saying “We killed the Patriot Act,” they should go further. 

Start out showing Reid.  Then show news footage of radical, left-wing asshats holding up signs protesting the act.  Maybe some video of Michael Moore or Cindy Sheehan engaged in frothing, bloviating histrionics calling for its repeal.  Then show some elated quotes from various left-wing groups and publications hailing what the Democrats did.  Then close the ad with Reid saying “We killed the Patriot Act.”

Why not show the American people exactly who the Democrats are working for?  The GOP has a winning message here, that the Democrats are weak as gnat piss when it comes to national security, and what do the Republicans do?  Some weak-ass “connect the dots” message.  Give me a break.

The Republicans are their own worst enemy.

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Rich White Guy
by Lee

And once again we see who the true racists are in America.

A gubernatorial candidate challenging pro football Hall of Famer Lynn Swann in the Republican primary fired his campaign manager after the man told a televised call-in show: “The rich white guy in this campaign is Lynn Swann.”

Bill Scranton, a former lieutenant governor who is white and comes from a wealthy family, also issued an apology to Swann after his campaign manager’s comments Wednesday.

The remarks by James Seif “in no way whatsoever reflect my views or those of my campaign,” Scranton said. “I want to apologize to Lynn Swann, his family, supporters and PCN viewers for the offensive and disturbing comments made on my behalf.”

Firing the campaign manager and apologizing was a classy move on Scranton’s part, I think.  But it goes to show just how much the “blackness” concept is a tool used by the political left to intimidate black Americans against voting for the GOP.

Update: Okay, so I screwed up.  Both candidates here are vying for the GOP nomination.  In a way it bolsters my point, though.  The lefties are so quick to use racial politics in elections that the first thing that popped in my mind was that Scranton was a Democrat.  And I was so surprised that he denounced those tactics (since I thought he was a Democrat) that I thought he deserved special kudos for doing so.

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Fundies Down Under
by Lee

Back in May I wrote a post about how certain fundamentalist Christian groups were opposing a cervical cancer vaccine because they believe that it might lead to promiscuity in young girls.  I asked at the time, “I know there are a lot of religious people who read this blog.  Can someone please explain this type of thinking to me?  What is the puritan American hang-up over sex?  Why is it preferable to expose women to the threat of cervical cancer simply so that (whew!) they don’t engage in any of that icky poo-poo premarital sex?” Well, it seems I was mistaken.  While the objection isn’t as vocal, the same type of people are pulling the same type of stunts in Australia.

CALLS to make a world-first cervical cancer drug available to girls as young as nine have been criticised because of fears it would promote teenage promiscuity.

Trials of the vaccine, developed over 15 years by Australian of the Year Ian Frazer, showed it to be 100 per cent effective in protecting women against infection with four strains of human papilloma virus that together cause 70 per cent of cervical cancers.
But experts concede it raises sensitive issues because it cannot cure existing HPV infections and, for maximum effectiveness, it has to be given before women first become sexually active. As a result it is likely to be recommended for girls aged nine to 15.

The vaccine already has the backing of John Howard but Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce said MPs should be allowed to debate its “social implications”.

Honouring Professor Frazer this week, the Prime Minister said he would discuss with federal Health Minister Tony Abbott making the vaccine, to be marketed under the brand name Gardasil, available to young women across Australia.

“We are looking at the implications of that and I expect to be talking to Mr Abbott about it quite soon,” Mr Howard said.

And then there’s this.

But Senator Joyce said the decision whether to approve the vaccine should not be left to the TGA because “they will talk about the therapeutic aspects - they are not there to talk about the psychological implications or the social implications”.

“There might be an overwhelming (public) backlash from people saying, ‘don’t you dare put something out there that gives my 12-year-old daughter a licence to be promiscuous’,” he said.

Senator Joyce - who has four daughters - said he would be “personally very circumspect” about giving such a vaccine to girls who were too young to cope with the potential consequences of sexual activity.

This is a vaccine which can prevent your girls from getting cervical cancer.  Not giving this to your girls is, in my mind, damn near bordering on criminal negligence.

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by Lee

Meet the master of the cheap political stunt, John Kerry.

The Senate’s top Republican decided Thursday to force a showdown on Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito early next week, with the two Democratic senators from Massachusetts pushing to block a vote.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist filed a motion to cut off debate on the Alito nomination after his Democratic counterpart, Minority Leader Harry Reid, objected to a move by GOP leaders to schedule a final vote on his confirmation Monday afternoon.

Frist’s motion, which requires 60 votes under Senate rules, will come up for a vote at 4:30 p.m. Monday. If successful, senators will then vote on Alito’s nomination at 11 a.m. Tuesday, with a simple majority of 51 votes needed for approval.

Frist’s move came as Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts was lobbying his Democratic colleagues to filibuster the Alito nomination—an uphill fight, given that none of the chamber’s 55 Republicans have opposed his confirmation and three Democrats are on the record supporting it.

“Judge Alito’s confirmation would be an ideological coup on the Supreme Court,” Kerry said in a written statement.

“We can’t afford to see the court’s swing vote, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, replaced with a far-right ideologue like Samuel Alito.”

This is so fucking transparent.  Kerry knows damn well that there isn’t going to be any filibuster.  By calling for one he sets himself up as a champion for all the disaffected loser leftists in the country so that when he runs for president again in 2008 he can claim, “I took the lead in opposing the appointment of the right-wing fascist nazi Alito to the Supreme Court.” It’s a political move completely without risk for him.  Which, come to think of it, is to be expected, considering he’s one of the leaders of a party whose sole guiding ideology is to avoid risk at all costs.

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Guardian of Truth
by Lee

If you’re looking for quality reporting, you’ll love The Guardian.

We said in error that the rap artist 50 Cent is billed to appear in a Sunderland pub on February 29 (People, page 16, January 6). Neither the performance nor the date will take place. The next leap year is 2008.

Now that’s what I call accuracy.

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Air Hosers
by Lee

Our good friends to the north are joining in the effort to protect the skies during the Superbowl.

Terrorists and clueless pilots were the targets of a wide array of military aircraft filling the skies over Windsor and Detroit in the wee hours this morning as NORAD conducted a Super Bowl XL defence air exercise.

Residents may have seen helicopters and the low-flying fighter aircraft, said Lt. Lisa Citino, spokeswoman for the continental United States NORAD region, headquartered at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

Among the hardware being used to test the military’s binational interception and identification capabilities being put in place to defend Super Bowl Sunday: CF-18s out of Bagotville, Que., F-16s out of Michigan’s Selfridge Air National Guard Base, a CH-146 Griffon helicopter out of Kingston, air refuelling tankers and an E-3 AWACS (Airborne Early Warning and Control System) aircraft out of Oklahoma.

“The Canadian presence is essential to our overall security position,” remarked NORAD spokesperson USAF Lt. Lisa McGruder.  “If terrorists try to attack using rickety, beat-up, barely airworthy hand-me-down junk, there’s nobody better to handle that threat than the Canadian Air Force.  If someone loads the Wright Brothers Flyer up with a biological agent, rest assured that the maple leaves will be there to take ‘em down.”

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Old School Government
by Lee

Now this is an interesting idea.

Utah’s Republican senators want to lead the charge nationwide to recapture some of the power state legislatures once held before a constitutional amendment allowed people to vote for their U.S. senators directly.

Utah Senate President John Valentine said SB156, which would allow legislators to pick Senate candidates, as long as the political parties agreed, has nothing to do with sitting Sens. Orrin Hatch and Bob Bennett.

It’s an effort to bolster the power of state leaders, who are more equipped to crack down on unfunded programs foisted upon the states by the U.S. Congress, he said.

“We know more than voters do,” Valentine said. “They don’t get the chance to hear all that we do.” The legislation would also allow lawmakers to “direct” senators by making requests.

I remember reading a few months back an article (maybe in National Review?) which made the case that switching back to this system would significantly reduce the corruption and influence peddling in Washington.  Let me put it this way, they couldn’t possibly do any worse than the system we have now. 

Utah Democratic Party Executive Director Todd Taylor called the legislation “shameful.”

“It doesn’t respect the Constitution. It doesn’t respect the voters and it doesn’t respect the history that got us here,” he said.

Oh, for God’s sake.  I mean, oppose the legislation if you like, but do we really need the hyperbole?  Is this really that unreasonable a request, going back to the system originally envisioned by the Founding Fathers?  Maybe, maybe not, but I don’t think discussing the possibility is so beyond the pale.  Fucking Democrats, I swear to God.

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No Cure for Cancer
by Lee

You know the old joke about the liberal media?  “World ending tomorrow, women and minorities hardest hit.” Well, the most liberal state in the country is right in line.

California regulators became the first in the nation today to designate second-hand tobacco smoke as a “toxic air contaminant,’’ placing it in the same category as the poisons arsenic and benzene.

And here’s the kicker.

“This new report reaffirms many of the adverse health effects associated with environmental tobacco smoke, especially in children who live in homes where smoking occurs,’’ said Dr. Robert Sawyer, air board chairman.

“It also raises new concerns about its effects on women,’’ Sawyer said, referring to studies that connect smoke in the air to increased incidence of breast cancer in young non-smoking women.

There you go, folks.  “Cigarette smoking bad for you: Women and children hardest hit.”

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Black Schoolday
by Lee

Out in America there are millions of intelligent, educated, hard-working black men who are making a difference in the world.  And, yet again, we see it’s the black scumbags who get all the adulation.

Los Angeles has renamed a public school after Johnnie Cochran, the late criminal defense lawyer who helped clear “Trial of the Century” murder defendant O.J. Simpson.

School district officials voted unanimously for the name change Tuesday, saying Cochran, who attended the former Mt. Vernon Middle School as a boy, was an “extraordinary, superb lawyer with movie-star celebrity status.”

But the sister of Simpson’s ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, whom the former star football player and actor was charged with stabbing and slashing to death, said she was stunned by the move.

“It’s in bad taste,” Denise Brown told Reuters. “Yeah, he was a great defense attorney. But what about your moral obligation to children and society?”

This is a guy who made a career defending child molesters and murderers.  I wouldn’t support a school being named after a white lawyer who had exactly the same kind of past, either.  What is it about black America that makes them gravitate toward and offer unfettered support to total scum like OJ, Cochran, Tookie Williams, Marion Barry, etc.?

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A Gift for Syria
by Lee

I’m not going to make too much of a big deal out of this just yet.

The man who served as the no. 2 official in Saddam Hussein’s air force says Iraq moved weapons of mass destruction into Syria before the war by loading the weapons into civilian aircraft in which the passenger seats were removed.

The Iraqi general, Georges Sada, makes the charges in a new book, “Saddam’s Secrets,” released this week. He detailed the transfers in an interview yesterday with The New York Sun.

“There are weapons of mass destruction gone out from Iraq to Syria, and they must be found and returned to safe hands,” Mr. Sada said. “I am confident they were taken over.”

Mr. Sada’s comments come just more than a month after Israel’s top general during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Moshe Yaalon, told the Sun that Saddam “transferred the chemical agents from Iraq to Syria.”

Now, personally I believe that, in all likelihood, Syria has Saddam’s WMD.  However, despite my personal belief that this transpired, I need some kind of verifiable proof before I will state this as fact.  We have been consistently lied to by any number of Iraqi defectors, dissidents, and the like.  (Anyone else remember the Iraqi dissident on 60 Minutes, describing in detail Saddam’s intricate network of tunnels beneath Baghdad where he had been hiding his chemical and biological weapons?) Considering this pedigree, not to mention the fact that this guy is trying to sell a book, I’m going to treat this latest claim with a grain of salt until we have more info to verify it.

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Make A Decision
by Lee

Okay, so Hamas is now officially in power among the Palestinians.  Can we please just get WWIII going and get it over with?  I mean, the problems of the Middle East will only be solved by a huge long war, with the west using all its combined power to completely subjugate and pacify the region by force, just like we did after WWII in Germany and Japan.  This farting around, country-by-country, diplomacy shit has gotten us nowhere.  Jut let the fucking bombs drop and get it over with.

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