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Thursday, March 01, 2007

No Blog Time
by Lee

Sorry for the silence. I’m not going to be able to spend time doing much of anything but working until later this afternoon.  More to come when I have the time.

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The Ice of Gore
by Lee

The Gore Coldening continues.  It took a day or two after the Oscars for it to kick in, but it was about 45º today, which for LA in almost March is pretty damn cold.  The Coldening™ continues its perfect record.

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Say Ah Du, Ya Bastard
by Lee

Sorry for the lack of posting today.  I got into work this morning only to find that we had an emergency job come up which essentially involves about five days work, but which needs to be done by 2 tomorrow afternoon.  Ah, the joys of last-minute fuck ups.  So I’m getting an early (and by early I mean 11:30pm) evening so I can hit the ground running tomorrow morning.

Lovely stuff.

By the way, not that we’re seriously discussing it, but my girlfriend happened to mention that she was looking at wedding dresses today.  I told her that when I get married I’m wearing a kilt.  She just about shit a canary.  However, as a guy of Scottish ancestry, who grew up in Scotland, and still has a great affinity for the people and the culture, I figured why the hell not?  I found an example online of the type of thing I’m talking about here.  And, of course, it goes without saying that in my sporran will be a special flask full o’ the finest whisky—I actually have a sporran-shaped flask just for the occasion—and in my stocking will be a skean dhu

Now that’s the way to get married, with a flask of whisky and a dangerous, sharp weapon on your person.  Long live the Scots!

Update: Since you’ll want to see it, here’s me at my junior prom in Scotland wearing a kilt.

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