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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Restoring Sanity?  Or Restoring Liberalism?

Yesterday saw 200,000 people or more attend Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity.

I don’t think there’s any deep meaning to it—Allahpundit called it Irony-Stock, which seems as good a name as any.  I find it disconcerting that they invited Cat Stevens, who supported that Fatwah against Salman Rushdie.  I’m sure it was fun—certainly a lot more fun than listening to one of Rush’s or Hannity’s latest (and increasingly boring) rants about Obama destroying America.  But let’s not confuse with it substance.

I did have a few scattered thoughts, however.  Not so much on the rally itself but on the whole idea of “restoring sanity” to our politics

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Attacks

Here we go:

Cargo planes and trucks in several U.S. cities were inspected Friday after investigators found suspicious packages in at least two locations abroad, law enforcement sources with detailed knowledge of the investigation said.
U.S. officials believe that al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, commonly referred to as AQAP, is behind the plot.
One suspicious package, found in the United Kingdom, contained a “manipulated” toner cartridge but tested negative for explosive material, the source said. It led to heightened inspection of arriving cargo flights in Newark, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and a UPS truck in New York.
The package had white powder on it as well as wires and a circuit board, a law-enforcement source said; someone shipped it from Sanaa, Yemen, with a final destination of Chicago, Illinois. A similar package has been discovered in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, the source said.

Apparently, they were targeted at Chicago-area synagogues.

Updates as event warrant.  Even if the material wasn’t explosive, I would think this was a test of our security.

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Still in denial

The left is still in denial. They are not about to lose the coming election because the American people have seen what the left is about and have turned their back on that, nope, they are losing because the incredibly dominant propaganda from the republicans machine!

BOSTON—Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry unleashed a broadside Thursday against Republican “obstructionism,” saying the GOP and its talk-show allies have created a “period of know-nothingism” in the country.

With his party braced for defeats in the midterm elections, the 2004 Democratic presidential nominee told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce that a Republican machine—fueled by talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck—has undermined progress and misled the public into believing Democrats created the country’s current economic problems.

Kerry must be one of these people that believes ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, and all the other collectivist DNC propagandists really are right wing organizations. That and/or the American people are stupid know nothings because they don’t believe the propaganda from the MSM of how great the collectivist’s governance really is over the reality that things are dire that they experience daily.

“It’s absurd. We’ve lost our minds,” said a clearly exasperated Kerry. “We’re in a period of know-nothingism in the country, where truth and science and facts don’t weigh in. It’s all short-order, lowest common denominator, cheap-seat politics.”

After I got done laughing at this I ruminated. By truth he means whatever the left tells us is the truth, I guess. Because they have not really been very truthful about anything other than the fact that they believe our money really is theirs and we are too stupid to make any decisions on our own. And I am sure that his invocation of science is because nobody that isn’t a moron still believes the crap the consensus AGW cult shovels out of their manure truck. And the left reacts to facts the same way that vampires react to garlic, holy symbols, or holy water: they recoil in pain.

In fact, Kerry is really pissed that people don’t fall for the drivel his party is feeding us. How dare we serfs not accept what our betters tell us and bow down to their whims, huh? More please Mr. Kerry! More people need to see how you elitists think of us serfs. It will be a long time before your side can pretend they are about “hope and change” again, because the American people have had a harsh does of your hope and change first hand, and they are not inclined to take another bite of that shit sandwich. And I am all for you reminding us constantly how low your opinion of us really is!

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The Sleaziest Piece of Shit in Memory

That’s what David Weigel calls Gawker’s recent post from an anonymous person claiming he had a one-night encounter with Christine O’Donnell.  I have read the piece but refuse to link to it.  Weigel is absolutely right.  It is a piece of shit.  What’s more, it crosses me as a lying piece of shit.  Every word of it rang false to me, especially because he boasts that he turned her down.  O’Donnell is many things, but she’s not unattractive.  Especially not to a single in his 20’s.  The article breathlessly says it has pictures and it does—pictures of O’Donnell, fully dressed, smiling at the camera.  You can find racier pictures of her on Google.

What’s amazing is how universal the disgust with this hit piece is.  Even Charles Johnson—yes, Charles fucking Johnson—calls it “one of the creepiest smear jobs I’ve seen”.  NOW—yes, NOW—has denounced it.  So have Donna Brazille and Media Matters (Sullivan is observing a disturbing radio silence).  Read a summary of disgust here from Malkin.

I will add one last note.  Even if every single word of that piece of shit is true, I don’t care.  It does not affect my opinion of O’Donnell one way or the other.  Actually, no, it would make me more sympathetic to her since it’s very human to be unable to live up to our ideals.  I don’t care if she’s a Religious Right Culture Warrior.  An indiscretion by any single woman a decade ago is a matter of supreme indifference to me.  Unless it actually involved me, in which case I’m sure it was awesome.

(While we’re on that note: a month ago, a similar minor scandal erupted when Gawker posted racy Halloween pictures of Congressional candidate Krystal Ball.  What was interesting it that she and others responded with outrage and then ... nothing happened.  No one cared.  Well, some people cared because she’s kind of hot.  But it had absolutely no effect on her minimal electoral chances.

The Ball incident was not quite as bad as this one.  That was embarrassing pictures; this is an anonymous and frankly nasty slur.  But I do wonder if we may be—at long last—moving to a point where no one gives a shit about what someone did in their wild single years.  We’ve gotten to the point where every stupid/fun thing we do is immortalized in all its digital glory.  That’s forcing us to come to the inevitable conclusion: nobody’s perfect.  We muddle along as best we can and try to have some fun along the way.  And if it means an embarrassing picture or two turns up down the road ... well, that’s life in the Internet Age.)

Really, these guys are almost making me pull for O’Donnell to win just because it would piss them off so much.

Update: Actually, you know what the Gawker piece reminds me of?  Some drunken frat boy saying, “Oh, yeah, Christine O’Donnell?  I totally could have nailed that chick.  She was all over me, man.” I didn’t buy that shit in college and I’m certainly not buying it now.

Update: Sullivan comes through:

Gawker has an anonymous, and vile, kiss and tell, which has not a smidgen of journalistic justification and is merely a cowardly, brutal and misogynist invasion of privacy (hence no link)

Sully points out that Gawker paid low four figures for the story and pics.  Considering the traffic they’re getting, they probably think it’s worth it.

And so this, from Weigel.

Calling out political hypocrisy makes sense when a candidate is trying to use his/her power to legislatively punish an action, or if that action is already illegal. I’m a candidate who wants to make my country dry, and I get drunk. I want to put sex offenders in prison, but I seek out illicit underaged sex on the side. I’m aware that Christine O’Donnell’s public commentary career started with her going on TV to talk about how kids shouldn’t have sex or masturbate before marriage. But not only has she never called for that behavior to be punished legally, I’m unaware of her ever coming out against the actions mentioned here—which, let’s remember are drinking, fooling around, and not having sex. There is no hypocrisy being exposed here. This is anonymous creep shaming a woman who wouldn’t sleep with him, and doing so because she’s a celebrity now.

Amen. I think these guys expected everyone to start crowing that O’Donnell was a hypocritical slut.  But, in the end, this will end up making her look better.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Delusional Joe

Joe Biden:

Every single great idea that has marked the 21st century, the 20th century and the 19th century has required government vision and government incentive,” he said. “In the middle of the Civil War you had a guy named Lincoln paying people $16,000 for every 40 miles of track they laid across the continental United States. … No private enterprise would have done that for another 35 years.

This is the exact opposite of true.  Cato takes apart the specific example:

Early American railroads were built almost entirely with private funds. These railroads provided such superior transportation that by 1850 they had put most toll roads and canals out of business. Individual states still competed with one another for business—and may have offered various favors to the railroads serving those states…. For the most part, however, no federal and few state subsidies went to railroads in the eastern United States.

Read the whole thing, which cites numerous Cato scholars on the subject of railroads.  The subsidies and incentives Lincoln put in place spawned decades of corruption and bankruptcy.

But we don’t need to go that far back.  The communications explosion of the last couple of decades was created by deregulation of the telecom industry. Yes, the government created ARPANET.  But almost everything that has come since has been from private industry. What government flunky though of the iphone?  What political hack forced industry to developed hard drives that fit into the palm of your hand?  (Just this moment, my wife is ransacking the house looking for a data card that is small enough to get lost and spacious enough to contain thousands of digital pictures).

What about HDTV?  During the Bush I years, industry demanded subsidies to develop HDTV.  Bush refused.  I don’t know if you’ve been to a Best Buy lately, but HDTV seems to be doing just fine.

And don’t even get me started on energy policy.  This administration is an avid and vocal supporter of energy-consuming, sky-polluting, planet-warming, poor-people-starving ethanol fuel—the Mother of All Boondoggles that would simply not exist without government subsidies and mandates.  Our economy and the planet would be better off if we simply burned money in our fuel tanks instead of corn ethanol.  Then there is the long ugly history of the Synthetic Fuels Corporation.

Now all lies contain some truth in them and there is something to what Biden is trying, in his ham-fisted, mealy-mouthed way, to say (funny how much less articulate he gets when he can’t plagiarize).  As Adam Smith noted, there is a role for government in funding things that benefit the public generally but are not narrow enough to benefit an interest specifically.  Roads and railroads, for example (to some extent).  General science funding—controlled by peer-review and not by Congress—has helped make this country the world leader in science (necessary disclosure: I am paid out of federal science grants).  NASA spending has stimulated enormous technological breakthroughs. NIH funding has helped uncovered genetic markers of disease and lay down the basics of the discoveries the pharmaceutical industry then turns into practical treatment.  And, as I noted, ARPANET was what the internet was built on.  But all of the big breakthroughs—except NASA—came when government simply put up the money and let scientists and engineers figure out what to do.  Very very little has ever come from politicians issuing edicts and trying to rewrite the laws of physics.

So there is a role for government.  But that role is limited and consists mainly of the economy of scale—of being able to bring large sums of money to bear on specific limited problems or providing apolitical funding to science and technology.  But the idea that “every single great idea” has come from government is sheer poppycock.  Government creates the conditions necessary for success; it does not create success.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

If a republican did this…

If we had a republican controlled White House asking the Pentagon for information on the likely opponents for the next election cycle, like the Obama WH has just done, the left would be screaming “WATERGATE” and demanding impeachment proceedings.

The Democratic National Committee formally has asked the Pentagon for reams of correspondence between military agencies and nine potential Republican presidential candidates, a clear indication that Democrats are building opposition-research files on specific 2012 contenders even before the midterm elections. An internal Army e-mail obtained by ABC News indicates that the DNC has filed Freedom of Information Act requests for “any and all records of communication” between Army departments and agencies and each of the nine Republicans—all of whom are widely mentioned as possible challengers to President Obama. The agencies are asked to respond to the request by this Friday, just four days before Election Day

The only reason ABC is now reporting this, and as if nothing is bad and the whole thing is legal, which while it is still, doesn’t remove the fact that this is a scummy big brother-like move that we should point out repeatedly, is because they want to put a positive spin on it. Can you imagine how it would be reported if a republican candidate asked the Pentagon for the same about demcorats? And do you understand how early this request has been made and what the likely reason is? These scumbag demcorats play scorched earth politics, and we better get them exposed or beat them at this game, or we will lose. Of course, every leftist moron will tell you the dirty tactics are all and only from republicans and their machine!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Guys, You’re Not Helping

Last week, we had Joe Miller’s bodyguards—active duty military personnel actually—illegally arrested and handcuffed and aggressive reporter.  Last night, we had this:

The backstory is that this woman is Moveon member who tried to present Rand Paul with some kind of bogus award for being the most valuable Republican in merging our government with corporate interests.  She’s a moron, but there’s no excuse for this kind of violence, even if the recipient is a moron.  This is shameful.

Of course, you just know the media is going to run full tilt with this.  The comparisons to 1933 Germany have already begun (with, of course, the ignoring of similar union-related violence).

The thing is that we don’t have the margin for error that the liberals do.  We have to be on our best behavior at all times.  This shouldn’t really need saying.  It’s 2010.  Everyone has a smart phone except me and my cat (and she’s been pricing iphones lately).  The minute anyone does something stupid, it’s going to be YouTube.  And if it’s done by a conservative, Chris Matthews will be comparing it to the Beer Hall Putsch three second later.

Every little incident, especially for the next week, is going to be taken as a sign of the coming Tea Party Police State.  Just look at the sign business.  Even a study of the Tea Parties found very few racist signs.  And yet the Democrats are still running around claiming that Tea Party protests feature swastikas, black-face and burning effigies.

Brace yourself.  We’re going to get more of this.  Not because of a surge of Right Wing violence but because of a surge of Left Wing desperation.  The best we can hope for is that people don’t act as stupidly as the guys in this video did.

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That’s a great start..

This, looks like a classy and very smart move by the GOP. Beats that Greek temple cermony of 2008. Hope they also don’t lose track of the msesage the public is sending, and let’s hope it is just the start of all the changes to put big government on the diet it needs by the GOP. Boehner and the republicans better do more than stuff for show though, or they will be feeling the pain in 2012 too and be banished to go join the demcorats.

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Things that make you go hmmmmm?

One of Wall Streets corporate giants, you know, one of those evil company our resident class warfare spouting communist pretending to be something else accuses of running America with help from the evil republicans, just endorsed Obama and demcorats.

On the eve of the midterm elections, the giant mutual fund firm Vanguard has weighed in on the side of President Obama and the Democrats with a blog post by a company official declaring that without President Obama’s stimulus bill, Americans might be facing a scenario of “unemployment of 15% or more. A Dow that would have fallen 75% off its peak—to 4,000 or less—before recovering to a level much below today’s. An economic recovery that might not yet have begun. And finally a foreclosure crisis even larger than our present one.

“The author of the post acknowledges that it is a “guess,” leaving Vanguard investors (including this one) wondering why company officials are publicly guessing about politics and public policy so close to an election. “The idea that no third stimulus was needed seems mistaken,” the Vanguard official writes, acknowledging, however, that the spending bill “could have included more tax cuts relative to spending (though the tax cuts would have been best targeted at low-income households, who are more likely to spend the money).” Among the “mistaken,” apparently, according to Vanguard, were every single Republican member of the House of Representatives; they all voted against the stimulus bill.

If you go by campaign contributions, Vanguard isn’t alone in backing demcorats either. Despite the massive propaganda, republicans can’t come close to offering the return on investment demcorats do for these companies. And even though donations to demcorats are down, you are still getting this sort of tacit recommendation from those that scored big because of demcorat’s largesse with tax payer money. Remember that the next time muirgeo1 spouts how evil republicans and corporations rule the world and make it an unjust place for the middle class.

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Want to bet this would be all over the news if a republicans were in charge of things?

Last week I pointed out to my wife that the price of gas had gone up almost 20 cents in just 3 short weeks here in Connecticut, with no real reason for this hike to happen that I could tell of. The US economy is still in a slump, people are cutting back on discretionary stuff, and trips definitely fall in that category, I don’t know of any new state or federal taxes or mandates imposing new gas regulations that might impact price, and while the energy industry is likely switching over to production of heating oil in preparation for winter - one I have a feeling is going to be a doozie up here in the North East – and this might impact available gasoline supply and thus price, nothing else came to mind that could drive such a drastic price jump. Even more interesting was the fact that nobody was talking about this news.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Some “encouraging” news…

Here’s some information about our debt spending everyone should keep in mind.

(CNSNews.com) - When Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) gave her inaugural address as speaker of the House in 2007, she vowed there would be “no new deficit spending.” Since that day, the national debt has increased by $5 trillion, according to the U.S. Treasury Department. “After years of historic deficits, this 110th Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: Pay as you go, no new deficit spending,” Pelosi said in her speech from the speaker’s podium. “Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, not burden them with mountains of debt.” Pelosi has served as speaker in the 110th and 111th Congresses.

Thank you, Nancy! Then again, if you listen to the economic geniuses on the left, the problem faced by our economy and the anemic growth is because Nancy and her buddies didn’t spend enough! If we were 10 trillion in debt the economy would be growing at 5%. Shit, lets go 30 trillion in debt and make that baby really fly. Let me pre-empt muirgeo1 and say “Evil corporations did it!” so he can spare us that crap. More of the same, or some change? Let’s “Hope” we get that “Change”!

Update: When asked for commentary Nancy said: Our media shills have not been effective at selling the shit sandwich we have given America as gourmet food!

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Pelosi Update, Part 692

Nancy Pelosi did say we had to pass healthcare to find out what was in it. And, oh ye gods, are we finding out:

A new study by the Lewin Group estimates that 28.6 million Americans will be eligible for a federal subsidy to purchase health insurance beginning in 2014 at a projected cost to tax payers in excess of $110 billion. This estimate is dramatically higher (578%) than the cost of these subsidies forecast by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) prior to the bill’s enactment into law. If the new estimate is correct, it would mean that instead of lowering the deficit by $143 billion over ten years—a claim widely touted by proponents of the law— the legislation would begin adding to the deficit as early as 2015, only one year after major provisions of the law go into effect.

Oh, but I’m sure these guys are some Right Wing flunky group.

The Lewin Group study was commissioned by Families USA, a healthcare reform advocacy group based out of Washington D.C. which is closely allied with the White House and leading Democrats in Congress. Then Senator Obama was a keynote speaker at their annual Health Action conference in 2005 and 2007, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened the 2008 event. Other leading Democrats who have participated at Families USA events in recent years include Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Ted Kennedy.

The study appears to be the centerpiece of a major media campaign initiated last month by Families USA to promote the benefits of the health reform legislation. A September 14 press release touts the projected $110 billion in federal subsidies as “one of the largest middle-income tax cuts in history”, but makes no mention of the discrepancy with the CBO’s earlier estimate.

In other words, this is a feature, not a bug.  Note also, later in the article, that Families USA is talking out of both sides of their mouth.  They later turn around and say the bill will cut the deficit.  That is, they use one estimate to tell use how many federal goodies we get and another to tell us how much is going to cost.  That, my friends, is the definition of mathematical practice.

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About damned time..

It looks like the people at the DoD and/or State have finally wizened up and are now telling the Pakistanis that those billions in military aid come with strings attached. And for once it isn’t useless “feel good” nonsense demands by the left, for things they turn a blind eye too as long as it is their buddies doing it in the name of the left’s collectivist revolution, but actually something that will help the US and our foreign policy out.

October 25, 2010: The U.S. has told Pakistan that continued foreign aid will be dependent on successful Pakistani efforts against Islamic terrorist groups, particularly the Taliban. Pakistan has received $3.5 billion in American military and economic aid in the last year. The U.S. just agreed to another $2 billion in military aid for the next year. But there are conditions. If the Taliban and al Qaeda are not attacked, the military aid will not be delivered.

The Pakistanis have of course reacted to this as I expected they would:

This has upset many Pakistanis, because it was believed that there was an unspoken arrangement that Pakistan would get lots of military aid that could mainly be used to defend the country from India, while pretending to use it against the Taliban. As part of this deal, Pakistan would concentrate on Islamic terrorists that were attacking the Pakistani government, and generally leave those attacking India or Afghanistan alone. But now the U.S. is insisting that the Pakistanis go after all Islamic terrorists. This is unacceptable to many Pakistanis, including senior military commanders and intelligence officials. For these men, India is still the main enemy, and the Taliban are useful for keeping Afghanistan from becoming an ally of India.

Basically, we hate your guts, want your money, and you better not expect us not to use it in a way that ends up hurting you if we want that, because we are ingrates. They can kiss my arse. With friends like this we really don’t need enemies. Let the Chinese pay the Pakistanis if the intent is to check India in the region. That’s their goal. We should be doing everything possible to get India on our side and to make Pakistan less likely to support any kind of terrorism.

Update: Changed the language that some have construed as offensive. That was not the intent I had at all, but in the world we live today were the PC police is ready to accuse everyone of being evil, I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Although these bastards that want our tax dollars, with no strings attached, while they then help the very scumbags we are fighting and that are killing our service members or help kill them, sure as hell deserve to be insulted at a minimum.

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Some politicians are getting it.

Pawlenty gets it. In this PJTV interview with Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, he said the one thing I was hoping to hear from republicans about this coming election: If the GOP fooks it up again, Americans should vote for a 3rd party in 2012.


At least Pawlenty gets it. If it is more of the same, back to the same old crap where they grow government at 10% of the pace the demcorats are doing it, then Americans are going to boot them too in 2012. We have had enough of this collectivist shit. It is a recipe for mediocrity at best, and a dastardly disaster in the making any other time. This is precisely why the demcorats, the angry left, have been so terrorized by the Tea Parties, and out to destroy the movement before it gets too much traction. As a political movement they stand to lose the most if Americans steer away from the crappy & drastically over priced government we have now. The GOP however shouldn’t delude itself into thinking that they can pick up where they left, unless they want to share the fate of the demcoratic party.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hating the Player Instead of the Game

PJ O’Rourke appears to have come to the same conclusion that Hal outlined in his previous post:

Using the metaphor of Michael Vick for the Democratic party leadership implies they are people with a capacity for moral redemption who want to call good plays on the legislative gridiron. They aren’t. They don’t. The reason is simple. They hate our guts.

They don’t just hate our Republican, conservative, libertarian, strict constructionist, family values guts. They hate everybody’s guts. And they hate everybody who has any. Democrats hate men, women, blacks, whites, Hispanics, gays, straights, the rich, the poor, and the middle class.

I want to highlight something that Hal wrote that dovetails nicely with this:

But what these negative ads are revealing is not so much the extremism of the GOP but the utter contempt that the Democrats have for the American people. These are not the ads of a party that is scared; they are the ads of a party that is angry. They’re simply furious that the American people don’t realize how wonderful our Democratic overlords are.

Hal’s not throwing around hyperbole with that statement.  A brief run through the archives brings up these statements from muirgeo:

Bullshit… ignorance is a badge of honor for these Tea Party dip wads. Likewise the hate for press and scholars by the right is more of the same.

You guys are just like asking for corporations to rule you silly little hapless lives. You must love taking a giant corporate dick right up up your ass uh… what unreasoned dope you are. You are so owned by the d-bags its pathetic.

You guys are brainwashed idiots .  These republicans totally sold out our economy and our country and like a beaten housewives you defend your abusing husband.Dope asses!!!

The republicans know they have a base of gullible low information AssWipes to motivate with fear, hatred, bigotry and mis-information. They use these tools to get their vote then they cut off their heads and crap down their necks.

And let’s not forget this famous quote, which pretty much confirms what Hal and PJ are saying:

FUCK THE TEA PARTY CREATIONIST ANTI-SCIENCE, ANTI-LOGIC BIGOT DUNMB FUCKS. THE HAVE NOHING TO OFFER EXCEPT A RETURN TO THE FUCKING DARK AGES because they are upset with the renaissance and the enlightenment and the civil war… they miss the good old fucking days and wanna take back our country to a time when women could not vote and lynch mobs were acceptable.

That’s just from our little corner of the Internet; it’s not hard to find similar sentiments expressed all across the Team Blue-oriented blogs.

The focus on the O’Donnell/Coons race in Delaware is instructive.  O’Donnell, to be quite blunt, has been getting creamed in the polls ever since the primary ended.  She doesn’t have a hope in hell of winning, and never did even before her past and personal philosophies were splashed all over the media.  Normally, no one would really be paying attention to a Senate race that had such a foregone conclusion as this one.  But like Sarah Palin, O’Donnell has served a purpose for the Left as a convenient boogeyman/scapegoat/nexus of hatred that has allowed Democrats and progressives to avoid actually practicing any sort of self-introspection as to why they are about to get crushed on a nationwide scale.

I suspect a great deal of this anger is rooted in the frustration by the Left that the populist wave that they normally exploit to the utmost is running completely against them right now, and the feeling that an opportunity to consolidate permanent power in the regime is slipping away from them (a sentiment that is ludicrous, really, seeing as how the bureaucratic apparatus that nurtures their social engineering fetishes remains ever-permanently ensconced.) They were predicting another 40-year run of dominance, but completely misread as to exactly why they were put into office.  It’s gotten to the point that even James Carville has to admit that Bush-bashing is counterproductive, and will not help the Democrats.  The Left has been scrambling trying to find an effective “boogeyman” for their base to focus that populist anger on, and have failed miserably.  Blaming Fox News hasn’t worked.  Blaming John Boehner hasn’t worked.  Blaming Bush no longer works.  Blaming Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh hasn’t worked.  Blaming Christine O’Donnell hasn’t worked.  And so they’ve directed that anger onto the voters themselves and people who are questioning their policies, calling them racists, rubes, and battered spouses.  PJ, though, has an idea of who the batterer actually is:

This is not an election on November 2. This is a restraining order. Power has been trapped, abused and exploited by Democrats. Go to the ballot box and put an end to this abusive relationship. And let’s not hear any nonsense about letting the Democrats off if they promise to get counseling.

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