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Sunday, January 02, 2011

2010: Barry Style

Dave Barry has his annual year in review article out. One of the things I like about Barry is that he has a libertarian streak.  He doesn’t take politicians seriously and frequently ridicules their pretensions (his take on their response to the BP spill is hilarious and deadly accurate). He also brings them in for some slams on healthcare reform and anti-terror efforts.  My favorite:

Every poll shows that the major concerns of the American people are federal spending, the exploding deficit, and—above all—jobs. Jobs, jobs, jobs: This is what the public is worried about. In a word, the big issue is: jobs. So the Obama administration, displaying the keen awareness that has become its trademark, decides to focus like a laser on: health-care reform. The centerpiece of this effort is a historic bill that will either a) guarantee everybody excellent free health care, or b) permit federal bureaucrats to club old people to death. Nobody knows which, because nobody has read the bill, which in printed form has the same mass as a UPS truck.


On a more hopeful note, on March 27 people in more than 4,000 cities around the world turn off their lights in observance of Earth Hour, saving an estimated 45 million megawatts of electricity—enough to power one of Al Gore’s houses for nearly three days.

He also talks about the Toyota sudden acceleration argle-bargle.  For the record, I just bought a Camry and love it.  So far, it has yet to accelerate on its own but my story will change if/when I get my first speeding ticket.  The BP oil spill comes up, which makes this a good time as any to note that the impact of that spill, both environmental and financial, is turning out to be a lot less than was feared.

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