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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A Steroid Rant

If you’re a baseball fan at all and interesting in tomorrow’s Hall of Fame vote, I’ve written a very long and rambling post at my own site about baseball, the media, steroids and the Hall of Fame.  I get quite exercised:

The players did not choose their legacy — baseball did by not taking the [steroid] issue seriously until an unpopular player started breaking records. The players were the largest part of that, obviously. But they played in an environment in which the only negative impact of steroid use was long term health risk — something many would trade for success. What Verducci and others are trying to apply is an ex post facto judgement. They looked the other way when steroid use was happening. Now that it blew up in their faces, they suddenly want to start issuing retroactive penalties.

I probably come across as more forgiving of steroid use than I actually am.  I think it’s terrible that they infected the game.  But I also think their use was not only tolerating but tacitly encouraged by a league and a media that now want to absolve themselves of any responsibility for what happened. (The Mitchell Report made it clear that the teams had a pretty good idea of who was juicing and who wasn’t.)

Discuss if the subject interest you; ignore if it doesn’t.  If we get at least one beer mug thrown in the sports bar that is the RTFLC comment section, I’ll consider this a job well done.

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