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Friday, November 12, 2010

Alaskan Follies

Maybe it’s just me, but Joe Miller is looking increasingly like a sore loser.  I have little use for Lisa Murkowski, but MIller’s team is sounding increasingly like Algore’s back in 2000:

Joe Miller campaign advisor Floyd Brown just came out and suggested the election was tainted by voter fraud and intimidation, but wouldn’t any provide examples of where that happened.

“The stories of manipulation are just almost mind boggling,” Brown said at a press conference called this afternoon by the Miller campaign.

The only evidence that the Miller campaign would provide was an affidavit from a poll watcher in Fairbanks, Rocky MacDonald, who complained that the ballot box at the Tanana Valley Fairgrounds “was unsecured in that the electoral judges had access to the inside of the ballot box with a key.”

The link has pictures of several ballots Miller is challenging.  The ones they post are fairly obvious votes for Murkowski.  But Team Miller Lite is challenging them saying if there’s so much as one letter wrong (or might be wrong; the think an “r” is a v") that the vote is invalid.

Often the challenged ballots (the ones pictured above are examples) appear to be filled out correctly, including the spelling of Lisa Murkowski’s name.

“All we’re doing right now is identifying any ballots that are questionable, have any deviation from the standard,” said Miller campaign spokesman Randy DeSoto.

This is increasingly academic.  Nate Silver calculates that 12% of the votes would have to be bad for Miller to win.  He’s challenging about 10% and only 1.5% have been successfully challenged.  If the vote were close, maybe I could see doing this.  But this is looking more and more like someone who simply can’t accept the sad reality that he lost to a write-in candidate.

Come on, Joe.  Just concede.  Spare us the historical re-enactment.

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