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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

And It Came To Pass

Yeah, we were really exaggerating when we said that the “frisk everyone” policy would be applied to more than just airports:

First, notice the cringe-inducing servility of the media here.  The report is about how stopping and frisking Americans who are under no suspicion of wrong-doing is a good thing.  It’s keeping your family safe!  And we wonder why they are in such a lather about Wikileaks.  Say what you will about Assange—and I have plenty to say—at least he’s not cheerleading for government while pretending to be some kind of watchdog.  Honestly, our media should just start donning little skirts and pom poms and begin every broadcast with “Yaaay! Government!”.  At this point, they’re reminding of the “new ISN” of Babylon 5, complete with smarmy condescending tone.

Second, notice the mission creep.  This is sold as “keeping your family safe” from terrorists.  But they are also looking for illegal immigrants, for drugs, for people with too much cash (which they will probably forfeit and never return).  Now that the camel’s nose is in the door through the threat of terrorism (at a Greyhound station in Tampa? Really?  Is that high on the terrorist priority list?), here comes the rest of the camel.  And they’re now looking at highway stops which are blatantly unconstitutional.

How is this not a police state?  Citizens who have done nothing to warrant suspicion other than get on a bus are being stopped, frisked, questioned and told to show their identity.  When the Soviet Union did this (under the guise of “protecting” the state from counter-revolution), we called it a police state.  But now that we’re doing it, it’s just good sense?

And where the blue fuck are you liberals on this?!  If Bush did anything remotely close to this, you would be screaming about civil liberties.  If a policy were enacted that disproportionately inconvenienced the poor and minorities, you would be crying racism.  In fact, that’s precisely what you did with Arizona’s law—I guess because it was a Republican governor who did it.

So it’s OK when your guy does it?  Are you so utterly without principle, so stupidly partisan that this doesn’t matter to you?  And yes, I know Republicans wouldn’t be making as big a deal about this if McCain was President.  But they’ve never claimed the mantle of the defender of our civil liberties.  You fuckers have.  Where are you?

(Both of these links come from Radley Balko’s blog. The libertarians who were critical of Bush are not being silent now.)

Update: As pointed out in the comments, many many liberals are opposing these steps, most notably Glenn Greenwald.  My ire should have been directed at many Democrats and especially the mainstream media.  Apologies for the broad brush.

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