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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And the collectivists keep marching on..

Even congress in this lame duck session from hell, where the bills being passed aren’t being passed to help the American people, but a desperate act to boost the sagging poll numbers of a deadbeat, compeltely out of his water, buffoon pretending to be the POTUS, they refused to touch the clearly misguided government takeover of the internet effort masquerading as the “Net Neutrality” effort. Guess what this reall is about? No, don’t. Here is John Fund at the WSJ pointing out that it is the usual collectivists using class warfare as the excuse du jour to grab control of the internet. In this case they had to bypass the congress and have the executive directly steal the show because even Pelosi & Reid know this is not what the American people want.

The Federal Communications Commission’s new “net neutrality” rules, passed on a partisan 3-2 vote yesterday, represent a huge win for a slick lobbying campaign run by liberal activist groups and foundations. The losers are likely to be consumers who will see innovation and investment chilled by regulations that treat the Internet like a public utility.

There’s little evidence the public is demanding these rules, which purport to stop the non-problem of phone and cable companies blocking access to websites and interfering with Internet traffic. Over 300 House and Senate members have signed a letter opposing FCC Internet regulation, and there will undoubtedly be even less support in the next Congress.

Yet President Obama, long an ardent backer of net neutrality, is ignoring both Congress and adverse court rulings, especially by a federal appeals court in April that the agency doesn’t have the power to enforce net neutrality. He is seeking to impose his will on the Internet through the executive branch. FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, a former law school friend of Mr. Obama, has worked closely with the White House on the issue. Official visitor logs show he’s had at least 11 personal meetings with the president.

The net neutrality vision for government regulation of the Internet began with the work of Robert McChesney, a University of Illinois communications professor who founded the liberal lobby Free Press in 2002. Mr. McChesney’s agenda? “At the moment, the battle over network neutrality is not to completely eliminate the telephone and cable companies,” he told the website SocialistProject in 2009. “But the ultimate goal is to get rid of the media capitalists in the phone and cable companies and to divest them from control.”

A year earlier, Mr. McChesney wrote in the Marxist journal Monthly Review that “any serious effort to reform the media system would have to necessarily be part of a revolutionary program to overthrow the capitalist system itself.” Mr. McChesney told me in an interview that some of his comments have been “taken out of context.” He acknowledged that he is a socialist and said he was “hesitant to say I’m not a Marxist.”

For a man with such radical views, Mr. McChesney and his Free Press group have had astonishing influence. Mr. Genachowski’s press secretary at the FCC, Jen Howard, used to handle media relations at Free Press. The FCC’s chief diversity officer, Mark Lloyd, co-authored a Free Press report calling for regulation of political talk radio.

Get that? Obama puts a well know commie in charge of this thing, and then he and his bunch of crooks bypasses congress. Think this will end up with the feds also regulating not just the how, but the “WHAT”? And have no doubt that the ultimate agenda here is control of the “What” that’s on the internet. And that’s just the start. The end goal is for government to control the message.

The internet has been the most horrible thing to happen to the big power government types since they thought they had won when they had destroyed religion, took over education and the courts, and controlled the media talking heads. All their pro-collectivist propaganda is useless when you can get on the internet and find proof of how f-ed up this stuff really is. I hope the 112th immediately puts the kibosh on this idiotic coup that completely went around the constitution to steal people’s freedoms under the guise of making Netflix downloads cheaper for the average moron that wouldn’t have a clue he was being abused by his own government.

Don’t panic or be surprised when the FCC suddenly demands blogs like this very one need to clear their existence with them, and thus get an anual license to exist. “Say the wrong thing, lose the license” then being the obvious agenda.

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