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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another “Ice Age” is a coming!

Here is an interesting bit of scientific news:

(PhysOrg.com)—Sunspot formation is triggered by a magnetic field, which scientists say is steadily declining. They predict that by 2016 there may be no remaining sunspots, and the sun may stay spotless for several decades. The last time the sunspots disappeared altogether was in the 17th and 18th century, and coincided with a lengthy cool period on the planet known as the Little Ice Age.

Maybe, if you agree with the AGW cultists man is the one behind the planet’s warming, and the sun isn’t a factor, we should be enacting policies that encourage the creation of CO2. You know, since they blame it for all the heating, it might actually save us. Then again, according to the AGW church the little ice age wasn’t anything like such anyway.

Yeah, I know this stuff isn’t settled or concensus science, and that the aticle points out there is no guarantee this will happen, but I could not pass on the opportunity to poke fun at the expense of the true believer.

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