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Monday, March 14, 2011

Anti-nuke MSM already trying to use Japanese tragedy to their advantage.

Considering most of the MSM’s reporting on the nuclear reactor problems the Japanese are dealing with at their over 40 year old power plants has been spotty and devoid of any real science, I am not surprised by the tack they have taken, intended to scare people, and disgusted to find idiotic shit like this. While I am not minimizing the issue, we need to keep in mind that we have very little detail of what has really happened. What we do know is that we had an unbelievable 8.9 RS earthquake, followed by a massive Tsunami, a wall of water that ripped everything apart, and many other aftershocks that because of their intensity would have had devastated effects in other less prepared place, and that now they are experiencing issues with a runaway reaction in some of their facilities. Seriously, how likely do people think we are going to get a similar set of circumstances, or others of enough magnitude to compare to the destructive force these facilities were exposed to, here in the US where these older reactors are running? This kind of reporting is a travesty and will set us back decades. I find it disgusting that the same people that want to deny us any carbon based energy also want to deny us the only other alternative source that would allow us to keep the standards of living we now have and the freedoms and prosperty cheap energy have afforded us all. But I am not surprised they are doing that because I am certain the agenda has nothing to do with clean energy, saving the planet, or anything like that.

Update: Some additional information to give you perspective:
1. Newer Nuclear Reactors Might Not Have Failed in Japan.
2. Japan Nuclear Safety Plan Foresaw Quake, Underestimated Impact of Tsunami
3. The big failures all seem man made.
4. Reactors with passive cooling systems are the answer to this problem faced in Japan, where we need to point out we are dealing with 40 year old reactors in the first place..

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