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Thursday, November 18, 2010

As I expected, the public courts system drops the ball

When the Obama team took over and huffed and puffed about how much more nobler they were than their predecessors - because they would treat enemy combatants like common criminals and put them through our court system instead of evil military tribunals, in my opinion because they wanted to paint the use said tribunals as something Machiavellian in nature to score cheap political points with people that have a hard time with the fact that things like this practically always fail to work in the real world as well as we would like them too – I predicted trouble. I was especially astounded by Holders nonchalant claim that he was certain that they would be able to get real and meaningful convictions against these terrorists. Well, at the risk of again saying “I told you so”, we have the results of the first such trial proving me right.

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