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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

As the Worm turns.

Today, Americans unite together in the noble task of selecting the great men and women who will lead this nation into a bright shiny future......................uh....

Ok Who the fuck am i kidding?
We are just picking another set of assholes to feed us bullshit.
Two years ago Obama was ushered in, in one of the most historic elections we have ever had. On a wave of distrust and anger at the republican party, the Democrats sealed their control over the house, senate and the presidency.
Here we are 2 years later, after the election of President Obama.
My how the worm turns.
In the wake of the Obama care fiasco, Stimulus funding, cash for clunkers and the myriad and sorted actions and inactions of the president, not with out a bit of Tea Party urging, the American people seem to be ready to reverse all the gains Democrats achieved in 2006 and 2008.

So, tonight feel free to use this post to vent.

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