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Friday, February 18, 2011

As Wisconsin goes so does the union

I want to expound on Hal’s excellent piece dealing with the battle between the governor trying to balance his out of control budget and the unions whom want to keep their power and perks named the Wisconsin War, and in particular discuss an angle Hal mentions in his first update, and that’s the fact that not only is the DNC behind the protests, and it is now looking like the WH is also involved in coordinating this, but that this is a direct move by a political party to protect a specific voter block at the expense of both the American tax payer and the states. I have no doubt that if Walker fails to break the lock these public employee unions have to help deal with Wisconsin’s $3.6 billion budget shortfall that the state is going to be only the first of many to end up in even deeper trouble.

Wisconsin is going to have to borrow some money in the short term to cover their expenses. Who is going to loan them money if the donkeys and the WH succeed in blocking Wagner and breaking this ridiculous union lock on state expenditures when it is obvious the biggest problems - the massive and looming cost of paying for all the goodies for the unionized workers - in every state budget can not be dealt with? The repercussions if the unions win and prevent these changes from happening are going to be felt by all states, not just Wisconsin. And the economic burden/impact of this in Wisconsin will absolutely fall on those in the private sector, far beyond the 5000 layoffs that are being threatened in the public sector, as it will in every other state impacted by budget woes. And if they somehow are lucky enough to find someone to loan them money in Wisconsin if Wagner’s measure fails, the interest is going to be astronomical and the problems that causes likely to have bigger budget impacts down the road. That is, of course, unless in the end the federal government ends up bailing them out, and I am now starting to think that’s part and parcel of the democrat strategy here.

The collectivist simply do not care about reality and the fact that their personal greed and envy are currently setting us all on the road to disaster. What we have here is class warfare which pits the productive sector against the public sector, and the public sector is going to demand their unsustainable lifestyle be maintained down until the last working private sector worker is bled dry. The American people spoke in the last election. The left has either decided to ignore them or has heard them and doubled down on the stupid. In either case this is bad for us all.

Update: It looks like Wisconsin is but the first state to think they have to bust the public unions grip on their budgets to make progress, as lawmakers in Tennessee decide they have to do the same.

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