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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blago Back in Action

The jury trying corrupt slimeball Rod Blagojevich is back:

After deliberating for two weeks, a federal jury today convicted Rod Blagojevich of only one of the 24 counts against him—lying to the FBI—and announced it was deadlocked on the other 23 counts.

The jury also deadlocked on all four counts against the former governor’s brother, Robert.

Speaking about the messy conclusion to an often explosive legal proceeding that captivated the nation, federal prosecutors wasted no time announcing plans to retry both men. “It is absolutely our intent to retry this,” said Assistant U.S. Atty. Reid Schar. “We could be here tomorrow.”

I have no idea what happened here, since we’re not privy to jury deliberations.  My guess is that a Los Angeles jury accidentally got swapped in.  They figured that if Blago was on tape and documented to be corrupt, it must be their duty to acquit him. Or maybe the case wasn’t that good, I don’t know.  I do know that Patrick Fitzgerald—you may remember him as the liberal RINO partisan who put Scooter Libby in jail for doing absolutely nothing no sir whatsover ... I mean apart from lying to investigators, perjury and obstructing justice—will bring these charges again.

So we can look forward to more of the Blago Circus.

Update: Early reports are that this was indeed a Dumb Juror situation.

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