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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Books, Pencils, Notebooks, Eraser … Note From Your President

It kind of went unnoticed last week, but the President made another back to school address last week.  You may remember the furor over last year’s speech.  What was not understood then—and is not understood now—is that the discomfort many American feels with this is not some crazy Tea Party racist paranoia Glenn Beck hokum.  It’s actually quite reasonable:

More disheartening is the “annual” part of all this, because it seems the nation has quietly resigned itself to yet another chip being taken out of federalism. It doesn’t matter that the president has no constitutional authority to kick off each new school year with an address to the nation’s kids, or that it opens up the very real possibility of serious politicization as the address becomes increasingly ensconsed. Right now the speech seems to do no harm, so no one wants to fight it.

There is one final reason this is discouraging. As a writer over at Pileus Blog laments, the speech is yet further evidence of “the way in which politics creeps into every nook and cranny of our world, leaving little space for us to breathe the fresh air of private life.” Indeed, now not even our children are able to breathe free.

There is something disquieting to many Americans about a President who has a need to be everywhere, saying everything.  Seriously, I sometimes expect to pour out my breakfast cereal and hear his voice emerge from the box: “This is part of a nutritious breakfast!”

(In other education news, Fenty went down in defeat in Washington, which may spell the end for Michelle Rhee.  While there’s a lot to like about Rhee, some recent pronouncements, including sympathy toward Warren Buffet’s bonehead idea of outlawing private schools, make me nervous.)

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