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Monday, February 14, 2011

Budget battles are a looming

The president is going to unveil the new budget today, a $3.7 trillion dollar doozy that’s just going to compound the fact that we have a $1.65 trillion dollar hole in this years budget, and tack even more to our already ridiculous and out of control debt. And the problems are just starting: it’s going to get much worse. Of course Obama will come out and tell us that he has reduced the current budget and the projected ones over the next decade to save us a stunning $ 1.1 trillion dollars. This is bullshit and such an insult that it beggars the question if he thinks that since the MSM will not point out yet another crooked numbers scam, that the people can not see through the smoke & mirrors.

First off, that $ 1.1 trillion saved over the next decade isn’t any kind of savings at all. It’s fake. They are calling a cut in massive deficit spending a savings. We will still be tacking a trillion plus each year of that decade to the debt in deficit spending. This is akin to the guy that’s making $ 1,000 every week but planning on spending $2,750 each week telling you he has a financial plan to save himself from the looming abyss by cutting his weekly outlays from $2,750 to $2,650 and thus saving a massive $1,000 in the next ten weeks. Look at that sacrifice: don’t look at the $16,500 in new debt! Now multiply this by a few million to get the scope of what these idiots are doing to us. We are broke you morons!

Don’t worry, these crooks will tell you that what we need isn’t government to stop spending, but to tax the evil and undeserving rich! The fact is that even if government confiscated all the wealth from the rich we would still come up short at the end of this decade, even worse; we would be up the creek after that, because our economy would likely be as vibrant and effective as that of Cuba or North Korea. Get ready for all of us to be battered by new confiscatory taxes. Demcorats do not intend to let anyone roll back government spending to anything close to what it was before Obama tacked over a trillion in new welfare state spending to grow government and pretended it was a stimulus. If they do so, their constituency is going to get hammered. So instead those of us in the real world will foot the bill for the big government these elitist scum so dearly love.

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