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Saturday, February 08, 2003

Primates Capitulardes
by Lee

This is absolutely priceless.  The Times Online has a story about “French-bashing.” Be sure and read the whole thing, but mostly for these twoparagraphs:

The media have made much of the US tabloids’ dismissal of France with the “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” insult. Le Figaro nicely translated the line, which comes from The Simpsons television cartoon, as: primates capitulards et tou-jours en quête de fromages.

The media have also been struggling to decode a now famous New York Post headline denouncing France and Germany as “The Axis of Weasel”. Le Figaro translated this as l’axe des faux jetons — literally “the axis of the two-faced”.

You gotta love those zany French.

(Link via The Corner.)

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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Elephants and Americans
by Lee

According to the International Herald-Tribune, France (surprise surprise) is rethinking its stance on Iraq.

With a swerve in language that acknowledges the possibility of the use force in Iraq and emphasizes Feb. 14 as a due-date for Iraqi compliance with disarmament requirements, France seems to be recalibrating its position on steps that could lead to a war.

[A]fter weeks of seeking to project France and Germany as being on what President Jacques Chirac called an ‘‘identical’’ anti-war wavelength, [French foreign minister Dominique] de Villepin returned late Wednesday and again Thursday to a kind of language France had abandoned. After disappearing for weeks, France was again saying war was an alternative.

De Villepin told a radio interviewer, ‘‘Force can only be a last resort, but we don’t exclude any possibility, including, of course, resorting to force, but that’s at the last extreme.’’

At the same time, de Villepin pointed to Feb. 14 as the date by which the Iraqi authorities must accede to all the demands of the UN weapons inspectors. Previously, France had been vague about fixing any time-frame, suggesting that inspections might go along indefinitely.

The recognition of the date may suggest an acceptance by the French, as permanent members of the Council, of a willingness to decide soon on whether the inspection effort has failed or reached an impasse

Translation:  “Ze Americains are going to attack Iraq wezzer we agree to eet or not.  We need to be on zer good side if we want ze oil.  We are French, nobody will be surprized eef we latch on to ze winning side shortly before ze fighting begeenz.”

America will not forget, you gutless snail-eating cowards.

Update: Not so, according to the Washington Post:

“There is no change in the French position, no change at all,” said Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, whose country has been one of the most forceful voices for giving U.N. weapons inspectors in Iraq more time to work.

Cowards.  Sheer gutless cowards.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Il Est Temps de Décision
by Lee

Take a look at these remarks by Richard Perle, “a former assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan administration and now chairman of the Pentagon’s Policy Advisory Board.”

France is no longer an ally of the United States and the NATO alliance “must develop a strategy to contain our erstwhile ally or we will not be talking about a NATO alliance” the head of the Pentagon’s top advisory board said in Washington Tuesday.

“France is no longer the ally it once was,” Perle said. And he went on to accuse French President Jacques Chirac of believing “deep in his soul that Saddam Hussein is preferable to any likely successor.”

“I have long thought that there were forces in France intent on reducing the American role in the world. That is more troubling than the stance of a German chancellor, who has been largely rejected by his own people,” Perle said, referring to the sharp electoral defeat suffered by Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s party in state elections Sunday.

“It is now reasonable to ask whether the United States should now or on any other occasion subordinate vital national interests to a show of hands by nations who do not share our interests,” he added.

Don’t for a second think that these words aren’t coming straight from the White House. By using Perle, a non-administration civilian official as a messenger, Bush gets to make his point by proxy.  France needs to think long and hard about the long-term implications of defying the United States.  As a sovereign nation they are free to make policy decisions that are in their own best interests.

And so are we.

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Monday, February 03, 2003

Pissing Off Blighty
by Lee

A few days ago I blogged on the consequences Germany is now feeling from pissing off American consumers.  Well, France isn’t immune, either, only they’ve pissed off someone a lot more powerful and a lot closer to home.

Tony Blair blocked a decision to award a French company a £3 billion contract to build the Royal Navy’s two new aircraft carriers because of anger at President Jacques Chirac’s behaviour over Iraq and Zimbabwe.

The industry journal Defence Analysis will say today that the reason for snubbing the French company was “purely political”.

M Chirac’s decision to invite President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to Paris for a summit on Africa this month in defiance of EU travel sanctions proved to be “the last straw”.

The disclosure that Mr Blair intervened to ensure that Britain’s BAE Systems was made the prime contractor will increase tensions between him and M Chirac at today’s Anglo-French summit at the resort of Le Touquet, near Calais.

The French are likely to be further affronted by the disclosure by defence sources that the decision to give BAE Systems the leading role was discussed in advance with Washington. America is angry about M Chirac’s attempts to delay President George W Bush’s plans for military action against Iraq.

Take that, you cowardly, snail-eating fucks.

(Link via The Corner.)

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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Saugen Sie auf diesem, Deutschland
by Lee

It seems that the Master Race is feeling the effects of pissing off American consumers.

German exports to America are being affected by consumer anger over Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s vehement opposition to US policy on Iraq , business leaders admitted last week.

In America people have been calling the German consulate in New York, threatening to start their own economic boycott.

“We have had some calls from individual Americans threatening to sell their BMWs or tear out their German-made fitted kitchens. We had one wine importer who called us to say that he would no longer stock German Riesling wine,” Werner Schmidt, a spokesman for the consulate said.

Fucking priceless.  There are a multitude of consequences to pissing off America.  This is just one of them. 

There are a number of people who remember just a few decades ago going to war against Germany to free France.  There are plenty more who remember the military buildup, the massive debt of the 1980’s, all to protect Germany, France, and the rest of Europe from the USSR.  And now, what do we get in return?

Fuck you Germany, and fuck you France, you cowardly, ungrateful pieces of shit.

(Link via Jon Jay Ray.)

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Wednesday, January 29, 2003

European Priorities
by Lee

Well, they may not have the balls to stand up to Iraq, but they’re alll over the problem of pig boredom.

FARMERS throughout the country have 90 days to put a toy in every pigsty or face up to three months in jail.

The new ruling from Brussels, which is to become law in Britain next week, is to keep pigs happy and prevent them chewing each other.

Official instructions to farmers are to give pigs “environmental enrichment” by providing “manipulable material”, which the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs last night defined as balls.

Terrorists? Perfectly acceptable. Murderous dictators?  Not a problem.  Farmers who don’t put a ball in their pig sty?  90 days in jail.  Good to see where European proirities lie.

(Link via The Corner.)

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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Hand-Wringing Euro Pussies
by Lee

Well, it seems that the Master Race and the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys are joining forces to take a firm stand against doing what needs to be done.

France and Germany declared on Wednesday they were of one mind on Iraq and determined to avoid a conflict there, but declined to reveal how they would vote if the United Nations Security Council debates a war resolution.

President Jacques Chirac and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, speaking as the two countries celebrated the 40th anniversary of their bilateral friendship treaty, said the Security Council was the only body with the legitimacy to approve an attack.

It makes me proud that we have a president who doesn’t give much of a shit what France or Germany thinks.  How snubbed these two nations must feel after eight years of Bill Clinton smooching their asses.

“Germany and France have the same judgment on this crisis,” Chirac told a news conference after the cabinet meeting.

“We agree completely to harmonize our positions as closely as possible to find a peaceful solution to the Iraq crisis,” added Schroeder, standing at Chirac’s side.

But Chirac declined to answer a question on whether France, one of the five veto-wielding permanent members of the Security Council, would vote the same way as Germany, currently one of its 10 rotating members.

Note that they are both leaving themselves an “out,” should things not go their way.  They gain popularity points by appearing to stand up to the “cowboy president,” yet leave their options open to save face when their position ends up being rejected. What utterly contemptible fucking cowards.

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Thursday, December 05, 2002

Our Best Friends
by Lee

I think these two headlines speak volumes:

Bush fails to win over sceptical Europeans: Poll on war with Iraq shows France, Germany and Russia opposed, UK divided, and Jerry Springer Opera Gets London World Premiere.

What do these people like about America?  They don’t like the fight against terrorism, but they love Jerry Springer.  Can someone give me one good reason why we should give a fuck what Europe thinks of us?

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Monday, November 25, 2002

Our Allies, the French
by Lee

Want to see what Jacques Chirac, President of NATO-member-and-ally-in-the-war-on-terror France was doing today at the NATO summit in Prague, while the heads of the other NATO states were speaking?  Was he listening intently?  Was he weighing his country’s options regarding possible action in Iraq?

Nope.  He was reading a fucking magazine. Charming people, those French.

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