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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vancouver--The Detroit of Canada!

Okay, I kid, it’s not THAT bad.  But this story, via Mish, shows that getting the Olympics is no guarantee of long-term financial investment.  I’ll get to that in a second.

If Obama ends up becoming a one-termer, or at least goes down as one of the most unpopular two-term Presidents in history (fingers crossed, eh, Dubya?) historians will likely look back and determine that this relatively innocuous event is when he really started losing his political mojo.

As you may remember, Obama, Oprah, and a bunch of Chicago boosters went to Copenhagen to lobby the Olympic Committee to award the city the 2016 Summer Games last October.  Instead, Chicago was the first one eliminated, to the utter amazement of the CNN talking head in the clip above and just about everyone else.  It was such a shock, one of the boosters let out this laugher after the vote was tallied:

“I hate the fact that these elegant people were here,” U.S. IOC member Anita DeFrantz said of the Obamas, “and then our country got treated that way.”

If that quote doesn’t encapsulate the snobbish sense of entitlement of your typical Obama supporter, I don’t know what does.  At the time, Obama and his party were in the midst of a nasty healthcare fight that saw several rollicking townhalls where Democratic congressmen were basically lucky that tar and feathers weren’t readily available, and this is probably what’s going to end up defining his presidency in the end.  But up until that day, Obama had probably reached the apex of his political influence, with a fawning media that felt he could do no wrong, and the impression was that the IOC would roll over to his charm and give him what he wanted, just like everyone else in his life had up to that point.  This was Obama’s first tangible stumble as President, and it showed his opponents that he wasn’t invincible. 

It’s been all downhill ever since, aided by an economy that just won’t heal, and a lot of bad blood created over the healthcare fight that saw Obama completely compromise his public image just to get something, ANYTHING, signed.

Now, on one level, I can understand Obama trying to get the Olympics for his hometown.  If conducted properly, they can be transformative events for the host city; having visited Salt Lake City before and after the 2002 Winter Games, I saw with my own eyes how much of an impact on the city’s infrastructure and demographics it had.  Whether it will be best for the city in the long run remains to be seen (unlike most people, I’ve never found Utah’s predominantly Mormon culture threatening in the least, and actually thought it helped to keep a lot of mischief-making, community-degrading social engineers out), and there was enough controversy and corruption in how the Salt Lake Olympic lobbyists were awarded their bid that Mitt Romney had to come in and clean things up.  Chicago, being Chicago, wasn’t any different in this regard.

But maybe he actually dodged a bullet, as Mish’s link to The Province reveals (emphasis mine):

Sixty-six per cent of Vancouver’s pricey Olympic Village condos remain unsold — a total of 483 units at the massive False Creek development that served as athletes’ housing during the two-week 2010 Games.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, whose city remains on the hook for more than $1.03 billion of the cost of the project, predicts it will take a “full two-year term” to sell the remaining units.

“There is some concern we’re going into another [economic] dip,” Robertson said last week. “[But] I have full confidence in the developer and the marketing taking place.

I hope the market kicks in and they get sold. I’d like to see it fill up sooner rather than later.”…

Today, six months after the 2010 Olympic Games, the village resembles a ghost town.

He’s going to have to rely on a lot more than hope--just ask Obama and his supporters.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Overaged Drama Queen Denied the Whoosh of the Air Conditioner

Oh man, this is classic.  This guy really wants to go shopping.

Note: See update.

LOL--"WE ARE THE TORONTO PUBLIC, WE WANT TO SHOP!” I love how he makes a complete spectacle of himself for at least 2 minutes, then tells the dude filming him, “I didn’t give my permission for you to film me.” That, and he demands, “Why are you putting people through this?!” yet at the end, he whines to the people on the street, “DON’T YOU CARE?!!!?” No you stupid hippie, they’re too busy laughing at a fossil whose freaking out because he can’t get in to buy pumps to go with his manpurse.

The fact that his clothes clearly mark him as some commie asshole (check out the Red Star shirt with a peace symbol in the center that says “Resist” on it; I can’t make out the rest of the script) just makes it that much more hilarious.  You think he’d be happy that a corporate entity was being forced to lose money by closing early during the G20 meetings, but I guess shoe shopping trumps political principle when the rubber hits the road.

The teenager at 0:45 takes the video to a different level of absurdity.

Update: The original was removed, but some kind people at YouTube are on it: Click here for the funny. Rocketboy also posted a link in the comments. 

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Not going to hear this from, or see this on, the MSM

It looks like our AGW cultists have been skewered yet again. It seems that they have been caught selectively skewing the data to make their case yet again.

Call it the mystery of the missing thermometers. Two months after “climategate” cast doubt on some of the science behind global warming, new questions are being raised about the reliability of a key temperature database, used by the United Nations and climate change scientists as proof of recent planetary warming. Two American researchers allege that U.S. government scientists have skewed global temperature trends by ignoring readings from thousands of local weather stations around the world, particularly those in colder altitudes and more northerly latitudes, such as Canada. In the 1970s, nearly 600 Canadian weather stations fed surface temperature readings into a global database assembled by the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Today, NOAA only collects data from 35 stations across Canada. Worse, only one station—at Eureka on Ellesmere Island—is now used by NOAA as a temperature gauge for all Canadian territory above the Arctic Circle.

How are we to trust any of this data, especially the historical patern, when they are jury rigging the measurement locations to be in warmer places? Should it really surprise anyone that when you exlude those pesky locations that are colder and shift the measurements to places that are warmer, that you end up with data that shows warming? Remember that pharma companies that get caught doing this exact kind of things during their drug trails end up in court, and people go to jail. The same would happen to people rigging security trading information in order to push the stocks they wanted. Even the Cheerios manufacturer was smacked hard because they could not conclusively make the claim their product lowered colesterol.  Yet we have governments the world over, with an agenda that will cost us citizens trillions of dollars and result ins some real hurt for the non-elite that stand to profit obscenly from this scam, not just turning a blind eye to this, but actually pushing it.

Neither agency responded to a request for comment Wednesday from Canwest News Service. However Hanson did issue a public statement on the matter earlier this week. “NASA has not been involved in any manipulation of climate data used in the annual GISS global temperature analysis,” he said. “The agency is confident of the quality of this data and stands by previous scientifically-based conclusions regarding global temperatures.”

That’s good enough for me! Well not.

In addition to the allegations against NOAA and GISS, climate scientists are also dealing with the embarrassment this week of the false glacier-melt warning contained in the 2007 report of the UN Panel on Climate Change. That report said Himalayan glaciers are likely to disappear within three decades if current rates of melting continue. This week, however, the panel admitted there is no scientific evidence to support such a claim.

Their house of cards is being dimsantelled piecemeal, but it is falling apart. They continue to spin and lump this bull with real problems in the hopes of keeping the momentum, but the truth is coming out, and it looks like too many people were either just had or part of a massive conspiracy to convince us to hand over our freedoms to a world government intent on running a wealth redistribution scam that would make the seleted elite stinking rich.

Al Gore was not available for comments. He was to busy raking in as much money as he could before this thing went south and he was forced to look for a new scam to push for the same agenda.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

California Hopes for Some Change

Unfortunately, the physical landscape of California is not the only thing going up in flames right now.  First, one of Canada’s trading exchanges sent out this delightful notice: (via Zerohedge)

Please be advised that there has been an unforeseen delay in renewing CDCC’s annual application with the State of California.

Due to this delay, CDCC options may not at this time and until further notice be sold or offered for sale in the state of California and to California residents until the annual application process is completed.

I’m no financial expert, but I’m pretty sure that’s trader-ese for “You’re broke, chumps--don’t call us, we’ll call you!”

And just to add injury to insult, the state needs a loan to pay their IOUs:

California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer announced that the banking giant is lending the state $1.5 billion to help it pay off IOUs.

The terms are very favorable to California, as the loan carries a 3 percent annual interest rate, lower than the 3.75 percent rate the state is paying on the IOUs. Also, Chase is not charging any fees.

How magnanimous of them!  But that’s not the best part:

The JP Morgan Chase loan matures on October 5, but Treasurer spokesman Tom Dresslar tells me the state hopes to pay it back before then. The Treasurer will begin selling short term revenue notes into the market, possibly by mid-September, and will use some of that money to repay the bank.

Get that?  One of Canada’s largest traders has “delayed” doing business with California or its residents (no doubt one of many to come), and now the state needs a loan from one of Bernanke’s bank brothel madams to cover the financial obligations that it couldn’t cover this summer.  A loan that it hopes to pay back.

This is what it’s like to watch a state slowly circle the drain financially. 

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Canadian Bacon, Not Pork

Liberals (including Michael Moore) are often slammed for saying we should be more like Canada. Canada can be blamed for many things-Celine Dion, William Shatner-but there seems to be one area where they have it right.

Guess which country, alone in the industrialized world, has not faced a single bank failure, calls for bailouts or government intervention in the financial or mortgage sectors. Yup, it’s Canada. In 2008, the World Economic Forum ranked Canada’s banking system the healthiest in the world. America’s ranked 40th, Britain’s 44th…

Canada has also been shielded from the worst aspects of this crisis because its housing prices have not fluctuated as wildly as those in the United States. Home prices are down 25 percent in the United States, but only half as much in Canada. Why? Well, the Canadian tax code does not provide the massive incentive for overconsumption that the U.S. code does: interest on your mortgage isn’t deductible up north… Ah, but you’ve heard American politicians wax eloquent on the need for these expensive programs—interest deductibility alone costs the federal government $100 billion a year—because they allow the average Joe to fulfill the American Dream of owning a home. Sixty-eight percent of Americans own their own homes. And the rate of Canadian homeownership? It’s 68.4 percent.

Canada has been remarkably responsible over the past decade or so. It has had 12 years of budget surpluses, and can now spend money to fuel a recovery from a strong position. The government has restructured the national pension system, placing it on a firm fiscal footing, unlike our own insolvent Social Security. Its health-care system is cheaper than America’s by far (accounting for 9.7 percent of GDP, versus 15.2 percent here), and yet does better on all major indexes. Life expectancy in Canada is 81 years, versus 78 in the United States; “healthy life expectancy” is 72 years, versus 69. American car companies have moved so many jobs to Canada to take advantage of lower health-care costs that since 2004, Ontario and not Michigan has been North America’s largest car-producing region.

For all their faults, the Canucks seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to their economy. It’s more than I can say for our own politicians on either side.

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Left Hosers Unite!

The Canadians are apparently taking their political lessons from Democrats.  The conservatives won the last Canadian election and were promising to cut spending, including the money shoveled out to political parties.  But since Canada is a a parliamentary system and cutting spending is apparently as dangerous as handing out lead-asbestos sandwiches to school children, all the left-wing groups have been able to band together to potentially form a majority.  This is making strange bedfellows, to say the least:

The biggest news here is that, for the first time ever, a separatist party will be a formal part of the government — the king-makers, no less.  The federalism/Quebec “question” is, shall we say, a delicate one in Canada, so this is a pretty big deal.

What’s the price?

Indeed, those demands were many: an immediate $1 billion transfer to Quebec, along with a slew of patronage posts, including Senate seats (the Prime Minister appoints senators, and there are currently 18 vacancies).  Apparently, Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party (which won no seats in parliament but captured 6.8% of the vote) was also offered a Senate seat.

And, as part of a “Policy Accord to Address the Present Economic Crisis,” the new coalition proposes such “stimulus” measures as “support for culture, including the cancellation of budget cuts announced by the Conservative government” and ”support for Canadian Wheat Board and Supply Management.” And then came word of a (further) $30 billion national “bailout,” as yet undefined.  In other words, a mish-mash of left-wing policy ideas dressed up as emergency measures.

Take a nice look at that last post.  We can expect similar combined packages to create “bipartisanship” in our own capital.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Doctor Is Out

Note to liberals: It might not a good idea to have actual Canadians in an audience during an interview:

—and I wanted to ask, actually two questions, to the audience. First, how many Canadians, would Canadians in the room please raise your hands. [ONE PERSON APPLAUDS, LAUGHTER]

We have about seven hands going up—

Okay, not as many as I thought. Okay, of those of you who are not on the panel who are Canadians,, how many of you think you have a terrible health care system. [PAUSE] One, two—

We see—almost all of the same hands going up. [LAUGHTER]

Bad move on my part. [APPLAUSE]

Maybe this explains why Michael Moore never actually goes to Canada to defend its healthcare system.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Nice to know that police in Canada have their priorities in order:

Police in Dartmouth, N.S. have told employees of a Hooters restaurant not to practice calisthenics outside because their bouncing bodies have been deemed a major distraction for nearby drivers.

The Hooters restaurant chain is famed as much for its young waitresses in low-cut tops and short shorts as it is for its hot chicken wings.

At the restaurant in Dartmouth, the employees begin their shifts with a number of outdoor exercises to help prepare them for their work. They have been performing the outdoor exercise routine since April 5 of this year, when the restaurant opened.

But there was an accident linked to the Hooters’ ladies about a month ago.

“We were cheering to the cars, waving (and) people were beeping,” bartender Bryana Doyscher explained to CTV Atlantic. “One guy kept his eyes on us and kept going down (the street) and a bus stopped to let a passenger out and the guy smacked into the back of the bus.”

On Friday, another rear-end fender bender occurred during their morning exercises and police told the employees not to exercise on the sidewalk. They have since moved their routine to the parking lot.

I actually think the police are right on this.  I’ve spent most of my life on college campi and have narrowly avoided at least 79 fatal accidents when my eyes were locked onto some beautiful girl sunbathing or just walking down the street.  It’s an unavoidable instinct and ogling a pretty girl can occupy at least 98.3% of the heterosexual male brain. Having Hooters girls doing high kicks in spandex is just asking for a three-car pileup.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Teaching To Kill


Teacher, social worker or lawyer: which of these professions should be open to someone with a criminal record? According to the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, all of them, as long as the crime isn’t related to the job.

That distinction was central to a recent Quebec Court of Appeal ruling that Jean-Alix Miguel, an electrician and teacher for a Montreal vocational school, should not have lost his job for lying about his criminal record on his job application.

In the 1990s, Miguel was charged with manslaughter and spent seven years in prison for brutally killing his wife. Two Quebec courts and one arbitrator have since ordered the board to reinstate his job, based on suspicions the lie wasn’t the real reason he was dismissed. The board has until August to decide if it will appeal the case to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Miguel’s case is not unusual, but it raises difficult questions about the extent to which individuals’ past actions determine how much they’re allowed to participate in society, once they’re rehabilitated.

I appreciate that it is difficult for convicted criminals to rebuild their lives, although it bears pointing out that their victims frequently find it more difficult, especially when they’re, you know, dead.  But it seems to me that you’re not making a very good case for vocational rehabilitation when you start out by lying about your past.  And I would also think that teaching is the place you would put a former convict loong after he has been rehabilitated, not when you’re still wondering if he’s going to snap.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Responsible Hosers

It seems the Canadians are doing something right.

Some will regard it as alarming that, in current times, world leadership should rest with Canada. But the Canadian Tories are a model of how to behave during a downturn.

They have kept spending in check and reduced taxes. They are playing their full role in world affairs, notably in Afghanistan.

Rather than canting about saving the world (Mr Harper, in his quiet and courteous way, is a Kyoto-sceptic) they have addressed themselves to curing remediable ills and, above all, to putting their own affairs in order.

If the rest of the world had comported itself with similar modesty and prudence, we might not be in this mess.

Forget about the rest of the world, our own Republicans could learn something from this.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I See Abused People

You’d think they’d just make stuff up. Oh, wait-they did.

BARRIE—The mother of an autistic girl says the public school board was “completely unprofessional” to formulate a theory that her daughter was being sexually abused based on a psychic’s perception.

Barrie resident Colleen Leduc wants an apology from the Simcoe County District School Board, which called in the Children’s Aid Society (CAS) to investigate.

According to the board, the case is still under investigation, although Leduc says it was closed.

Leduc immediately pulled her 11-year-old daughter, Victoria Nolet, out of Terry Fox Elementary School in north-end Barrie.

“I have trust issues now,” Leduc said. “What are they going to concoct next week?”

Victoria has severe autism and is nonverbal.

Dr. Lindy Zaretsky, a school board superintendent whose portfolio includes special education, said the school was just following protocol, adding the board is bound by the same legislation (Child and Family Services Act) as the CAS when it comes to suspected neglect or sexual abuse.

“It is clear in all cases that this (information) must be reported,” Zaretsky said.

But Leduc said information gleaned from a psychic shouldn’t be the impetus for the board to launch a CAS investigation.

“First of all, what were they doing taking a psychic’s word? Then they correlated that with (Victoria’s) behaviour to design a theory,” Leduc said.

The board stands by its decision, despite where the initial information came from. “It has not been board practice to use psychic readings,” Zaretsky said.

You’d think the school would use psychics to find out which kids were going to pass or fail. It would be just as lazy as this “Investigation” was.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stop Seeing Smoking Campaign

In a bold nanny state move, Canada has banned the display of cigarettes:

Cigarettes whisked out of sight

TORONTO (Reuters) - You can browse the latest porn magazines at Canadian shops, but tough new laws mean that cigarette packages are simply too suggestive.

Shop owners in Ontario, Quebec and a few other provinces must now hide tobacco products from their customers under rules that will cover most of Canada by year-end as the country tries to stamp out smoking by young people.

Come on! It’s for the children! Won’t somebody please think of the childrennnnnn!

I’m a bit offended by the comparison to porn though. A comparison to alcohol or 7-11 burritos is probably more apropos.

“It’s kind of like a nanny state.”

You don’t say.

Why not just put chunks of cancerous or calcified lungs on display next to the cigarettes? If I were a shop owner, I’d be defying this law. I’m anarchist like that.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Inquisition Is Here To Stay, Eh?

A look ahead from the weird world of Canadian jurisprudence.

Goodness knows what the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal will do with their hearing about Maclean’s and Mark Steyn. Probably what they did with their 1997 case against North Vancouver columnist Doug Collins: Release the steam by calling them horrible people but not quite hateful enough to be convicted, then write in some judicial refinement for future use against less well-equipped defendants who have no powerful friends and can’t afford counsel like Julian Porter and Roger McConchie.

Of course, the tribunal may not. They may go for broke, rely on the precedent subversive to free speech that’s been handed down over the years by the Supreme Court of Canada and companion human rights commissions and convict Steyn and Maclean’s of publishing something likely to expose Muslims to hatred and contempt.

But these are not silly people. Anti-free-speech, yes; silly, not at all. They have excellent survival skills, and knowing what a bollocks the week’s proceedings would appear to a reasonable person, and how many reasonable persons know about it, they may well decide not to push their luck.

After all, nobody who knows Maclean’s believes for a moment the magazine is in the hate-speech business, so who would look like the idiot, the magazine or the tribunal?

I don’t think it matters at this point to the Commission whether they look like idiots or not. They can please Canada’s left by looking like they’re doing something about supposed hate speech for as long as they have the authority to get away with it. Such is the price of giving in to political correctness.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Leave The Trans-Fats, Take The Canola

So how well is that war on Trans-Fats going?

A spike in food prices is spurring some restaurants to switch back to cooking oils containing trans fats and driving up prices for menu items across the country, according to industry members who warn that the problem is likely to get worse before it gets better.

There has been a significant push across Canada to get restaurants and food manufacturers to eliminate the use of hydrogenated oils, which contain trans fats and may pose an increased risk of heart disease and other health problems.

But an increasing number of restaurants are finding it tough to use healthier alternatives, including canola and other vegetable oils, which have been steadily rising in cost in recent months. Some restaurants and industry associations say prices for various types of vegetable oils have risen from 10 to 50 per cent in the past few months, and expect they will continue to go up as demand increases.

“We started getting phone calls. Approximately 20 restaurants have indicated they’re having difficulty or they’re switching to a shortening,” said Robert Greene, program resource manager of Effective Resource Management Inc., which collects used vegetable oils from restaurants to convert into alternative fuels. “It’s usually the smaller restaurants that are having the difficulties.”

So, once again, simple economics has come into play. Or, as the restaurant owners themselves have discovered:

But the situation reflects a larger problem that is taking shape across Canada as restaurants and other food providers struggle to cope with sharp increases in the price of cooking oil, a base ingredient in many menu items.

“Absolutely, it is a challenge,” said Tony Elenis, president and chief executive officer of the Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association.

Although he has not witnessed a widespread move back to cheaper hydrogenated oils, Mr. Elenis said it may be inevitable for some members of the industry if prices continue to climb.

“It’s going to be a threat. It all depends on each individual business,” he said. “If that becomes a long-term item, then some of our smaller restaurants might look at this business model [of using non-hydrogenated vegetable oils] as very hard to move forward with.”

Many restaurants are instead jacking up prices in order to deal with the rising price of cooking oil, in addition to higher costs for grain and other menu staples, according to one company that processes and distributes canola oil.

“We’ve seen restaurants, unfortunately, they don’t like doing it, but they have to put their prices up or else they go out of business,” said Lloyd Watt, manager of food service in British Columbia for Canbra Foods Ltd. “Their food costs have just probably gone right through the roof.”

Of course now the restaurants can be blamed by the lefties that run Canada’s Great Social Engineering Experiment for raising their prices, and thus it will give them even more of an incentive to run the economy themselves. Of course the restaurants will be forced to go out of business, but at least Canadian liberals can pat themselves on the back for another job well done in the name of protecting people from themselves.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Inalienable Right To Germs

You can’t make this shit up:

Canada may no longer believe in old-fashioned human rights like free speech and the presumption of innocence, but it’s discovering exciting new “human rights” every day. Hard on the heels of the human right to a labiaplasty comes the human right of restaurant employees not to wash their hands. Or as the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal ruled, after awarding a McDonald’s employee $55,000:

There was no evidence of:

the relationship between food contamination and hand-washing;

Thank goodness for that. No need to pack sandwiches if you’re visiting Vancouver for the weekend.

Now you know where the next superbug that will kill us all is coming from.

Update by Lee: Okay, I just pulled a Sheila Broflovsky after reading this:

Canada may no longer believe in old-fashioned human rights like free speech and the presumption of innocence…

This is National Review writing this.  National Fucking Review.  The magazine which has rubber-stamped every single Bush-era erosion of these very rights in the United States.  If Bush says we need to spy on citizens without a warrant then, by God, he should be able to do it, because Jesus is his co-pilot.  If Bush want to torture people, why, who are we to stop him?  After all, them’s terrists!  Here’s something the fundamentalist wackos at NR ought to appreciate.

“Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.” (Matthew 7:5)

It’s from the Bible n’ stuff so NR’s editors should pop wood.  When I see NR editorializing about the loss of these rights in the United States then they’ll have room to criticize Canada, because we’ve got a mote the size of a grain silo sticking out of our eye compared to Canada’s speck of dust.

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