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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hope & Change meets BDS..

While a few on the left are abandoning Obama over Libya like they did Bush on Iraq, like Rep. Ed Markey (D-MA) claiming on MSNBC that we are fighting in Libya for oil, something he is right about, but should clarify we are doing for the Europeans, Kucinich is all aghast about the evil of war, and my personal favorite, the fat baseball cap wearing capitalist that has become stinking rich peddling collectivist bullshit damning Obama’s peace price - as Obama now has become the Nobel Peace Prize recipient to fire off the most cruise missiles and is trying to surpass Yasser Arafat as a recipient to be responsible for the most people killed, the bulk of them remain silent, or worse, defend him, now for doing what just a few years back made them insane. Heck, even Obama is turning on Obama. So, because I just love to rub this shit in the faces of the BDS infected morons that spent the better part of the Bush years telling us how evil BooshChimpyMcHitler was, I have to point out that that evil Bush had a bigger coalition for Iraq, including congress’ stamp of approval, than Obama does.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe Obama needed either UN or congressional approval to tell our military to just bomb the hell out Libya’s defense system – in fact I always feel that if we can get UN approval for any of these military engagements it means that it is bad policy for the US in their eyes, a waste of tax payer money with no discernable US interest being met, or both – but I do want to point out how stupid the left was during the Bush years.

Schadenfruede rocks, and I do not care to pretend I am not seriously enjoying watching so many of these morons contort themselves into pretzels to defend Obama for not only keeping and escalating Bush’s 2 wars, but possibly starting another one, or turning on him in order to remain consistent. I am even getting some serious satisfaction from the ones trying to look away and pretend this isn’t going on. I always told these idiots there would be consequences of their BDS induced antipathy someday, and I am enjoying the freak show now. It would be even sweeter if good people were not in harms way, under the command of these incompetents, but the real world is like that unfortunately. I wonder if the left will come out and profess their hope Obama fails at this latest exercise like they did to Bush. Harry Reid was not available for comment. That they are going to get used by the bad guys is a given though. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! (The more things change, the more they stay the same.) Heh, how fitting.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

If you want to increase per capita income, raise taxes! - Really?

The other day I had a post about a battle between the republican governor of NJ, Chris Christy, and the new democrat governor of CT, Dan Malloy, going at it about taxes - NJ is cutting taxes and shrinking the burden government is putting on the productive sector, while CT is basically going with the donkey’s established approach which has caused government to expand and become the bloated unwieldy behemoth strangling the productive by hiking taxes - which you can find here, and our resident pooh flinging lib in the comments ended up the following ridiculous claim:

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Wikileaks and AGW revelations

I have to say that I am not surprised to find out that in the world of AGW, money talks and bullshit walks. Remember that Copenhagen meeting where the elite masters of the universe would resolve the world’s fate? Well here are some revelations for you:

Hidden behind the save-the-world rhetoric of the global climate change negotiations lies the mucky realpolitik: money and threats buy political support; spying and cyberwarfare are used to seek out leverage. The US diplomatic cables reveal how the US seeks dirt on nations opposed to its approach to tackling global warming; how financial and other aid is used by countries to gain political backing; how distrust, broken promises and creative accounting dog negotiations; and how the US mounted a secret global diplomatic offensive to overwhelm opposition to the controversial “Copenhagen accord”, the unofficial document that emerged from the ruins of the Copenhagen climate change summit in 2009.

Negotiating a climate treaty is a high-stakes game, not just because of the danger warming poses to civilisation but also because re-engineering the global economy to a low-carbon model will see the flow of billions of dollars redirected. Seeking negotiating chips, the US state department sent a secret cable on 31 July 2009 seeking human intelligence from UN diplomats across a range of issues, including climate change. The request originated with the CIA. As well as countries’ negotiating positions for Copenhagen, diplomats were asked to provide evidence of UN environmental “treaty circumvention” and deals between nations.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Run Pelosi, Run! PLEASE!!11!!

I sure as hell hope Nancy prevails. She has been a boon to conservatives and the Tea Party. She is so disconnected and left leaning that she can only represent the nuttiest on the left, and while I have seen how when the nutty left controls the demcorats the other side forgets its principles, I like at least for now, that the radicalized nuts on the left have full control of what the demcorat party does, because there is no more sure fire way to turn Americans sour on these collectivists and their stupid, than having the nutty left walk their walk. Nancy is just the gift that keeps on giving. I so hope she prevails.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yeah, I am rubbing it in…

One of the more interesting stories to go on this week, and obviously completely ignored or misreported on by the Lame Stream Media, is the story of Omar Khadr, a terrorist that was captured in Afghanistan at the age of 15, and whom had murdered a US Special Forces servicemen with a grenade, amongst other things. This kid, now 23, was a media darling, and even juicier, one of the many cases of “inhumane treatment and torture” the left accused the Bush Administration and our servicemen of being involved with at Gitmo. Even now they are haranguing the Obama administration for the fact this poor an innocent torture victim ended up in a military tribunal!

Yep, this week Omar Khadr’s trial, a military one and not the much promised civilian ones from the campaign trail, started. Funny that. Evil Bush was demonized for holding military tribunals and the evils of Gitmo. Obama ran and won on evil Bush, and especially the wars we were fighting in 2008, and yet today we have Obama not just continuing those, but expanding them. Oh yeah, before the usual libtard brings it up, let me point out that you should not be fooled by the claims Obama is pulling troops out of Iraq. First off, this isn’t Obama’s doing because his pullout was part of the Bush Administration’s time table, and we are leaving some 50K troops behind. And we all know Obama, to his credit, has stepped stuff up in Afghanistan. Even more telling is the fact that Gitmo is still open and in business. Guess being a bunch of holier-than-thou leftist twits that accused the Bush Administration of being an evil bunch of torturers that only concocted Club Gitmo to avoid scrutiny and be able to torture at their leisure and demanded/promised its closure, completely ignoring the reality on the ground, suddenly isn’t so easy when you have to deal with the problems, huh libtards?

And now that we are on the subject of Gitmo and torture, let me give you a piece of information I doubt you will get from the MSM. Remember those torture charges filed by the usual scumbag lawyers – no, these lawyers aren’t just doing their jobs, they want to screw over the US and are hoping to demonize our troops and country, so they are scumbags - defending these evil bastards? Well, the attempt to use them to suppress Khadr’s confession because they were obtained through torture have they have been summarily dismissed:

The decision by army Colonel Patrick Parrish came shortly after Mr. Khadr pleaded not guilty through his Pentagon-appointed defence lawyer to the five war crimes charges he faces. The ruling is a major blow to Mr. Khadr, who claimed in a February 2008 affidavit he was abused during interrogations after his capture at the end of a 2002 firefight with U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. The judge ruled a video apparently showing the suspect making and planting land mines is admissible, rejecting the defence argument it was obtained based on information coerced from him.

Oh the evil military judge screwed Khadr over! Well, no, because the video is damning:

In a video shown at the hearing yesterday, Mr. Khadr was seen telling Guantanamo Bay guards trying to weigh him for the International Red Cross “God will take ... revenge” on the United States. “I am here in prison, but there are millions of people outside,” he says in the May 2006 clip. “What’s happening to you is not for nothing.” In the February 2008 affidavit, Mr. Khadr, 23, alleged guards mistreated him during the weighing session, claiming they “pressed on my pressure points.”

The clip appears to show the guards acting with restraint as they push him toward the scale and point out all his “brothers”—a reference to other detainees—had been weighed without protest. “Come on man, it’s not that bad,” says one after Mr. Khadr claimed the treatment was a “very small example of what’s really going on” at the facility. “We’re not doing this to hurt you, torture you,” adds another, amid explanations his weight was needed for his health records. Although Mr. Khadr spent about 20 minutes resisting the guards, the tape hinted he had been playing to the camera as he switched from the English he used to speak to the guards to Arabic to speak to fellow detainees in nearby cells.

So the “torture” these libtard accused our troops of committing under direction from evil Bush? Yeah, weighing this bastard - while he was threatening our troops with murder and our country with destruction - so we can have accurate medical records to please the libturds that will try to turn everything and anything into an argument about the evils of America and its military.

And surprise, surprise! This bastard is obviously been coached on how to play to the camera to help the libturds do the dirty job of helping the Jihadists and their cause. Don’t expect the left to admit they where used – my take is that it is more complicity than used despite the claims from the lot of them to the contrary – yet again, and that the facts bear out quite a different narrative than the rampant torture stories we constantly are subjected to by them, though.

What’s the odds we are going to continue to hear from the usual suspects that they are ignoring the torture or white washing it – and even more important that it is happening under Obama’s reign (are we no longer an evil empire?) – going forward, despite yet more evidence there was no torture, and that these people will rethink their stance on Gitmo or the Bush Administration’s efforts to fight a vile and evil murderous bunch? Yeah, I know. Zilch.

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Friday, July 02, 2010

Told you so…

Well, it looks like some more truth about how disastrous and unlikely to really be possible the promises made by the left to push for the new government healthcare takeover will be is trickling out:

The Obama administration has not ruled out turning sick people away from an insurance program created by the new healthcare law to provide coverage for the uninsured. Critics of the $5 billion high-risk pool program insist it will run out of money before Jan. 1, 2014. That’s when the program sunsets and health plans can no longer discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. Administration officials insist they can make changes to the program to ensure it lasts until 2014, and that it may not have to turn away sick people.

So let me get this straight. First off, these collectivist are admitting that in order to keep the existing programs solvent and viable till 2014 when the big daddy takeover goes into high gear, they will need to likely deny care to “some” sick people? That is unless they can make some changes to the $5 billion high risk pool program to make it viable until 2014? Care to guess what the changes will be? Don’t need to man. It’s right there:

Officials said the administration could also consider reducing benefits under the program, or redistributing funds between state pools. But they acknowledged turning some people away was also a possibility.

So, in order to not have to turn away the expensive sick, the rest will have to do with less, subpar being the more likely case, coverage. Bet you get both. Less coverage, and people turned away. Of course, since government will do it now, it is still better than getting better care and less people turned away from the private insurers! Don’t worry though! The collectivists are coming to the rescue!

Leading health reform advocate Ron Pollack, founding executive director of Families USA, said the pools were a “very imperfect tool that could be implemented quickly” but were the best option available for the interim period before 2014.“The pools are going to be helpful for a significant number of people,” he told The Hill, “but nobody thought they’re the ultimate answer for helping people with pre-existing conditions.” Still, he didn’t rule out that Families USA could press lawmakers to allocate more money in a few years if it looks like the program needs it.

Well DUH! Just demand more cash! So, since there simply isn’t enough money to go around and pay for all of this, no matter what these bozos pretend otherwise, what we will get is this program costing twice, or more, as much as the allocates $5 billion, the coverage being piss poor, AND people still being turned away.

Not bad. Here is the kicker, though. Nobody seems to point out the obvious: that come 2014 when the big government healthcare takeover takes place, we will be left with a lot more of the same – they won’t turn people away, just drag their feet until they die and then save money – we are seeing here. Only then it will cost trice, if not more, as much to the same effect. Ain’t we lucky the collectivists managed to get government to take over healthcare? Fun, fun!

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Obama has conceded that the demcorats are going to lose big in November

And he has done so by torpedoing the election prospective of something around 75 House demcorats and a big enough number of Senators that now have to return to their republican leaning and heavily anti-illegal immigration districts, and defend his plan for amnesty. And he is doing this when poll after poll shows the majority of Americans against amnesty of any kind and supporting Arizona’s attempt to do what the feds won’t. This umpteenth attempt by Obama to ride roughshod over the will of the people, to keep a campaign promise, shows that basically Obama has decided that his current drop in popularity is easier to reverse for the 2012, than the coming slaughter at the polls that the democrat party faces in the coming November elections.

So, Obama’s focus is now on repairing the damage that people actually getting a first hand look at what “Hope & Change” really meant, leading to a plunge in his popularity. He is banking on help from what democrats consider to be natural born democrat constituents, which as usual involves those that are bad for everybody but democrat politicians. Anyway, the collectivists and their policies are destroying the economy - spare me the “it’s Bush’s fault cop-out, because it has gotten real old, and even the dumbest of the dumb out there knows that’s a weak excuse even if the apparatchiks keep spouting it – and it is pissing off the American people. This kind of genius only makes things worse. Trillions have been flushed down the toilet because of the Keynesian “big government deficit spending tax dollars can fix any economic downturn” collectivist economic model, and things are still getting worse. Much worse. Despite government subsidies to artificially stimulate sales – that tax break for home buyers - the numbers continue to suck. Heck, we even have a DOJ that selectively applies the laws in the new “Hope & Change” America. Even more interesting are all the games being played so the demcorats controlling Congress can avoid showing they are setting new deficit spending records. And we have not even had them screw us tax payers hard yet! Don’t worry though, soon we will all be getting the same level of care the Cuban people get at a hundred times the cost. All is well!

Can’t wait for November though. It’s going to be a blood bath. Maybe we can get most of the damage done by these people reversed. Let’s hope the republicans that do go to Congress buck the establishment and do what is right for the country. The one good thing is that it took a measly 2 years for the whole “progressive” revolution to strangle itself and piss off Americans.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

O’Keefe update..

Looks like all the liberal morons that got all excited about O’Keefe’s the government’s reaction stunt to show Marry Landrieu of Louisiana’s office’s disregard for their constituents, and were all happy to tell us O’Keefe was a criminal and hence his expose on the crime syndicate ACRON was null & void, are going to again be very disappointed about their premature ejaculations. Of course this tuff won’t be doing the rounds much in the MSM, where the bullshit and lying that favors the left’s agenda and narrative are front and center, but the retractions and revelation of the real facts in a story that hurts the lefts agenda, rarely happen.

NEW ORLEANS, March 26 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/—Joseph Basel, age 24, Stan Dai, age 24, Robert Flanagan, age 24, and James O’Keefe, age 25, were charged in a one-count bill of information with entering real property of the United States under false pretenses, a misdemeanor, announced the U. S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Want to know what these guys “crime” was? They were filming the LA office of Landrieu avoiding the angry calls of their constituents. Looks like they never did anything to or intended to do anything to phone exchange, as the leftist twits pretended, when the whole made up story came out front page in every liberal rag. You aren’t going to get 24/7 news cycle coverage now correcting all the bullshit though, because the story no longer fits the agenda. The government’s sole recourse after the whole episode was to charge them with a misdemeanor, and that’s probably so they can keep the embarrassing video O’Keefe made for this story away from the public for as long as possible.

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Debunking liberal myths about O’Keefe and ACORN..

I was thinking of doing something like this when someone pointed out that the big story now is that O’Keefe had tampered with the video, and hence made the behavior it showed by ACORN, irrelevant, but as you can see Patterico did a better job than I would have given my limited time. The facts are indisputable.

O’Keefe not only passed himself off as a pimp, one that was going to run a stable of underage girls or one of foreign minors in one or the other of the instances videoed, but that the more than one of the people at ACORN advised him on how to do it, and then to avoid paying taxes. All so he could then use the money he was going to make to run for office, as a democrat of all things. The actions of the ACORN employees, at a minimum, fall under the category of aiding and abetting criminal behavior (disclaimer: running as a democrat isn’t immediately a criminal activity, but it ends up that way sooner than later). Furthermore, the idiotic claims that the story falls apart because “the videos were edited” is even more stupid, because the unedited audio is available, and it not only serves to enforce that the people at ACORN are donkey criminals as well as the exat story told be each video, but clearly shows that those impugning O’Keefe or the story by attacking the editing of the videos, are grasping at straws. Finally, that claim that some independent report from the Massachusetts AG exonerated ACORN on the criminal activities they were advising on O’Keefe exposed, is plain and simple false. That dealt with a completely different case, and then they got a free pass from a friendly even then.

The fact remains that those defending ACORN and the democrats are idiots, lying crooks, or both. O’Keefe exposed the crooks and their relation to ACORN, and we the people should hammer that home. That crime syndicate should not be allowed to revitalize itself, even under a new name as the plan seems to be, and nobody should let the demcorats off the hook for their relationship and profiteering from the criminal activities of ACORN. There was a reason that the democrats decided to let ACORN take the fall and cut the funds. They wanted to make sure nobody investigated any deeper because the stories that would come out then would make what O’Keefe exposed look like chump change.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Yet another one bites the dust…

So now it looks like the drastically rising oceans, the apocalyptic end game the AGW church has warned us would happen if we refused to accept the collectivist government takeover of our freedoms and cash, was also, erm, exaggerated?

Scientists have been forced to withdraw a study on projected sea level rise due to global warming after finding mistakes that undermined the findings. The study, published in 2009 in Nature Geoscience, one of the top journals in its field, confirmed the conclusions of the 2007 report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It used data over the last 22,000 years to predict that sea level would rise by between 7cm and 82cm by the end of the century.

At the time, Mark Siddall, from the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Bristol, said the study ”strengthens the confidence with which one may interpret the IPCC results”. The IPCC said that sea level would probably rise by 18cm-59cm by 2100, though stressed this was based on incomplete information about ice sheet melting and that the true rise could be higher.

Many scientists criticised the IPCC approach as too conservative, and several papers since have suggested that sea level could rise more. Martin Vermeer of the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland and Stefan Rahmstorf of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany published a study in Decemberthat projected a rise of 0.75m to 1.9m by 2100.

OK, so now we are told that they are unsure of the rise. That’s bull of course because what was likely found is that they have no science to prove this idiotic claim. So now even the threat of Waterworld is gone? No melting glaciers, no disappearing North Pole or ice in the Himalayas, no oceans rising… WTF? What’s left? What’s the impending catstrophe that should scare us all into letting them take away our freedoms and cash in return for, well nothing but an overarching government that has control of every aspects of our lives by limiting our access to energy and controlling our purchase power?

All the fear mongering we used to say was bunk and based on bunk science, is now proven as bunk. That’s why it was retracted. Asked to prove with science their claims, one by one, they are being retracted, or drastically revised, to a point that the end result is a statistical insignificance. And yet, the defenders of the AGW cult are still hard at work trying to make not only like they still have the science behind them, but that the onus is on the “deniers” to disprove the AGW claims, even though now it is a given that the underlying data, methodology, and the projected damage all are outright falsehoods or exaggerations. Even worse, people are starting to see that the real big money influences were not from the people that the AGW cultists demonized, but by the very priests of the AGW cult, which have all made millions, and stood to make billions more, scamming us all.

If the AGW watermelon cultists had any sense, they would drop this lost cause and go invent the next big lie they are going to glom on to try and convince us to let them create their global wealth redistributing collectivist government for the elites by. Of course they will not. They will continue to try and lie & bluff their way through this – after all, they have a complacent and willing media that has so far ignored the scandalous behavior by them – and in the process make sure we all know this is a fanatical cult based more on faith than any kind of science.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My obligatory “I am going to have fun making fun of dog” post on the O’Keefe incident.. Part 2

Hey dog, check this out, and please let me know what you think:

The top federal prosecutor for New Orleans has removed himself from the case of four conservative activists arrested last week while allegedly trying to capture hidden camera footage in a senator’s office, the Department of Justice said Monday. A Justice Department news release said Jim Letten, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, recused himself from the case a day after the Jan. 25 arrests in Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu’s office in New Orleans. Letten’s top lieutenant, assistant U.S. Attorney Jan Mann, has taken over. The news release didn’t say why Letten removed himself, and his spokeswoman Anna Christman said she couldn’t comment.

I give you three guesses, and the first two don’t even need to count. Looks like O’Keefe and Breibart are going to do exactly what they did with the whole ACORN thing yet again: let the left hang themselves with their idiocy and lies. All that glee about how O’Keefe got caught and now was discredited - somehow in the mind of morons making the fact that ACORN is on giant shadow crime syndicate operated to helm democrats break laws and screw our citizens – and the convictions handed out by the same MSM that always claims they want to wait until after they have the facts only when the perp is a democrat, and then too often just ignoring the story, is now gone. The usual morons are left with egg on their face.

Now we will get some serious spin on why the government should hold on to O’Keefe’s tape, followed by some “unlikely accident” that destroys it to avoid its release is my guess, but no apologies or admissions that the left has yet again been caught doing the things they, practically always falsely, accuse others of doing.

Hey dog, looks like your side will have to manufacture another story to try and bring O’Keefe down, and hope you can taint him enough to pretend he has not exposed criminal behavior yet again. I hope O’Keefe sues these screwballs and makes one heck of a media circus out of this. Maybe Holder can just tell the DOJ to make the case go away just like he did for ACORN, in the Black Panther voter intimidation case, and like he will soon do in the case of KSM and the other blowhards they wanted to show trial in NYC, and save you some face.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

James O’Keefe speaks

Over at Big Hollywood, James O’Keefe sets the record straight, and as I speculated before, the MSM was lying and making up shit. Dog, it looks like you lose.

The government has now confirmed what has always been clear:  No one tried to wiretap or bug Senator Landrieu’s office.  Nor did we try to cut or shut down her phone lines.  Reports to this effect over the past 48 hours are inaccurate and false. As an investigative journalist, my goal is to expose corruption and lack of concern for citizens by government and other institutions, as I did last year when our investigations revealed the massive corruption and fraud perpetrated by ACORN.  For decades, investigative journalists have used a variety of tactics to try to dig out and reveal the truth.

I learned from a number of sources that many of Senator Landrieu’s constituents were having trouble getting through to her office to tell her that they didn’t want her taking millions of federal dollars in exchange for her vote on the healthcare bill.  When asked about this, Senator Landrieu’s explanation was that, “Our lines have been jammed for weeks.” I decided to investigate why a representative of the people would be out of touch with her constituents for “weeks” because her phones were broken. In investigating this matter, we decided to visit Senator Landrieu’s district office – the people’s office – to ask the staff if their phones were working.

Dog’s “evil pimp daddy”, James O’Keefe, was basically doing what the MSM doesn’t: investigate the democrat crime machine and the lies they tell the people. This country could use a few dozen more people like James O’Keefe that are willing to get the job done, considering our MSM is nothing but a bunch of DNC apologists and talking points parrots. Can anyone say “correction”? Don’t hold your breath. These craven scum will not likely admit they lied. After all, the fascists have the tape, and they can prevent anyone from now seeing what really happened.

On reflection, I could have used a different approach to this investigation, particularly given the sensitivities that people understandably have about security in a federal building.  The sole intent of our investigation was to determine whether or not Senator Landrieu was purposely trying to avoid constituents who were calling to register their views to her as their Senator.  We video taped the entire visit, the government has those tapes, and I’m eager for them to be released because they refute the false claims being repeated by much of the mainstream media.

Release the tapes! How much you want to be that the government’s main priority right now is to keep these tapes from ever seeing the light of day and that every and all actions, including the bogus reports and the collusion with the MSM to create the illusion of criminal behavior, are all driven by what is on those tapes and their need to keep that away from the people?

BTW dog, about your dumb ass statements that O’Keefe was a criminal and hence his credibility should be in question, read this:

It has been amazing to witness the journalistic malpractice committed by many of the organizations covering this story.  MSNBC falsely claimed that I violated a non-existent “gag order.” The Associated Press incorrectly reported that I “broke in” to an office which is open to the public.  The Washington Post has now had to print corrections in two stories on me.  And these are just a few examples of inaccurate and false reporting.  The public will judge whether reporters who can’t get their facts straight have the credibility to question my integrity as a journalist.

Sucks to be you. His crime is that he exposes the left for the cesspool that it is and negates and circumvents the well orchestrated propaganda machine that is supposed to protect these leftist twits and their agenda from being found out. 

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My obligatory “I am going to have fun making fun of dog” post on the O’Keefe incident..

Look at how SeeBS d reported the story. They were not alone in propagating this fantasy. But as I pointed out, eventually the facts would come out, and the accusation of wire tapping, breaking in, and so on, would all prove to be not just baseless, but meaningless. This is just the beginning of this story’s complete unraveling. I am not holding my breath for any real corrections. If they do it will happen with as little coverage as possible so they can leave the stink of their lies imprinted on the minds of morons. In the end however, the left will be made to looks stupid, the MSM to look like they are a propaganda arm of the DNC, and any idiot that tries to make a legal case out of this look like a fascist moron with an agenda. Dog, I am going to have fun making you look like the tool you are man. In the spirit of your entire prison joke, I might even consider tatooing some boobs on your back.

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Oh, damn…

It has not been good for the cult of AGW this last couple of months. The defenders of the indefensible have been hard at work doing damage control. The usual apologists and crazies are trying hard to convince us that even if it was all fake, we should still let them do their thing - kind of like the fake but true TANG incident - because if they don’t get what we want we will be in big trouble. A step down from their previous claims we would all be living in a Waterworld, well those of us that survived the coming cataclysms would, but still much ado about nothing. Now they are being dealt another big bad blow.

The university at the centre of the climate change row over stolen e-mails broke the law by refusing to hand over its raw data for public scrutiny. The University of East Anglia breached the Freedom of Information Act by refusing to comply with requests for data concerning claims by its scientists that man-made emissions were causing global warming.

The Information Commissioner’s Office decided that UEA failed in its duties under the Act but said that it could not prosecute those involved because the complaint was made too late, The Times has learnt. The ICO is now seeking to change the law to allow prosecutions if a complaint is made more than six months after a breach. The stolen e-mails , revealed on the eve of the Copenhagen summit, showed how the university’s Climatic Research Unit attempted to thwart requests for scientific data and other information, and suggest that senior figures at the university were involved in decisions to refuse the requests. It is not known who stole the e-mails.

I mean, if the science was so clear cut and settled, why would you need to do stuff like this? Really? The AGW cult has done more damage to real scientific progress than anyone has yet understood. They are the ones that cried wolf. If the real wolf comes, most people will be too skeptical to even bother. I guess this is offset by the many and ever entertaining jokes we can tell at the expense of those that fell for this crap, and those that still continue to think there might be one once of truth to this bullshit. My fondest wish is that people can now actually do scientific research on warming. I am dying to be vindicated on the fact that the warming cycle is tied to solar activity.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown wins it!

The count is almost over and they are basically saying that it is a done deal, a nail in the democrat coffin, and the less nutty donkeys are already seeing the writing on the wall and backing away from the government healthcare takeover. The message was loud and clear: your government takeover plan sucks, and we don’t want it and we also don’t want Cap and Tax either. The left’s response? We can’t win them all? WTF?? I pray you keep pushing for this government healthcare takeover plan and the Cap and Tax plan that Pelosi & Reid are ramming through, bud. Then you can lose a ton more come November.

Just a year ago the leftist twits were telling us that the age of conservatism was dead. That the republican party was toast. While I certainly want the republican party to be toast unless they start acting like conservatives, I am going to toot my own horn and point out that I told everyone that once the democrats got to doing what they do, people would turn against them. The democrats were in a hurry because they knew time was against them. Lucky for the American people they are such moronic idiots that they could not destroy us in one fell swoop. Not saying they can’t still screw us over hard, but the odds they pass any of the damaging and destructive crap they want is now seriously diminished, if not gone. Oh, how I am going to enjoy the fake attempts by the leftists to minimize this loss. Call me petty if you want, but I don’t care. Payback is a bitch. 

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