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Thursday, April 07, 2011

All The Porn That’s Fit to Eat

The Republican Party occasionally has its uses.  But there are times, particularly when they push a Religious Right agenda, that I want to start smacking them upside the head with the nearest garden implement.  Viz:

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) has sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding more federal obscenity prosecutions. The letter was co-signed by more than 100 other senators and congressmen

The most recent federal obscenity prosecution—that of John Stagliano—was an expensive fiasco that was dismissed at trial for a “woefully insufficient” case.  Apparently, we should be spending a lot more time on such pointless wastes.  Because we all know that our society is crumbling under the pernicious effect of ... what?

The rise of the Internet in the mid-1990s made porn increasingly accessible to the point that today, just about everyone can watch people have sex damn-near any time of day, in every conceivable manner, in in every possible vareity. If Hatch and his colleagues are right, over the last 15-20 years, we should have seen a massive increase in the social ills listed in Hatch’s letter.

And in fact, every single one of these problems are trending in the opposite direction. And it isn’t even close:

Sex crimes against children: Down 53 percent between 1992 and 2006.

Abortion: The abortion rate has dropped by about 25 percent since 1993.

Teen pregnancy: In 2009, teen pregnancy hit its lowest rate in the 70 years that the federal government has been tracking the statistic.

Divorce: The U.S. divorce rate is at its lowest level since 1970.

Domestic violence: The rate of reported domestic violence in the U.S. dropped by more than half between 1993 and 2004.

Rape: The forcible rape rate in the U.S. has dropped from 41.1 per 100,000 people in 1990 to 28.7 in 2009. That latter figure is also an all-time low.
These numbers are overwhelming. What’s more, there are at least a couple of studies suggesting that the widespread availability of pornography is partially responsible for some of these trends, especially the drop in reported rapes.

Here’s a question for the floor: are the anti-porn crusaders lying or just lazy?  Are they aware of the above statistics and just ignore them in their crusade to save us from the dread menace of bare breasts?  Or do they honestly think things are worse than ever and are calling for a course of action from the Justice Department without bothering to check if a problem exists first?  I’m not sure which is worse.

Now to be fair, the letter is signed by several liberal Democrats, including the increasingly idiotic Diane Feinstein and Amy “Frau Blucher” Klobuchar. But that alone should tell you how stupid this is. Religious Right loonies and neofeminists are combining to demand an initiative from the Justice Department.  Is there any possible way they could be suggesting something wise?  Especially when almost every “study” they cite to support their claims is categorical bullshit?

(While I’m on the subject of sex crimes and bullshit, I’ll take the opportunity to plug Maggie McNeill’s awesome blog.  McNeill is a former call girl and clearly smarter and better educated than about 99% of the people with letters after their name who write about prostitution, porn and sex.  Lately, she’s been debunking bullshit studies about sex trafficking, underage sex trafficking, AIDS in porn and other things.  The more you look into the supposed research backing up the supposed epidemic of sex crimes in this country, the more you realize that it’s not research at all; it’s puritanical advocacy.)

The porn grabbers are desperate.  The wave of sex crimes they thought internet porn would produce failed to happen.  The epidemic of broken marriages from internet porn failed to happen.  The epidemic of teen pregnancies and abortions failed to happen.  All they have is bullshit anecdotes and pseudo-scientific “studies” conducted by PR firms. They’re been reduced to sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, “Nah! Nah! Nah! Naked girlies are bad! I can’t hear you!”

Fuck ‘em.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ayers Again

Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ, not this again:

Last Thursday evening at Montclair State University, with a video camera rolling, Bill Ayers volunteered that yes indeed he had written the acclaimed Barack Obama memoir, Dreams from My Father.

You can see the clip at the link.  It’s pretty obvious that Ayers is joking.  He’s said similar things before.  This tweaks the conspiracy guys who think that Bill Ayers secretly wrote Barack Obama’s Dreams From My Father.  Now that conspiracy is airing again, so I’ll smack it down since it’s been a while since I had such an easy target.

Here’s a guide to conspiracy theories.  If the conspiracy theory involves actual evidence—documents, videos, admissions by key personnel—there’s something to it.  If, however, the key evidence for the conspiracy involves mostly “suspicious similarities” and “unanswered questions”, it’s complete bullshit.  For example, the Street Car Conspiracy is supported by actual evidence.  9/11 conspiracy theories, on the other hand, are supported by indirect “unanswered questions” (which are actually answered pretty easily).

This is doubly so when you’re doing a textual comparison of two books, a discipline that is a pseudo-science right up there with hand-writing analysis and psychic detectives.  This is the same technique that people use to claim Nostradamus predicted everything up to the Red Sox winning the world series.  It’s parameters are so ill-defined, you can practically squeeze anything into them.  I’m pretty sure I could use textual analysis to prove that I secretly wrote Moby Dick.

As to this specific theory, it is spelled out here.  Dave Weigel crushed the idea here. This is the timeline, as I understand it:

1990-1994 - Barack Obama writes Dreams From My Father

1995 - Dreams is published.

1995 - Barack Obama meets Bill Ayers for the first time.

2001 - Bill Ayers writes Fugitive Days

2003 - Bill Ayers acquires a TARDIS and travels back in time to secretly write Dreams From My Father

The reason this conspiracy gets attention, of course, is because people get worked about Obama having “hung out with” (i.e, overlapped on some boards with) Bill Ayers.  That’s bothersome.  On the other hand, the current leadership of the GOP is spending a lot of time cozying up to the American Family Association and appearing on the radio show of their batshit crazy Director of Issues Analysis Brian Fischer.  Fischer has argued that Muslims should be deported from the US, that the First Amendment only applies to Christianity, that Hitler and his Nazis were homosexuals and that homosexuality created the Holocaust, that Native Americans deserved what they got because their “sexual immorality” and that the award of the Medal Of Honor to Salvatore Giunta represented a “feminization” of the military because he hadn’t killed enough people.

Bill Ayers is a former terrorist and a left-wing flake.  But his influence is non-existent.  The Republicans are cozying up to radical religious nutballs who spew their poisonous and non-christian theology to millions.  Which should we be more worried about?

And just like the birther bullshit, this is a massive distraction from the very real damage that Obama’s policies are actually doing to the country. Here’s the most recent update on Obamacare, which is currently holding HSA’s in limbo while the Obama people figure out how to kill them how they will fit into the new plan.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Shrivelled Shirvell

Anderson Cooper did a recent segment on the Assistant DA in Michigan who has a developed a bizarre fixation on the gay student president of the University of Michigan:

Second part here.

Now I post this not to rant about how much Shirvell’s behavior disgusts me, since I think that would be obvious.  I post this to see if all of you had the exact same thought I did when Shirvell opened his squeaky little mouth at about 2:55.  I know I shouldn’t be playing stereotypes or judging people like this, but everyone I have shown this video to has said the exact same thing.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Souder you ignorant slut
by JimK

[Jay Leno voice] So didja see this story about Mark Souder? Can ya believe this? Kevin, this is just...I mean wow.[/Jay Leno voice]

And this, ladies & gentlemen, is why most of regulars at this blog, its founder and (I believe) the current crop of posters all believe and have been right about a simple fact; social conservatism has no place in the current political arena...if it ever did. Social conservatism should be just that...social. A circumstance that is created by the practices and attitudes of citizens as a byproduct of their social interactions. Voluntary and ever-changing, it can and should only exist as a concept because we the people make it so, not because a career politician or a True Believer deems it so.  It is not and should not be made part of the political - and thereby the law making - process of this country.

Balko nails it with the comic-yet-tragic revelation that Souder’s mistress was used to promote his “family values” bullshit rhetoric.

ATTENTION ALL SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES: MANKIND IS A FLAWED CREATURE. No man or woman is above - if I may borrow a word that succinctly sums up the concept - from sin. So stop fucking parading your “family values” around like they matter at all you friggin’ hypocrites. Just deal with running the country, and maybe not into the fucking ground? PULL UP. PULL UP. PULL UP.

And while you’re at it, all you family values guys? Learn from John “Silky Pony” Edwards. Pull up, but also? Pull out.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Drop The Condom

Seriously, man. Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot.  A Wisconsin DA is threatening to arrest teachers who obey the law and teach sex ed.

The state law, called the Healthy Youth Act, took effect in March. Starting this fall, it requires schools with sex-education courses to teach students medically accurate, age-appropriate information, including how to use birth control and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It also requires the classes to include information about how to recognize signs of abuse and how alcohol can affect decision making.

Parents will be permitted to remove their children from sex-education classes, as they could under previous state law. Schools also will be allowed the choice of whether to offer sex education, but must notify parents if they decide not to.

In his letter, Southworth told school district leaders the new law promotes sexual assault of children, and warns that teachers who follow the law could be charged with misdemeanor or felony delinquency of a minor, with maximum punishments ranging from nine months in jail to six years in prison.

Look, we can argue about sex education in schools.  We’ve had that discussion many times and long-term readers know where I fall on the subject.

But this is taking it a step beyond politics.  What this guy is threatening to do is imprison teachers who obey a law he doesn’t like.  More than that.  If I read this correctly, he could potentially register them as a sex offender, destroying their education careers and pretty much their lives.  More than that, the implication here is that you could extend this even to parents who buy their kids birth control pills or teach them about condoms.  Read this passage from his letter, which is loaded with political statements that are unrelated to the job of enforcing the law.

Anyone who intentionally encourages or contributes to the delinguent (criminal) act of a child can be charged under this statute.  For example, if a teacher instructs any student aged 16 or younger on how to utilize contraceptives under circumstances where the teacher knows the child is engaging in sexual activity with another child—or even where the “natural and probably consequences” of the teacher’s instruction is to cause that child to engage in sexual intercourse with a child—that teacher can be charged under this statute.  The teacher need not be deliberately encourage [sic] the ilegal behavior: he or she only need be aware that his or her instruction is “practically certain” to cause the child to engage in the illegal act.  Moreover, the teacher could be charged with this crime even if the child does not actually engage in the criminal behavior.

In other words, if you know your kids are fucking and give them condoms to keep them from getting pregnant, you’re complicit.  I guess the best choice is to call the police.

In his defense, the age of consent in Wisconsin is, in fact, 16.  And my brief skimming of the relevant law is that, if two 15-year-olds have sex, that’s a crime and anyone who allows them to do so is aiding and abetting (someone with a legal background correct me if I’m wrong).  If that’s the case, he’s technically right.  So a big black mark on the Wisconsin legislature for not fixing this when they passed this education law in the first place.  They can take the wind right of this guy’s sails by simply amending their age of consent laws.

But to get back to bashing, DA’s have a degree of discretion in what they prosecute.  It is common for DAs prosecuting unpopular or stupid cases to proclaim that the law forces them to do so, but this is categorical bullshit.  The reason we have DAs and not computers deciding cases is so that they can show some judgement and not prosecute stupid, unjust or trivial cases.

Read the letter and tell me that there is not a menacing overtone to it.  This is a DA using the power of his office to bully and harass people into refusing to comply with a law he doesn’t like.  That’s not what the office is DA is intended for.

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Pat Robertson getting a run for his money..

The usual suspects in the MSM have been all over Pat Robertson for his comment about how the earthquake happened because the Hatians made a pact with the devil to get rid of the French - a myth I had actaully heard in some caribean enclaves, decades ago, and which even Hatians sometimes say is so, I should add - and are being punished, and thaqts good because this stuff is idiotic, but I wonder how much coverage Danny Glover will get for saying that it was caused because Gaia is pissed that Copenhagen was botched?

Says Glover: “When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I’m sayin’?”

This will likely not be news. The left is replete with people that agree with Danny. The same people that tell us hurricanes and such happen because of AGW when we all can see that’s bunk. They may not mention Gaia, but that’s were this crap comes from..

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Saved or created jobs: a big, fat honking lie
by JimK

Is anyone - and I do mean anyone, right, left, center, under, over, I don’t give a rat’s hairy ass what side or surface of the aisle you claim - surprised by this little revelation?

More than ten percent of the jobs the Obama administration has claimed were “created or saved” by the $787 billion stimulus package are doubtful or imaginary

I am going so far out on a limb here...I mean, this is really one out-there prediction, but here I go:


I know, crazy, right? Can you imagine such a thing? Especially from Captain Hopeyful Changitude? The One? Jesus Barack Kennedy Obama is lying to us? Perish the thought. Unpossible!

Now: as far as I am concerned, any Republican or Independent that helped make this happen - and I mean any - deserves to lose their job. Cast a vote in favor of Porkulous? Goodbye. Didn’t show up to vote against it? Just as effing guilty. I’m sick of compromising and playing realpolitik. This is what we get when we go along to get along. So, each and every election you need to make a choice: Are you going to keep taking it, or are you finally going to find your political balls and throw the bums out?

Because ultimately, that is where we are at. Either stop complaining and accept the inevitable or vote new people with the right ideas and ideals into office. It’s up to you as individuals to decide what those ideas and ideals may be. I know mine, and every vote I cast from this day forward will be in faith to my ideals, not a realpolitik act of gamesmanship designed simply to regain - or retain - power for establishment Republicans.

Hat tip: Ace at Ace of Spades HQ

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Woman Problem

I have little patience with the Democratic Women’s Caucus or any other supposedly “feminist” liberal organizations.  To my mind, their primary purpose is to inject gender into every possible issue, regardless of whether it belongs there.  And given that I believe liberal policies to be destructive to American liberty and prosperity—including that of American women—I think, on balance, they are destructive to the interests of women.  My experience is that their ideal is that women should be weak, helpless and completely dependent upon the beneficence of government.  Anything that might truly empower women—free enterprise, protection against eminent domain, gun ownership—is opposed.

This morning, they decided to have an hour-long session explaining why healthcare reform would be good for women.  Among other things, they’re pissed that women pay higher insurance premiums just because they use more healthcare.  The Republicans objected, Dingel said they could object to the individual speeches and damn if they didn’t jump right into that briar patch.

That mash-up is from Thinkprogress and isn’t exactly fair to the GOP.  But regardless, the GOP comes across as bullies

How would I have responded?  Let them speak their piece and then get a response that has conservative women detailing why the bill is, on balance, very very bad for American women.  We could explain that it will slash physician salaries just as women are infiltrating the ranks.  We would wave around cost-benefit analyses from socialized countries that argue against routine mammography (which is efficient if you want to save lives, but not if you want to save money).  We would talk about the death of innovation and the needless condemning of future generations of women to drug-resistant infections, cancers and Alzheimer’s that might be cured by an innovative market. We would talk about how the current healthcare bill will pay for woo like therapeutic touch and prayer therapy—such woo being heavily targeted at women.

But that would require a GOP that isn’t taking the wrong lessons from the tea parties.  The idea, guys, is to focus that anger into constructive policy, not mimic it on C-SPAN.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The End Grow Ever Deeper

Good Lord.  This weekend saw the “Take Back America” conference.  A number of prominent Republicans were in attendance, aiding and abetting what looks like a big steaming pile of crazy:

The “How to Take Back America” conference was no place for soft critiques of the Obama administration. It was a weekend of speeches and training sessions that were laden with doom, cries of mounting fascism, and long prayers for salvation. It was the kind of event where Schlafly, a conservative icon who’s often seen as a leader of the movement’s far right flank, could take the role of a pragmatist, sticking to the sort of criticism of the Obama administration that might appear on Fox News and asking activists to elect a Republican Congress in 2010. And Schlafly succeeded in bringing big Republican stars to the conference. Former Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-Ark.) was the biggest draw, but six members of Congress attended, too–Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.), Rep. Tom McClintock (R-Calif.), and Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.). Several 2010 Republican candidates hosted workshops, including Ed Martin and Vicky Hartzler, both running for Democratic-held U.S. House seats in Missouri. But some of the rhetoric went beyond partisan politics. At worst, the speakers argued, fascism was on the horizon. At best, this was a pivotal time in a war on Christian values. Some of the speakers split the difference.

Read the whole thing.  It’s an indulgence of every repulsive faction of the GOP.  Birthers, hysterical anti-gay rhetoric, branding of Obama as both fascist and communist, a far right Christian agenda—all cheered by Republican politicans.  Here is Mike Huckabee riling the crowd with mindless anti-UN rhetoric—the same week the UN served to expose Gaddafi as a deranged lunatic and Ahmadinejad as a pathological liar.  Here are the religious nuts claiming that people who refuse the H1N1 will be put in internment camps and suing schools over Harry Potter books. Here they are saying that we need to be more explicit about what homosexuality entails to fight the “gay agenda”.

You can contrast that against the tea parties, which barely mentioned cultural issues at all and focused heavily on the economy.

What is most amazing is that the GOP clearly believes that this lunatic fringe is going to propel them back into power. Even the most generous assessment would be that they feel the need to cater to this rabble.  Bachmann may be the YouTube Darling of Right Wing Lunacy, but Huckabee isn’t; he finished second in the 2008 primaries.  McClintock is the governor California should have instead of Arnold.

It’s going to be a long eight years, guys.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeding The Frenzy

It’s frustrating to read the amateur armchair pop-psychology posts at various left-wing blogs trying desperately to link any criticism of Obama to his skin color.  It’s really gotten bizarre.  Now it’s not even the rejection of Obama’s ideas that prove racial malice in the opposition.  That meme is becoming untenable since it’s not like the opposition would be embracing national healthcare and big deficits under other circumstances.  No, now it’s the level of rancor that proves a racist motive.  Because we all remember the incredible dignity with which the public treated Bill Clinton (and George Bush for that matter).

But it’s even more frustrating when certain elements of the conservative movement are determined to hand Obama’s defenders a few truckloads ammunition.  Such as Rush Limbaugh.

Hey, look, folks, the white kid on that bus in Belleville, Illinois, he deserved to be beat up.  You don’t know about this story?  Oh, there’s video of this.  The school bus filled with mostly black students beat up a white student a couple of times with all the black students cheering.  Of course the white student on the bus deserved the beating.  He was born a racist.  That’s what Newsweek magazine told us in its most recent cover.  It’s Obama’s America, is it not?  Obama’s America, white kids getting beat up on school buses now.  You put your kids on a school bus, you expect safety but in Obama’s America the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering, “Yay, right on, right on, right on, right on,” and, of course, everybody says the white kid deserved it, he was born a racist, he’s white.  Newsweek magazine told us this.  We know that white students are destroying civility on buses, white students destroying civility in classrooms all over America, white congressmen destroying civility in the House of Representatives. 

(Race was not a factor in the bus incident; it was simple bullying, which is bad enough.)

The most generous possible interpretation of those remarks is that Rush is saying that since criticism of Obama is seen through the lens of racial agitation, we should see the bus incident through the lens of racial agitation.  He’s basically parroting Al Sharpton with the colors inverted.

But the point of Al Sharpton is that he is race-mongering moron.  The response to that is not imitation.  Appealing to fears of anti-black racism may be misguided or wrong or foolish.  But appealing to fears of anti-white racism is an entirely different level of ugly.  It’s a deliberate and calculated baiting of mindless fear.  It plays into an ugly past when blacks were portrayed as predating on helpless white people and real-life racists like George Wallace had real-life power and could rally votes by defending segregation in most vile supremacist terms.

Let’s stick to the point, people.  Obama’s policies are bad.  Let’s leave the race-baiting to the liberals.

Update: The White House is disagreeing with Carter that race is a motivating factor for the protests and downplaying the race card.  It’s a smart move by Team Obama.  Of course, when the Bush White House did this, Sullivan called it the “slime and pivot”: right wing organizations would be nasty to Democrats and the White House would denounce it (see Truth, Swift Boat Vetarans for).  It’s easy to not play the race card when you have six million lefty blogs that will do it for you.  The real test will come when their facing re-election.

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The WTF Moment Of the Night

I’ll have more on the President’s speech in the morning, when I’ve had time to think about it.  There was some stuff I liked and stuff I didn’t and some stuff that made me giggle.

But ... what the hell was up with Joe Wilson heckling the President?  I’m all in favor of calling the President out.  But there’s a time and a place, guys.  Could the GOP at least try not to look like a bunch of dipshits?  Please?

Update: I’m certain that this is not the first time a President has been heckled by a Member of Congress.  People’s political memories tend to be shorter than Leonard Shelby‘s.  I mean, for fuck’s sake, Senator Brooks once beat the shit out of Senator Sumner on the floor of the Congress (literally).  It was crass, no question.  But the “heavens to betsy” hanky-dropping, brow-clutching fainting routine is a bit much, guys.

Update: Wilson has apologized.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Apparently, he realizes that outsourcing can be a good thing.

So, only a month after Mark Sanford separated himself from the thoroughly hopeless Lindsey Graham, his potential Presidential campaign is, essentially, already over.

He and his wife can figure this out between themselves, and it’s to his credit that upon his return, rather than trying to weave an elaborate fiction and drag this process out, he came clean right away. Hiowever, this incident does really piss me off, simply because I’ve worked on campaigns in positions of sufficient responsibility to lead me to sympathize with how awful this must be for the people who depend on him for their livelihoods.

Reporter: “So, where is the Governor?”

Spokesman: “Hold on a moment, we’re still trying to come up with something plausible and unverifiable.”

Reporter: “What?”

Spokesman: “What I meant to say is, he’s hiking the Appalachian Trail.”

Reporter: “Where on the Appalachian Trail is he?”

Spokesman: “If I told you that, that would give you something to try to check out, and that would just raise further questions.”

Reporter: “Isn’t it Naked Hiking Day on the Appalachian Trail today?”

Spokesman:Whoa. Well, one thing I can say with absolute certainty is the Governor was completely unaware of that when we last saw him, completely unaware of that situation where the Governor is today, uh, on the Appalachian Trail. When he gets back, he’ll be just as surprised as we are, or, I mean, would’ve been surprised, when he learned of it, while he was there. Is there. Hiking. Now.”

Reporter: “We’ve just learned that the Governor was seen stepping off a plane from Argentina.”


Reporter: “Yes.”

Spokesman: “Holy crap. I’m going to go update my resume and swing by Kinko’s. If any of your fine media outlets are interested in hiring a political analyst, you can get my email address at the door.”

The entire gubernatorial staff gets to go home and explain to their families why, instead of looking forward to a future in Washington, that there’s now a very good chance that they’ll be looking for new jobs at some point in the foreseeable future because the boss felt compelled to do, well, whatever it was, exactly, that he felt he needed to do with “Maria” without even bothering to try to figure out something workable with his staff before he left town. Meanwhile, the libertarian-leaning candidate that many of us were just starting to get used to is pretty much off the table.

I hope she was worth it.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

RNC: Really Not Cognizant
by JimK

Thought you folks would appreciate this. Despite the fact that I am no longer registered as a member of their party, the RNC sent us this silly, poorly written letter asking us to participate in a survey about Barack Obama’s agenda. First of all. FIRSTLY.

The entire introduction letter - THE WHOLE THING - Can you believe it? The whole thing was WRITTEN like this!


AFTER EACH SENTENCE and random things bolded and or italicized for emphasis. Also. Sentence fragments.

What should have taken a single side piece of paper and some of the back?

IT NOW TOOK...get ready for the shock of your life...did I mention the massive, ginormous amount of overblown hyperbole…


Okay enough of that. The questions were as stupid and leading as you would expect. “Do you support illegal immigrants raping children while receiving free tax money to pay the rent in their McMansions while taking free courses at the local community center designed to teach them to be better rapists?” Well of course not you jackasses. Next time you want to lead me that hard you better put a god-damned bit in my mouth and a reach-around wouldn’t go unnoticed either.  Anyway. We answered the questions and mailed the stupid thing back:

rnc letter 1

Note the lack of a stamp. Hey, if the RNC were representing my interests maybe I’d feel more charitable toward them. As it stands I de-registered as a Republican in part because of the jackassery at the top of the leadership.  So no stamp. But we did include a personal message:

rnc letter 2

Like they care, right? Oh, and yes, they did ask for donations. And each survey has a tracking code, so I’m guessing my name is coming off that mailing list soon because A. I made them pay for the postage, B. I didn’t donate and C. I think Michael Steele is half a retard.

My apologies for using the “R” word there, but come on. That guy needs a frigging helmet.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Certificate Of Stupidity

At the risk of sounding like I’m bashing the Republicans once again, allow me to bring you your daily dose of wingnuttery. Over at Balloon Juice, John Cole (boo, hiss, etc) notes that the Birthers are back. As he points out:

Putting aside the idiocy of the movement’s basis, but even their approach is wingnutty. If the idea is to pressure Obama and not give him a moment’s notice, why put up billboards in Des Moines and Seattle, when the man lives in Washington, DC? If you want him to see billboards, that would be the place to put them. Do the citizens of Des Moines have a special in with Obama? They can call him up and pressure him?

I suppose it makes some weird kind of sense since Iowa is an important state in the primaries. But even there, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless the would-be Republican nominee wants to throw themselves in with the kooks altogether. On a related post, Tim F. discusses how the fringe became the mainstream in the conservative movement, and how it has played out in conservative circles, especially on the Web:

At least since Palinmania! the same scene replays itself almost every time. For a while the commenters mostly agree that liberals are worse than cancer. Sadly, the happy reverie breaks as soon as some well-meaning board regular gently suggests that lining up behind such obvious idiots may prove less than useful, even taking into account that they piss off liberals. Inevitably commenter X (let’s call him ‘David Frum’) supported Republicans all his life and voted for Bush twice, for all the good that does him. Without fail the thread devolves into a prolonged search for why X can be dismissed.

Almost invariably the true believers bring up a wingnut litimus test that I call The List. D.F. must simultaneously oppose abortion (always), support torture, wiretapping and aggressive war, question evolution and doubt global warming, fear muslims, hate taxes and really hate government healthcare. If D.F. fails a single point on the list then he’s clearly a bogus conservative, anathema and unwelcome to taint the pristine boards with his heterodoxy. The question of the day (e.g., did Sarah Palin harm the ticket) usually makes a guest appearance on The List, conveniently anathematizing anyone who disagrees with the putative topic of the thread.

The List obviously isn’t just an internet phenomenon. Christopher Buckley, Colin Powell and, of course, David Frum faced more or less the same thing IRL. Heterodoxy is schism. That the DFs are perfectly right, and that true believers torment them for trying to save their own party* is what makes it so funny to watch.

Lunatics running the asylum has become cliche, but that is exactly what happened here. Republicans made a series of short-term grabs for this constituency or that for the votes to repeal the estate tax, kill Social Security and increase taxes on the poor/middle class, but somehow the chump constituencies got hold of the keys and took over the main office. Now the money class doesn’t trust Republicans and a drooling hodgepodge of xenophobes, nativists, torture fans, religious fanatics, racists and militiamen camped out in the cafeteria kicked Christopher Buckley to the curb.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

It is exactly this rise of the wingnuts that drove so many from the party, and from a movement that once embraced them. So what is the solution? Certainly, solid, basic conservatism itself needs no reforming-the message of limited government, personal freedom, and lower taxes still resonates with many. But right now the kooks are driving this train. As a result, those who could bring it back to sanity-like Jon Huntsman, for example-are now either overseas where they don’t have to deal with this BS or otherwise laying low. Or they have become independents. It’s a long, hard, road back to respectability from here on. Please, for the sake of all conservatives who would like to be Republicans again someday, can we find somebody besides the kind of people who are having orgasms over Dick Cheney to lead the movement-and the Party that once inspired us-back from the abyss?

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Deep Wingnuttery

As if you needed any more evidence that Cheney’s defenders are basically a bunch of kooks, or at least becoming desperate in their attempts to defend the creepiest guy on the planet, here’s Peter Kirsanow at NRO:

It would be interesting to see the results of a more finely calibrated poll, one that compares how well-respected, competent, and effective the subject is perceived to be relative to similarly situated individuals. As a friend succinctly puts it, “When that big asteroid finally heads toward Earth, who’s the person you’d most want to be in charge?” I suspect Cheney would score at or near the top.

Er, somebody should tell this clown that Hollywood already did that. And it was the black President who saved the world, not the Veep (who was virtually nonexistent in the film). But I guess Cheney would at least start torturing the asteroid if blowing it up didn’t work.

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