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Monday, April 25, 2011

by JimK

So the bottom line is to implement my plan, I have to move three sites all at once, and this one needs to be first. So...I’m letting everyone know, if you have posts planned, get ‘em up today. Tomorrow (Tuesday 4/26/2011) I will shut off everything, back it all up and then attempt to get it working in the new place. Then I’ll be installing the new software, tweaking etc. Could be 4 hours, could be 24. If it all goes well? 4. Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for 4.

PLEASE DO NOT USE ANYTHING YOU FIND UNTIL YOU GET AN ALL CLEAR! I may have to make unfinished bits live to test them, etc. Please don’t register for accounts, post comments, any of that. When it’s done, it will be really, really obvious. There will be a big ALL CLEAR post at the top of the blog and a whole new look, with the old stuff in archived subdomains.

Wish me luck. :)

If you want to play, you can go to jameskenefick.net and play in that sandbox. Anything posted there will be killed off once this site transition is done though, so don’t put anything you give a shit about up there. :)

Update 4/26: It’s 12:26 pm my time. I’ll probably start the migration at 1-1:30 pm.

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Joining the Tweeting Twats on Twitter

OK, I give in.  I’m tired of being outside the noise.  So as part of the site changes, I’m finally getting a Twitter feed for my RTFLC identity.  It’s Hal_RTFLC.  My hope is to get in a few more links and wisecracks than I normally do.  Jim has also mentioned, on the new site, having a sidebar for the feed.

I don’t anticipate this will diminish by blogging output.  I enjoy long-form blogging way too much.  For an academic, 140 characters is simply not enough to enjoy the sonorous sound of your own typing.  In fact, I think this will increase my long-form blogging output by clearing out my head of random thoughts and my Safari tabs of stories.

Don’t expect much.  I’m still figuring out what to say.

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lose your account? Read this.
by JimK

Wow, do I need to stop doing server stuff tonight. I may have just deleted some user accounts while trying to remove the THOUSANDS (seriously, over 24,000) spammer accounts in the pending queue. If your account is missing, just sign back up, because what I just did is unfixable.

I’ve been at this for 10-ish hours, it may be time to stop for the night. Sorry.

Update 4/20 <- heh : This morning I was able to shave 400 - four freaking hundred - megabytes off the database in spam, spammer accounts and thousands of spammed forum posts. All new user registrations have been spammers, so I’m closing that. If you *need* to comment this week and can’t, email me and I’ll manually set you up. Otherwise be patient and register at the new joint.

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Server stuff, your opinions needed
by JimK

Okay, so here’s the deal. Y’all might have noticed the server is continually going down these past couple of weeks. It’s the same old bug in the Qmail server, and no amount of troubleshooting or technical support from the provider seems to fix it. The only thing that works is to reboot the machine, catch it before it goes haywire and run a cleaning script to clear the mail queue & associated folders. Then we wait for the problem to happen again.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

This server still costs the same $254 a month it always has. So this constant crashing is grating on my last nerve. Also, the box gets about $0 in Blogads per month. That is primarily (okay, exclusively) mainly due to my abandoning most of the sites that it houses. However, truth be told, I have lost my heart for daily grinding on politics, and that is not likely to change any time soon. I simply can’t take maintaining the levels of anger and vitriol one needs to be effective in this current blog world.

Worse, I cannot afford to keep carrying the cost. Thanks Obama! (Oh look, there’s the anger.) But, I have found a more affordable place that will allow me to scale up and down in need & cost, and they seem to be far more capable than our current provider, and I hope to move stuff in the next two weeks so as to avoid the new billing cycle and that $254 charge. However: I have almost no interest in trying to upgrade all these ExpressionEngine sites and trying to import them and keep them running. I propose the following:

1. Create a new RTFLC out of Wordpress, and attempt to create an archive out of the current EE site with link structure and searchability intact. If that doesn’t work, this is the one site I am willing to do the work on to move over. I’ll probably have to weed out old comments, maybe older than 12 months though, because the database is MASSIVE, and the server won’t let me FTP a copy of it for whatever reason. It times out before it ever finishes (this has always been true, and no one can tell me why). So older comments might be lost, but not the posts. Your opinions on this plan are encouraged!

2. Create a static archive of LeeInChina, with the domain name, and keep that forever. That’s just smart, since no one is - or should - ever post to that domain again.

3. Static archive of Moorewatch, attach it to a sub-domain of RTFLC and break all Google links to it., This is more for professional reasons than anything else. MW is an albatross around my wife’s neck, and she’s about to embark on a career that really takes her reputation into account. Unfortunately that fat asshole attached her name to something she had no part in, and while at the time we never imagined it would matter that much, that fat fucking douchebag has created a situation that may affect her and her future client base, so I want to break the Google link between her name, his name and the site. Hell, it won’t hurt me to have my last name severed either, I can imagine some people wouldn’t hire me to show them how to lift weights just because of that piece of shit film....on the one hand fuck those people, but on the other hand, I need to earn a living. - Again, your opinions and suggestions on this plan are encouraged.  Also, revive forums here and invite all MW forum users over to RTFLC to save what is left of the community.

4. If I host a site for you, I’m sorry but that’s gonna have to stop. It’s not a question of money: it’s a question of time and tech support.

Basically I just want to know if anyone has any ideas re: 1 and 3 that I haven’t thought of. I need to get rolling on this pretty much this week, so barring any new ideas, this is my plan to be implemented sometimes at the end of the week, probably starting this coming weekend.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

by JimK

Sorry about that today. Something hardware-related failed, although I haven’t been told specifically what. Upside is, the host fixed it for free. So yay us. As opposed to the old days, when I would get held up for hundreds - and once into thousands - for “repair” and “data recovery.”

Ya get whatcha pay for, eh? :)

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Somebody done broke somethin’
by JimK

Well, earlier today I thought we were getting DDOS’d, but it turns out that today’s server hiccup was caused by fixing one the other night.  Someone at the hosting service optimized something for me and forgot to comment out a line, and eventually, like Michael Moore at a Chinese buffet, it consumed all the resources. Should be good now. Sorry about that everyone! You may now resume your schadenfreude at a lame-duck President with more than three years left in his term. :)

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Best of Lee:  Nominations

Soon after we lost Lee, Jim came up with the idea of a “Best of Lee” segment, an occasional reposting of some of Lee’s more brilliant writings.  We’d like to try this out soon.  So use this thread to make nominations—any post that you think would be worth bringing up again.  Permalink URL’s are great, but even just a “I loved that post where Lee made fun of Sean Penn while he was in Iran” would be useful.

Update: from JimK

My thanks to Hal for this...I’ve been sort of putting RTFTLC in a box on the shelf, so to speak, because it’s really hard to deal with, even still. I think I got through those first few weeks based on nothing more than shock and a sense of wanting to hold the community together. Obviously since then I have been slacking as well as getting ready to go back to school (at age 39!), and you guys have been carrying the RTFTLC water admirably. SO...first of all thank you to all the writers and commenters and even you lurking readers. BTW, comment, you lurkers. I see you there.  Speak up! :)

Secondly, I think that this is so very Lee to do...keep the memory going by finding the best and funniest (which were often also the dirtiest) shit he wrote and laughing heartily at one of the world’s great personalities.  I will spend some time this weekend combing archives for my personal faves to nominate.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fundraiser 2009 - June is donatin’ month!
by JimK

(This post will stay sticky for a week, please scroll down for new posts)

I thought I would take a sec to remind everyone about the server drive and explain a couple of things. Bulk of the post is below the fold to as not to clutter up the front page too much…

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

It’s donatin’ time
by JimK

(This post will stay sticky for a week, please scroll down for new posts)

I’m afraid it’s that time again...time for a server drive. With Lee’s passing, the entire cost of the server is now on my shoulders, and times - as they are for everyone I’m sure - are tight.  Blogads are a thin trickle these days, not nearly enough to pay for the server.  And so I’m coming to all of you hat in hand.  If you find any value in any of the sites I host, please consider a small donation. Every penny will go directly to the cost of paying for the $250 a month this machine and the associated bandwidth costs me.

We host the following blogs:

Right Thinking
Right Thoughts
Made of Awesome
Wasting Time WIth Alex
The Victorious Opposition

So if you are a fan of any of these sites, consider sending maybe the cost of a beer or two. The cost of a couple of beers, when multipled by a group of you, could keep us going for months. Unfortunately we only have Paypal as a donation solution, since Amazon closed their donation/payment program. Hopefully that’s okay for most people.

I wish there was a way to express to all of you how little I like doing this.  Some day I will either be rich or Supreme Ruler of the Universe and then I’ll host everyone’s websites for free. :)

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Friday, May 29, 2009

One more new author
by JimK

Join me in welcoming AlexinCT, someone who has been quietly blogging for years and was a regular around here for awhile. Alex will be our last addition for now (unless Para says he wants to get back in the Thunderdome!), and I hope we now have a group that will have various opinions all across and around the center-to-right end of the spectrum. I think we’re never going to agree on all the details, but we all have the same basic desire; to get The Man off our damn backs and keep him off the backs of future generations.

How weird is it that conservatives and libertarians have to be the new hippies? The hippies are now power-mad and running things into the ground and we have to be the new “rebels.”

I’ll start. STEAL THIS BLOG.  Imagine me saying it while wearing an American flag shirt and looking like I haven’t showered in a week.

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