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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cato Rates the Guvs

The Cato Institute has put out their periodic rating of the nation’s governors. They are evaluated on their spending and taxing records.  This has to be one of the first things considered when we’re talking about governors moving into the White House.

There’s some encouraging signs on this.  Four governors receive an “A” rating—Mark Sanford, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty and Joe Manchin.  Pawlenty and Jindal have higher aspirations.  Sanford did until he went hiking on the Appalachian Trail.  Manchin is a popular Democratic governor but has little chance at national office.

In the B’s, you get an even split of Republicans and Democrats.  But the Democrats on the list are mostly from fairly conservative states (Wyoming, Oklahoma, Montana, Missouri, New Mexico).  Presidential aspirants Ricky Perry and Mitch Daniels show up here, as does—to my utter shock—Democrat Martin O’Malley.  I did not have a favorable impression of him when he was the Mayor of Baltimore. 

Now we get to the bottom of the list.  Can you guess which party is heavily represented in the D’s and F’s?  Of the 18 governors who get D’s and F’s, all but four are democrats.  And those four Republicans? Charlie Crist gets D but I somehow doubt that asshole will stop bragging about his earlier high ranking from Cato.  Arnie gets a D but I think that’s the best he could do given the shit sandwich he was handed. Jan Brewer gets a D, which is probably why Her Inarticulateness is making such a big deal about illegal immigration at at time when both illegal immigration and crime are trending way down.  Jodi Bell of Connecticut is the only Republican with an F.

Sarah Palin is not rated, partially because she quit halfway through her tenure and partly because Alaska isn’t a normal state.  It’s more of a nationalized oil company.

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