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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Chill Out, Guys

This is a fairly amazing clip.  Obama’s anger at his purist liberal base is palpable.  This is one of the few time I’ve seen him so animated.

You know what?  I would feel the exact same way if I were Obama.  As I said in the post below, he has created a massive new entitlement that liberals have wanted for four decades.  The last entitlement that anyone ended was ... actually, I don’t think there has ever been an entitlement that went away.  He got about as a good a deal as he was going to get here.  He has advanced the liberal agenda more than any President since Carter.  And all the Left can do is whine about it.  It’s amazing.

During the campaign, Ta-Nahisi Coates would frequently run a picture of Obama with the caption, “Chill the fuck out. I got this” He did this whenever his readers would get into one of their typical panicky modes about the news story of the day—Obama was going to lose the nomination, Obama was going to lose the debate, Obama was going to lose the election, whatever.  In the end, their panicking was pointless.  Obama did indeed have it.

We’ve seen that same pattern in his governing—the Left is constantly freaking out while he continues to advance the ball.  It’s the flip side of the conservatives who claim Obama is a feckless incompetent while he’s getting bill after bill passed.

I think he may have finally had enough from his own base.  Listen carefully to what he’s saying.  The angry Left honestly believes that either everyone in this country wants socialized medicine or that it should be forced on them by a wise government.  The honestly believe people want the rich soaked.  Obama is trying to explain to them that not everyone in this country is liberal and that agendas get advanced by understanding the limits of what is achievable.

The biggest concern with this deal—and it’s a big one—is the $800 billion hole it blows in the budget.  Somehow, I don’t think that’s what motivating the anger.  But it will motivate plenty of my anger if a debt reduction plan is not put in place within the next year or so.

And when that happens—with the big spending cuts it’s going to require—the Left is really going to flip their lid.

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