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Thursday, September 30, 2010

CNN still pretening ACORN wasn’t caught in illegal activities, and that they are objective.

It seems the left, doubly so the MSM, is still hard at work trying to pretend that ACORN wasn’t caught red handed enabling criminal activity, but smeared by some dude pretending to be a pimp, and this new article about how clever one of their own was to avoid said fake pimp, sets new levels for “Teh stupid”. It’s deep.

O’Keefe is best known for making a series of undercover videos inside ACORN offices around the country in 2009. The 40-year-old liberal group was crippled by scandal after O’Keefe and fellow activist Hannah Giles allegedly solicited advice from ACORN workers on setting up a brothel and evading taxes. The videos led to some of the employees being fired and contributed to the disbanding of ACORN, which advocated for low- and middle-income and worked to register voters. But prosecutors in New York and California eventually found no evidence of wrongdoing by the group, and the California probe found the videos had been heavily and selectively edited.

Get it? The damned “fake pimp” didn’t really catch them doing anything bad, he just bamboozled people into thinking there was criminal behavior and ginned up a scandal! It’s not like ACORN really was caught red handed doing anything bad either. See, all the nice people at ACORN really do is help people get low and middle income housing and register voters! 

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